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Shelby County Alabama

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This OBITUARY INDEX includes all of the obituaries that were found in The Shelby County Reporter for the years 2000-2009.


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       NAME OF DECEASED        NEWSPAPER DATE             

Aaron, Charles William	22-Dec-04	
Abbott, Annie M.	29-Nov-06	
Abbott, Janice Juadine	24-Dec-03	
Abbott, Maude C.	11-Aug-04	
Abbott, Olin	14-Sep-05	
Abbott, Walter Wilton	12-May-04	
Abercrombie, Eugene	16-Nov-05	
Abernathy, Doris F.	26-Sep-07	
Abernathy, Ola B.	16-May-01	
Acker, Daniel D.	18-Oct-06	
Acker, Gary Jerome	02-May-07	
Acton, Lois Jane	31-Jan-01	
Acton, Robert Charles "Bob"	22-Jan-03	
Acton, Ruth Harper	04-Oct-06	
Adams, Abe	02-May-01	
Adams, Annie Butler Creel	04-Dec-02	
Adams, Dot Darrell Smith	12-Dec-07	
Adams, Fannie Mae	28-Nov-01	
Adams, Fred, Sr.	08-Oct-03	
Adams, Glen Thomas	17-Oct-01	
Adams, Helen J.	25-Feb-09	
Adams, Jeffrey Raymond	05-Dec-07	
Adams, Mary Agnes	02-Oct-02	
Adams, Mary Louise	14-Jun-06	
Adams, Mitchell Kenn	30-Aug-00	
Adams, Ruby Pauline "Bit"	03-May-06	
Adams, Terry Diane	11-Jan-06	
Adams, Tom Freddie	14-Jan-04	
Aderholt, Ralph Clay, Sr.	09-May-01	
Adkins, Jacquelyn Boyette	06-Feb-08	
Adney, Delores Marie	17-Nov-04	
Adrian, Lisa	05-Nov-03	
Aguirre, Rodolfo Linian	01-May-02	
Aguirre, Rodolfo Linian	29-May-02	
Akers, Willie Mae	04-Apr-01	
Akin, John A., Col.	07-Nov-01	
Albright, R.J.	25-Apr-01	
Aldous, Davy Lee	13-Dec-06	
Aldrich, Jimmy Alvin	17-Nov-04	
Aldrich, Sherry Dianne	13-Feb-08	
Aldridge, Gracie Mae	01-Apr-09	
Aldridge, Grady Clarence	04-Apr-01	
Aldridge, Lily M.	20-May-09	
Aldridge, Lloyd E.	20-Mar-02	
Alexander, Annie Mae Stracner	22-Jan-03	
Alexander, Carrie Louise	08-Jul-09	
Alexander, Ella	21-Mar-01	
Alexander, Evelyn Louise Milstead	19-Jul-00	
Alexander, Farris	17-May-06	
Alexander, Herbert G.	08-Apr-09	
Alexander, Hobert G.	15-Apr-09	
Alexander, James Leonard	16-Feb-00	
Alexander, Marshall L., Rev.	27-Feb-08	
Alexander, Mary Beth	19-Sep-07	
Alexander, Nellie Irene	05-Jul-06	
Alexander, Willie Mae	05-Sep-07	
Alexander, Wilson McKinley	23-Sep-09	
Alford, Catherine Franes	06-Nov-02	
Allen, Clarice Harper	12-Jun-02	
Allen, Curtis G. "Barlow"	11-Jun-03	
Allen, Dessie Glenn	13-Feb-02	
Allen, Dessie Glenn	20-Feb-02	
Allen, Dewey Rex	29-Sep-04	
Allen, Doris	08-Feb-06	
Allen, Edna Howard	04-May-05	
Allen, Estelle S.	30-Apr-08	
Allen, James Ray	18-Apr-07	
Allen, Joe Murray	03-Oct-01	
Allen, Joshua Henry	24-Dec-03	
Allen, Louise Warren	30-May-01	
Allen, Mary Harris	26-Apr-00	
Allen, Mary Kate	15-Jun-05	
Allen, Mary Kate	22-Jun-05	
Allen, Orville Thomas	21-Feb-07	
Allen, Paschal	18-Aug-04	
Allen, Percy Lee "Buddy"	16-Jan-02	
Allen, Randy	05-Nov-08	
Allen, Randy "Randall" Stevenson, Jr.	05-Apr-06	
Allen, Randy Stevenson	11-Apr-07	
Allen, Ronald A. "Ronnie"	13-Nov-02	
Allen, Rufus Eugene	24-Dec-03	
Allen, Shirley L.	11-Jun-03	
Allen, Stacy Gene	16-Feb-00	
Allen, Viola L.	30-Aug-00	
Allen, Willie, Jr.	18-Jul-07	
Allers, Teresa Anne Voegler	10-Sep-03	
Allison, Mary C.	18-Jul-01	
Allison, Nina Burrell	30-Apr-03	
Allred, Coprdie Martin	10-Mar-04	
Allred, Robert Earl	09-Sep-09	
Allums, Ludie Johnson	30-Mar-05	
Alred, Margaret J.	22-Oct-03	
Alverson, Alfred F.	17-Nov-04	
Alverson, Verna Ruth	23-May-07	
Aman, Margaret Annette	05-Jan-05	
Amberson, Jack G.	13-Jun-01	
Ammons, William S.	26-Nov-03	
Amos, Betty Sue	04-Mar-09	
Amos, John Matthew	08-Nov-06	
Anderson, Alice I.	18-Sep-02	
Anderson, Amanda Ward	21-Mar-01	
Anderson, Annie	06-Feb-02	
Anderson, Bonnie Faye	13-Aug-03	
Anderson, Curtis Lynn "Chick"	03-Jan-01	
Anderson, Deborah B.	19-Nov-08	
Anderson, Linda	11-Jun-03	
Anderson, Lois	21-Apr-04	
Anderson, Vessie Mae	19-Jul-00	
Andress, Harry R., Jr.	12-Feb-03	
Andrews, Anita K.	12-Feb-03	
Andrews, Edward Eugene	04-Oct-06	
Andrews, Ronald Linn	17-Aug-05	
Andrews, Terry Wayne	18-Dec-02	
Archer, Janice Merell	20-Sep-06	
Arden, Mable Carrie Templeton	28-Sep-05	
Argo, Stanley Ray	09-Dec-09	
Arington, Myrtle	22-Jan-03	
Arledge, Joseph M.	04-Apr-07	
Arledge, Naomi L.	15-Jan-03	
Armstrong, Alice	14-Jan-09	
Armstrong, Barbara W.	07-Dec-05	
Armstrong, Bobby	14-May-08	
Armstrong, James Rickey	24-Jan-07	
Armstrong, Marshall Buchanan	30-Jan-08	
Armstrong, Marshall Buchanan	29-Jul-09	
Armstrong, Marshall Buchanan	05-Aug-09	
Arnell, Javier	24-Sep-08	
Arnett, Alfred W.	04-May-05	
Arrington, Corene Murrell	18-Feb-04	
Arthur, Jerome "Jerry" Manuel	28-Nov-07	
Arthur, Kathern Elizabeth	24-Jan-01	
Ash, Isaac Isaiah	02-Aug-00	
Ashcraft, Sharon Spielman	08-Oct-08	
Ashley, Alan	10-Apr-02	
Ashley, Robert D.	27-Sep-00	
Ashley, Stagal Lee	06-Nov-02	
Ashworth, Georgia	27-May-09	
Ashworth, Georgia	03-Jun-09	
Askew, Alice Lee	29-Nov-00	
Atchison, Edna Weldon	24-Mar-04	
Atchison, Joseph H.	18-Jan-06	
Atchison, Morris Joe	07-Jan-04	
Atkins, Henri Lee	07-Nov-01	
Atkins, Richard	15-Jun-05	
Atkins, Richard	22-Jun-05	
Atkinson, Robert L., "Bob"	03-May-00	
Atkisson, Willie C.	05-Feb-03	
Attaway, Donald Warren	22-Mar-06	
Attaway, Hazel Bartee	28-Jan-04	
Attaway, Janelle N.	01-Sep-04	
Aultman, Daniel Ray	08-Aug-07	
Aultman, William S.	19-Mar-08	
Aust, Juanita M.	18-Feb-04	
Austin, Adam	15-Dec-04	
Austin, John E.	03-Jul-02	
Austin, Johnnie Sue	21-Jan-09	
Austin, Willie Ralph	06-Dec-00	
Auton, Mary Coffey	13-Nov-02	
Averett, Nathan W. "Biggon", Jr.	16-Jul-03	
Averette, Marion Lether	03-Jan-07	
Avery, Willie, Rev.	19-Jul-00	
Aycock, Betty	29-Mar-06	
B. Gene Vanderpool	12-Mar-08	
Babbs, Josephine Parker	12-Feb-03	
Baccus, Howard Wayne "Bosco"	25-Feb-04	
Bacher, Louise A.	12-Jul-06	
Bachus, Spencer T., Jr.	02-Feb-05	
Baer, Phillip	24-Sep-08	
Baer, Sadie Helfer	15-Mar-00	
Bailey, Carrie Sue Smith	13-Jul-05	
Bailey, David Hatcher	18-Dec-02	
Bailey, Earlene Keith	06-Feb-08	
Bailey, Essie Frances	09-Sep-09	
Bailey, Frank David	10-Dec-08	
Bailey, Harry B.	07-Jan-04	
Bailey, Joyce Riley	28-Feb-07	
Bailey, Leonard "Bud"	31-Oct-01	
Bailey, Lloyd L. "Joe"	13-Apr-05	
Bailey, Lucille	28-Mar-01	
Bailey, Lucy	08-Jun-05	
Bailey, Mary Frances	05-Oct-05	
Bailey, Mildred Christine	25-Aug-04	
Bailey, Percy A.	07-Nov-01	
Bailey, Robert Hugh	16-Mar-05	
Bailey, Ruthie Louise	06-Nov-02	
Bailey, Tillie Clayton	13-Feb-08	
Bailey, Zella Jane	19-Dec-07	
Bakane, Phillip Louis, Sr.	11-May-05	
Baker, Billie Gertrude	16-Jan-08	
Baker, Billie Gertrude	30-Jan-08	
Baker, Camellia Faye	16-Feb-05	
Baker, Erma Mae	18-Oct-00	
Baker, George W.	19-Jan-00	
Baker, Hazel Pickett	26-Apr-00	
Baker, John E.	05-May-04	
Baker, John Wayne	26-Jan-05	
Baker, Margaret H.	24-Aug-05	
Baker, Mary Stoudenmire	04-Apr-07	
Baker, Sara M.	08-Jan-03	
Baker, Tamel Rashean	05-Dec-01	
Baker, Tera Nivens	05-Jan-05	
Baker, Theresia Ann Barnett	09-Mar-05	
Baker, Toni Earl	08-Mar-00	
Baker, Virginia E. "Jenny"	12-Nov-03	
Baldis, Sarah Lou Ratliff	14-Jul-04	
Baldis, Stephen Dale	05-May-04	
Baldwin, Jean B.	03-May-00	
Baldwin, Phillip Dean	06-Apr-05	
Ball, Leroy, Sr.	31-Jan-01	
Ballard, Douglas Hayden, Sr.	18-Jun-03	
Banker, Mary B.	17-Sep-03	
Banker, Paul L.	24-May-06	
Banks, Willola	10-Jan-01	
Barber, Ardean Kilgore	03-Dec-03	
Barber, Ardean Kilgore	17-Dec-03	
Barber, Joey	13-Dec-06	
Barclay, Lee Armstead	30-Jul-03	
Barden, Cleo G.	07-Jul-04	
Barefield, Clara	24-May-06	
Barham, Robert Everett	28-Jun-00	
Barker, Nathaniel "Nat" Miller, II	21-Jul-04	
Barkley, Eddie Lee	09-Apr-03	
Barkley, Lumer E.	26-Nov-03	
Barkley, Mary Louise	30-Apr-03	
Barkley, Sammie Jean	04-Apr-07	
Barnes, Charlie Winsor	30-Aug-06	
Barnes, Edward	17-Jan-07	
Barnes, Joel Wayne	02-Aug-06	
Barnes, Lois Mae	28-Nov-01	
Barnes, Lois Mae	05-Dec-01	
Barnes, Margie A.	13-May-09	
Barnes, Rayburn L.	06-Aug-08	
Barnes, Rosika	08-Jun-05	
Barnes, Theodore F.	27-Aug-03	
Barnes, Trey, (Marvin Frank, III)	04-Apr-01	
Barnes, Virginia Ruth	30-May-07	
Barnett, Burce Elgin	18-Apr-01	
Barnett, Cecil Lewis "Pete"	10-Jan-01	
Barnett, Herman Eugene	31-Mar-04	
Barnett, Jessie Mae	27-Sep-00	
Barnett, Joshua Allen	17-Jan-01	
Barnett, Pearl Lucas	23-May-01	
Barnett, Roscoe D.	24-Oct-01	
Barnett, Thomas A.	28-Feb-01	
Barnett, Violet Rose West	18-Aug-04	
Barnette, Helen Ruth	11-May-05	
Barnhill, Gladys Smith	03-Jan-01	
Barrett, Andrew Lynn	25-Jul-07	
Barrett, Jerline Ayers	16-Apr-03	
Barrett, Mary Dale	04-Aug-04	
Barron, Martha Elizabeth	12-May-04	
Barron, Thomas	03-Sep-08	
Baskin, Martha Ann Dubose	02-Feb-00	
Baskin, Tommie James "Bud"	02-Mar-05	
Bass, Hannah Nicole	18-Feb-09	
Bass, Kevin Brent	09-May-01	
Bass, Roger Dale, Jr.	06-Nov-02	
Bass, Terry Eugene	03-Jun-09	
Bates, Alan G.	20-Feb-02	
Bates, Jerry Wayne	02-Feb-00	
Bates, Kenneth Ray, Sr.	07-Oct-09	
Bates, Maurine D.	13-Jun-07	
Bates, Terra	20-Feb-02	
Bathurst, Lynn L.	18-Sep-02	
Batson, Ruth Daniel	15-Jun-05	
Batson, Ruth Daniel	22-Jun-05	
Battle, Alva Clay	04-Dec-02	
Batton, Taressa	09-Jul-03	
Baucom, Bear Edward	02-Jun-04	
Baumgartner, Albert Edward "Al"	27-Sep-00	
Bawcum, Bobby	22-Aug-07	
Bazemore, Ida Lee	07-Jan-04	
Beach, Harry Robert	19-Jun-02	
Beach, Thomas H.	03-Jul-02	
Bean, Audrey Patterson	10-Nov-04	
Beard, Albert Howard	14-Feb-07	
Beard, Cecilia	20-Jun-07	
Beard, James "Jim" Albert	03-May-06	
Bearden, Evelyn	18-Jun-08	
Bearden, Faye Blackerby	05-Dec-07	
Bearden, Hazel Mae	25-Feb-09	
Bearden, Hershel	10-Jan-06	
Bearden, Joel Elwyn, "Ned"	08-Mar-00	
Bearden, Melissa Carrol Clay	24-Oct-01	
Bearden, Olivia Louise	26-Aug-09	
Bearden, Paul F., Rev.	16-Jan-08	
Bearden, Thomas Wayne	18-Aug-04	
Bearden, Woodrow	10-Nov-04	
Beasley, Susie Garrett	28-Nov-07	
Beasley, Tommy Joe, Sr.	19-Sep-07	
Beavers, Brian Alan, Sr.	13-Aug-03	
Beavers, Jason Wayne	17-Jun-09	
Beavers, Mildred Franks	11-Jul-07	
Bechtel, Sarah R.	02-Apr-08	
Beddingfield, Leon	01-Jun-05	
Beddingfield, Lorene Shaw	17-Jan-07	
Bedford, Earl	26-Dec-01	
Bedford, Willie Earl "Bo"	05-Nov-08	
Bednarzik, Heinz	24-Apr-02	
Beiro, Henry Carlos	14-Sep-05	
Belcher, Amos Henry, Sr.	27-Aug-08	
Belcher, Dickey	05-Dec-01	
Belcher, Mavis Jo	09-Feb-05	
Bell, A.F., Mr.	15-Sep-04	
Bell, Elisa M.	23-Aug-00	
Bell, Jerry W.	15-Aug-01	
Bell, Lula Mae Price	21-Apr-04	
Bell, Pam K.	15-Jun-05	
Bell, Pam K.	22-Jun-05	
Bell, Ralph W.	15-Mar-00	
Bell, Robert E. "Bob"	02-Oct-02	
Bell, Walter Jerome	01-Oct-03	
Bell, Ward Bowman	03-Jun-09	
Bell-Bailey, Angela	18-Aug-04	
Bellin, David C.	09-May-01	
Belyeu, Jonathon David	02-May-07	
Benge, Herbert Walter, Sr.	22-Aug-01	
Bennett, Brenda Kaye	02-Oct-02	
Bennett, Edith Marie	19-Mar-08	
Bennett, Leonard Lee, Dr.	28-Mar-01	
Bennett, Rachel Tarver Jordan	26-Nov-03	
Benson, Felicia Gail	14-Mar-07	
Benson, Fonzie, Jr.	23-Oct-02	
Benson, Frankie Wanes, Mrs.	27-Dec-00	
Benson, Harold Eugene	30-Sep-09	
Benson, Howard E.	14-Nov-07	
Benson, Jennifer Nicole	31-Jul-02	
Benson, John Edgar	17-Jul-02	
Benson, Keane Key	11-Jul-07	
Benson, Mary Lou	09-Jun-04	
Benson, Rachel Lorange Clark	20-Jun-01	
Benson, Ray E.	02-Jun-04	
Benson, Shirley Ozell	01-Aug-07	
Benson, Velma	20-Oct-04	
Bentley, Alicia Nicole	05-Jan-05	
Bentley, Billie B.	01-Nov-00	
Bentley, Elizabeth Weldon	27-Mar-02	
Bentley, Ellis	28-Mar-07	
Bentley, Erskin R.	30-Jul-03	
Bentley, Larry Bryan	23-Aug-06	
Bentley, Leroy B.	09-Oct-02	
Bentley, Roger Allen	02-Oct-02	
Bentley, Todd T.	02-Aug-00	
Bentley, Viola	08-Sep-04	
Bentley, Virginia H.	29-Aug-07	
Benton, Adrian Eugene	05-Jan-00	
Benton, Larry Ray	15-Oct-03	
Bergman, Milton Hugo	25-Oct-00	
Bergstresser, Orchid Elizabeth	09-Feb-00	
Berletich, Virginia	27-Jun-01	
Berlin, Joseph "Joey", Pfc.	16-Jan-08	
Berlin, Joseph R., Jr., Pfc.	09-Jan-08	
Berry, Conna Cater	02-Feb-05	
Berry, Robert E., Sr.	04-Apr-01	
Berryhill, Adam Wade	05-Sep-01	
Berryhill, Phil	04-Jun-08	
Bessiere, Dana McNeel	27-Sep-06	
Bethune, Fay M.	26-Jul-00	
Betz, William F.	22-Jan-03	
Bevan, Arlie "Sonny", Rev.	05-Nov-03	
Bevan, Jessie M.	04-Dec-02	
Bibb, Joe B.	04-Jul-01	
Bibb, Joe B.	11-Jul-01	
Bice, Evelyn Henderson	30-Dec-09	
Bice, J.D., Mr.	24-Sep-03	
Bice, Justin Harrison	19-Mar-08	
Bice, Mary Ann	21-Jun-06	
Bice, Mollie Mae	16-Jul-03	
Bice, Reginald	23-Feb-00	
Bice, Sara Nell	26-Jan-05	
Bilbro, Carolyn Pitts, "Pete"	19-Jul-00	
Bird, George Milton "Skillet"	15-May-02	
Bird, Isaac "Elmer"	06-Aug-08	
Bird, Milton "Skillet"	01-May-02	
Bishop, Catherine Elizabeth	15-May-02	
Bishop, Ed	28-Jan-04	
Bishop, Gerald "Jerry"	01-Sep-04	
Bishop, Quin W.  "Dot"	12-Feb-03	
Bishop, Thelma Brandley "BB"	17-Sep-03	
Bishop, Tony Lee	05-May-04	
Bissett, Barbara E.	17-Sep-03	
Bissett, Francis William	15-Nov-06	
Bivin, Thomas D., "Buck"	09-Aug-00	
Blackburn, Barbara Ann	18-Feb-04	
Blackburn, Hazel W.	12-Jan-00	
Blackburn, Kelly Lorraine	22-Oct-03	
Blackburn, Kelly Lorraine	29-Oct-03	
Blackburn, Nancy Marie	16-Jul-03	
Blackburn, Stephen T.	20-Aug-03	
Blackburn, William H., Jr.	22-Feb-06	
Blackerby, Alice L.	20-Mar-02	
Blackerby, Bernice L. Duck	31-Jan-07	
Blackerby, Claude E. "Shorty"	09-Feb-05	
Blackerby, Daniel	21-May-08	
Blackerby, David A.	31-Dec-03	
Blackerby, Edward Eugene	31-Oct-07	
Blackerby, Edward L.	26-Jan-00	
Blackerby, Frances	10-Dec-08	
Blackerby, George	17-Oct-01	
Blackerby, J.W.	09-Aug-00	
Blackerby, Lillian C.	22-May-02	
Blackerby, Maude Virginia Ray	12-Dec-07	
Blackerby, Sidney Roland	23-Jun-04	
Blackerby, Tommie Woods	21-Mar-07	
Blackmon, Barbara Jean Patterson	27-Dec-06	
Blackmon, Cecil Lamar, Jr.	10-May-00	
Blackmon, Cecil Palmer	02-Oct-02	
Blackmon, Cora B.	01-Nov-00	
Blackmon, Dorothy L.	19-Jan-00	
Blackmon, James Arlie	16-May-01	
Blackmon, John "J.W."	16-Dec-09	
Blackmon, Mary Florence	16-Nov-05	
Blackmon, Ruby Johnson	29-Aug-01	
Blackstock, Josie Odom	03-Jul-02	
Blackwell, Steven Edwin	14-Feb-07	
Blackwood, Felicia D.	19-Mar-08	
Blaising, Lee Frazier LaSuer	31-Oct-07	
Blake, Ed	14-Sep-05	
Blake, Edward Paul, Sr.	03-Jan-01	
Blalock, Frances Lambert	19-Sep-07	
Blampied, John Roger	17-Jul-02	
Blankenship, Bernice Erline	12-Dec-01	
Blankenship, Doris	24-Jan-01	
Blankenship, Imogene P.	08-Apr-09	
Blankenship, John Richard "Ricky"	24-Oct-07	
Blankenship, Leona Mae	16-Jun-04	
Blankenship, Leroy S.	28-May-03	
Blankenship, Lynn Wade	26-Nov-08	
Blankenship, Thurmon L.	01-May-02	
Blankenship, Tommy W.	29-Mar-00	
Bloom, James K.	03-Oct-07	
Bloom, Mary S.	15-May-02	
Blosser, Thomas Yoshiro	05-Apr-06	
Blount, Katie Brasher Lyle	02-Dec-09	
Bobo, Ernest Paul "Bear"	20-Dec-00	
Boggan, Byron P., Sr.	11-Oct-06	
Bogin, Cleo	09-Aug-06	
Boland, Lois Walker	18-Sep-02	
Bolden, Hubert	30-Aug-00	
Bolding, Dennis Ray	10-Mar-04	
Bolding, Ruby Lee Steward	26-Dec-01	
Bolling, Samuel B.	03-Dec-03	
Bolling, Samuel B.	17-Dec-03	
Bolton, Hazel P.	03-Oct-07	
Bolton, Peggy J.	26-Jul-06	
Bolton, Reginal Carl	05-Jan-05	
Bond, Joyce Engels	27-Jun-07	
Bonnie, Fred	17-May-00	
Booth, Austin Jordan "Kirby"	12-Feb-03	
Booth, Claudie	10-May-06	
Booth, Edward Herman	16-Nov-05	
Booth, John W.	28-Jun-06	
Booth, Marvin Lee	01-Jun-05	
Booth, Mary Frances	17-Mar-04	
Booth, Willard S.	10-Oct-01	
Boothe, Bessie Eddings	18-Apr-01	
Boothe, Claries Inez	13-Sep-06	
Boothe, Edwin "Ed" Franklin	22-Dec-04	
Boothe, Grace M.	06-Oct-04	
Boothe, Grace M.	13-Oct-04	
Boothe, Isaac Richmond, Sr.	04-Feb-04	
Boothe, Jeff Bogan	05-Oct-05	
Boothe, Justin Colburn	09-Aug-06	
Boothe, Manuel, Sr., "John Boy"	28-Jun-00	
Boothe, Tommy	06-May-09	
Boothe, Una Mae	12-Jan-00	
Boothe, Willie Jaye	04-Aug-04	
Bosshart, Martha Nell (Jacobs)	30-Jun-04	
Bost, James V. "Jim"	23-Sep-09	
Bottoms, Henry Odell	28-Jul-04	
Bouchillon, Emma Sue	31-Jan-01	
Bouchillon, Samuel Payne	07-Mar-01	
Boutwell, Leona Jones	02-Nov-05	
Bowden, Elizabeth Belle Hayes	23-Feb-05	
Bowen, Brenda Breckenridge	29-Mar-00	
Bowen, Brenda Breckenridge	19-Apr-00	
Bowen, Brenda Breckenridge	26-Apr-00	
Bowen, Brenda Breckenridge	03-May-00	
Bowen, Brenda Breckenridge	28-Jun-00	
Bowen, Brenda Breckenridge	11-Jul-01	
Bowen, Brenda Breckenridge	12-Jan-05	
Bowen, Christine	26-Feb-03	
Bowlin, Charles Edward	01-Mar-00	
Bowlin, Mary Etta	12-Jan-00	
Bowling, George, "Sonny"	26-Jan-00	
Bowling, Orvleen Jenny (Bobbie)	03-Jan-01	
Bowman, David Lee	20-Dec-00	
Bowman, Willie May	30-Aug-00	
Bowyer, Barbara Jane	09-Apr-03	
Boyd, Bobby Ray	11-Jun-03	
Boyd, Bobby Ray	18-Jun-03	
Boyd, Floyce E.	06-Mar-02	
Boyett, Sarah H.	28-Jan-04	
Boykin, Florence Louise	16-May-07	
Boyles, Brian Edward	11-Oct-06	
Boyles, Dorothy M. Champion	08-Dec-04	
Bozeman, Audrey Arene	15-Oct-03	
Bozeman, Charles M.	30-Mar-05	
Bozeman, Kenneth Leo	14-Jun-06	
Bozeman, Marshall James	02-Aug-00	
Bozeman, Robert "Bob" Earl	24-Oct-07	
Bozeman, Robert Earl	07-Jul-04	
Bozeman, Walter Jackson "Jack"	31-Oct-07	
Bozeman, William H.	19-Jul-00	
Bracewell, John Robert	14-Feb-01	
Brackin, Flossie Eunice	09-Mar-05	
Bradberry, Blanche	21-Jun-06	
Bradberry, Bobbie Jean Patterson Headrick "Big Nanny"	05-Oct-05	
Bradberry, Charles L. "Charlie"	11-Oct-06	
Braden, James Earl	29-Dec-04	
Braden, Morris L.	10-Jan-01	
Bradford, Martha "Jo"	19-Nov-03	
Bradley, Alma	08-Oct-08	
Bradley, Charlie Floyd	29-Jan-03	
Bradley, Dewey B.	14-Mar-07	
Bradley, R.M. "Buster"	05-Nov-03	
Bradley, R.M. "Buster"	12-Nov-03	
Bradley, William J. "Bill"	30-May-01	
Bradley, William Raymond	28-Jun-06	
Bradley, Willie T.	04-Feb-04	
Bradshaw, Billy B.	08-Dec-04	
Bradshaw, Thomas Wayne	04-Oct-00	
Bragg, Charles E. "Charlie"	28-Jan-04	
Bragg, James E.	29-Jan-03	
Bragg, Mildred Geneva Lynn	14-Sep-05	
Bragg, Vernon H. "Jack"	20-Sep-06	
Bramblett, J.W. "Bill"	06-Jun-01	
Bramer, Florence Elizabeth Mooney	16-Oct-02	
Bramer, Leonard G.	25-Nov-09	
Branch, Anthony "Amp"	18-Feb-09	
Branch, Clara Louise	21-Jan-09	
Branch, Clyde Ray	19-Mar-08	
Brand, Hubbard Thomas	06-Sep-06	
Brand, Nellie Gandy "Dot"	08-Nov-00	
Brandenberg, Bessie Marie	21-Jun-00	
Brandenburg, Homer L.	07-May-08	
Brannon, Burrell	25-Dec-02	
Brannon, Lois	03-May-00	
Branson, John W.	14-Nov-07	
Brantley, Betty Joe Glass	21-Dec-05	
Brantley, Billie J.	16-Jun-04	
Brantley, Ella C.	16-Jan-08	
Brantley, Gladys Mae	29-Jun-05	
Brantley, James Ray	04-Jul-01	
Brantley, James Willis	06-Jun-01	
Brantley, Jimmie "J.L." Lawrence	19-Dec-01	
Brantley, Joe B.	06-Aug-03	
Brantley, Lois Green	04-Aug-04	
Brantley, Norma Jean	14-Nov-01	
Brantley, Pauline Sample	05-Apr-06	
Brantley, Powell "Pow" Lawrance	14-Aug-02	
Brantley, Robert Earl	28-Feb-07	
Brantley, Robert L.	26-Nov-03	
Brantley, Shirley Ostell	12-Jan-00	
Brasher, Alton Dempsey "Jack"	13-Feb-02	
Brasher, Bernice E.	09-Sep-09	
Brasher, Boyd, Mrs.	04-Aug-04	
Brasher, Buford T.	22-Oct-03	
Brasher, C.E. "Gene"	27-Apr-05	
Brasher, Carie	07-Apr-04	
Brasher, Carle	31-Mar-04	
Brasher, Cecelia Nicole	23-May-01	
Brasher, Charles Calvin "Chuck"	02-Jan-08	
Brasher, Charles Ray "Jim"	05-Feb-03	
Brasher, Clyde E.	03-Aug-05	
Brasher, Coy B.	03-Sep-03	
Brasher, Evelyn Marie	07-Nov-07	
Brasher, Gladys Lee	21-Mar-01	
Brasher, Greg K.	25-Oct-00	
Brasher, J.L.	10-Jun-09	
Brasher, James F., Jr. (WWII Memorial)	18-Jun-03	
Brasher, Jeremiah Cody	14-Jun-00	
Brasher, Jerry Wayne, Sr.	16-Mar-05	
Brasher, Jessie Laura	25-Nov-09	
Brasher, Marc	28-Nov-01	
Brasher, Mary Rachel Pearce	16-Jan-02	
Brasher, Michael Henry Erwin Gene	30-Aug-06	
Brasher, Myrtle Lee	27-Mar-02	
Brasher, Norman R.	10-Apr-02	
Brasher, Patricia	21-Jun-06	
Brasher, Patricia Ann	09-May-01	
Brasher, Perry "Tommy"	08-Oct-08	
Brasher, Preston Dean	18-Nov-09	
Brasher, Rhonda Lynn	28-Mar-01	
Brasher, Riggs E.	14-Feb-01	
Brasher, Roland Dee	07-Feb-01	
Brasher, Thelma Lugene Turner	01-Nov-00	
Brasher, Thomas	05-Nov-03	
Brasher, Tracy Alan	31-May-06	
Brashier, Herman A.	12-Feb-03	
Braswell, Dewey	25-Jan-06	
Braswell, Douglas "Doug" M., Jr.	15-Feb-06	
Braswell, James W.	01-May-02	
Braswell, Stanley	14-Apr-04	
Bray, Bobby Lee, Jr.	08-Oct-08	
Bray, Bobby Lee, Jr.	12-Nov-08	
Brazzell, Robert E., Sr.	17-May-00	
Brdshaw, Kenneth Elwood	06-Nov-02	
Breese, Charles Albert	12-May-04	
Breitinger, Teri Moore	24-Oct-07	
Brett, Eugenia "Genie" Mitchell	03-Jul-02	
Brewer, Alonzo, Jr.	23-Aug-06	
Brewer, Ovie E.	05-Sep-01	
Brewer, Stella Rosemary	24-Oct-07	
Bridges, Edna Mae B.	22-Mar-06	
Bridges, Hazel Frost	01-Mar-00	
Bridges, Kathleen Alexander	01-Jan-03	
Bridges, Kathleen Alexander	08-Jan-03	
Briggins, Bennie, Rev.	24-Dec-03	
Bright, Margie Louise	12-Sep-01	
Bristow, Lilla Juzan	01-Aug-01	
Bristow, Lilla Juzan	08-Aug-01	
Britnell, William Lee "Bill"	21-Sep-05	
Britton, Barry L.	20-Sep-00	
Broadhead, Bebe Joyce	09-Mar-05	
Broadhead, Howard Kindig	09-Oct-02	
Brock, Edna Elizabeth	15-Nov-06	
Brogden, Herman Gerald	05-Jul-00	
Brogden, Norman Tucker	08-Dec-04	
Brookins, Jimmy Kater	16-Feb-00	
Brooks, Arthur Lee	30-Aug-00	
Brooks, Charles William	06-Sep-06	
Brooks, James Clifton	16-Jan-08	
Brothers, Robert M.	04-Apr-01	
Brothers, Ulus S.	30-Jan-02	
Brown, Alma Marie	02-Dec-09	
Brown, Annie George Farrington	05-Jan-05	
Brown, Bill	27-Oct-04	
Brown, Billy Max	18-Mar-09	
Brown, Bobby Jack	02-May-01	
Brown, Caroline J.	14-Jan-04	
Brown, Catherine Gilmore	31-Mar-04	
Brown, Darrell E.	24-Sep-03	
Brown, Edna Morine	01-Nov-00	
Brown, Edward Augustus "Eddie"	21-Feb-01	
Brown, Elna Davis	01-Dec-04	
Brown, Floyd Monroe	12-Nov-03	
Brown, Gordon "Jack"	19-Nov-03	
Brown, Heather Danielle	26-Nov-08	
Brown, James Robert, Jr.	16-Jun-04	
Brown, Jan Gibbs	23-Apr-08	
Brown, Leslie L. "Les"	17-Dec-08	
Brown, Louise Dodd	01-Sep-04	
Brown, Mary L.	30-Mar-05	
Brown, Mary Lou	30-Aug-00	
Brown, Mildred Louise	06-Aug-08	
Brown, Miles T.	11-Sep-02	
Brown, Ruey "Marie"	30-Sep-09	
Brown, Virginia Speer	03-Jun-09	
Brown, William A., Jr.	01-Jan-03	
Browning, Charles Edmond	12-Jul-06	
Bruce, Oma Nolen	23-Feb-00	
Bruebaker, Kevin Robert	14-Feb-07	
Bryant, Doraleen A.	03-Apr-02	
Bryant, Glenn Allen, Rev.	05-Feb-03	
Bryant, Prince	23-Aug-00	
Bryant, Walter Lebron, Sr.	01-Aug-01	
Buchanan, Clifford W.	09-Jun-04	
Buchanan, Mary	14-Feb-01	
Buckner, Sara Mattie (Wyatt)	19-Aug-09	
Buford-Gladney, Raenae	17-Jan-07	
Buie, Homer Earl	26-Sep-01	
Buie, Sallie Washington	17-Oct-01	
Bular, Rubye Esma	19-Feb-03	
Bulger, Patricia McCulley	28-Aug-02	
Bullard, Clara Ruby	07-Mar-01	
Bullard, Jack "Pop"	13-Apr-05	
Bullard, Wylie "Hershell"	15-Oct-03	
Bullock, Paula Lynn Murphy	03-Jul-02	
Bullock, William David, Sr.	19-Nov-08	
Bunch, Angela Marie Williams	27-Apr-05	
Bundrum, Mary Louise	17-Sep-03	
Bundrum, William Albert	17-May-06	
Bunn, Bobby Edward	07-Mar-07	
Bunn, Mamie Lee	15-Aug-01	
Burcham, Ralph Aaron, Sr.	28-Jun-00	
Burdell, Sybil Miller	13-Dec-00	
Burdett, William "Bill"	27-Nov-02	
Burgess, A.D., Mr.	05-Jun-02	
Burgess, Joan W.	19-Jan-05	
Burgess, William Bronner	23-Jan-08	
Burke, Buel G.	05-Dec-07	
Burke, Jewel Kelley	01-Jan-03	
Burke, John Homer	17-Nov-04	
Burke, Ralph	15-Aug-07	
Burkhalter, Raymond Joseph	30-Aug-00	
Burleson, John	12-Sep-07	
Burleson, John	19-Sep-07	
Burnett, Allen W., Jr.	08-Jan-03	
Burnett, Annie Velma	12-Feb-03	
Burnett, F.C., Mr.	05-Jan-05	
Burnett, Fannie Lou	25-Oct-06	
Burnett, Gartha M.	08-Jan-03	
Burnett, James Clyde	18-Oct-06	
Burnett, Martha "Gail" Jones	15-Dec-04	
Burnett, Marvin Green	08-Jan-03	
Burnett, Morris V. "Bill"	23-Mar-05	
Burnett, Pauline Trott	31-Oct-07	
Burnett, Theodore R.	11-Apr-01	
Burnette, Bertha Mae	12-May-04	
Burnette, Jimmy O.	20-May-09	
Burnette, Perry James	05-Oct-05	
Burnetti, Carolina	17-Mar-04	
Burns, Dan H.	20-Nov-02	
Burns, Gary Wayne, Jr.	30-Aug-00	
Burns, Jackie Lee	19-Nov-03	
Burns, Josephine Moore	16-May-01	
Burns, Julius, Jr.	30-Oct-02	
Burns, Merrell A.	23-Aug-00	
Burns, Sarah Frances	30-May-07	
Burrage, Vivian Lorraine	21-Jan-04	
Burt, Leonard Ivery	16-Jul-03	
Burton, George Richard, Sr.	19-Dec-01	
Busby, Bryan K.	06-Mar-02	
Busch, Cameron	02-Aug-00	
Bush, James W. "Bush"	02-Jan-08	
Bush, Leona H.	31-May-00	
Bush, Paul Cameron	07-Jun-00	
Bush, Robbie Jackson	08-Aug-01	
Butler, David Jefferson	08-Jun-05	
Butler, Hannah Hazel	20-Sep-00	
Butler, Judy Diane Burdette	11-Feb-04	
Butler, Lindsay Russell	01-Sep-04	
Butler, Mark	20-Jun-01	
Butler, Mary Alice	30-Aug-06	
Butler, Peggy Joyce	29-Apr-09	
Butler, Sarah Powers	26-Sep-01	
Butler, Wayne	14-Jun-00	
Butt, Jerry Henry David	07-Nov-01	
Byars, Julia C.	08-Aug-01	
Byers, Anita B.	09-Dec-09	
Byers, Charles Willard	04-Aug-04	
Byers, Leatha L.	15-Dec-04	
Bynum, Hilda Jean	03-Jan-01	
Byrd, Aubrey Adolphus	08-Oct-03	
Byrd, Bobby Ray	18-Feb-04	
Byrd, Lorene Cost	14-Jun-00	
Byrd, Lorene M.	14-Jul-04	
Byrd, Lucille Noble	24-Oct-07	
Caddell, Georgie Ellen	08-Mar-00	
Caddell, Rosa Lee	05-Dec-01	
Cadle, Russell Glenn	16-May-07	
Cain, Anna C.	27-Feb-02	
Cain, Betty Jean	13-Feb-08	
Cain, Carolyn Mayfield Bailey	31-Mar-04	
Cain, Julius E.	24-Dec-03	
Cairns, Sara Marie	04-Jan-06	
Caldwell, Bertie Lou Headley	11-Aug-04	
Caldwell, Betty Jo Baker	17-May-06	
Caldwell, Charles Richard	26-Oct-05	
Caldwell, Lummie T., Jr.	09-Dec-09	
Caldwell, Richard Lee "Big Daddy"	14-Jan-09	
Cales, Cora Cherry	05-Nov-08	
Calhoun, Johnnie Mae	08-Jun-05	
Calhoun, Otis Fernell	18-Feb-04	
Callahan-Smith, Judity Elaine	22-Oct-03	
Calma, Christopher Lee	06-Feb-08	
Calvin, Annie Frances	12-Feb-03	
Cameron, Billy Joe	23-Feb-00	
Cameron, Frederick F., Jr.	19-Feb-03	
Camp, Mildred Thomas	16-May-01	
Campbell, Doris J.	12-Jan-05	
Campbell, Johnny Leon	18-Apr-07	
Campbell, Kyser Lee	05-Jul-00	
Campbell, Mildred Viola Gould	14-May-08	
Campbell, Nancy M.	22-Dec-04	
Campbell, Robert Leroy	31-Mar-04	
Campbell, Royce Roland	11-May-05	
Campbell, Shirley Faye	11-Apr-07	
Campbell, Vivian Lee	27-Feb-02	
Candler, Paul Calvin	30-Jul-03	
Cannady, John Robert	30-Dec-09	
Cannady, Patricia Maxwell	19-Jul-06	
Cantrell, Eva Monique "Eve"	02-Jul-03	
Cantrell, Taylor Ashe	14-Jul-04	
Cantrell, Virginia W.	14-Mar-07	
Capps, Edith Stewart	26-Nov-03	
Capps, Elliott	02-Aug-00	
Capps, H.D. "Dan"	03-Nov-04	
Carden, Charles	07-May-08	
Carden, Dessel Connell	19-Jul-06	
Carden, Earl	20-Jun-07	
Carden, Eula P.	06-Sep-00	
Carden, Gladys C.	09-Jan-08	
Carden, Josephine Etress	06-Feb-08	
Carden, Lois Etress	16-Jun-04	
Carden, Patricia Anne	21-Feb-07	
Carden, Recle D.	04-Feb-04	
Carden, Ruby Nell	20-Feb-08	
Carden, Sally E.	10-May-00	
Carden, Walter Elvin	04-Feb-04	
Carden, Walter Lloyd	07-Jun-00	
Cardin, Thomas Aubrey	08-Sep-04	
Cardin, Thomas David	29-Mar-00	
Cardone, Shirley Dean	04-Aug-04	
Cardwell, Andrew "Andy"	15-Dec-04	
Cardwell, Clara Dykes Key	16-Oct-02	
Cardwell, Elizabeth Ann	09-Jul-03	
Cardwell, Ida Irene	15-Jan-03	
Cardwell, James Allen, Jr.	02-Aug-00	
Cardwell, Louisa D.	29-Sep-04	
Carey, Joel Lee	02-Oct-02	
Carlee, Lonnie Gene	15-Jan-03	
Carlee, Lonnie Gene	22-Jan-03	
Carlee, Nora Bell	09-Jul-03	
Carlee, Teresa	04-Jun-03	
Carlesso, Anthony "Tony"	07-May-03	
Carlile, Jerry O.	13-Dec-00	
Carlile, Pearl Overby	19-Sep-07	
Carlisle, John William	12-Feb-03	
Carlisle, Thomas Edward	27-Jun-01	
Carnahan, Gary Michael	08-Mar-06	
Carnathan, Bertha V.	04-Dec-02	
Caron, Christie Joseph, Sr.	01-May-02	
Carpenter, Louise	23-May-07	
Carpenter, Ralph Hugh	24-Jan-07	
Carpenter, Robert James	13-Sep-06	
Carroll, Dorothy M.	24-Sep-03	
Carroll, Eason Jefferson	18-Aug-04	
Carroll, James Robert	30-Aug-06	
Carroll, JoAnn S.	07-Nov-07	
Carroll, John D.	05-Dec-01	
Carroll, Mae "Nell" Sparks	13-Oct-04	
Carroll, Mary Alma	25-Feb-04	
Carroll, Mary Frances	04-Jun-03	
Carroll, Nolan Wayne	24-Apr-02	
Carter, Alex	22-Jul-09	
Carter, Brenda Charlotte	15-Oct-03	
Carter, Brianna Cheyenne	01-Oct-03	
Carter, Charles Edward	13-Jun-07	
Carter, Doug    (Pages A-6 & A-7)	15-Sep-04	
Carter, Elsie Carolyn "Karen"	30-May-07	
Carter, Hubert Marion	24-Dec-08	
Carter, Jewel Dean	01-Jan-03	
Carter, Jimmy Lee	13-May-09	
Carter, Paul Douglas	31-Mar-04	
Carter, Phillip Dale	31-Jan-07	
Carter, Phillip Dale	07-Feb-07	
Carter, Rex Allen	29-Jan-03	
Carter, W.L. "Rick", Jr.	06-Jul-05	
Carter, William Dale	27-Apr-05	
Cartledge, Liston E., Jr.	30-Apr-03	
Carwell, Amos E.	25-Sep-02	
Cascio, Joey	19-Mar-08	
Cash, Edgar Lamar	14-Mar-01	
Cash, Gladys	24-Sep-03	
Cash, James Grady	19-Jul-00	
Cash, Lisa	29-Jul-09	
Cashatt, Ruby Lanell	09-Jun-04	
Cason, Virginia	27-Nov-02	
Castleberry, Jennifer Nicole	20-Dec-00	
Caswell, Mary Frances	05-Mar-08	
Cates, Dorothy Imogene	13-Sep-00	
Cates, John H. "Johnny"	29-Oct-08	
Cates, Kermit James	05-Jul-00	
Cato, Carrol Fay	10-Jul-02	
Caton, George Dewey	13-Dec-00	
Caton, Henry Reavy	09-May-07	
Caton, Myra Nell	19-Feb-03	
Caton, Wesley Rudolph	23-Feb-00	
Caudle, Wilbert Carness	12-Mar-03	
Caver, Robert Gerald	19-Jun-02	
Chafin, Faye Ann	12-Feb-03	
Chamblee, Braxton Lane	15-Sep-04	
Chamblee, Donald Ray "Boots"	28-Mar-01	
Chamblee, Martha G.	04-Aug-04	
Chamblee, Mary Kathryn Pitts	19-Dec-01	
Champion, Helen Pauline	12-Jun-02	
Chance, James A.	01-Mar-06	
Chandler, Elaine M.	17-Jan-01	
Chandler, Jacob Marion	14-Nov-01	
Chandler, Joe Wayne	10-Dec-08	
Chandler, Joyce T.	12-Jul-00	
Chandler, Larry R.	10-Nov-04	
Chandler, Linda Mooney	30-May-07	
Chandler, Rosetta	04-Feb-04	
Channell, Michael	24-May-06	
Chapman, Mamie Ruth Wilson	17-May-00	
Chappell, James "Buck"	21-Nov-01	
Chappell, Melba	06-Jul-05	
Chappell, R.D.	01-Nov-00	
Chase, Richard E. "Dick"	06-Mar-02	
Chastain, Marceille Virginia	13-Sep-06	
Chastang, Betty Kelley	06-Mar-02	
Chasteen, Melba Payne	22-May-02	
Cheatham, Theodore, Sr.	13-Aug-03	
Cherry, Michael F.	14-Feb-07	
Chesser, John Allen, Sr.	30-Oct-02	
Chesser, Stanley L., Sr.	26-Jul-06	
Childers, Jimmy Dale "J.D."	06-Nov-02	
Childress, Kristi Carol	16-Mar-05	
Childress, Lorene	28-Feb-01	
Childs, Jessie Earlee	26-Apr-00	
Chism, Preston	16-Mar-05	
Christensen, Sharon Ann	11-Jan-06	
Christian, A. Lucille, "Mamaw"	19-Apr-00	
Christian, Ethan Connor	25-Jul-07	
Christian, Malik Carl	05-Dec-01	
Christian, Samuel Terry, Dr.	04-Dec-02	
Christian, Terry	28-Mar-07	
Churchwell, Marjorie	07-Apr-04	
Claridge, Eula Mae Cummings	27-Feb-02	
Clark, Betty Sue Hedgepath	21-Mar-07	
Clark, Cathrine "Cay"	15-Feb-06	
Clark, Dwayne Lannon	18-Jan-06	
Clark, Edgar Joe	30-May-01	
Clark, Evelyn T.	21-Dec-05	
Clark, Grady Clarence	27-Oct-04	
Clark, Grayson Scott	13-Nov-02	
Clark, John "Bobby" Robert	12-Dec-07	
Clark, Lisa G.	29-May-02	
Clark, Mary Vernell	06-Oct-04	
Clark, Mildred G.	09-Sep-09	
Clark, Mildred Gould Butler	27-Dec-00	
Clark, Nellie Hutchinson	27-Nov-02	
Clark, Paul David	23-Aug-06	
Clark, Paul David	30-Aug-06	
Clark, Paul David	06-Sep-06	
Clark, Richard L.	13-Apr-05	
Clark, Robert Avery "Doro"	25-Jun-08	
Clark, Robert Grady	31-Mar-04	
Clark, Thelma M.	30-Mar-05	
Clark, Thomas W.	04-Aug-04	
Clayton, Larry	28-Oct-09	
Clayton, Myrtle Parkel	30-Jan-02	
Clayton, William "Larry"	11-Nov-09	
Cleckler, Hubert	15-Mar-00	
Clements, Lanny T., Jr.	17-Nov-04	
Cleveland, Billie Jean	15-Jan-03	
Cleveland, Ola Christine	11-Oct-06	
Cleveland, William Franklin	01-Nov-00	
Click, Charles David	17-Jun-09	
Click, Mimmie V.	02-Aug-00	
Clifton, Lula 	29-Nov-00	
Cline, Tammy L.	21-Jan-04	
Clingan, Arthur James "Pop"	28-Jul-04	
Clinkscale, William "Bill"	25-Dec-02	
Coan, Robert Charles	23-Nov-05	
Cobb, Bobby	07-Nov-07	
Cobb, Floyd R. "Bobby"	13-Dec-06	
Cobb, Lois Durbin	25-May-05	
Cobb, Warren Rascoe	28-Mar-07	
Cobern, James Curtiss, Capt.	15-Dec-04	
Cochran, Catherine Marie	08-Mar-00	
Cochran, Cherlester	13-Nov-02	
Cochran, Douglas F.	01-Mar-06	
Cochran, Ethel Roman	26-Jan-00	
Cochran, Evelyn Earl Null	30-Jul-03	
Cochran, James G. "Jim"	12-Jan-05	
Cochran, Joyce	07-May-08	
Cochran, Nellie Virginia	11-Jan-06	
Cochran, Vivian	18-Oct-06	
Coe, Jack	04-Jun-03	
Cofer, Curtis Lee, Sr.	15-May-02	
Cofer, David Lee	25-Nov-09	
Cofer, Illa	26-Apr-00	
Coffman, Ruth Elizabeth Ellis	05-May-04	
Coggins, Patricia "Pat"	08-Nov-00	
Cohill, Albert "Ceal"	10-Jul-02	
Cohill, Heniretta Young	26-Jan-05	
Cohill, Kenneth Ray	01-Aug-01	
Cohill, Kenneth Ray	08-Aug-01	
Cohill, Kenneth Ray	22-Aug-01	
Colburn, Dewralph	13-Nov-02	
Cole, Christine	06-Aug-08	
Cole, Donald N.	11-Sep-02	
Cole, Dorothea Anne	06-Apr-05	
Cole, Frank Joseph	05-Nov-08	
Cole, Lula	24-Jan-01	
Cole, Thomas A.	21-May-08	
Coleman, Bartell	25-Feb-04	
Coleman, Cora Dixon Vincent	12-Jul-06	
Coleman, Ruth L.	14-Apr-04	
Coleman, Ruth L.	21-Apr-04	
Colley, Douglas Garrett	24-Dec-03	
Colley, Virginia Ranelli	10-Dec-03	
Collier, Anthony Horace	21-Feb-01	
Collier, Robert Lamar	12-Sep-01	
Collingsworth, Annie Frank Wells	12-Jul-06	
Collins, Harvey Preston	20-Jul-05	
Collins, Joey Earl	16-Jan-08	
Collins, Lawrence Dewayne	30-Oct-02	
Collins, Margie Carter	23-Mar-05	
Collins, Mary Nita	29-Sep-04	
Collins, Thomas Earl	22-Nov-00	
Collins, Thomas Jerry	04-Nov-09	
Collins, Willie Mae Harris	07-Jun-00	
Collum, Annie P.	03-May-00	
Collum, Bertha Estelle	03-Jan-07	
Collum, Donald Gene	05-May-04	
Collum, Donna H.	16-Jun-04	
Collum, Donnie Leona	24-Dec-08	
Collum, Lendal Payne "Sis"	21-Feb-07	
Collum, Leonard Leroy "Lee", Jr.	16-Jun-04	
Colvin, Brett	27-Feb-08	
Colvin, Eula Maud	04-Oct-06	
Comer, Jeffery Dennis	27-Oct-04	
Compton, Charles E.	04-Jul-01	
Compton, John H.	03-May-00	
Compton, Sanford Don	11-Dec-02	
Condrey, Virginia Evans	11-Jul-07	
Conn, Frank G.	09-Apr-03	
Conn, Jason Michael	18-Jun-03	
Conn, Toni Lynn	26-Sep-01	
Connell, George Franklin "Bam"	08-Aug-01	
Connell, Martha Carol Matthews	29-Apr-09	
Connell, Scott	05-Apr-00	
Connell, Shane David	01-Aug-01	
Connell, Willis M.	07-Dec-05	
Conner, John, II	18-Dec-02	
Conway, Betty L. (Vaughan)	05-Sep-01	
Conwell, Carl Dawson	19-Apr-00	
Conwell, Carrie Bishop	09-Oct-02	
Conwell, Velma	28-Mar-01	
Cook, Mildred Elizabeth	15-Feb-06	
Cook, Robert Curtis	20-Dec-00	
Cook, Rodney Earl	11-Jun-08	
Cook, Steve Wayne, Jr.	17-Jan-07	
Cook, Vaudell M.	12-Sep-07	
Cooley, Virginia M.	05-Jan-05	
Cooper, Frances W.	27-Feb-08	
Cooper, Gary	05-May-04	
Cooper, Howard Earl	22-Aug-01	
Cooper, Kenneth Maru	07-Oct-09	
Cooper, Richard Allen	24-Dec-03	
Copeland, Eva Jane	24-Jul-02	
Copeland, Margaret Ellis	21-Aug-02	
Copin, Nancy Martin, Rev.	02-May-07	
Cork, Artie Neal	22-Aug-07	
Cork, Della M.	25-Jul-01	
Corley, Linda G.	11-May-05	
Cornelius, James E.	26-Sep-01	
Cornell, Edward William	20-Nov-02	
Cornell, Florence M.	28-May-03	
Cory, Jerry Kirkpatrick	01-Nov-00	
Coshatt, Charles Cecil	30-Nov-05	
Coshatt, Floice Murphy	07-Jun-06	
Cosper, Bertha Johnson	14-Nov-07	
Cosper, Lewis Hamilton	14-Jun-00	
Cosper, Marcus W.	07-Apr-04	
Cosper, Mary Sellers	01-Jun-05	
Cost, Anna Delyn	08-Jul-09	
Cost, Lois W.	09-Apr-08	
Cost, Naomi Frankie	24-Dec-03	
Cost, Paul L.	31-Dec-08	
Costlow, John P., Sr.	13-Feb-02	
Coston, Bonnie Faye	30-Aug-06	
Cothern, Audrey	31-May-06	
Cotman, Barbara	02-Jul-03	
Cotney, Minnie Lou White Taylor	04-Dec-02	
Cotterman, Michael Kent	02-Jun-04	
Cottingham, Charles E., Sr.	24-Jul-02	
Cottingham, Charles, Jr.	12-Oct-05	
Cottingham, Elbert "BB"	12-Nov-03	
Cotton, Cortez Eugene "Tez"	30-Nov-05	
Cotton, Harold	25-Jul-07	
Cotton, Jannie Morris	29-Mar-00	
Couch, Thomas Alan Stansberry	20-Aug-03	
Cowart, Dennis, Sr.	15-Mar-06	
Cowart, Sara Morris	26-Jul-06	
Cox, Andrea "Anje" Harbin	05-Jan-05	
Cox, David Allen	03-Jan-07	
Cox, Franklin D.	20-Apr-05	
Cox, Joseph D.	04-Jul-07	
Cox, Keith	08-Aug-01	
Cox, Loyce Gene	02-Jul-08	
Cox, Marie	13-May-09	
Cox, Robert Tipton	05-Mar-03	
Cox, Shawn Eric	17-Mar-04	
Cox, W.E., Jr.	10-Jan-06	
Crabtree, Sarah Neal Stinson	06-Aug-03	
Craft, Vera B.	07-Jun-00	
Craig, George D., Rev.	25-Sep-02	
Craiger, George W.	11-Sep-02	
Cranford, Jayne Spruell	20-Dec-06	
Crawford, Elizabeth D.	12-Jan-00	
Crawford, James Lee, Sr.	27-Feb-02	
Crawford, Mary F.	23-Apr-03	
Crawford, Sandra I.	09-Jan-02	
Crawford, W.S. "Jack"	23-Apr-08	
Creamer, Kathy McQueen	10-Oct-07	
Creamer, Lacy Edward	28-Jan-09	
Creamer, Pauline Aldridge	29-May-02	
Creech, Eugene	26-Jun-02	
Creek, Thursie Mae	19-Apr-06	
Creel, Brenda G.	21-Jun-06	
Creel, Pamela Lansford	28-Mar-07	
Creel, Patricia Ann "Pat"	14-May-03	
Crenshaw, Hattie Mae Lawley	22-Feb-06	
Crider, Oma B., Mrs.	20-Jun-01	
Crim, Edward "Buddy" Oliver	30-Apr-08	
Crim, Nelvin L.	25-Feb-04	
Crim, Velma Smith	20-Nov-02	
Crim, William Wesley	12-Jun-02	
Crim, Zelma Alice Thomas Horton	31-Mar-04	
Crisson, Lucille	11-Dec-02	
Crocker, Arvic C.	26-Jun-02	
Crocker, B.C.	14-May-08	
Crocker, B.C.	28-May-08	
Crocker, Lillian Foster	24-Oct-07	
Crosby, Armella Roden	30-Aug-00	
Crosby, Flora D.	16-Nov-05	
Crow, Robert L.	24-Dec-08	
Crowe, Marion June	27-Nov-02	
Crowson, Dewey Ford	02-Jul-03	
Crowson, Edgar Lee	21-Apr-04	
Crowson, Hugh J.	18-Jun-08	
Crowson, Jennifer Scruggs	16-Mar-05	
Cruce, Lillian Daily	20-Feb-02	
Cruce, Ray	06-Feb-02	
Crumbliss, Linda Taylor	13-Mar-02	
Crumbliss, Linda Taylor	20-Mar-02	
Crumley, John Otto, Jr.	28-Jun-00	
Crumpton, Brian	16-Apr-08	
Crumpton, Clarence Chesteen	17-Oct-07	
Crumpton, Donald William	05-Jul-00	
Crumpton, Effie M.	23-Jun-04	
Crumpton, Jewel S.	29-Apr-09	
Crumpton, Lillian Marie	26-Mar-08	
Crumpton, Lorene Pernie	13-Jun-07	
Crumpton, Ronnie Wade	05-Nov-03	
Crymes, Clara Mae	25-Jul-01	
Culp, Beverly Connell	08-Apr-09	
Culver, Ann George	04-Mar-09	
Culver, Ann George	11-Mar-09	
Culver, Stella Mae Smith	26-Mar-03	
Cumberland, William Mason	13-Sep-06	
Cumberland, Willliam Mason, Sr.	11-Oct-00	
Cummings, Alice C.	11-Oct-00	
Cummings, J.C.	19-Nov-03	
Cummings, Rhoda Priscilla	02-Feb-05	
Cummings, Sally Jane	04-Jan-06	
Cummings, Verna D.	07-Jan-04	
Cunningham, Amanda L.	18-Feb-09	
Cunningham, John Alfred	13-Aug-03	
Cunningham, Mary Bridges	11-Oct-00	
Cunningham, Oliver Wade	28-Mar-07	
Cupp, Guy N.	09-May-01	
Curcio, Audrey	24-Apr-02	
Curry, Addye Jane	19-Sep-01	
Curry, John Mack "Jimmy"	29-Jan-03	
Curry, Lexa	07-Aug-02	
Curry, Naomi Truss	10-Jul-02	
Curry, Rush Olive, Jr.	24-Jan-01	
Cushman, Cynthia Louise Higgins	23-Jun-04	
Cuzzort, Louise	10-Dec-08	
Cuzzort, William Albert, Jr.	03-May-06	
Dahlberg, Charles Orin "Charlie"	03-Sep-08	
Dahlberg, Charles Orin "Charlie"	10-Sep-08	
Dailey, Andrew Jackson	30-Jul-03	
Dailey, Edith McDaniel	01-Jun-05	
Dailey, George	01-Oct-03	
Dailey, George	08-Oct-03	
Dailey, Ira William	20-Sep-00	
Dailey, James Edward	19-Jul-00	
Dailey, Ola M.	22-Oct-08	
Dalton, John R.	09-Jan-02	
Dalton, John R.	16-Jan-02	
Daniel, Allie A.	26-Jan-00	
Daniel, Carl Ronald, Jr.	28-Mar-07	
Daniels, Ezell	04-Dec-02	
Daniels, Letha Mae	18-Feb-04	
Darden, James "J.D." Dalton	27-Jul-05	
Davenport, Brock	08-Dec-04	
Davenport, Charlie W. "Bill"	19-Dec-01	
Davenport, Deborah Ann	09-Jun-04	
Davenport, Edna	30-Apr-03	
Davenport, Elaine	23-Dec-09	
Davenport, Harold	26-Nov-08	
Davenport, Mary "Sue"	18-Jan-06	
Davenport, Pattie Sue	19-Aug-09	
Davidson, Donald Reid	13-Feb-02	
Davidson, Edith "Edie" A.	24-Oct-07	
Davidson, Ellen M.	19-Jun-02	
Davidson, James Edward	10-Jan-06	
Davidson, Larry Roscoe	23-Aug-00	
Davidson, Sybil Cook	05-Mar-08	
Davies, Barbara Jean Kitchens	26-Mar-08	
Davis, Alex, Jr.	24-Nov-04	
Davis, Algie F., Sr.	26-May-04	
Davis, Algie Franklin, Jr.	27-Sep-00	
Davis, Allen	08-Feb-06	
Davis, Annie Kate Ross	12-Nov-03	
Davis, Annie Lenora	03-Jul-02	
Davis, Arrealia Kirkland	07-Jun-00	
Davis, Bertha Alice Linholm	08-Oct-08	
Davis, Bonnie Vanderslice	15-Oct-03	
Davis, Brellen H.	24-Dec-03	
Davis, Clay Carlton	08-Nov-00	
Davis, Coy Eugene	31-Oct-07	
Davis, Debra Jean	28-Feb-01	
Davis, Delton Howard	16-Apr-03	
Davis, Delton Howard	30-Apr-03	
Davis, Donald Earl	16-Mar-05	
Davis, Dwight Dexter	12-Dec-01	
Davis, Earline B.	01-Feb-06	
Davis, Edna Harrell	11-Apr-01	
Davis, Effie Mae	21-Feb-07	
Davis, Elizabeth Ann	01-Mar-00	
Davis, Elizabeth Billings Bailey	04-Dec-02	
Davis, Era	11-Apr-01	
Davis, Evelyn	10-May-06	
Davis, Franklin D.	02-May-01	
Davis, Franklin D.	09-May-01	
Davis, Gladys Mae	05-Apr-06	
Davis, Gloria I.	22-Oct-08	
Davis, Guilford A.	25-Feb-09	
Davis, Guilford A.	04-Mar-09	
Davis, H. Wayne	25-Jul-01	
Davis, Herbert Mitchell	20-Feb-02	
Davis, Howard E.	09-Apr-08	
Davis, Inez E.	21-Jun-00	
Davis, J.D., Rev.	11-Mar-09	
Davis, James Claxton	29-Oct-03	
Davis, James Percy, "Pap"	10-May-00	
Davis, James W.	12-Nov-03	
Davis, Jane W.	09-Aug-06	
Davis, Joe	26-Feb-03	
Davis, Julian C., Jr.	21-Apr-04	
Davis, Lettie Ann	10-May-00	
Davis, Lillie Juanita Young	23-Mar-05	
Davis, Linda Anne	23-Oct-02	
Davis, Lizzie Langley	19-Feb-03	
Davis, Luther M., Jr.	11-Mar-09	
Davis, Martha Ophelia Wood	03-Jul-02	
Davis, Mary Frances	26-Apr-00	
Davis, Metz Leroy, Jr.	29-Jun-05	
Davis, Mildred Elizabeth	25-Jul-01	
Davis, Mildred M.	29-Jan-03	
Davis, Orlander "B.C."	15-Dec-04	
Davis, Patricia Ann	29-May-02	
Davis, Peggy Jean	08-Oct-08	
Davis, Philip	09-Dec-09	
Davis, Philip	16-Dec-09	
Davis, Phillip Wayne	01-Feb-06	
Davis, Preston	29-Jun-05	
Davis, Raymond	06-Jul-05	
Davis, Ruby Dean Yates	28-Oct-09	
Davis, Ruby Jones	14-Jan-09	
Davis, Sidney R. "Buster"	17-Nov-04	
Davis, Stephen Albert, Jr.	10-Jan-01	
Davis, Theodore Frederick	24-Mar-04	
Davis, Tracey H.	26-Mar-08	
Davis, Tracey H.	02-Apr-08	
Davis, Viva Peral	11-Oct-00	
Davis, Wendy Bentley	29-Dec-04	
Davis, Willard	09-May-07	
Davis, William Durwood	27-Feb-02	
Davis, William M. "Sonny"	11-Dec-02	
Davis, Wilma H.	28-Feb-01	
Dawe, Sally M.	04-May-05	
Dawkins, Anthony Dale "Farmer"	29-Sep-04	
Dawkins, Charles Calvin	29-Oct-03	
Dawkins, Joel Kim	25-Jan-06	
Dawson, David	09-Aug-00	
Dawson, Earlie Gene "Joe", Rev.	06-Jun-07	
Dawson, George Willard	02-Mar-05	
Dawson, James W. "Jimmy"	01-Jan-03	
Dawson, Jean	15-Jul-09	
Dawson, Joseph Hugh	19-Apr-06	
Dawson, Joseph Hugh	26-Apr-06	
Dawson, Robert Lee, Sr.  "Bob"	20-Feb-02	
Day, Belinda Jo	29-Nov-00	
Day, Effie Mae	11-May-05	
Day, Herschel Harold	20-Sep-06	
Day, Irene	21-Aug-02	
Day, John T.	15-Oct-03	
Day, William Dean "Bill"	23-Oct-02	
Dean, Lillie Bell	14-Jan-09	
Deason, Barbara Juanita	09-Mar-05	
DeBorde, Janice F.	30-Apr-03	
DeBorde, Walter Swain	24-Dec-03	
Deese, Ethel B.	22-Mar-00	
Deffenbaugh, Bess Mae	24-Mar-04	
Defoor, Frank E.	27-Jun-01	
Defoor, Frank E.	04-Jul-01	
DeGroat, Mildred Jewel	04-Oct-06	
Dejarnette, Brenda W.	17-Oct-01	
Delaine, Arvell, Sr. "Knot"	02-May-01	
DeLaine, Bertha Mae Jemison	10-Mar-04	
Delaine, Clyde, "Brother"	20-Sep-00	
DeMattos, Cabell Campbell "Cay"	12-Nov-03	
Dement, Dock Benjamin, Jr.	27-Jul-05	
Denham, Joseph B., Sr.	24-Jan-07	
Denham, Lewis Sylvester	13-Sep-00	
Denham, Louila Wood	11-Apr-01	
Dennis, Albert Thomas	28-May-08	
Dennis, Bart	25-Jul-01	
Dennis, Fred Lee	04-Feb-09	
Dennis, Kenneth Ray	19-Nov-03	
Dennis, Luevenue	25-Jan-06	
Dennis, Maggie Otis Sims	31-Dec-03	
Dennis, Patricia Ann	07-Mar-01	
Dennis, Willie Mae "Suzie" Lee	13-May-09	
Denson, Louise Stephens	21-Nov-01	
Denty, Cody Wayne	15-Sep-04	
Denty, James "Jim"	20-Aug-03	
Denty, Larry Wayne	16-Jan-08	
Deomomger, Mary Ann Taylor	05-Nov-08	
DeSchweinitz, Lawrence L. "Larry"	10-Dec-03	
DeShazo, Kimberly "Lane"	13-May-09	
DeShazo, Kimberly "Lane"	20-May-09	
Destafino, Charles Vincent, Jr.	04-May-05	
Deutschman, Harold Peter "Hal"	29-Oct-03	
Devane, Julia Rogan	08-Dec-04	
Dew, Ada Olivia	28-Mar-01	
Dewberry, John C.	03-May-00	
Deyampert, Ola Mae	18-Feb-04	
Dickson, Charles Robert	16-Sep-09	
Dietrich, Beverly Joan	03-Oct-07	
Dill, Richard E.	22-N0v-06	
Dimaria, Rosa J.	18-Sep-02	
Dimon, Lee Chalmers	08-Aug-01	
Dinger, Betty L.	26-Aug-09	
Dismukes, Hazen, Sr.	06-Aug-08	
Dismukes, Jean Laura "Dee Dee"	22-Sep-04	
Dismukes, Jimmy, Sr.	05-Sep-07	
Dismukes, Mildred	11-Jun-08	
Dismukes, Tony E.	06-Aug-03	
Dison, Janice Ray	04-Feb-09	
Dixon, Michael	13-Oct-04	
Dixon, Peggy Margaret	10-Jun-09	
Dixon, Sam, Jr.	30-Dec-09	
Doaks, Leon, Sr.	20-Aug-03	
Dobbin, James Edward Almond	25-Sep-02	
Dobell, Arthur Q., Jr.	05-Feb-03	
Dockery, Huey	24-Sep-03	
Dodd, Roy Wess, Sr. "Uncle Bud"	06-Feb-02	
Dodson, Davey	13-Jun-07	
Dodson, William E., Jr.	12-Sep-07	
Dolby, Charles	08-Nov-00	
Donahoo, Charles W.	02-Mar-05	
Donahoo, Myrtle Foster	10-Oct-01	
Donahue, Adeline Camille	15-Jan-03	
Donaldson, Mary Jo Roy	06-Oct-04	
Donalson, Gloria Whitfield	30-Jan-02	
Donnelly, Thomas B.	27-Sep-00	
Donner, Joyce	02-May-01	
Dooley, Grady S., Sr.	21-Aug-02	
Doriety, Thurston A.	10-Nov-04	
Dorough, Adron Wydel	25-Feb-04	
Dorough, Barry L.	25-Oct-06	
Dorough, Harry E., Sr.	20-Aug-03	
Dorough, James Crawford	09-Jul-08	
Dorough, Lane	04-Sep-02	
Dorough, Phyllis Jean	27-Jul-05	
Doss, Jerry O'Neal "Neal"	21-Nov-01	
Doss, Mary Ila Noque	08-Aug-01	
Dotson, Rosie "Peggy"	21-Feb-07	
Douglas, Gregory Wayne, Jr.	16-Aug-06	
Douglas, Jacob Lee	25-Jun-08	
Douglas, John Edward	22-Sep-04	
Douglas, Johnny	15-Sep-04	
Douglas, Mary Frances Ruddy	01-Jun-05	
Douglass, Jason	05-Jun-02	
Dover, John Franklin	15-Jun-05	
Dover, John Franklin	22-Jun-05	
Dowdell, Arthur J.	17-Jul-02	
Downey, David A.	27-Sep-00	
Downey, Mary Ann	26-Feb-03	
Downey, Willard Ray, Jr.	06-Sep-06	
Downing, Richard Francis	07-Jan-04	
Drain, Arvil L.	02-Feb-05	
Drake, Allan Curtis "Big Al", Jr.	23-Jul-08	
Drake, Lee Cooper	08-Oct-03	
Drake, Linda Diane	19-Jan-05	
Drake, Louise Carroll	02-Apr-08	
Drake, Willie, Jr.	14-Feb-01	
Dreher, Mary Grace Gould	14-Oct-09	
Dreyer, Pete	27-Oct-04	
Drinkard, Ace Dylan	13-Aug-03	
Driver, Charles Leon	28-Feb-01	
Driver, Lola Mae	29-Aug-07	
Driver, Patricia Ann Trott	12-Mar-03	
Dubois, Ulysses M.	28-Aug-02	
Dubose, Donchie W.	07-Feb-01	
Duck, Carl Edward	27-Jun-07	
Dudley, James	10-May-06	
Dudley, James L.	17-May-06	
Duke, Jon Patrick	27-Jul-05	
Duke, Kenneth "Rip"	12-Mar-03	
Duke, Randy Gerald	09-Mar-05	
Duke, Robert Edward, Jr.	30-Apr-08	
Duke, Warren Cecil, Dr. M.D.	11-Jun-08	
Dukes, Jerry	31-May-00	
Dukes, Nelson	30-Oct-02	
Dulaney, Samuel William "Bill"	11-Jun-03	
Dunaway, Harold L.	26-Jun-02	
Dunaway, Jimmy Wayne	09-Jun-04	
Dunaway, John, Jr.	29-Oct-03	
Dunaway, Patsy L.	10-Jan-01	
Duncan, Edna Irene	17-Aug-05	
Duncan, Edna Irene	24-Aug-05	
Duncan, Lonnie Leroy	24-Sep-08	
Dunka, William	30-Nov-05	
Dunlap, Henry George "Bill"	16-Jul-03	
Dunn, Amber H.	13-Feb-08	
Dunn, Becky June	29-Nov-06	
Dunn, Katie	03-Jun-09	
Dunn, Millie	03-Jun-09	
Dunn, Shawood	23-May-07	
Dunnaway, Carl Edward	07-Nov-07	
Dunnaway, Joan, "Two Moon"	19-Jan-00	
Dunnaway, Melba Worth	16-Mar-05	
Dunnaway, Timothy Wade "Tim"	31-Oct-01	
Dunnaway, Walter L.	26-Oct-05	
Dunson, Effie B.	06-May-09	
Dupler, Nettie E.	08-Oct-08	
Dupree, Bobbie Jean Long	05-May-04	
Dupree, Evelyn	12-Apr-00	
Dupree, Jesse "Jack"	20-Jun-01	
Dupree, Jesse J. "Jack"	27-Jun-01	
Dupree, Steven Ray "Steve"	24-Apr-02	
Durham, James Keith	21-Jul-04	
Durrett, Andrea Jo	14-Jun-06	
Durrett, Annie Lee	13-Feb-02	
Dutt, Barbara H.	15-Dec-04	
Duval, Virginia Frost	10-Sep-03	
Duvall, Rhonda T.	18-Dec-02	
Dyar, Mary Kate Malone	11-Jul-01	
Dykstra, Kenneth Charles	05-Oct-05	
Eades, John S.	24-Sep-03	
Eady, Vivian Genevieve Faith	12-Nov-03	
Easley, Gabrielle Deanne Jones	05-Apr-00	
Ebert, Charles C. "Charlie"	27-Oct-04	
Echeverra, Jaime	05-Nov-08	
Echeverra, Jaime	19-Aug-09	
Echeverra, Jamie	18-Feb-09	
Echeverria, Jaime	27-Aug-08	
Echeverria, Jaime	03-Sep-08	
Eddings, Horace Raymond, Sr.	21-Feb-01	
Eddings, Louise Holcombe	04-Mar-09	
Eddings, Lucille Margie	26-Nov-03	
Eddings, Mattie O'Neal	28-Jan-04	
Eddings, Raymond Leon "Ray"	06-Dec-06	
Eddleman, Kenneth Delone	02-Sep-09	
Edmonds, Christine B.	20-Sep-06	
Edmondson, Donald H.	09-Oct-02	
Edmondson, James Howard, Dr.	15-Feb-06	
Edmondson, Joyce	23-Aug-00	
Edmondson, Tina R.	08-Nov-00	
Edmonson, Johnny Eugene, "Gene"	02-Feb-00	
Edwards, Donald	10-Aug-05	
Edwards, Dora Lee	02-Oct-02	
Edwards, Emmer Pearl	19-Dec-01	
Edwards, Everette Ernest	18-Mar-09	
Edwards, Jerry Lee	28-Jun-06	
Edwards, Margaret "Tootsie" Frances	30-Dec-09	
Edwards, Margaret McRae	02-Jan-02	
Edwards, Margaret P.	20-Jun-07	
Edwards, Michael Adrian	05-Apr-06	
Edwards, Michael Ray	20-Mar-02	
Edwards, Moyer B.	23-Jul-03	
Edwards, Ola Lee	14-Sep-05	
Edwards, Ophelia Bradford	23-May-01	
Edwards, Perry F.	07-Feb-07	
Edwards, Ralph "Buddy"	27-Sep-06	
Edwards, Sara C.	03-Sep-03	
Edwards, William	29-Sep-04	
Edwards, William Leon	06-Oct-04	
Eldridge, James "Michael"	27-Nov-02	
Elkey, Charlotte Black	01-Jan-03	
Elliott, Amy	02-Dec-09	
Elliott, Amy K.	25-Nov-09	
Elliott, Bessie Merle	29-Aug-01	
Elliott, Frances Elizabeth	19-Jan-00	
Elliott, Mary Ruth Hardin	19-Feb-03	
Elliott, Mary Wilma Baker	26-Oct-05	
Elliott, Ruby Irene	14-Jul-04	
Ellis, Annie Christine Moody	14-Mar-07	
Ellis, Billy Gene	11-Nov-09	
Ellis, Mary A.	18-Apr-07	
Ellis, Samuel Edward	02-Feb-05	
Ellison Louis E.	20-Apr-05	
Ellison, Brenda Compton	24-Jun-09	
Ellison, Clayton Virgil	19-Mar-03	
Ellison, Era Dennis	02-May-01	
Ellison, Ertie Lou	18-Feb-04	
Ellison, Floyd Lynn	15-Feb-06	
Ellison, John David, Sr.	31-Dec-08	
Ellison, John David, Sr.	07-Jan-09	
Ellison, Louis E.	27-Apr-05	
Ellison, Lucille Easterling	09-Jan-08	
Ellison, Melva Grubbs Weldon	04-Aug-04	
Ellison, Mickey Earl	27-Aug-08	
Ellison, Nancy Kershaw	31-May-06	
Ellison, Paula Faye	18-Apr-01	
Elmore, Peter F.	31-May-06	
Elrod, James Houston	29-Jul-09	
Elrod, Peggy Ann	10-Oct-07	
Embry, Anita	02-Aug-06	
Embry, Sim, Jr.	13-Oct-04	
Emery, Charles Edward	25-Jan-06	
Emery, Mardis Leon "Red"	25-Apr-07	
Emery, Roberta Wells	26-Mar-08	
Emfinger, Ann	07-Jan-09	
Emfinger, Ann	14-Jan-09	
Emfinger, Ann	21-Jan-09	
Emfinger, John Milton, Sr.	05-Dec-07	
Emfinger, Keith	13-Jul-05	
Endress, Estelle B.	29-Nov-06	
Engle, James Coolidge	28-May-03	
Englehardt, Christina Cecelia	14-Jan-04	
English, Allen, A. III	02-Jul-03	
English, Billy Ray	31-Mar-04	
Ensey, James P.	15-Oct-03	
Epperson, Bonnie Fay Jones	16-Feb-05	
Epperson, Brad Stephen	15-Jan-03	
Epperson, Donald Nelson	31-Aug-05	
Epperson, Frances I.	05-Feb-03	
Epperson, James Ronald "Ronnie"	18-Jun-03	
Epperson, Jerry Wilson	15-Nov-00	
Epperson, Millard Wayne	07-Aug-02	
Epperson, Nellie	07-Mar-01	
Epperson, Nellie	14-Mar-01	
Epperson, Roy Crawford	15-Jul-09	
Epperson, Wilbur J.	30-Jun-04	
Erwin, Dessie T.	01-May-02	
Erwin, Faye Nell	20-Jun-07	
Estes, Harold A.	26-Apr-00	
Estes, Mary Ellen	08-Jan-03	
Estrada, Beatriz	15-Jul-09	
Etress, Codger	23-Nov-05	
Etress, Johnny	24-Jan-07	
Etress, Laston	01-May-02	
Etress, Laston	01-May-02	
Etress, Vernon Eugene	09-Mar-05	
Evans, Bertha Allen	06-Aug-08	
Evans, Beulah Mae	13-Nov-02	
Evans, James William "Jim"	25-Feb-09	
Evans, James William "Jim"	04-Mar-09	
Evans, Thomas Earl	05-Jun-02	
Everett, Jack, Sr.	03-Aug-05	
Evett, Terry M.	15-May-02	
Fain, Ethel Lucille	06-Nov-02	
Falkner, Jefferson Dowell, Jr.	17-Jan-07	
Falkner, Lorene J.	19-Nov-08	
Falkner, Myra Pearson	04-Mar-09	
Falls, Marie D.	22-Jul-09	
Fambrough, Gertha Clements	16-Jan-08	
Fancher, Annie Mae	10-Jul-02	
Fancher, Benny Jo Moss	19-Feb-03	
Fancher, Bessie Reid Houston	24-Aug-05	
Fancher, Billie Eugene, Dr.	25-Jun-03	
Fancher, Dorothy Elizabeth	01-Aug-07	
Fancher, Ezekial Caraway, Jr.  "Zeke"	14-Sep-05	
Fancher, Houston	04-Oct-00	
Fancher, L.C.	26-Nov-03	
Fancher, Murray C.	30-May-01	
Fancher, Thomas Myron, Sr.	24-Mar-04	
Fant, Martha Beatrice	08-Dec-04	
Farmer, Auburn E.	17-Oct-01	
Farmer, Billy E.	03-Nov-04	
Farmer, Billy E.	10-Nov-04	
Farmer, Elva Blankenship	14-Nov-01	
Farmer, Lois I.	06-Sep-00	
Farmer, Mary L.	29-May-02	
Farmer, Patricia Kilday	15-Nov-06	
Farmer, Sam T.	28-Feb-01	
Farmer, Waymon D.	06-Nov-02	
Farr, Clarence Walton "Tommy"	01-Jul-09	
Farr, George Walker	07-Mar-07	
Farr, Gladys Mae	06-May-09	
Farr, Mary Bryant	18-Feb-04	
Farrington, Evelyn	12-Jul-00	
Farrington, Johnnie	16-Mar-05	
Farrington, Wheeler	29-Jan-03	
Farrington, Willie Ethel	09-Aug-00	
Farris, Pearl Carlee	03-Dec-03	
Farris, Pearl Carlee	17-Dec-03	
Faulk, Martha Emily Bouchet	29-May-02	
Fawcett, Mabel (Wills)	03-Jan-01	
Feazell, Sherry Diane	23-Jan-02	
Feiock, Annie Seale	11-Apr-01	
Felton, Elizabeth Clancy	05-Mar-03	
Ferguson, Barbara M.	30-Mar-05	
Ferguson, Gale G.	08-Oct-03	
Fesi, Frank Peter	15-May-02	
Fields, Chris Hugh	25-Apr-07	
Fields, David Wayne, Sr.	17-Aug-05	
Fields, Lue Ollie	25-Apr-01	
Finley, Gladys H. Wood	12-Dec-01	
Finley, James F.	10-Oct-01	
Finley, Maxine	09-Mar-05	
Finley, Maxine	16-Mar-05	
Finley, Ruby Marie	29-Jun-05	
Finley, Zora Mae Hale	10-Apr-02	
Finn, Edgar Madison	09-Mar-05	
Fisher, Dorothy Mae	15-Oct-03	
Fleming, Helen	31-May-00	
Fleming, Martha Ruth "Salster"	27-Feb-02	
Fletcher, Elizabeth Moreland "Sis"	25-Jun-03	
Flood, Virginia	08-Aug-07	
Floray, Florence C.	10-Jan-01	
Flowers, Margaret Roy	22-Feb-06	
Flowers, Robert Francis	19-Oct-05	
Floyd, Virginia Hickman, "Dale"	05-Apr-00	
Floyd, William McEdwards	26-Jan-05	
Flynn, Dorothy Fredericka Seaver	13-Feb-08	
Flynn, Joseph Francis	19-Dec-01	
Fobus, Birdie Jean	25-Oct-06	
Foley, George D.	06-Apr-05	
Ford, Cecil, Jr.	26-Jun-02	
Ford, Dalton E., Sr.	18-Jul-01	
Ford, Rochelle M.	31-Jul-02	
Ford, Ruth	28-Nov-01	
Forman, Freda Inez	21-Dec-05	
Forman, Marie	15-Nov-06	
Forrest, Edwin Franklin	04-Sep-02	
Fortenberry, Eva	03-Dec-08	
Fortenberry, Martin	05-Sep-07	
Fortenberry, Robert E., Sr.	12-Jul-00	
Fortner, Lillie Mae	18-Oct-00	
Fortsman, Joe M.	30-Aug-00	
Foshee, Laura Carlisle	26-Feb-03	
Foster, Doris N.	10-Mar-04	
Foster, Frances Duncane	05-Apr-00	
Foster, Gena	29-Mar-00	
Foster, Gena	13-Sep-00	
Foster, Gena	20-Sep-00	
Foster, Gena	27-Sep-00	
Foster, Gena	04-Oct-00	
Foster, George Franklin	25-Oct-00	
Foster, James H. "Biggon"	02-Jan-02	
Foster, Lewis "Mack"	14-Feb-07	
Foster, Lois O.	27-Sep-00	
Foster, Opal B.	19-Nov-03	
Foster, Roland Leroy	11-Jan-06	
Foster, Woodrow Wilson	20-Nov-02	
Fowler, Benjamin Jerome	05-Jul-00	
Fowler, Conrad "Bulley" (Probate Judge)	10-Jan-06	
Fowler, Conrad Murphree "Bulley", Sr.	03-Jan-07	
Fowler, Harry Leland	06-Feb-02	
Fowler, Shirley Jones	08-Mar-00	
Fowler, Virginia Mott	10-Dec-08	
Fox, Charles Allen	11-Oct-00	
Fox, Gordon Richard	25-Oct-00	
Fox, James Woodrow	19-Sep-01	
Foxhall, Isabelle Cadle	30-Apr-03	
Franck, John Warner	29-Apr-09	
Franklin, Evelyn Watts	21-Mar-01	
Franks, Jerri	14-Feb-01	
Franks, Kathryn Smith	31-May-00	
Franks, W.D.	10-Mar-04	
Frawley, James Patrick	12-Jan-05	
Frazier, James Boyd	09-Mar-05	
Frazier, Walter Arthur	11-Dec-02	
Frederick, Barbara McWhorter	06-Apr-05	
Frederick, Ira Curtis	21-Apr-04	
Frederick, Irene McElroy	15-Jun-05	
Frederick, Irene McElroy	22-Jun-05	
Frederick, Jackie Lee	21-Jun-00	
Frederick, James A.	20-Aug-08	
Frederick, Jo Ann	24-Dec-03	
Frey, Lisker H.	27-Aug-08	
Frey, Thelma P.	06-Apr-05	
Frizzelle, Charles Murray, Sr.	18-Apr-01	
Frost, Anna Lee	10-Jun-09	
Frost, Cheryl Anita	06-Dec-06	
Frost, Elizabeth Lowery	08-Mar-06	
Frost, Helen	05-May-04	
Frye, Mack "Troy"	02-Mar-05	
Frye, Mary Lucas	31-Aug-05	
Fryer, Vera Willis	19-Feb-03	
Fuhrmeister, Lloyd Charles "Lou"	22-Ap-09	
Fuhrmeister, Patricia Yeager, Probate Judge	13-Feb-08	
Fulgham, Francis Edwin	17-Jun-09	
Fulgham, Heath Aaron	12-Dec-01	
Fulgham, Thomas	02-Jan-02	
Fulghum, Pernie Vernice	30-Apr-08	
Fuller, Ann E.	01-Sep-04	
Fuller, Lillie	06-Dec-00	
Fuller, Wayne Carson	26-Nov-08	
Fullerton, Jack	19-Dec-01	
Fullerton, Jack	26-Dec-01	
Fullerton, Shirley Mae	13-Nov-02	
Fullman, B.M.	09-Feb-00	
Fullman, Exer Lela Darden	23-Apr-03	
Fulmer, Elbert E.	13-Dec-06	
Fulmer, Era Roper	31-Aug-05	
Fulton, Betty Jo	01-Aug-07	
Fulton, Joe Keith	13-May-09	
Fulton, Laura M.	25-Apr-01	
Fulton, Nell J.	01-Feb-06	
Fulton, Rebecca Kayla	18-Oct-00	
Funderburk, Edward	27-Jul-05	
Fuqua, George Robert, "Buddy"	05-Apr-00	
Fuqua, John Edward "Johnny"	08-Mar-06	
Furline, Robert L.	07-May-03	
Furline, Rubert Lee, Sr.	19-Mar-03	
Gable, Jimmie	25-Feb-09	
Gable, Jimmie, Mr.	04-Mar-09	
Gable, Odis Sylvester	23-Dec-09	
Gable, Tina Michelle	03-Dec-08	
Gaddie, Betty Jean	18-Mar-09	
Gaddis, Charles Edward, The Rev.	09-Apr-03	
Gaddis, Martha Renae	28-Nov-01	
Gaddy, Sidney Allen	19-Mar-03	
Gallahar, Ruth A.	06-Dec-06	
Galloway, Leila Ford	18-Mar-09	
Gallups, Lorea Lee	24-Dec-03	
Gallups, Porter H.	28-May-08	
Gallups, Sam T.	26-Mar-03	
Gamble, John Turner, III	16-May-07	
Gamel, Betty	29-Jun-05	
Gamel, William Lloyd "Bo"	19-Nov-08	
Gandy, Paul M.	13-Feb-02	
Gann, Casey Todd	17-Sep-03	
Gano, Daniel C., Sr.	13-Mar-02	
Garcia, Maria "Daisy"; a.k.a. DeGarcia, Luz Rivera; a.k.a. DeRivera, Daisy Xiomara	06-Aug-08	
Gardner, A.G.	06-Jul-05	
Gardner, Billy	11-Dec-02	
Gardner, Carl Arthur	11-Apr-07	
Gardner, Connett B.	20-May-09	
Gardner, Dorothy Thompson Lacey	01-Jun-05	
Gardner, Douglas "Doug" Andrew	06-Jun-07	
Gardner, Douglas Andrew "Doug"	13-Jun-07	
Gardner, Ethel B.	01-Nov-00	
Gardner, Mary Ruth	08-Oct-03	
Gardner, Mildred	22-Mar-00	
Gardner, Ruby Pair	04-Feb-04	
Gardner, Teresa	10-Nov-04	
Garity, Joseph John	01-Jul-09	
Garner, Daisy Lee	13-Nov-02	
Garner, Elizabeth Rice	20-Feb-02	
Garner, George	30-Dec-09	
Garner, Giles Jackson	09-Apr-03	
Garner, Janice Ruth Carson	30-Aug-06	
Garner, Paul David	26-Mar-03	
Garner, Sheila	06-Dec-06	
Garner, Syble Lee	09-Aug-00	
Garner, Willie Mae	10-Jan-01	
Garrett, Dewey H., III	10-Sep-03	
Garrett, Dewey H., Jr.	18-Apr-01	
Garrett, Jerome Edward	18-Jul-07	
Garrett, Lillian Bert	01-Apr-09	
Garrett, Luella Haynes	13-Jul-05	
Garrett, Lynn John, Jr.	03-Aug-05	
Garrett, Mildred E.	16-Feb-00	
Garrett, Myrtle K.	28-Jul-04	
Garrett, Patricia	15-Feb-06	
Garrett, Thelma	10-Apr-02	
Garrett, Walter R.	06-Dec-00	
Garrison, Luther M., Sr.	08-Jun-05	
Garrison, Manley	14-May-08	
Garth, James Hunter, Jr., Maj. "Ret."	30-Oct-02	
Gaston, Earl	02-Mar-05	
Gates, Ethel M.	06-Dec-00	
Gates, Ruby Corine	26-Mar-03	
Gatto, Cherel H.	06-Aug-03	
Gatto, Elaine	17-Jul-02	
Gaut, Rita Turner	25-Sep-02	
Gay, Georgia Ruth	14-Aug-02	
Gay, Jessica Lei	27-Sep-06	
Gay, Johnnie Darnell	07-Jun-06	
Geeslin, Lloyd Ronald	20-Nov-02	
Geeters, Ithiel Cox Patton	09-Jan-02	
Gentry, Daniel Ken	12-Apr-00	
Gentry, Essie R.	10-May-06	
Gentry, Gene Willis	10-May-06	
Gentry, Hershel "Hobo"	31-Dec-03	
Gentry, Jeffrey Dean	29-Sep-04	
Gentry, June Harris	23-Feb-05	
Gentry, Lessie Mae	21-Mar-07	
Gentry, Mary Ellen	15-Mar-00	
Gentry, Pamela Louise	06-Aug-03	
Gentry, Ralph Hugh	11-Dec-02	
Gentry, Sarah Butler	12-May-04	
Gentry, Sarah Butler	19-May-04	
Gentry, William Earnest	11-Oct-06	
George, Kenneth Wayne	29-Nov-00	
George, Robbie J.	31-Oct-01	
Gibbs, Dillard "Dick"	12-Sep-01	
Gibbs, Gary Lee	25-Feb-09	
Gibbs, Georgia Wilson	22-Nov-00	
Gibbs, Jimmie Grace	18-Apr-01	
Gibbs, Mary Elizabeth	19-Jan-05	
Gibson, Britt Branville	01-Jan-03	
Gibson, Carrell Buddy	26-Feb-03	
Gibson, Charles Lavern	02-Oct-02	
Gibson, Clara Mae	06-Apr-05	
Gibson, Emma Dobson	07-Nov-01	
Gibson, Gabriel Ralph	12-Sep-01	
Giddens, Jasper Harold, "Jiggs"	19-Apr-00	
Giddens, Lorene Cole	09-Jan-08	
Giddens, Perry Lane	09-Jan-02	
Giles, Archie	07-Sep-05	
Giles, Bruce Everett	06-Sep-00	
Giles, Travis Marvin	26-Apr-00	
Gill, Jerry W.	30-Aug-06	
Gillen, Beatrice S.	11-Nov-09	
Gillen, Cecil W.	13-Sep-06	
Gillespie, Katherine Helen	25-Jun-08	
Gillespie, Katherine Helen	08-Oct-08	
Gillespie, Katherine Helen	28-Jan-09	
Gillespie, Katherine Helen	01-Apr-09	
Gilley, Joey Lynn	17-Jan-07	
Gilliland, Dessel	28-Mar-01	
Gilliland, Randy	29-Oct-03	
Gillis, Katie Bernice	25-Oct-00	
Gilmore, James Frank	30-Jan-02	
Gilmore, James Frank	06-Feb-02	
Gilmore, Louise G.	21-Aug-02	
Gilmore, Roger C.	21-Oct-09	
Gilmore, Sarah Horn	06-Sep-00	
Gilreath, Ruth Nellis	25-Jan-06	
Gingo, McRay	13-Aug-08	
Gjesvold, Carman A. "Bud"	24-Jul-02	
Glascock, Janice Elaine	21-Mar-01	
Glascock, Montene Bendall	02-May-01	
Glasgow, Nina	05-Nov-03	
Glass, Alton L.	11-Jan-06	
Glass, Andrew Mark "Andy"	04-Mar-09	
Glass, Bennie C.	23-Jan-08	
Glass, Bertha Mae	30-Jun-04	
Glass, Bobbie L.	18-Mar-09	
Glass, Charles Edward	14-Nov-01	
Glass, Christine L.	19-Nov-08	
Glass, Deborah F.	27-Dec-00	
Glass, Elizabeth Ruth Snipes	05-Oct-05	
Glass, Hermie Carl, Sr.	09-Aug-00	
Glass, Lena Brady	13-Sep-06	
Glass, Leslie James	21-Jul-04	
Glass, Lula Mae	20-May-09	
Glass, Ollie M.	17-Mar-04	
Glass, Patricia Ann	28-May-03	
Glass, Patricia Ann	28-Apr-04	
Glass, Sam	29-Sep-04	
Glass, Sherry Pate	14-May-08	
Glass, Shirley Anne	29-Apr-09	
Glass, Shirley McIntosh Harding	21-Jan-04	
Glass, Velma Albertha	11-Jan-06	
Glass, Virginia Ann	25-Jun-08	
Glasscock, Wallace E.	29-Aug-01	
Glasscock, William "Bill" L.	01-Oct-98	
Glavan, Anne	15-Mar-00	
Glaze, James Alton	15-Sep-04	
Glaze, Timothy Charles	10-May-06	
Gleen, David Ellison	21-Feb-01	
Glenn, Howard "Biddie"	16-Jul-08	
Glenn, Jane P.	15-Apr-09	
Glenn, John David, Jr.	18-Apr-07	
Glenn, John Edward, Sr.	24-Apr-02	
Glenn, W.R., Jr.	06-Dec-00	
Glidewell, Annie Marie	30-May-01	
Glover, Michael R.	17-Oct-01	
Godfrey, Mae C. "Mama Mae"	26-Oct-05	
Godwin, Theodore "Jack" Jackson, Jr.	16-May-01	
Goggins, Cathy	20-May-09	
Goggins, Charles Alford	08-Jan-03	
Goggins, Dorothy Mae	19-Jan-05	
Goggins, Hershell E.	18-Oct-00	
Goggins, Holly Marie (Grace)	18-Apr-01	
Goggins, Jewell Emma	10-Nov-04	
Goggins, Louise Gordon Phillips	06-Jun-01	
Goggins, Luther L. "L.D."	14-Feb-01	
Goggins, Mary Kish	31-Dec-03	
Goggins, Willie Mae	17-Jan-01	
Golden, Anne Karhu	21-Feb-07	
Golden, Billy Eugene, Sr.	28-May-03	
Goley, Beatrice Looney	06-Dec-00	
Goode, Clara Sue	02-May-01	
Goode, Lemuel	01-Jun-05	
Goode, Ruby	18-Oct-00	
Gooden, James, III	31-Dec-03	
Gooden, Leonard Wayne, Jr.	25-Jun-08	
Goodson, David	12-Aug-09	
Goodwin, Clarence Dewey	10-Jan-06	
Goodwin, Gray Davis	27-Dec-06	
Goodwin, James W.	21-Jul-04	
Goodwin, Jamie	13-May-09	
Goodwin, Russell Kenneth, Sr.	28-May-08	
Goolsby, Sylvia Pate "Patesie"	16-Dec-09	
Gordon, Ruth Luck	28-Apr-04	
Gore, Earlene Katherine	09-Apr-03	
Gore, Howard Wayne	23-Apr-03	
Gore, Howard Wayne	30-Apr-03	
Gore, Paul H.	24-Mar-04	
Gore, Ron	11-Jul-07	
Gore, Ron	18-Jul-07	
Goree, Ellis Gene	07-Feb-01	
Gorman, Monteen E.	11-Oct-00	
Gose, Gladys Davis	16-Aug-00	
Gospodareck, Donald K.	16-May-01	
Gothard, Alton Leon, Sr.	31-Oct-01	
Gothard, Emma L.	29-Jun-05	
Gothard, Margie Peeples	07-Feb-01	
Gottier, Edward Christian, Sr.	05-Feb-03	
Gough, Linda F.	22-Nov-00	
Gould, Drucilla Horton	11-Dec-02	
Gould, Drucilla Horton	22-Jan-03	
Gould, Jeffrey Todd	17-Sep-08	
Gould, Lisa Ann	11-Nov-09	
Gould, Marilla Lee	04-Apr-01	
Gould, Tommy L.	18-Aug-04	
Gowers, Ruby L. Ray	28-Jul-04	
Graben, Daniel V.	25-Jun-08	
Graben, Hazel McDonald	21-Nov-07	
Grace, Jamelle	05-Jan-00	
Grady, Lilllie Queen	02-Aug-00	
Graeber, Erna E.	13-Jul-05	
Graf, Alycia M. Brown	08-Sep-04	
Graham, Barbara Helen	16-Mar-05	
Graham, Bertha Jo Scott	25-Oct-06	
Graham, J.P.	04-Feb-09	
Graham, Judy Nell	03-May-06	
Gramling, Beth Lansford	25-Nov-09	
Gramling, Beth Lansford	09-Dec-09	
Grat, Oscar Stanley	23-Apr-08	
Graves, Cherylann, Dr.	11-Dec-02	
Graves, David Gardner	09-Jan-02	
Graves, Jason Craig	06-Aug-03	
Gray, Barbara Elva	03-Sep-03	
Gray, Charles Jefferson "Red"	04-May-05	
Gray, Donald Bryce	25-Jul-07	
Gray, Elizabeth Barney	15-Nov-06	
Gray, Helen Williams	25-Dec-02	
Gray, Judy Lee	15-May-02	
Gray, Robert Allen	02-Mar-05	
Grayson, Darrell (murder of Annie Laura Orr)	01-Aug-07	
Greathouse, Gladys E.	03-May-00	
Green, Allen Leon	21-Oct-09	
Green, April Devauna	24-Dec-03	
Green, Eltis S.	11-Sep-02	
Green, Fray Wallis	30-Aug-00	
Green, Hoyt Verdell	01-Apr-09	
Green, James L.	30-Apr-08	
Green, John "Stan"	05-Nov-03	
Green, Josie Louise	14-Nov-01	
Green, Lavona Porterfield	27-Nov-02	
Green, Lee Anthony	30-Aug-00	
Green, Lee Roy, Sr.	26-May-04	
Green, Louis	10-Oct-01	
Green, Marie F.	31-Dec-03	
Green, Melissa Lynette	23-Oct-02	
Green, Michael James	25-Dec-02	
Green, Penny	30-Nov-05	
Green, Prince Ella	17-Apr-02	
Green, Timothy Lee	30-May-01	
Green, Virgil W.	07-Feb-01	
Green, Virginia Lee Smith	24-Dec-03	
Green, William "Cody"	12-Dec-01	
Green, William N.	04-Apr-07	
Green, Wilma Foster	02-Apr-08	
Greene, Charles Edward	07-Feb-01	
Greene, Herbert R. "Dick"	03-Mar-04	
Greene, James Bobby Cecil	02-Feb-00	
Greene, Jerome Patterson	19-Jan-05	
Greene, Jimmy, Sr.	18-Dec-02	
Greene, Stella E.	12-Jun-02	
Greenhill, Arrie "Leva"	06-Jun-01	
Gregg, Goldie Thrasher	19-Apr-00	
Gregg, Myrtle L.	24-Oct-01	
Grier, Donna Jo	03-Sep-08	
Griffin, Cornelius Cottingham	26-Mar-03	
Griffin, Fredrick Ralph "Freddy"	21-May-08	
Griffin, Henry Clay	19-Jul-00	
Griffin, Jerry	03-Jan-01	
Griffin, Jerry Wayne	30-Mar-05	
Griffin, Jessie Yvonne "Bonnie"	07-Jan-04	
Griffin, Justin Thomas	22-Oct-03	
Griffin, Lillian Elizabeth	15-Oct-03	
Griffith, Ellen Louise Bishop	15-Nov-00	
Griffith, Manget	14-May-03	
Griffith, Michael Kenneth	27-Dec-00	
Grimes, Claire T.	19-May-04	
Grimes, Jessie Wade	23-Nov-05	
Grimes, Jimmy Dudley	30-Apr-03	
Grimes, John T.	14-Apr-04	
Grimes, Joshua Adam	21-Mar-07	
Grimes, Linda Carol	12-Nov-03	
Grissom, Jack McConnell	28-Jun-00	
Grissom, Jane Nelems	11-Aug-04	
Grizzle, Horace E.	25-Aug-04	
Groce, Benjamin P.	23-Oct-02	
Groce, Claudia E.	08-Aug-07	
Grogan, Mary Burney	07-Jul-04	
Grubbs, Chad L.	01-Mar-00	
Gudger, Justin Wayne	08-Jan-03	
Guest, Richard	10-May-00	
Guin, Quinton Marvis	30-Aug-06	
Guined, Lennie Ree	05-Sep-01	
Gunnarson, Nancy Karlee	03-Apr-02	
Gurganus, James A.	10-Mar-04	
Gurganus, James A.	17-Mar-04	
Gurganus, Jeanette K.	25-Oct-06	
Guthrie, Herbert Scott "Paw Paw"	07-Apr-04	
Guy, Edward E.	06-Jul-05	
Guy, Ivey Christine Peoples	28-Mar-07	
Guy, Kim Kleckner	24-Sep-03	
Guy, Larry Owen	24-Sep-03	
Guy, Marie P.	06-Nov-02	
Guy, Vera Mae	04-Jun-08	
Gwisdala, Richard "Dick"	07-Aug-02	
Gwisdale, Patricia Jane	16-Jun-04	
Hadaway, David H.	22-N0v-06	
Hafer, James Rayford	11-Sep-02	
Hager, Martha Elaine, "Toby"	25-Oct-00	
Haigler, Susie Melba	25-Oct-00	
Haith, Hubert George	25-Jan-06	
Hale, Charlie, Jr.	07-Mar-01	
Hale, Clarence, Jr.	05-Jan-05	
Hale, David	02-Oct-02	
Hale, John H., Jr.	10-Aug-05	
Hale, Neil	23-Oct-02	
Hale, Virginia Helen Gragg	15-Dec-04	
Hall, Ben B.	17-Jan-01	
Hall, Betty Pickett	29-Mar-06	
Hall, Billy Joe	27-Nov-02	
Hall, Carlos Hobart, Sr.	01-May-02	
Hall, Charles Terrell "Ted"	27-Apr-05	
Hall, Dixie Ann	29-Mar-00	
Hall, Donald Emmett	16-Aug-06	
Hall, Doris Jean	27-Nov-02	
Hall, Doris L.	06-Sep-00	
Hall, Effie Bishop	29-May-02	
Hall, Elsie Harris-Woodruff	17-May-06	
Hall, Harold Jennings, Dr.	04-Apr-07	
Hall, Harold Jimmy, Sr.	22-Feb-06	
Hall, Hazel Lucille	02-May-01	
Hall, Helen R.	19-Dec-01	
Hall, James Greely	28-Nov-01	
Hall, Jimmy Lamar	22-Jan-03	
Hall, Jimmy Lamar	29-Jan-03	
Hall, John Robert	02-Nov-05	
Hall, Marguerite	05-Sep-07	
Hall, Marvin Eugene  "Tony"	04-Dec-02	
Hall, Oscar F.	04-Jun-08	
Hall, Thomas O'Neal	10-Oct-01	
Hall, Una Lee Jackson	17-Apr-02	
Hall, Warren G. "Top"	16-Jan-02	
Hall, William R. "Bill"	12-Mar-08	
Hallford, Chelsey Anne	15-Jul-09	
Hallford, Jim	01-May-02	
Hallman, Baylee Kate	04-Aug-04	
Hallmark, Edith	29-May-02	
Hallmark, Edith F.	01-May-02	
Hallmark, Joyce Ann Hemphill	03-Mar-04	
Hamaker, Burl	22-May-02	
Hamaker, John "Jack"	08-Nov-00	
Hamby, Hancel Eugene	19-Jun-02	
Hamby, James Cameron, "J.C."	05-Apr-00	
Hamby, Warren C., Sr., Rev., Dr.	17-Jun-09	
Hamilton, Ima Jean	05-Apr-06	
Hamilton, Lois Mae	13-Sep-00	
Hamilton, Ora B.	19-Jul-00	
Hamm, Lois Marie	20-Feb-02	
Hamm, Mary E.	10-May-06	
Hammersley, Steven Russell	01-May-02	
Hammett, Carolyn	15-Nov-06	
Hammett, Mildred Louise	22-Mar-00	
Hammonds, John U., "Bud"	20-Sep-00	
Hamner, Margaret Clark	07-Jan-09	
Hamner, William Perry	30-Jan-02	
Hamrick, Anderson Earl	30-Oct-02	
Hamrick, Daisy Venice Crim	01-Mar-00	
Hamrick, George Lester "Bud"	07-Nov-07	
Hamrick, Katherine Short	12-Jun-02	
Hamrick, Sammy Quinn	12-Dec-01	
Hamrick, Shirley Fay Warren	11-Apr-07	
Hancock, David Hoyt	03-Oct-01	
Hancock, Fannie L.	27-May-09	
Hand, Addison	17-May-00	
Hand, Arvizan Hughes	29-Aug-01	
Hand, Doris Spain	04-Dec-02	
Hand, Elva Holcombe	11-Dec-02	
Hand, Joel H.	26-Jan-00	
Hanley, Lolane Smith	21-Jan-04	
Hanna, Mary Hazel	28-Dec-05	
Hanner, Jimmy	12-Jun-02	
Harbin, James Owen	12-Mar-03	
Harbour, Charles Clayton	13-Mar-02	
Harcrow, Emmett McKinley	07-Nov-01	
Harden, Mattie	30-Aug-00	
Hardin, Curtis M.	04-Jun-03	
Hardin, Florence Ann	07-Oct-09	
Hardin, Stuart Norman	30-Jun-04	
Harding, Bobbie Ann	19-Feb-03	
Hardnett, Fannie	24-Apr-02	
Hardy, Martha V.	20-Apr-05	
Hardy, Robert R.	02-Sep-09	
Hare, D.A.	02-Jan-08	
Harkins, Lewey "Lew"	13-Jul-05	
Harkins, Russell Edward, Jr.	05-Mar-03	
Harlan, Lavada Ellison	08-Nov-00	
Harless, Eric D.	03-May-06	
Harless, Jeanette B.	26-Sep-07	
Harless, Lillian "Pauline"	17-Aug-05	
Harper, Betty Lawley	28-Jun-06	
Harper, Gladys Mary Harrison	14-Jun-06	
Harper, Johnnie Lucille Mooney	02-Aug-00	
Harper, Lorene "Sweetie"	21-May-03	
Harper, Maxwell Dale	28-Feb-07	
Harper, Una Minor	14-Nov-01	
Harper, Vera Inez	20-Jun-01	
Harrell, Christopher D., Jr.	28-Jun-06	
Harrell, Clara Thomas Payne	02-Aug-00	
Harrell, James Gayle "Jimmy"	16-Jun-04	
Harrell, Margaret Mae	26-Sep-07	
Harrell, Nannie Mae	04-Aug-04	
Harrington, Dawn Angelina	13-Feb-08	
Harris, Alyce L.	04-Oct-00	
Harris, Bill H.	20-Dec-00	
Harris, Bobby Lee	01-Feb-06	
Harris, Daniel E.	16-Jun-04	
Harris, Dora Marie Britton	07-Nov-01	
Harris, Florence Elsie	05-Apr-00	
Harris, Fred Lumas	12-Sep-01	
Harris, George Michael	27-Aug-08	
Harris, Jack Daniel	19-Jan-05	
Harris, Jerome Christopher	21-Nov-07	
Harris, John Timothy	22-Nov-00	
Harris, Joshua Wayne	01-Jan-03	
Harris, Katherine Lenore	14-Nov-01	
Harris, Katherine Lenore	21-Nov-01	
Harris, Krista Broome	14-Feb-01	
Harris, Lanis Virginia	01-Jun-05	
Harris, Leon	02-Aug-00	
Harris, Lisa Adams	24-Mar-04	
Harris, Mary Ellen	19-May-04	
Harris, Melvin Wade	01-Sep-04	
Harris, Mildred White	23-Mar-05	
Harris, O'Brian Nicholas	07-Mar-01	
Harris, Richard	21-Mar-07	
Harris, Steve	28-Jan-04	
Harris, Wanda Reed	12-Feb-03	
Harrison, Dorothy Gean	18-Oct-06	
Harrison, Ed	20-Feb-02	
Harrison, Elizabeth Cater Undrwood Newell	19-Mar-03	
Harrison, Emily Carole	10-Oct-01	
Harrison, Faye G.	12-Dec-07	
Harrison, Jack L., Sr.	20-Feb-02	
Harrison, June	18-Apr-01	
Harrison, Lois Butler	26-Dec-01	
Harrison, Mary Belle	02-Jan-02	
Harrison, Nancy E.	19-Mar-03	
Harrison, Rosie	24-Sep-03	
Harrison, Willie Dee	22-Jan-03	
Harrison, Willodean	20-Aug-08	
Hart, Harold W.	30-Jan-08	
Hart, Harold W.	06-Feb-08	
Hartley, Elenaor Roberta Crick	21-May-03	
Hartsfield, John S. "Jack"	19-Nov-08	
Hartsfield, Mildred C.	06-Mar-02	
Hartsfield, Naomi Mary Magdalene	10-Apr-02	
Harvey, Alvin Olan	01-Mar-00	
Harwell, M.D.	03-Nov-04	
Hassett, Willie Jo	02-Feb-00	
Hastings, Searcy C. "Bill"	15-Nov-00	
Hatcher, Dorothy Kemp	14-Jul-04	
Hatcher, Frances Virginia	20-Nov-02	
Hatcher, James	21-Dec-05	
Hatcher, Wilma Walker	04-Apr-01	
Hathaway, Donna Epperson	14-Jan-04	
Hathcock, Violet	15-Feb-06	
Hawkins, Evelyn H.	06-Aug-03	
Hawkins, Lucille	10-Jul-02	
Hawkins, Rexford Lowell	08-Aug-01	
Hawkins, Virginia	10-Apr-02	
Hawkins, Willie E.	03-Jul-02	
Hayes, Donovan David "Toots"	11-Feb-04	
Hayes, Edith W.	21-Mar-01	
Hayes, Elsie Lou	11-Sep-02	
Hayes, Hanceford Walter, Dr.	24-May-00	
Hayes, Keller "Kit" Tucker	09-Dec-09	
Hayes, Larry Rudy	21-Mar-01	
Hayes, Leslie Anne Adams	03-Oct-01	
Hayes, Leslie Anne Adams	10-Oct-01	
Hayes, Lois Latham Horton	01-Jun-05	
Hayes, Mary Sue	27-Oct-04	
Hayes, Mildred Kathleen Wright	06-Oct-04	
Hayley, Phillip William	13-Aug-03	
Haynes, Alvin T.	16-Feb-05	
Haynie, Andrew	07-Feb-01	
Hays, Olivia Eddings	01-Nov-00	
Hays, Patti Jean	16-Aug-06	
Head, Marvin	15-Aug-01	
Head, Sarah Josephine	27-Sep-00	
Headley, Norris Lee "Red"	16-Apr-03	
Headley, Thomas Earl	13-Oct-04	
Headley, Travis Skylar	22-Nov-00	
Hearn, Patrick Henry	13-Sep-06	
Heath, Jody	28-Jun-00	
Heath, Virginia Lee Wynn	01-May-02	
Heath, Willie Mae	18-Sep-02	
Hebb, Louis S.	21-Mar-07	
Hedgepath, Aurthor Seab	19-Mar-03	
Hedrick, Dermot Quincy "DQ"	28-Sep-05	
Henderson, Alline T.	27-Jun-07	
Henderson, Elizabeth	28-Nov-01	
Henderson, Myra Jo	04-Jul-01	
Henderson, Roderick Henry	16-Aug-06	
Hendrick, Virginia	12-Nov-03	
Hendrick, Wilma Webb	28-Oct-09	
Hendrix, William "Wee-Willie" Lee	21-Oct-09	
Henerson, Jerry Daniel, Rev.	03-Sep-08	
Henley, Austin Arcie	09-Apr-08	
Henley, Lawrence Eugene	12-May-04	
Henry, Irene	30-May-07	
Henry, Martha Ann	17-Oct-07	
Henry, Paul Edward	14-Oct-09	
Henry, Sally Alma	04-Apr-07	
Henry, Sally Alma	11-Apr-07	
Henry, Tommy Lee	11-Apr-07	
Henry, Valerie Ann	14-Nov-01	
Hensley, Tommy Lee, Sr.	18-Apr-07	
Henson, Flora Bell	10-May-00	
Henson, Frank Francis	04-Jun-03	
Henson, Jerry Lyn	22-Aug-07	
Henson, Roland H.	17-Oct-07	
Herrera, Martha Dian	21-Jan-04	
Herrick, Elsie Davenport	04-Aug-04	
Herring, Sherry R.	05-Apr-06	
Herron, Helen Lorene	09-Aug-06	
Herron, Lacey Edward	14-Feb-07	
Herron, Oneda	08-Feb-06	
Hester, Bettie Jean Brandon	14-Jan-09	
Hester, Donna Carlisle	01-Dec-04	
Hester, Edward Randall	26-Mar-08	
Hester, Edwin F.	18-Feb-04	
Hester, James David, Sr.	01-Sep-04	
Hester, Lila Lee Stone	12-Nov-08	
Hester, Margie Elizabeth	16-May-07	
Hester, Robert A., Sr.	07-Jun-00	
Heth, Minnie Lee	11-Oct-00	
Hethcox, Brenda J.	20-Jul-05	
Hethcox, Charles Robert	10-Jan-06	
Hethcox, Clara E.	18-Jun-03	
Hethcox, Eddie Royce	19-Jul-00	
Hethcox, Mary	10-Aug-05	
Hethcox, Rita Jo	01-Jun-05	
Hethcox, Royce	09-Jul-03	
Hewett, Ellen P.	11-Feb-09	
Hickman, Jimmy Ray "Jim"	03-Mar-04	
Hicks, Gertie Louise	05-Jan-05	
Hicks, Karen Cosby	23-Feb-05	
Hicks, Margaret Dudley	01-Aug-01	
Hicks, Matthew Lloyd	02-Jul-08	
Hicks, Stephen Roy	12-Feb-03	
Hicks, Steven Ray	05-Feb-03	
Hiebert, Mary Beth	08-Feb-06	
Higginbotham, Gloria Frances	20-Aug-03	
Higginbotham, Ruby McDonald	24-Jun-09	
Higgins, Bernice	18-Mar-09	
Higgins, Bobbie Jo	09-Dec-09	
Higgins, John Henry	19-Oct-05	
Higgins, John R.	05-Jan-05	
Higgins, Johnnie E.	11-May-05	
Higgins, Milly P.	30-Apr-08	
Higgins, Shannon Eugene	05-Jan-05	
Higgins, Sherel Lynn	20-Apr-05	
Higgins, Tessie Mae Brown	09-Feb-00	
Higgins, Tommie Louise	29-Dec-04	
Hildreth, Katherine H.	21-Jan-04	
Hill, Bryan O.	14-Dec-05	
Hill, Catherine Ann	20-Feb-02	
Hill, Derek Wade	14-Jul-04	
Hill, Doris Luttrell	26-Apr-00	
Hill, Gary, Sr.	05-Jul-06	
Hill, James B. "Boots"	23-Jun-04	
Hill, John Junior	14-Apr-04	
Hill, John Stinson	03-Apr-02	
Hill, Joy Marie	16-Sep-09	
Hill, Linda McKitchen	26-Feb-03	
Hill, Mary Elizabeth	01-Oct-98	
Hill, Rita Ann	19-Nov-03	
Hill, Roy Lee "Curly"	01-Oct-03	
Hill, Sandra	14-Sep-05	
Hill, Wylodine White	23-Nov-05	
Hillin, Cathy	12-Sep-07	
Hinds, Cornelia Garrett	27-Mar-02	
Hinds, John Jordon, Jr.	17-Oct-01	
Hinds, Lee M. "Monty"	20-Jul-05	
Hinds, Linda Gayle	19-Dec-01	
Hines, Rachel Greenlee	13-Sep-06	
Hines, Ruby Louise	03-Oct-01	
Hitt, Charles Glenn	10-Sep-03	
Hixson, Roy	15-Apr-09	
Hixson, Roy	22-Ap-09	
Hobble, Rosa E.	10-Oct-01	
Hobler, Eleanor Ann	02-Aug-00	
Hobson, Barbara K. "Bobbie"	25-Oct-06	
Hobson, Laura B.	26-Jan-05	
Hobson, Laura Banker	02-Feb-05	
Hocutt, Benjamin Phillips "Ben"	24-May-00	
Hodgens, Nellie Maxwell	20-Aug-03	
Hodges, Dollie Franklin	28-Mar-07	
Hodges, Steele F.	10-May-00	
Hoff, Mary Louise	31-Dec-08	
Hoffine, Adele Lorraine	13-Mar-02	
Hogan, Ruby L.	25-Apr-01	
Hogg, Ruth C.	26-Feb-03	
Hoggle, Carol Sue	06-Oct-04	
Hoggle, Carolyn Sue Mims	13-Oct-04	
Hoggle, James Stanley	21-Sep-05	
Hogue, Margaret J.	12-Feb-03	
Holbrooks/Holdbrooks, Lee	29-Mar-00	
Holbrooks/Holdbrooks, Lee	21-Jun-00	
Holbrooks/Holdbrooks, Lee	01-Aug-01	
Holcomb, Charles William	05-Nov-03	
Holcomb, Thomas O'Neal	09-Feb-00	
Holcombe, Allie Ree	14-Nov-01	
Holcombe, Bill "Handsome Bill"	15-Apr-09	
Holcombe, Cora Lee	19-Feb-03	
Holcombe, Howard	15-Sep-04	
Holcombe, J.D. "Jack", Jr.	28-Jan-09	
Holcombe, James Lewis, "Pete"	03-May-00	
Holcombe, Robert F.	09-Dec-09	
Holcombe, Sara Nell	06-Jun-07	
Holder, Oleta P.	10-Jan-01	
Holderfield, Norma Nadene "Dean"	16-Jun-04	
Holderfield, Norma Nadene "Dean"	23-Jun-04	
Holifield, Charlie	19-Apr-00	
Holifield, Kathy Smith	21-Mar-01	
Holliman, James Palmer	31-Mar-04	
Holliman, Walter O., Jr.	05-Nov-03	
Hollingshead, Ted Gary	20-Feb-02	
Hollingsworth, Doris Mae	30-Aug-06	
Hollinsworth, Clyde Austin	05-Mar-03	
Hollis, Adelaide S.	20-Feb-02	
Hollis, William Jerry	19-Mar-08	
Holloway, Carlee	10-May-06	
Holman, Kenneth Frazier	19-Sep-01	
Holman, Mary Ward	13-Nov-02	
Holmberg, Ulf Tore	15-Dec-04	
Holmes, Bradley Dale, "Brad"	01-Nov-00	
Holmes, Johnny Lee, Jr.	06-Jun-07	
Holmes, Richard Lee, "Ricky"	26-Jul-00	
Holmes, Wilber C., "Little Red"	01-Nov-00	
Holsomback, Aetna Irene	15-Apr-09	
Holsomback, Carl Ray	29-Jun-05	
Holsomback, Charles William	28-Sep-05	
Holsomback, Clara Mae	01-Oct-03	
Holsomback, Delilah A.	23-May-01	
Holsomback, Jadie Wesley	19-Feb-03	
Holsomback, Jerry W.	06-Aug-08	
Holsomback, Jesse "Johnny" Donald, Jr.	22-Oct-03	
Holsomback, Lester Lee	28-Jun-06	
Holsomback, Lucy	04-Jun-03	
Holsomback, Patricia Paulette	28-Nov-07	
Holsomback, Robert Wayne	31-Jan-07	
Holsomback, Ruby Lee	02-Jul-08	
Holsomback, Sandra Jo	25-May-05	
Holsomeback, Audrey Lucille	24-May-00	
Holston, Doris Jean Sartain	26-Feb-03	
Holt, Cornelius	27-Nov-02	
Holt, M. Mabry, Mr.	06-Jun-01	
Holt, Paula Jeanetta Truss	27-Jun-01	
Honea, Mary Odesta "Polly"	15-Feb-06	
Honeycutt, Patricia A.	07-Nov-01	
Honich, Ann	07-Jan-04	
Hood, Jack Howard	24-Sep-03	
Hood, Lexie L.	28-Jul-04	
Hooper, Jimmie Rayford, Sr.	07-Jul-04	
Hooper, Luke	21-Jun-00	
Hooper, Mae B.	22-Sep-04	
Hope, Anthony Clay	30-Aug-06	
Hope, Hubert Earl	21-Jun-06	
Hope, Minnie John	28-Nov-01	
Hopkins, Charles G., Sr.	22-Jan-03	
Hopkins, Lora Faucett	30-May-01	
Hopkins, Lora Faucett	06-Jun-01	
Horn, Laura L.	02-May-07	
Horn, Matthew W.	27-Mar-02	
Horne, Daisy Belle	07-Mar-01	
Horne, Ione Lwery	27-Oct-04	
Horne, Julian E.	27-May-09	
Horton, Curtis Lee	22-Aug-07	
Horton, Dennis J.	02-May-07	
Horton, Hattie L.	11-Jul-07	
Horton, Huey Lane	16-Jul-03	
Horton, Jack Franklin, Sr.	21-May-08	
Horton, Jimmy	06-Dec-06	
Horton, Lula Belle	10-Jan-01	
Horton, Marvin	04-Nov-09	
Horton, Marvin Eugene, Sr.	12-Dec-07	
Horton, Mary Ella	12-Nov-03	
Horton, Percy Lee, Sr.	12-Jun-02	
Horton, Richard, "Poney"	17-May-00	
Horton, Roland G.	20-Feb-02	
Horton, Shirley Falkner	04-Jun-03	
Horton, Thomas Houston	10-Jan-01	
Horton, Thomas Jefferson  "T.J."	05-Aug-09	
Horton, Tommy Dale	16-Apr-03	
Horton, Vera Mae	28-Jan-04	
Horton, Vera Mae	04-Feb-04	
Horton, Wallace Ray	23-Nov-05	
Horton, William "Doc" Clay	04-Feb-09	
Horton, Woodrow Wilson	14-Mar-01	
Hosey, Bill, Jr.	29-Apr-09	
Hosey, Frank Wayne	12-Mar-08	
Hosey, Sarah Alice	03-Sep-08	
Hosmer, Jessie M.	08-Mar-06	
Hostettler, Douglas	25-Apr-01	
Hotchkiss, Grace Agnes	20-Oct-04	
Hotchkiss, Grace Agnes	27-Oct-04	
Hottensen, Flossie M.	12-Sep-01	
Hough, Dorothy Ann	17-Mar-04	
Houlditch, Ruth	16-Jun-04	
House, David Bruck	08-Nov-06	
House, Joseph Michael	13-Dec-06	
Houston, Rodrick "Rod" Alvin	07-Apr-04	
Howard, Daniel	23-Jul-08	
Howard, Doris C.	14-Jun-06	
Howard, Estelle S.	18-Oct-00	
Howard, Faye M.	29-Aug-07	
Howard, James Robert	08-Apr-09	
Howard, Lillie Ione Kirkley	07-Aug-02	
Howard, Lillie Jone Kirkley	31-Jul-02	
Howard, Minnie Mae	24-Dec-08	
Howard, Ollie "PawPaw"	12-Jul-06	
Howard, Reba J.	06-Apr-05	
Howard, Richard Lawrence	07-Jan-04	
Howard, Sampson	28-Aug-02	
Howard, Sandra Gail	25-Sep-02	
Howard, Terry Lynn	15-Jan-03	
Howard, Wayne Harkins	22-Mar-06	
Howell, Betty Jo	14-Jul-04	
Howell, Charlie E.	04-Jan-06	
Howell, Dennis Loyde	13-Aug-03	
Howell, Lessie Griffith	15-Dec-04	
Howell, Phillip E.	03-May-06	
Howell, Richard L, Sr.	11-Aug-04	
Howell, Robert N.	04-Jun-08	
Howell, Samantha Danielle 	06-Feb-08	
Howze, Paul Glenwood	21-Jul-04	
Hoyle, Norene Gunter	22-Mar-00	
Hrisko, Beverly	22-Oct-08	
Hubbard, Elizabeth Talia Ferro	19-Jan-00	
Huckabee, Charles F.	02-Dec-09	
Huckabee, Emma Jean	07-Nov-01	
Hudson, Mary Ellen	22-May-02	
Hudson, Teresa L.	24-Dec-08	
Huff, Annie Ruth	04-Aug-04	
Huff, Homer W., Jr.	07-Apr-04	
Huff, Jimmy	31-Mar-04	
Huff, Sayle L.	01-May-02	
Huffman, Glenn	08-Nov-00	
Hughes, Bessie	18-May-05	
Hughes, Bonnie	12-Sep-07	
Hughes, Bradford Clay	29-Aug-07	
Hughes, Charles Henry "C.H."	16-Aug-06	
Hughes, Clara Lee	03-Apr-02	
Hughes, Ernest C.	11-Jul-07	
Hughes, Fredrick Eugene	02-Apr-08	
Hughes, Geneva Fancher	14-Mar-01	
Hughes, Gertis Collins	29-Nov-06	
Hughes, Gloria Gomez	25-Jun-03	
Hughes, J.D.	17-Jan-07	
Hughes, Judy G.	26-Nov-08	
Hughes, Kimberly Lynn	13-Feb-08	
Hughes, Lavurne Hill	10-Oct-01	
Hughes, Lillie Louise	19-Jul-06	
Hughes, Lois Smith	28-Jan-04	
Hughes, Louie B.	18-Jun-03	
Hughes, Marie A.	14-Feb-01	
Hughes, Mary D.	10-Aug-05	
Hughes, Mary Loraine	11-Jun-08	
Hughes, Nathan Berry	22-Mar-00	
Hughes, Sarah Haynes	29-Mar-00	
Hughes, Thomas Renfro	09-Aug-06	
Hughes, Truman Wayne	21-Oct-09	
Hughes, Wilbur Lewis 	28-Nov-01	
Hughes, Wilbur Lewis, Jr., "Lou"	07-Jun-00	
Hullett, Franklin Delano, Sr.	01-May-02	
Hume, Robert A.	07-Feb-07	
Humphreys, Joseph Michael	19-Apr-06	
Humphreys, Joseph Michael	26-Apr-06	
Humphries, George Sherman	28-Jan-09	
Humphries, Shirley Morris	07-Apr-04	
Hunt, Chelisa	09-Mar-05	
Hunt, Chelsea	09-Mar-05	
Hunt, Dedra Mims	09-Mar-05	
Hunt, Myrtle Tibbetts	09-Dec-09	
Hunt, Rebecca Lynn	13-Mar-02	
Hunter, Harry Arnold "Snake"	08-Dec-04	
Hunter, Herman, Jr.	03-Sep-03	
Hunter, John Loren	16-Dec-09	
Hurn, William Dwayne	04-Oct-06	
Hurst, Virginia Davis	02-Mar-05	
Hurst, Virginia Davis	09-Mar-05	
Hurt, Kathryn Dean	07-Oct-09	
Hurtt, Christina Faulkner	07-Nov-07	
Husband, Eleanor	15-Aug-01	
Hutcher, Dorothy Kemp	07-Jul-04	
Hutchinson, Clyde	26-Sep-07	
Hutchison, Donna Rebecca	05-Jun-02	
Hutchison, Jack M., Jr.	21-Aug-02	
Hutchison, James W., "Buddy"	08-Nov-00	
Hutchison, Lonza Lawrance	20-Mar-02	
Hutchison, Ossie Mae	07-Nov-01	
Hyde, Doris June	20-Feb-02	
Hyde, Dorothy Barnett	27-Dec-00	
Hyde, Hazel D.	10-Apr-02	
Hyde, Henry Clayton, Jr.	16-Jul-03	
Hyde, Jimmy Wayne	11-Oct-00	
Hyde, Joe Alexander	11-Jan-06	
Hyde, John C., Sr.	08-Aug-01	
Hyde, Justin Earl	11-May-05	
Hyde, Lily Beth Couch	19-Jan-00	
Hyde, Thomas Bradley	13-Aug-03	
Inabinett, Cora	10-Jan-01	
Ingram, Archie Wright	10-Sep-03	
Ingram, Bradford W.	12-Feb-03	
Ingram, Carl W.	14-Aug-02	
Ingram, Clara Mae	10-Aug-05	
Ingram, Fannie Mae	28-Jul-04	
Ingram, Frances Louise	26-Mar-08	
Ingram, Harold D.	05-Sep-01	
Ingram, Herbie Jackson	28-Jun-00	
Ingram, Houston David	23-Jan-02	
Ingram, Imogene Bertha	09-Apr-03	
Ingram, Jack	20-May-09	
Ingram, James Albert	24-Aug-05	
Ingram, James Richard "Ricky"	06-Jun-01	
Ingram, Katie Mae	18-Apr-01	
Ingram, Mary Evelyn	29-Oct-08	
Ingram, Milton "Butch"	06-Aug-03	
Ingram, Milton "Butch"	13-Aug-03	
Ireland, Willie Lee Ashworth	24-Nov-04	
Isabell, John Dempsey, Jr.	05-Sep-07	
Isbell, Beatrice Ashley	29-Jan-03	
Isbell, Charles	21-Nov-07	
Isbell, Christopher Jordan	 24-Oct-01	
Isbell, Fay Rasberry	26-Nov-03	
Isbell, Gordon W.	13-Dec-00	
Isbell, Hershell Leon "Red"	22-May-02	
Isbell, Hoyt Carlton	19-Dec-01	
Isbell, Irma Dean	28-Feb-07	
Isbell, Joshua Todd	18-Jun-03	
Isbell, Nova	28-Mar-07	
Isbell, Pamela Brasher	21-Jun-06	
Isbell, Sarah Ellen	29-Jul-09	
Isbell, Thurman Thedford	28-Apr-04	
Ishee, Wanza Gandy	30-Jan-08	
Israel, Edgar Lawrence "PawPaw"	17-Aug-05	
Israel, Edgar Lawrence "Pawpaw"	24-Aug-05	
Jacks, Margaret	12-Feb-03	
Jacks, Oscar Dayle	17-Jul-02	
Jackson, Brandon Darel	08-Mar-00	
Jackson, Charles E.	14-May-03	
Jackson, David Eugene "Gene"	14-Nov-07	
Jackson, Deacon Jerome "Coach"	23-Mar-05	
Jackson, Elizabeth M.	30-Dec-09	
Jackson, Henry J.	25-Apr-01	
Jackson, Homer	30-Sep-09	
Jackson, J.B.	12-Mar-08	
Jackson, Jimmie Lee	27-Aug-03	
Jackson, Mittie Bell Brown	18-Jun-03	
Jackson, Olen, "Radio-TV"	01-Mar-00	
Jackson, Shirley B.	24-Dec-03	
Jacobs, Harriet	08-Dec-04	
Jacobs, Michael Kane	16-Jan-02	
Jacobs, Rosalie	20-Feb-02	
Jacobs, William A. "Buddy"	15-Apr-09	
James, Jean Joyce	14-Sep-05	
James, Joseph, Jr.	18-May-05	
Jarman, Sandra Jean Willingham	02-Oct-02	
Jarrell, Brenda Sue	18-Apr-01	
Jarvis, Dan Fredrick	14-May-03	
Jarvis, Henry Virgil	25-Oct-06	
Jarvis, Herbert Lee, Sr.	15-Nov-00	
Jarvis, Lee, Jr.	28-Jan-04	
Jarvis, Roger Eugene "Gene"	23-Nov-05	
Jarvis, Terry Franklin "Jip"	29-Oct-03	
Jarvis, Terry Lee	29-Mar-00	
Jarvis, Terry Lee	21-Jun-00	
Jarvis, Terry Lee	01-Aug-01	
Jaudon, Dorothy "Faye"	07-Jan-09	
Jeffrey, Tamara Anne	21-Mar-01	
Jeffreys, Nellie J.	11-Feb-04	
Jeffries, Kenneth	05-Sep-07	
Jemison, Beatrice Shinn	10-Mar-04	
Jemison, Mary Josephine	19-Mar-03	
Jemison, Pauline	31-May-00	
Jenkins, Donna Jean	12-Dec-07	
Jenkins, Helen	07-Dec-05	
Jenkins, William R. "Bubba"	15-Mar-06	
Jennings, Mary Hyde	08-Apr-09	
Jeter, Grace Elizabeth Ellis	20-Dec-00	
Jeter, Milton E.	13-Dec-00	
Jewell, Gladys O.	05-Dec-01	
Johnson, Alice E.	20-Sep-00	
Johnson, Ann Roper	14-Jan-09	
Johnson, Aubrey M.	15-Mar-06	
Johnson, Barbara Louise Patterson	11-Oct-06	
Johnson, Beatrice "Bea" Elwell	22-Mar-06	
Johnson, Bessie M.	11-Feb-04	
Johnson, Billie Ruth	02-Mar-05	
Johnson, Billy Ray "Bill"	21-Jan-04	
Johnson, Bobby N., Sr.	25-Nov-09	
Johnson, Bradley	29-Mar-06	
Johnson, Bradley	07-Feb-07	
Johnson, C.A. Pharis, Jr.	27-Jun-01	
Johnson, Catherine	23-Feb-05	
Johnson, Charles Edward	02-Jan-02	
Johnson, Cindy Ann	14-Feb-01	
Johnson, Dimmis Weldon	26-Mar-03	
Johnson, Franklin Harry, Sr.	05-Apr-00	
Johnson, George R.	17-Jan-01	
Johnson, Gerald Francis, Jr.	23-Apr-03	
Johnson, J.T.	15-Dec-04	
Johnson, J.W. "Bob"	27-Feb-02	
Johnson, Jeff T.	04-Aug-04	
Johnson, Jerry	26-Apr-06	
Johnson, Jewel C.	03-Jan-01	
Johnson, Jimmie, Jr.	21-Mar-07	
Johnson, John, Jr.	12-Jan-05	
Johnson, Katherine Hatcher	26-Apr-00	
Johnson, Lallage "Littlemama"	14-Aug-02	
Johnson, Larry	14-Jun-00	
Johnson, Larry, Sr.	29-Mar-00	
Johnson, Leonard F.	05-Jul-00	
Johnson, Lewis Wayne	25-May-05	
Johnson, Louis Alan	21-Jun-00	
Johnson, Lydia Carnice	14-Feb-07	
Johnson, Madeline	18-Sep-02	
Johnson, Mar. W. "Nell"	29-Jan-03	
Johnson, Marilyn Oakes	02-Feb-05	
Johnson, Marty Wilbur	14-Mar-07	
Johnson, Mary E.	24-Sep-08	
Johnson, Mildred L. "Flip"	01-May-02	
Johnson, Nathan (40+ years ago)	09-Dec-09	
Johnson, Nellie Dunigan	07-Mar-01	
Johnson, Paul Richard	01-May-02	
Johnson, Robert Albert, "Cigar Bob"	10-May-00	
Johnson, Roberta Wilson	28-Jun-00	
Johnson, Rosie Lee Ziegler	30-Apr-03	
Johnson, Roy Dell	19-May-04	
Johnson, Stama	14-Jul-04	
Johnson, Steven A. "Tony"	02-Jan-08	
Johnson, Thomas Shane "Bubba"	08-Oct-08	
Johnson, Tucker "Bill"	20-Oct-04	
Johnson, Vicki Lynn Autry	25-Nov-09	
Johnson, William Michael	12-Mar-08	
Johnson, Willie Lee	29-Jan-03	
Johnston, Allen W. "Jack"	26-Nov-08	
Johnston, Kathleen	29-Aug-07	
Johnston, Nell Severt	12-Dec-01	
Joiner, Edwin L.	14-Apr-04	
Joiner, Eloise	15-Oct-03	
Joiner, Eloise P.	08-Jun-05	
Joiner, Gerladine L.	03-May-00	
Joiner, Ivy Hazel	07-Apr-04	
Jones, Alice N.	04-Apr-07	
Jones, Alvin Eugene	24-Jan-07	
Jones, Anthony Clinton	06-Feb-08	
Jones, Audrey Johnson	26-Feb-03	
Jones, Billy Gene	13-Feb-08	
Jones, Billy Paul	26-Dec-07	
Jones, Bobby Earl	02-Jun-04	
Jones, Bonnie M.	24-May-00	
Jones, Byrdie Stewart	20-Mar-02	
Jones, Byron E., Sr.	30-Nov-05	
Jones, Calvin Burl	09-Jul-08	
Jones, Chadrick Lee	02-Apr-08	
Jones, Christopher	10-Dec-08	
Jones, Colin	10-Apr-02	
Jones, Colleen Busch	05-Jan-05	
Jones, Dora Clarine Harrison	18-Feb-04	
Jones, Douglas Patton "Pat"	06-Aug-03	
Jones, Eddie S.	17-Jul-02	
Jones, Edgar E.	13-Dec-00	
Jones, Elizabeth Ann	09-Mar-05	
Jones, Elly W.	07-Nov-01	
Jones, Ervin	28-Mar-01	
Jones, Flora B.	19-Jul-00	
Jones, Frank Lathrop	01-Feb-06	
Jones, Gerald	14-May-03	
Jones, Geraldine Foshee "Nannie"	30-Apr-03	
Jones, Gertie Wilson	08-Oct-08	
Jones, Gladys Jeanette	24-May-00	
Jones, Grandville Douglas "GD"	26-May-04	
Jones, Harold Ray	01-Aug-01	
Jones, Isla (Frances)	12-Sep-01	
Jones, James Harold	07-Jun-06	
Jones, James Lewis, Sr. (Sheriff)	11-Jul-07	
Jones, James Lewis, Sr. (Sheriff) (Photo)	18-Jul-07	
Jones, Janice	03-May-06	
Jones, Jennifer Inez	30-Jan-08	
Jones, Jerry Lane	07-Feb-07	
Jones, John E.	02-Dec-09	
Jones, John Jameson	31-Jul-02	
Jones, Johnnie Mae	18-Jul-07	
Jones, Johnny Edward	09-Jul-08	
Jones, Julia Leslie Williams	03-Jul-02	
Jones, Kathleen Smith	31-Dec-03	
Jones, Kenneth David	26-May-04	
Jones, L.V.	20-Mar-02	
Jones, Larry G.	01-Jan-03	
Jones, Ludie B.	24-Sep-03	
Jones, M.L.	08-Mar-06	
Jones, Marvin F.	05-Jan-05	
Jones, Mary Lois	30-Jan-08	
Jones, Minnie L.	23-Mar-05	
Jones, Oburea Dyer	07-Apr-04	
Jones, Paul "John Paul"	21-Apr-04	
Jones, Perry M.	05-Jan-05	
Jones, Ralph Eugene, Rev.	15-Jun-05	
Jones, Ralph Eugene, Rev.	22-Jun-05	
Jones, Raymond Allen	04-Sep-02	
Jones, Raymond Benjamin	10-Jan-06	
Jones, Roger Dale	05-Jan-00	
Jones, Ronald	19-Apr-00	
Jones, Rose M.	13-Nov-02	
Jones, Rudolph E.	27-Mar-02	
Jones, Ruth W.	29-Oct-03	
Jones, Ryan	14-May-08	
Jones, Sloma Mae	07-Oct-09	
Jones, Stanley Ray	06-Nov-02	
Jones, Susan B.	20-Aug-03	
Jones, Sylvan Cornelius	24-Dec-03	
Jones, Terry Ray	25-Apr-07	
Jones, Terry S.	05-Sep-01	
Jones, Trella Fay Snow	22-Oct-08	
Jones, Tressie Andrice	24-May-06	
Jones, Vera Mae	27-Mar-02	
Jones, William A., Jr. "Bill"	13-Mar-02	
Jones, William Brady, Jr.	02-Apr-03	
Jones, William F. "W.F./Buddy"	15-Oct-03	
Jones, Winfred R., Jr.	14-Apr-04	
Jordan, Fredrick	05-Dec-07	
Jordan, Larry Martin	21-May-08	
Jordan, Rosemary	13-Jun-01	
Joseph, Jarrod Brian	11-Jan-06	
Joseph, John Ella	24-Jul-02	
Joseph, Louis Douglas "Doug"	08-Sep-04	
Justice, Hester Kate Clinkscales	03-Oct-01	
Justice, William Howard	10-Jan-06	
Karbo, Joan Marie	30-Jan-02	
Karrh, Margaret Cross	07-Nov-07	
Kaveler, Betty J. Wyatt	22-May-02	
Keffer, Herbert Clinton, II	12-Feb-03	
Keller, Frances P.	20-Aug-03	
Keller, Harvey R.	18-Apr-01	
Keller, Mary O.	11-Feb-09	
Keller, Milton Castleman	01-May-02	
Kelley, Alvin Sammy "Big Daddy"	25-Feb-04	
Kelley, David Alan	06-Feb-02	
Kelley, Edward James	18-Oct-00	
Kelley, June Rose	29-Mar-06	
Kelley, Lillie Mae	23-Jan-08	
Kelley, Paul Allen	27-Oct-04	
Kelley, Raymond Floyd "Toby"	11-Dec-02	
Kelly, Anne Faulk	26-Sep-07	
Kelly, James Agee	25-Feb-09	
Kelly, Leon F. "Buddy", Jr.	08-Apr-09	
Kelly, Leon F., Sr.	13-Dec-00	
Kelly, Minnie Vera	16-Jun-04	
Kelly, Richard Lynn	01-May-02	
Kelly, Velma Sue "Sal" Wilson	26-Feb-03	
Kendrick, Allen Romell	28-Mar-01	
Kendrick, Annie Maude	30-Jul-03	
Kendrick, Boyd Crane	02-Mar-05	
Kendrick, Harriett	23-Jan-02	
Kendrick, Pollie Allen Hartley	15-Nov-06	
Kendrick, Rosa	09-Feb-05	
Kendrick, Ruby Nell	16-May-07	
Kennedy, Jane	10-Aug-05	
Kennedy, Mary Inez	22-Aug-07	
Kennedy, Mary Inez	29-Aug-07	
Kennington, J.D. "Red"	22-Aug-07	
Kent, Danny Charles	16-Feb-05	
Kent, Douglas Marshall	16-Jul-03	
Kent, John A.	25-Apr-07	
Kent, Steven Taylor	27-Feb-08	
Keown, Mildred	29-Aug-01	
Kester, Katherine B.	07-Jan-04	
Key, Felix	02-Feb-05	
Key, Marjorie Dupree	29-Jul-09	
Khan, Martha Aslam	05-Nov-08	
Kicker, Minnie Coshatt	16-May-01	
Killgo, Frances Johnson	04-Oct-00	
Killingsworth, Bernie McNeil	08-Nov-06	
Killingsworth, Dale William	13-Mar-02	
Killingsworth, Dave William	16-Sep-09	
Killingsworth, Emma Jean	27-Feb-08	
Killingsworth, Erva L.	15-Mar-00	
Killingsworth, Hershel	29-Aug-01	
Killingsworth, Judy Denise	14-Nov-01	
Killingsworth, Linnie Gay	07-Jun-06	
Killingsworth, Lori	09-Dec-09	
Killingsworth, Lurla Beatrice	20-Dec-00	
Killingsworth, Mary F.	13-Jun-01	
Killingsworth, Melvin Norris	19-Jan-05	
Killingsworth, Merrell Eugene	11-Apr-01	
Kimbrell, Ruby Earline	05-Jun-02	
King, Curtis Alvin	05-Aug-09	
King, Garol Elton	09-Feb-05	
King, Grace Simmons	20-Aug-03	
King, Henry Harold	19-Dec-01	
King, Jannie Annette Mahaffey	21-Mar-07	
King, Robert	14-May-08	
King, Samuel Colton	21-May-03	
Kinsey, Tina Marie	26-Mar-08	
Kirby, Eleanor Lee	05-Jan-05	
Kirchner, Ronald Renerd	18-Oct-06	
Kirkland, Kentonio Terrel	20-Oct-04	
Kirkland, Kentonio Terrel	27-Oct-04	
Kirkland, Theresa Ann Littleton	06-Jun-07	
Kish, Randall Keith	19-Mar-08	
Kitchens, Brady Herston	16-Nov-05	
Kitchens, Murriel Ellene "Ted"	31-Jan-07	
Kitchens, Timmy Al	05-Aug-09	
Kite, Susie Law	16-Jan-02	
Kizziah, Charlotte Irene	13-Nov-02	
Klamer, Eugene William, Sr.	23-Apr-03	
Klass, Martha Davis	27-Nov-02	
Kleeschutle, Virgil C. "Slim"	25-Feb-09	
Knauss, Kevin Anthony	16-Jan-08	
Knauss, Kevin Anthony	23-Jan-08	
Knight, Donald E. "Dusty"	11-Feb-09	
Knight, John Edward	26-Sep-07	
Knight, Marywill Snow	12-Oct-05	
Knight, Peggy Cline	05-Nov-03	
Knight, William O'Neal	08-Aug-07	
Knopp, Gloria Jean	05-Jan-00	
Know, Emma W.	14-Mar-01	
Knowles, Dorothy Jeanette	22-Feb-06	
Knowles, John Larry	30-May-07	
Knowles, John Larry	06-Jun-07	
Knowles, Lewis Raymond	12-Dec-01	
Knowles, Martha Alice	07-Apr-04	
Knox, Inez	31-Jan-01	
Kolbeck, Wayne M.	16-Jun-04	
Korby, Christopher Wayne	22-Oct-03	
Kornegay, Brian K.	20-Sep-00	
Kornegay, Gloria	13-Feb-02	
Kornegay, Minnie Sue	17-Jan-01	
Kratochvill, Phyllis Kyser	19-Sep-01	
Krauser, Laronda Darlene	27-Aug-03	
Krebs, Carol Ann Inlen Strahan	24-May-06	
Kromer, David Earl	17-Nov-04	
Kromer, Shannon King Whitfield	15-May-02	
Kunstler, Terry Stephen	29-May-02	
Kuntz, David William	02-May-07	
Kurth, Stephen Glenn	17-Jan-01	
Kurtz, Lillian B.	25-Apr-01	
Kuzmicki, Annie Laura	11-Oct-00	
Lacey, Eugene	07-Nov-01	
Lacey, Inez Lester	14-Feb-01	
Lacey, Katie Lee Hale	28-Feb-01	
Lacey, Phillip Edward	16-Jan-02	
Lacey, Tomikya	20-Jun-01	
Lacey, Tomikya Dechell Murphy	27-Jun-01	
Lacey, Will	11-Oct-00	
Lacey/Murphy, Joshua	20-Jun-01	
Lacey/Murphy, Joshua Savion	27-Jun-01	
Ladd, Chelsea Etta	11-Aug-04	
Laggy, Amanda E. "Gena" Hosey	26-Mar-08	
Lahti, Edward Charles "Buck"	15-Aug-07	
Lahti, Ella B.	29-May-02	
Lajoux, Jean Charles	04-Jan-06	
Lakey, Zonie Hand	02-Feb-00	
Lamar, Juanita Gayle	28-Sep-05	
Lamar, Oliver Eugene "Ollie"	28-Jan-04	
Lamb, Joseph Andrew	22-Aug-01	
Lamb, Mary Lillian	10-Dec-03	
Lambert, Howard	18-May-05	
Lambert, Jesse Lou	14-Mar-01	
Lambrecht, Henry W.	19-Dec-01	
Laminack, Euell E.	22-Jan-03	
Land, Christopher Lee	31-Dec-03	
Landers, Eugene Burt	30-Jan-08	
Laney, James Melvin	24-Oct-01	
Laney, Patricia Nichols	27-Oct-04	
Lang, Ida	09-Jun-04	
Lang, Jimmie Sue	10-Jan-01	
Langevin, Joy Aleen "Joyce"	29-May-02	
Langevin, Wilfred Authur "Jim O'Day"	02-Oct-02	
Langley, Alma	27-Oct-04	
Langston, Anthony R.	27-Jun-07	
Langston, Charles Royce	26-Jan-00	
Langston, Gerald Rudolph	05-Oct-05	
Langston, Janie L. "Baby Doll"	18-Jul-01	
Langston, Shirley Ann	19-Jun-02	
Langston, William "Runt"	20-Apr-05	
Langston, William P.	31-May-06	
Langston, Zella Vernon	04-Oct-00	
Lanier, Worth, Dr., DVM	10-Apr-02	
Lansford, Clifford Hershel	15-May-02	
Lansford, Edward "Ted"	15-Mar-06	
Lansford, Kyle	10-Oct-07	
Lansford, Ramona Jones	16-Sep-09	
Larson, Joann Elizabeth	20-Sep-06	
Lasuer, Katherine "Kay" Thomas	07-Jan-04	
Laterrade, August Victor	16-Aug-00	
Latham, Janice Pearl	14-Mar-07	
Latham, Robert Cecil	15-Mar-00	
Latham, Timothy Austin Dewayne	18-Oct-00	
Lathem, Alma Norwich	06-Feb-02	
Lathon, Alberta	12-Sep-01	
Latimer, Maggie	21-Sep-05	
Latimer, Newton, Jr.	28-Nov-07	
Latimer, Z.D., "Buddy"	26-Apr-00	
Latino, Annie K.	23-Oct-02	
Latta, Ruby Dean	24-Aug-05	
Lau, Micah Noel	31-Jul-02	
Lawler, Britton	22-Mar-00	
Lawler, Ressie Mae	11-Sep-02	
Lawley, Bobby "Mack", Sr.	23-Mar-05	
Lawley, Charles E.	13-Sep-00	
Lawley, Charles E.	14-Jan-04	
Lawley, Claudean	25-Sep-02	
Lawley, Elsie Mae Fulgham	19-Oct-05	
Lawley, Hester Johnson	27-Apr-05	
Lawley, James Arthur "Mack"	01-Sep-04	
Lawley, James Dennis	20-Feb-08	
Lawley, James Lewis	07-Feb-01	
Lawley, Jerry Wayne	09-Jan-02	
Lawley, Joseph L.	09-Feb-05	
Lawley, Josephine	20-May-09	
Lawley, Lisa K.	24-May-06	
Lawley, Marvin	19-Jul-00	
Lawley, Meedie	07-Feb-07	
Lawley, Nicholaus	09-Dec-09	
Lawley, Serge M. "Sonny"	11-Jun-03	
Lawley, Shirley Ann	27-Mar-02	
Lawley, Troy Lee	25-Jun-08	
Lawley, Virginia Hughes	07-Jan-04	
Lawrence, David	11-Oct-06	
Lawrence, David William	18-Oct-06	
Lawrence, Debbie	11-Oct-06	
Lawrence, Deborah Deerman	18-Oct-06	
Lawrence, Jeremy Adam	02-Oct-02	
Lawrence, Melinda	06-Aug-08	
Lawrence, Robert Vernon "R.V."	28-Dec-05	
Lawson, Eric	02-May-01	
Lawson, Mattie	16-Mar-05	
Lawson, Terry Glenn	30-Apr-08	
Layfield, Sunny Lynne Park	13-Aug-03	
Layton, Estelle Lawley	26-Jan-05	
Leach, Essie Boykin	04-Jun-03	
Leach, Lillian Busby	29-Dec-04	
Leach, Lillian Louvina	23-May-01	
Leader, Doris E.	21-Jun-00	
Lebrun, Violet B.	19-Jul-00	
Ledbetter, Christine	28-May-03	
Ledbetter, Kennith E.	26-Sep-07	
Ledford, Clyde M. "Pop"	07-Jul-04	
Ledford, Darrin Bruce, Jr.	10-Jun-09	
Ledford, Martha Jennings	02-Dec-09	
Lee, Annie Christine "Chrissy"	02-Mar-05	
Lee, Annie Mae "Teeny"	02-Feb-05	
Lee, Billy Joe	03-Dec-03	
Lee, Billy Joe	17-Dec-03	
Lee, David Earl	11-Aug-04	
Lee, David Earl	01-Sep-04	
Lee, Inez Little	09-Dec-09	
Lee, Jack T.	16-Aug-00	
Lee, James E.	19-Sep-01	
Lee, James H., Jr.	25-Feb-04	
Lee, Johnnie Ruth	16-Jan-08	
Lee, Kara Nicole	30-Dec-09	
Lee, Leslie E.	26-Dec-07	
Lee, Lucile Green	22-Jan-03	
Lee, Lula Mae Brasher	19-Sep-01	
Lee, Pauline Elizabeth	06-Aug-08	
Lee, Sarah N. Shaw	27-Feb-08	
Lehfeld, Carolyn Sue	13-Mar-02	
Lemelle, Barbara E.	16-Jan-08	
Lemley, Carrie Reed	09-Jun-04	
Lemley, Joel Ellis	09-Feb-05	
Lemley, Johnnie Givhan	12-Oct-05	
Lemley, Ollie Vergie	12-Apr-00	
Lemond, Josie Myrtle	31-Jul-02	
Lenn, Winfred Bernard	13-Jun-07	
Leonard, Eva O.	18-Oct-06	
Lesley, Timothy W.	20-Apr-05	
Leslie, John Calvin	10-Sep-08	
Leslie, Winifred Grace Tovell	24-Aug-05	
Lespi, Robert Jeremy	09-Jan-08	
Lesuer, James Edward	04-Feb-04	
Letlow, Sharon K.	07-Apr-04	
Leveck, Lois Aileen	21-Jun-00	
Leverett, Agnes Irene	18-Jan-06	
Levine, Peter G.	07-Jun-00	
Lewis, Douglas "Doug" Lynn	09-Jul-08	
Lewis, Frances Pearson	28-Mar-07	
Lewis, Hansel Gregory	29-Aug-07	
Lewis, Helen Foster	19-May-04	
Lewis, Keith Russell	17-Dec-08	
Lewis, Lois Davis	22-Oct-08	
Lewis, Martha Ann	24-Jul-02	
Liddell, Erna Jeanne	07-Oct-09	
Liddle, Louise "Cookie"	25-Jul-07	
Lide, Joe M.	02-Nov-05	
Lightfoot, Berl Everett, Major	18-Apr-07	
Lightfoot, Dorothy Pauline	31-Jan-07	
Lightsey, Nancy Jane	21-Jan-09	
Liles, Curtis O., Jr.	12-Apr-00	
Lilly, Deacon Zeddie	14-Nov-01	
Lilly, Dorothy Woods	02-Feb-00	
Lilly, Dwight	07-Dec-05	
Lilly, Lenn	09-Jul-03	
Lilly, Robert B.	18-Sep-02	
Limbaugh, Ralph Lee	14-Jan-09	
Limbaugh, Shealey Nicholls	13-Aug-08	
Lindley, Christopher	12-Jan-05	
Lindley, Christopher	09-Feb-05	
Lindley, Christopher	07-Feb-07	
Lindley, Christopher Dale	09-Jan-08	
Lindley, Christopher Dale (Edmondson)	22-Dec-04	
Lindsay, James Andrew	14-Feb-01	
Lindsay, William, Sr.	26-Sep-07	
Lindsey, Hermine Bertha	07-Jun-00	
Lindsey, James Junior "June Bug"	02-Apr-03	
Linholm, Vera K.	31-Dec-08	
Lipham, Barbara Pickett	06-Apr-05	
Lipsitz, Earl David	26-May-04	
Little, Chester Vesteen	29-May-02	
Little, Lotus Bean	26-May-04	
Little, Shirley Alene	23-Oct-02	
Littlefield, Billy Wayne	09-Aug-06	
Littlefield, Clarence Alton	18-Apr-01	
Littlefield, James Cullman, "Jim"	26-Jan-00	
Littlefield, James M.	28-Jun-00	
Littlefield, James M.	05-Jul-00	
Littlefield, Mary Nell Lee	07-Jan-09	
Littlefield, Phillip Dale	06-Mar-02	
Littlefield, Roscoe	04-Jun-03	
Littleton, Frances M.	23-Jun-04	
Littleton, Janice	12-Sep-07	
Littleton, Janice	19-Sep-07	
Littleton, Lois Evelyn	19-Dec-01	
Littleton, William Owen	27-Sep-00	
Lively, John M.	07-Jan-04	
Lively, Sandra Melton Ray	21-Mar-07	
Liveoak, Diania Ray	19-Sep-01	
Livingston, Mirtie	02-Apr-03	
Livingston, Randall Bernard, Sr.	22-Aug-07	
Livingston, Zachary	26-Mar-08	
Lloyd, William Charles	18-Dec-02	
Locarno, Dale	12-Oct-05	
Lockett, James Arthur	03-Oct-01	
Lockett, Nelloween	19-Apr-00	
Lockhart, Patricia Louise	11-Jan-06	
Lodge, Avery Calvin, Jr.	16-Apr-03	
Lodge, Ralph Daniel	06-Oct-04	
Loftin, Robert E., "Bob"	07-Jun-00	
Logan, Ellie Cleckler	09-Jan-08	
Logan, Neva Lynn	08-Aug-01	
Logan, William Stivender "Bill"	07-Feb-07	
Loggins, A.E.	29-Jun-05	
Loggins, Edgar David	28-Mar-07	
Loggins, Willie Mae	25-Apr-01	
Long, Joseph Morgan	19-Nov-03	
Long, Leroy	15-Aug-01	
Long, Lillian Ailene	21-Jun-06	
Long, Melson Owen	19-Aug-09	
Long, Opal Carroll	22-Oct-03	
Looney, Faye Tyler	25-Aug-04	
Looney, Rosa Hazel	20-Dec-06	
Lopez, Armando	27-Aug-08	
Lopez, Armando	03-Sep-08	
Louise L. Conwill	10-Mar-04	
Love, Olen, Jr.	10-Mar-04	
Love, Ollie Capps	28-Jun-00	
Lovejoy, Fred Edward	13-Jun-01	
Lovejoy, Morgan, "Glover"	19-Jan-00	
Lovelace, Edward C.	20-May-09	
Lovelady, Ernest Richard	27-Jun-01	
Lovelady, Eula B.	16-Jun-04	
Lovelady, Floyd L., "Sug"	31-May-00	
Lovelady, Herman Calvin	05-Apr-06	
Lovelady, John Malcolm	22-Oct-03	
Lovelady, Mable Grace	28-Aug-02	
Lovelady, Margaret Louise	19-Aug-09	
Lovelady, Richard Houston	16-Jun-04	
Lovelady, Richard Houston	23-Jun-04	
Lovelady, Ruby Irene Hicks	28-Sep-05	
Loveless, Kelvin	04-Nov-09	
Loveless, Robert Wesley "Bob", Sr.	22-Ap-09	
Lovett, Mariah J.	01-Oct-98	
Lovett, Willie Mae Spruell	22-Mar-00	
Lowe, Ernestine Macoy	08-Dec-04	
Lowe, Evelyn D.	16-Jun-04	
Lowe, Harold Broughton	12-Dec-01	
Lowe, Hayden J.	19-Feb-03	
Lowe, John Alpha	11-Apr-07	
Lowe, Johnny L.	12-Jun-02	
Lowery, Burnice Marie	07-May-03	
Lowery, Clarence	25-Jan-06	
Lowery, Glenda Sue	19-Sep-01	
Lowery, Harrison E., Jr.	15-Mar-00	
Lowery, Leonard Heath	26-Mar-08	
Lowery, Leonard Thomas, Sr.	15-Nov-00	
Lowery, Sherry Ann	09-Jul-08	
Lowery, Sherry Ann	16-Jul-08	
Lowery, Tommie K.	17-Apr-02	
Lowrey, Artis Wareene	12-Jan-05	
Loyd, Olan J.N.	12-Sep-01	
Lucas, Alma Jane	23-Feb-05	
Lucas, Alpha Johnson	14-Sep-05	
Lucas, Billy Joe	29-Jun-05	
Lucas, Daisy Bell	04-Jan-06	
Lucas, Etoile "Lucy"	23-Oct-02	
Lucas, Felton J.	26-Jul-00	
Lucas, Felton Jewel	02-Aug-00	
Lucas, Floyd William, Sr.	02-Jun-04	
Lucas, James E.	30-Aug-06	
Lucas, John L.	30-Jul-03	
Lucas, Katie L.	05-Apr-00	
Lucas, Leonard Wesley	05-May-04	
Lucas, Leroy, Sr.	21-May-03	
Lucas, Lessie	09-Feb-00	
Lucas, Louise A.	12-Mar-03	
Lucas, Martha Ann "Marty"	26-Dec-01	
Lucas, Mathas	30-Jul-03	
Lucas, Paul	28-Mar-01	
Lucas, Ralph Franklin Shelby, Sr.	14-Mar-07	
Lucas, Sidney Bruce	25-Mar-09	
Lucas, Thomas Pat "Dude"	10-Jan-06	
Lucas, Thomas Rolland	08-Apr-09	
Lucas, Wayne E.	28-Jan-04	
Ludlum, Annie T.	04-Jul-07	
Ludwig, Aaron David	14-Feb-07	
Lunceford, Helen Goodwin	23-Aug-06	
Lunsford, Edwin Earl	01-Oct-03	
Lunsford, Heather	01-Oct-03	
Lunsford, Ray, Jr.	12-Jun-02	
Lunsford, Ray, Jr.	19-Jun-02	
Lupardus, Dora Lucille	30-Mar-05	
Luquire, Ola Lee	12-Mar-08	
Lutz, Billie Louise	09-Oct-02	
Lutz, Gracie Mae	21-May-08	
Lutz, Patricia Ann	30-Oct-02	
Lybrand, Roy	14-Mar-01	
Lynn, Audrey A.	12-Jan-05	
Lynn, Curtis Belton	02-Apr-08	
Lynn, Dorman D.	16-Aug-00	
Lynn, Dorothy A.	13-Sep-00	
Lynn, James Edward, Sr.	26-Sep-07	
Lyon, Helen Ruth Stinson	15-Oct-03	
Madden, Sidney Ray	14-Feb-07	
Maddox, Daniel Levon	13-Aug-08	
Maddox, Doyle William	23-Aug-00	
Maddox, Shawn Christopher	06-Dec-00	
Madison, Miranda Kayton	10-Nov-04	
Maeweather, Doris Sailes	03-Dec-03	
Maeweather, Doris Sailes	17-Dec-03	
Magouyrk, Ruley Elizabeth Rudd (Mimi)	07-Oct-09	
Mahaffey, Bobby Wayne	19-Sep-01	
Mahaffey, Bobby Wayne, Jr. "Lil Bobby"	26-Sep-01	
Mahaffey, Mary Lee	01-Jan-03	
Mahan, Shelby J.	02-Mar-05	
Mahler, Janice M.	18-Jun-08	
Majors, Albert Goggins	21-Jun-06	
Majors, Anthony Wayne	08-Dec-04	
Majors, James Donald	16-Jul-03	
Majors, Margaret Susan	06-Dec-06	
Majors, Timothy	09-Jan-08	
Malone, Bobby Joe	13-Sep-06	
Malone, Laura Cost	25-Jul-01	
Malone, Lawrence L., Dr.	07-Jun-00	
Malone, Syrell A.	21-Feb-01	
Maltz, Shirley Barrett	08-Oct-08	
Manasco, Bertha Neil	01-Sep-04	
Manasco, James C.	06-Mar-02	
Manes, Mabel A.	31-Jul-02	
Maness, Frances Marie	19-Feb-03	
Maniscalco, Paul L.	17-Apr-02	
Maniscalco, Sam Joseph, Jr.	16-Dec-09	
Manley, Mary L.	21-Oct-09	
Mann, Esteen A.	11-Oct-06	
Mann, Ethel Bell Dukes	30-Oct-02	
Mann, Joseph Lamar	21-Feb-01	
Mann, Mary Ann	27-Sep-00	
Mann, Thomas V.	23-Aug-06	
Mann, Thoris N.	15-Sep-04	
Mann, Very McCall Wyatt	01-Aug-07	
Manor, Eunice Ray	30-May-01	
Marchant, Jared	12-Jul-06	
Marcus, Anita Shaw Scheinert	19-Mar-03	
Marcus, Ora Dee Shanks	22-Dec-04	
Marquis, Jeanne Carol	25-Nov-09	
Marsh, Michael Christopher	19-Jan-05	
Marshall, Jimmie Gravle Randolph	21-Mar-01	
Martin, Anthony Demarcus	02-Apr-08	
Martin, Charlotte Bowman	17-Oct-07	
Martin, Deborah	13-May-09	
Martin, Estelle	03-Jul-02	
Martin, Fannie Louise	04-Aug-04	
Martin, Flim L., Jr.	21-Jan-04	
Martin, Frankie M.	25-Jun-08	
Martin, Homer Lee	05-Nov-03	
Martin, Howard L.	12-Jan-00	
Martin, James Sidney	04-Jul-07	
Martin, John Webster	08-Apr-09	
Martin, Larry L.	07-Jan-09	
Martin, Lois Ventura Gardner	14-May-03	
Martin, Mavis Marie	13-Mar-02	
Martin, Max E.	24-Jul-02	
Martin, Michael Kenneth	09-Jun-04	
Martin, Miriam Joyce	16-Jun-04	
Martin, Patty Mann	01-Oct-03	
Martin, Rena	07-Dec-05	
Martin, Robert E. "Bob"	02-Sep-09	
Martin, Roy Gerald	15-Apr-09	
Martin, Ruthie	19-Jul-06	
Martin, Tommie A.	05-Jan-00	
Martinez, Amanda	17-Jan-07	
Maske, Gerald C.	28-Mar-07	
Mason, Charles Grant	28-Mar-07	
Mason, Onnie M.	21-Nov-07	
Mason, Stephen Perry	04-Jan-06	
Mason, Sylas Jackson	15-Dec-04	
Massey, Frank William	12-Jun-02	
Massey, Horace E.	04-Oct-00	
Massey, Jean	05-Oct-05	
Massey, Joyce Marie	08-Jul-09	
Massey, Preston Eugene "Bobby"	07-Oct-09	
Massey, Richard J.	25-Oct-00	
Massey, Thelma Juanita Byrd	27-Jun-07	
Massey, Virginia Mae, "Jenny"	08-Mar-00	
Massey, William Glenn Massey	03-Jun-09	
Masters, Elizabeth Headley	28-Jun-00	
Masters, John Bill	15-Aug-01	
Masters, Lucy Athalea Green	14-Nov-07	
Matherly, Doug	15-Aug-01	
Matherson, Anna Mae	25-Jan-06	
Matherson, James William, Sr.	29-May-02	
Matherson, Lester L.	25-Jun-03	
Mathis, Chesteen K.	08-Feb-06	
Mathis, LaErica	09-Jul-03	
Mathis, Onvie Virgil	14-Apr-04	
Mathis, Phyllis Gail	14-Dec-05	
Mathis, Randy	08-Dec-04	
Mathis, William H., "Bill"	19-Apr-00	
Mathison, Laura Frances Jones	28-Jan-09	
Mauldin, Sally Elizabeth	30-Nov-05	
Maurath, Sylvester George "Sy"	11-Jul-01	
May, Teresa Ann Whitfield	08-Nov-00	
Mayfield, Morrice Duel	15-Aug-07	
Mayhew, Jimmy L. "Jim"	09-Feb-05	
Mayhue, Dorothy	20-Jul-05	
Maynor, Preston	23-Aug-00	
Mayo, Ila Lucas	04-Oct-00	
McAnnally, Bert R.	12-Mar-03	
McAnnally, Violet A.	28-Jun-00	
McBrayer, Helen Jean Paterson	19-Jul-06	
McBride, Cecil M.	29-Oct-03	
McCalla, Gary E.	28-Feb-01	
McCarley, Linda Shirley	31-Oct-07	
McCarter, Donald	16-Apr-03	
McCartney, Joyce K.	04-May-05	
McCartney, Kathleen Pearson	01-Nov-00	
McCarty, Charles Frank, Jr.	11-Jul-07	
McCay, Annie Lee	15-Nov-00	
McCay, Ray	21-Sep-05	
McCay, Ricky Jerome, Jr.	05-Dec-01	
McCay, Ricky Jerome, Jr. "Bubba"	12-Dec-01	
McClain, Daniel B.	16-Feb-05	
McClanahan, Terry Lee	13-Dec-00	
McCloud, Clarence William, Jr.	05-Jun-02	
McClure, Sherrel Boozer, Sr.	24-Sep-08	
McCluskey, Margaret L.	14-Feb-01	
McCluskey, Marie	04-May-05	
McCluskey, Marilyn A.	09-Jan-08	
McCombs, Charles Edward	15-Mar-06	
McCombs, James Ollie	05-Jul-00	
McCombs, Mary Carolyn	13-Feb-08	
McCord, Floyd Edward	08-Jan-03	
McCord, Harold Leon	21-Nov-07	
McCormick, Frances "Fran" Bryan	21-Apr-04	
McCormick, Joseph A.	17-Oct-01	
McCoy, Velma P.	14-Dec-05	
McCray, Eugene	18-Dec-02	
McCrorie, Sally Lee Pickard	15-Jul-09	
McCullers, Martha Grimes	13-Nov-02	
McCulley, Teamon Ermon	11-Oct-00	
McCusker, Thomas Michael, Lt. Col.	16-Oct-02	
McDade, John Wesley	26-Jan-05	
McDade, Visha Lashoe	07-Feb-01	
McDaniel, Gordon Patrick	21-Sep-05	
McDaniel, Mary Edna	20-Jun-07	
McDermott, Jerry Keith	25-Sep-02	
McDonald, Agnes Jenette	25-Jun-03	
McDonald, Angie	01-Oct-03	
McDonald, Bryan Harvey	30-Aug-06	
McDonald, C.D. "Bud"	04-Sep-02	
McDonald, Charles Madison	21-Oct-09	
McDonald, Dewey	14-Jun-06	
McDonald, Dewey Willard	07-Jun-06	
McDonald, E.G., "Red"	12-Jan-00	
McDonald, Jeremy Wayne	24-Jun-09	
McDonald, Joyce	23-May-01	
McDonald, Lilla F.	31-Mar-04	
McDonald, Margaret M.	01-Nov-06	
McDonald, Marty	05-Dec-07	
McDonough, George Robert	27-Jun-07	
McDonough, Helen Elizabeth	30-Jun-04	
McDonough, William Vance	29-Mar-00	
McDowell, Roma Jefferson	14-Jan-04	
McDuff, Dorothy M.	06-Nov-02	
McElroy, Ted Mike	28-Nov-01	
McElroy, Vance A.	03-Jan-01	
McEntee, Mary McGowan	13-Nov-02	
McEwen, Clyde	24-Sep-08	
McFarlen, Selester "Les"	07-Jul-04	
McGainey, Hugh "Fred"	14-Nov-07	
McGaughy, Alvin Joseph	08-Nov-06	
McGaughy, Howard J.	19-Sep-01	
McGaughy, Joseph Henry	04-Feb-04	
McGaughy, Melvin Thomas, Rev.	16-Feb-00	
McGaughy, Michael Edward, Sr.	13-May-09	
McGaughy, Rebecca Sue Jackson	29-Oct-03	
McGee, Geneva Kalkner	15-Nov-00	
McGee, Lucile	19-Dec-01	
McGee, Sherell Clyde	15-Mar-06	
McGehee, Louise Anderson	24-Apr-02	
McGhee, Herschel Hellam	24-Dec-03	
McGhee, John C. "Chubby"	27-Aug-08	
McGhee, Margaret S.	02-May-01	
McGinnis, Solon, Sr.	03-Jan-01	
McGlawn, Adrian Van	08-Apr-09	
McGlawn, Adrian Van	15-Apr-09	
McGlown, John William	04-Oct-06	
McGowan, Vivian Jan	18-Jan-06	
McGraw, Lallouise	19-Oct-05	
McGraw, Neomia "Nehi"	01-Apr-09	
McGraw, Richard Thomas, Jr. "Dick"	16-Dec-09	
McGuffie, Rosie Etta	01-Nov-00	
McHugh, Lee Howell	13-Mar-02	
McHugh, Lee Howell	27-Mar-02	
McHugh, Manuel Lamar	19-Mar-03	
McKay, Elizabeth Jackson "Bette"	18-Mar-09	
McKay, James Knox	13-Dec-00	
McKay, Philip Watson	01-Mar-00	
McKenzie, Horace	12-Nov-03	
McKinion, Lillian	24-Dec-03	
McKinnon, George	31-May-06	
McKinnon, Martha	06-Aug-08	
McKitchen, April	26-Feb-03	
McKnight, Margie	15-Oct-03	
McLellan, Inez D.	01-Mar-06	
McLeroy, Robert "Bob" Fredrick, Sr.	29-Jun-05	
McManus, Sybil W.	13-Dec-00	
McMath, Mary Louise	15-Mar-00	
McMillan, Faye Jacobs	16-Jan-02	
McMillian, James	23-Feb-05	
McMillon, Gladys Mae Endress	31-Dec-08	
McMullin, Bessie E.	31-Jul-02	
McMullin, Johnny Edward	09-Aug-00	
McNab, Lindoll Eliza	17-Sep-08	
McNabb, Anna	21-Mar-01	
McNeal, Debra Jean Pogue	31-May-06	
McNeal, Leon Elroy	14-Feb-07	
McNees, Dewitt Brandon	02-Feb-00	
McNees, Wynona Sanderson	10-Aug-05	
McNeil, Christopher Michael	21-Jun-00	
McPherson, Charles L.	16-May-01	
McQueen, John	10-Jan-01	
McWhorter, Clarence "Mack"	30-Apr-03	
Mead, Jessie Myrtle	14-Nov-01	
Mead, Patricia Sue	19-Nov-03	
Mealer, Retha Merlene Smith	12-Mar-03	
Medlin, Jean Paul	30-May-07	
Meeks, William "Billy"	25-Sep-02	
Melhorn, Haskel E.	30-Oct-02	
Melton, Gladie "Granny"	12-Jan-05	
Mendoza, Armando Ibarra	10-Sep-08	
Mendoza, Armando Ibarra	05-Nov-08	
Mendoza, Armando Ibarra	18-Feb-09	
Mendoza, Armando Ibarra	19-Aug-09	
Merchant, Leslie Adam	28-Jan-04	
Merrell, Bernice	19-Jun-02	
Merrell, D.S.	18-Jan-06	
Merrell, Emily Fay Creel	08-Apr-09	
Merrell, Oren Bartly "OB"	07-Jan-04	
Merrell, Robert L., Jr.	23-Jan-02	
Merrifield, Claude H. "Butch"	05-Feb-03	
Merritt, Sannie J.	10-Dec-03	
Merritt, Sarah N.	15-Dec-04	
Meshad, Anita Joyce	24-Jan-07	
Messer, Desmer Aileen	20-Dec-00	
Messer, Earl	27-Aug-08	
Metrock, George Scott	12-Jan-00	
Mewbourn, Mary E.	12-Sep-01	
Meyer, Don  (In Memory)	21-Apr-04	
Meyer, Robert Leo	26-Feb-03	
Meyer, Valentine	25-Oct-00	
Mickel, Mildred W.	10-Sep-03	
Mickens, Timothy	01-May-02	
Mickwee, Sam S.	07-Mar-01	
Middleton, Gary L.	24-Sep-03	
Mieure, Edith Hayes	13-Feb-02	
Milam, Doris Brooks	20-May-09	
Miles, Madgie E.	06-Sep-06	
Milford, Annie Hurt Holman	12-Jul-06	
Millard, Daniel Patrick	06-Aug-03	
Milledge, Eugene	23-Jan-02	
Millender, Oliver, Sr.	01-Jan-03	
Miller, Bobby Frank "Bob"	12-Jun-02	
Miller, Catherine A.	26-Jan-05	
Miller, Charles Lawrence	26-Mar-03	
Miller, Ellen Ernestine Melton	14-Jun-00	
Miller, Faye Carol	25-Apr-01	
Miller, Frank	18-May-05	
Miller, Fred Joseph, Jr.	08-Oct-03	
Miller, James Calvin	11-Jan-06	
Miller, Judy Barronton	13-Oct-04	
Miller, Laura Ruth	11-May-05	
Miller, Norma	29-Apr-09	
Miller, Sheveria Ann	14-Nov-01	
Miller, Velma L.	27-Dec-00	
Mills, Eric Woodrow	07-Jan-04	
Mills, Gladys Louise	22-Dec-04	
Mills, Louise Elizabeth Reynolds	18-Oct-00	
Mills, M.D. Reid	05-Sep-01	
Mills, Ronald Ezra	29-Apr-09	
Milner, John Donald	25-Nov-09	
Milstead, Clinton R. "Bud"	20-Jun-01	
Milstead, Donald B. "Pop"	21-Jul-04	
Milton, Frank W.	19-Jun-02	
Mims, Arlie Ruth	19-Jul-06	
Mims, Johnnie Marshall	30-Mar-05	
Mims, Tracy Wayne	09-Dec-09	
Mindler, John Wesley, Jr.	16-Apr-03	
Mindler, Kathleen Skinner	08-Jan-03	
Mink, Aldis Evadna Albright	12-Jun-02	
Minor, Eunice Kendrick	16-Feb-00	
Minor, Thomas W., Sr.	18-Oct-00	
Minor, Virginia H.	03-Jan-07	
Minor, Wilson	12-Nov-03	
Minshew, Joyce Eberhart	21-Nov-07	
Miskelly, Michael Lee	24-Sep-03	
Mitchell, Anthony Lee	03-Dec-03	
Mitchell, Anthony Lee	17-Dec-03	
Mitchell, Eulas	13-Aug-08	
Mitchell, Kameron	03-May-00	
Mitchell, Lucille Moody	26-Jan-00	
Mitchell, Thomas Edward, Sr.	09-Jul-03	
Mitchell, William S., Dr.	18-Feb-04	
Mitchem, Iduma	01-Feb-06	
Mitchum, Franklin Thomas	09-Jun-04	
Mixon, Gentry	09-Feb-00	
Mixon, Nan	13-Feb-02	
Mixon, Winston "Taze"	18-Apr-07	
Mize, Gene "Tony"	27-Feb-02	
Moakley, Richard V. "Dickie"	16-Jul-03	
Moates, James Thomas, Jr.	17-May-06	
Montgomery, Vivian Anita	30-Jun-04	
Montgomery, William H.	23-Jan-02	
Montgomery, Yvette	18-Aug-04	
Moody, Jerry Ray	19-Dec-07	
Moon, Bertha Louise	15-Jun-05	
Moon, Bertha Louise	22-Jun-05	
Moon, Lou P.	03-Jun-09	
Moon, Norman Eugene	07-Nov-01	
Moon, Rejina Mae	01-Mar-06	
Moon, Thomas H. "Tommy"	28-Oct-09	
Mooney, Braxton Bragg	12-Dec-01	
Mooney, Calvin L.	14-Dec-05	
Mooney, Carl Jackson	28-Feb-07	
Mooney, Clyde	05-Jun-02	
Mooney, Edna Hallmon	03-Oct-01	
Mooney, Howard	16-Mar-05	
Mooney, Myrtlene Niven	16-Mar-05	
Mooney, Robert E.	11-Feb-04	
Mooney, Thomas Wesley "Turkey"	03-Sep-03	
Mooney, Vivian Nolen	04-Oct-06	
Moor, Herman Lee	16-Jul-08	
Moore, Abress	14-Mar-07	
Moore, Annie Grace	11-Jun-03	
Moore, Barbara Ann	26-Mar-08	
Moore, Bernice K.	15-Jan-03	
Moore, Bernice K.	22-Jan-03	
Moore, Bertha M.	23-Apr-03	
Moore, Bonnie	14-Nov-01	
Moore, Carrie	14-Mar-07	
Moore, Coleman, Jr.	10-Mar-04	
Moore, Devaughn Carl	01-Oct-03	
Moore, Doris L.	04-Jun-03	
Moore, Dot	25-May-05	
Moore, Edna F.	03-May-00	
Moore, Ethel Moody	07-Nov-07	
Moore, Gerdes Maude	22-Jan-03	
Moore, Herman R.	14-Mar-01	
Moore, Hubbard Arthur	02-Jan-08	
Moore, James Manuel	20-May-09	
Moore, Josephine "Mama Jo"	08-Aug-07	
Moore, Juanita L.	02-Dec-09	
Moore, Laura Jo	23-May-01	
Moore, Leola Sanders	04-Apr-01	
Moore, Mae B.	20-Dec-00	
Moore, Obie R.	13-Sep-06	
Moore, Oscar Bernard (Bernie)	17-Oct-01	
Moore, Patrick Archie	03-May-06	
Moore, Rhoda Mae	12-Dec-01	
Moore, Ronald L., "Ron"	26-Jan-00	
Moore, Roy Birch	25-Jun-08	
Moore, Sarah Louise Finley	19-Feb-03	
Moore, Zale	22-Aug-01	
Moran, Raymond Joseph	06-Feb-02	
Moreland, Charles W.	29-Dec-04	
Moreland, Edna Louise	07-Jun-06	
Moreland, Edna Louise	14-Jun-06	
Moreland, Gene Tunney	24-Jun-09	
Moreland, John Hardy	21-Nov-01	
Moreland, Roger E.	10-Nov-04	
Moreno, Jose	05-Dec-07	
Morgan, Allen Roger	30-May-07	
Morgan, Barbara Dean	13-Jun-07	
Morgan, Dorothy Mae "Mimi"	24-Dec-08	
Morgan, Edith Auburn	09-Apr-03	
Morgan, Ellorine Cottingham	31-May-06	
Morgan, Leonard Hershel	19-Oct-05	
Morgan, Ruby Cribbs	31-Dec-08	
Morgan, Ruby Cribbs	07-Jan-09	
Morgan, Viola Young	28-Mar-01	
Morgan, Willie Wilson	20-Dec-00	
Mori, William "Bill"	09-Jan-02	
Morphis, Jean Lucas	24-Dec-08	
Morrell, Leo Wilbur	07-Aug-02	
Morris, Arnell	25-Dec-02	
Morris, B. Harold	22-May-02	
Morris, Barbara C.	30-Jul-08	
Morris, Bill	01-Jun-05	
Morris, Bobbie	23-Jan-02	
Morris, Bobby Ray	03-Jul-02	
Morris, Clint Arlo	25-Aug-04	
Morris, Clint Arlo	01-Sep-04	
Morris, Clint Arlow	18-Aug-04	
Morris, Dessie	17-Oct-01	
Morris, Douglas Glenn	22-Mar-06	
Morris, Harrell Wayne	28-Nov-01	
Morris, James	07-Feb-07	
Morris, James H.	08-Sep-04	
Morris, Jefferson B.	26-Jul-06	
Morris, John Carroll	07-Sep-05	
Morris, Juanita	01-Jul-09	
Morris, Lessie Ruth	01-Sep-04	
Morris, Mae Belle Mills	24-Aug-05	
Morris, Norman	16-Nov-05	
Morris, Olive "Pollye" Holman	15-Mar-06	
Morris, Patricia Ann	18-Jan-06	
Morris, Phillip Gail, Sr.	02-Jan-08	
Morris, Timothy Leon "Po"	30-Oct-02	
Morris, Timothy Riley	24-Aug-05	
Morris, Timothy Riley	31-Aug-05	
Morris, Walter R.	26-Jan-05	
Morris, Walter R.	09-Feb-05	
Morris, William E.	19-Nov-03	
Morrison, Ronald P.	10-Jul-02	
Morrison, Veronica K.	10-Jul-02	
Morrow, Elijah	15-Oct-03	
Morrow, Phillip	05-May-04	
Morton, William Thomas	27-Apr-05	
Mosely, Katherine Beatrice Rasco	13-Dec-06	
Mosier, Donald Joe	28-Apr-04	
Moss, Kenneth Wayne	05-May-04	
Moss, Kenneth Wayne	01-Sep-04	
Moss, Walter	03-Oct-01	
Motes, Carolyn Stewart	18-Jul-01	
Motes, Flossie	13-Oct-04	
Motes, Perry	07-May-08	
Motes, Perry	14-May-08	
Motes, Rodney Wayne	23-May-01	
Motes, Ruby Lynn	18-May-05	
Motes, William "Earl"	01-Jul-09	
Muchowski, Edward Harold "Eddie"	17-Aug-05	
Muehlbauer, William Jacob	21-Jul-04	
Mulkey, Mary Frances Pressley	18-Nov-09	
Mullens, Murrel H.	25-Jun-08	
Mullins, Betty Jo	16-Oct-02	
Mullins, Charles David, Rev.	17-Dec-08	
Mullins, William Joseph "Billy"	27-Sep-06	
Munoz, Antonia Rosado "Miss Tony"	01-Aug-01	
Murphy, Delita Darlene	21-Jun-00	
Murphy, Flossie "Flo" Lucas	07-Jul-04	
Murphy, Sarah	10-Jan-01	
Murray, Lela Junice	29-Nov-06	
Murray, Thelma Raye	21-Sep-05	
Murrell, Sue Geraldine	21-Sep-05	
Muse, Marvin	30-Jan-08	
Musso, James J., Jr.	27-Sep-00	
Myers, Johnnie Kathleen Oldham Hilyer	02-Sep-09	
Myers, Ruth Davis	13-Feb-02	
Naish, Kerby "Butch"	11-Jun-03	
Naish, Ruth Kerby	28-Feb-01	
Nance, Jeanette Wilkowski	03-Apr-02	
Nance, Polly A.	28-May-08	
Nannini, Bonnie Jean	18-Dec-02	
Nannini, Clara B.	03-Mar-04	
Nannini, Michael "Shimbo"	01-Nov-00	
Narz, Marvin, Dr.	05-Aug-09	
Nash, Albert Thomas	02-Aug-00	
Nash, Florence McElroy	30-Apr-08	
Nash, Hazel Holcombe	18-Oct-00	
Nash, Verlie Mae	07-Jul-04	
Nasworthy, Ada Bertie	07-Feb-07	
Naugher, Lillie Mae	06-Mar-02	
Neal, Neal Allen	08-Dec-04	
Neely, Willie Pearl	06-Dec-00	
Neilson, James Phares	21-Dec-05	
Nell, Sarah	07-Mar-01	
Nelms, Carl	19-Dec-01	
Nelms, Louise	29-May-02	
Nelson Flora Mae "Paw Paw"	18-Nov-09	
Nelson, Betty Ward	14-May-03	
Nelson, Gladys	14-Aug-02	
Nelson, Majorie	29-Dec-04	
Nelson, Mary Ruth Edwards	07-Mar-07	
Nelson, Sue M.	20-Sep-00	
Nesmith, Daisy Pauline	13-Jun-01	
Newman, Clara P.	25-Jul-01	
Newman, Ellie Aubrey	30-Nov-05	
Newman, Lacy	18-Jun-03	
Newman, Lacy Larrette	25-Jun-03	
Newman, Lacy Larrette	09-Jul-03	
Newman, Thurman E.	08-Feb-06	
Newman, Zonie Marie	07-Nov-01	
Newsome, Jean Helen	08-Nov-00	
Newsome, Joseph Patrick, Sr.	20-Dec-00	
Newton, William "Larry" Henry	12-May-04	
Nicholas, G.C., Jr. "Nick"	18-Dec-02	
Nicholas, Ruth L.	27-Mar-02	
Nichols, Adele Staggs	25-Jun-08	
Nichols, Albert Reece	25-Jun-08	
Nichols, Alice Jane	14-Mar-01	
Nichols, Betty	11-Sep-02	
Nichols, Car. B.	28-May-08	
Nichols, Carolyn Marie	12-Nov-03	
Nichols, Charles Wayne	04-May-05	
Nichols, Columbus	08-Oct-08	
Nichols, D.W., Mr.	18-Jul-01	
Nichols, Dovie Elizabeth	10-Sep-08	
Nichols, Elizabeth	08-Oct-08	
Nichols, Frederick Alton	14-Feb-01	
Nichols, Harry T.	03-Nov-04	
Nichols, Hildred West	16-Jan-02	
Nichols, Janie Louise	08-Sep-04	
Nichols, Janie Louise	15-Sep-04	
Nichols, Mary Elizabeth	05-Sep-07	
Nicholson, Charles Edward	27-Aug-08	
Niemann, Jurt M.W.	12-Oct-05	
Niswander, Martha Ann Helton	03-May-00	
Niven, Lillie Mae	24-Sep-03	
Nivens, Eula B.	07-Feb-01	
Nix, James Leon	07-Jun-00	
Nix, Joel P.	05-Nov-08	
Nix, John Wesley, Sr.	12-Jul-00	
Nix, Mack Aaron	30-Apr-03	
Nix, Peggy Ann Peters	30-Apr-03	
Nix, R.O. Gaithers	05-Dec-01	
Nix, Rev. Wilburn L.	12-Jan-05	
Nix, Savannah Dawn	26-Jul-00	
Nix, Timothy Willard	15-Dec-04	
Nix, William "Bill"	02-Mar-05	
Noah, Billie Sue	15-Nov-00	
Nobles, Margie C.	24-Oct-07	
Noblitt, Harley Michelle	17-Jan-07	
Noe, Hannah Grace	26-May-04	
Noe, Hesterlene Reed	10-Oct-01	
Noe, Robert Fred	09-May-01	
Noland, Janet Winifred	04-Sep-02	
Nolen, Elizabeth Houston	18-Jan-06	
Nolen, Eva M.	11-Feb-09	
Nolen, Jessie A.	06-May-09	
Nolen, Marjorie B.	27-May-09	
Nolen, Rufus Felton	08-Dec-04	
Norman, Linda Mae Hamm	23-Oct-02	
Norman, Mary Ann	10-Oct-01	
Norman, Peggy Brown	03-May-00	
Norris, Archie B.	24-Sep-08	
Norris, Dallis Wayne	28-Jan-04	
Norris, Della Jean	04-Mar-09	
Norris, Kenneth Earl	21-May-03	
North, Dorothy G.	29-Jan-03	
Northcutt, John Henry	11-Dec-02	
Northcutt, Kathryn Sabrea	28-Feb-07	
Northcutt, Paul Ramon	28-Jul-04	
Norwood, John Andrew, Rev.	18-Jun-03	
Novak, Ralph Vincent	02-Jul-08	
Nummy, Cecil Earl	20-Sep-00	
Nunn, King David	03-May-00	
Nunnally, Sonia Irene	18-Dec-02	
Nunnelley, Judy	21-Nov-01	
Oakes, Charles L.	21-Oct-09	
Oakes, Diane	25-Dec-02	
Oakes, Reuben	26-Jan-00	
Oats, Christopher Jarmonn	11-Sep-02	
O'Conner, Wilma Hodges	25-Jul-01	
Odgers, Jeffrey Calvin	07-Apr-04	
Odle, Katherine	12-Nov-03	
Oglesby, Tommy H.	07-Apr-04	
O'Grady, Johnny W., Jr.	26-Jan-05	
Oldham, Jayne Rene'	12-Jun-02	
Oliver, Gertrude O.	05-Sep-01	
Oliver, Marilyn Sue	02-Dec-09	
Oliver, Michael	02-Apr-08	
O'Neal, Billie Warren	08-Aug-07	
O'Neal, James Jerry	09-Jul-08	
O'Neal, Kathleen L.	01-May-02	
O'Neal, Marcus Jason	02-Aug-06	
Osborn, Lenora "Tiny" Cunningham	15-Jun-05	
Osborn, Lenora "Tiny" Cunningham	22-Jun-05	
Osborn, Roderick E.	10-Jan-01	
O'Sheilds, William Clint	09-Mar-05	
O'Shields, Clint	02-Mar-05	
O'Shields, Margaret C.	09-Jul-08	
Otten, George	05-Jan-05	
Overstreet, Charles Edward	25-Apr-01	
Overstreet, Henry Ella "Pat"	18-Feb-04	
Overton, Denver "Shorty"	02-Mar-05	
Overton, Gordon	30-Nov-05	
Owen, Debbie Ann	01-Mar-00	
Owen, Loma I.	04-Jul-01	
Owen, Myrtle Lucille Langner	18-Feb-09	
Owen, Ora M.	14-Jan-04	
Owen, Tara Sherron	31-Oct-01	
Owens, Charles Levoyd	12-Jul-00	
Owens, Decell	01-Apr-09	
Owens, James A.	30-Dec-09	
Owens, James Marion	27-Feb-02	
Owens, Lauren Denise	14-Nov-07	
Owens, Martha Kate	02-Mar-05	
Owens, Mary Ann	30-Jan-02	
Ozley, Bertha Berger	13-Mar-02	
Ozley, John Henry	17-Oct-01	
Ozley, Lola M.	30-Oct-02	
Ozley, Thelma	20-Sep-00	
Pace, Phillip Lee	17-Jan-01	
Page, William T. "Bill"	12-Oct-05	
Palmer, Allie B.	02-Feb-00	
Palmer, Edith Strain	19-Feb-03	
Palmer, Edward Elsworth	18-Nov-09	
Palmer, James E.	13-Nov-02	
Palmer, Mae Will	23-Dec-09	
Palmer, Sara C.	08-Oct-08	
Pannell, Bobby	29-Nov-00	
Pannell, Minnie Lou	29-Apr-09	
Panos, Mary Lane	12-Jan-05	
Pardon, Emmett	17-Sep-03	
Pardue, Emma Magaline	06-Aug-08	
Pardue, James E.	03-Jan-01	
Pardue, Juanita	04-Jun-08	
Pardue, Ruby I.	29-Nov-00	
Parker, Ann Kohen	16-Jul-03	
Parker, Johnie Lofton, Sr.	10-Oct-07	
Parker, Johnnie Ruth	21-Jan-04	
Parker, Joseph Claudell	19-Mar-03	
Parker, Kitty	26-Feb-03	
Parker, Kristy Marie	26-Nov-08	
Parker, Laura Denise	09-Jul-08	
Parker, Laura Lee	03-Nov-04	
Parker, Margaret Dixon	02-Oct-02	
Parker, Mattie Onvia Elizabeth	04-May-05	
Parker, Mavis Olene Whitfield Wilson	31-Oct-07	
Parker, Theodore Phillip, Jr.	30-Jul-03	
Parker, Vernon Leo	13-Sep-00	
Parker, William Alton	25-Jul-01	
Parker, William Joseph "Pappy"	22-Oct-03	
Parks, Yvonne Scurlock	02-May-07	
Parrish, Katie	10-Sep-08	
Parrish, Ovelene White	12-Sep-07	
Parson, Frances Jenelle	21-Jun-00	
Parsons, Martha Faye	21-May-08	
Parsons, Mary S.	20-Dec-06	
Parsons, Russell Craig, Sr.	14-May-03	
Partridge, Howard "Dink", Sr.	31-Dec-03	
Partridge, James Lloyd	16-Nov-05	
Partridge, Peggy Sue	16-Mar-05	
Partridge, William Harold	07-Jan-04	
Passon, Jean	31-May-06	
Pate, Agnes Nivens	05-May-04	
Pate, Doris Ellen	19-May-04	
Pate, Eunice Lavada Grimes	25-Feb-04	
Pate, Hazel J. Thornburg	10-Nov-04	
Pate, James C.	31-May-00	
Pate, James H.	20-Feb-08	
Pate, Joe	07-Sep-05	
Pate, Joel "Wayne"	08-Mar-06	
Pate, Joel Robert	27-Feb-02	
Pate, Lois Mitchell "Foots"	18-Jul-01	
Patmainee, Peter C. "Butch", Jr.	21-May-08	
Patmon, Mittie "Pearl" Gibson	20-Oct-04	
Patrick, James T. "Tommy", Jr.	25-Nov-09	
Patrick, Melba Thrift	06-Aug-03	
Patterson, Cloye Mildred Cole	27-Feb-02	
Patterson, Della Irene	09-Mar-05	
Patterson, Donald	02-Jul-08	
Patterson, Eddie Mae	25-Apr-01	
Patterson, James Monroe "Bubba"	07-Jun-06	
Patterson, Jerry Lloyd	18-Feb-04	
Patterson, Ophelia	01-Jun-05	
Patterson, Perry L.	16-Feb-00	
Patterson, Raymond	07-Sep-05	
Patterson, Thomas Franklin, III	17-Sep-03	
Patton, Earnest, Jr.	28-Jun-00	
Patton, Grady Farris	29-Mar-06	
Patton, Sean	13-Sep-06	
Paul, Orval Franklin	05-Sep-01	
Paulk, Allen Lamar	27-Jun-01	
Paulk, Doris Brown	23-Nov-05	
Paulk, Janice Faye Hyde	10-Nov-04	
Paulk, Kellie Cheree	05-May-04	
Paulk, Toni Minor	03-Jun-09	
Payne, Annie Bell	30-Mar-05	
Payne, Anthony Rosco	06-Mar-02	
Payne, Billy E.	11-Aug-04	
Payne, Bobbie Ruth	25-Jun-08	
Payne, Charles Franklin	23-Jun-04	
Payne, Clair Marie	01-May-02	
Payne, Clarence O.	28-Jan-09	
Payne, Doyle M., Jr.	27-Oct-04	
Payne, Earl Davie	18-Feb-04	
Payne, Fumie "Mary"	25-Feb-04	
Payne, James Charles, The Rev.	11-Dec-02	
Payne, Lennie M.	17-May-00	
Payne, Marvie Mae	05-Sep-07	
Payne, Phyllis Ann Holsomback	17-Sep-03	
Payne, Richard Harvel	11-Apr-01	
Payne, Robert Earl "Rabbit"	18-May-05	
Payne, Ronald "Tim"	14-Oct-09	
Payne, Thelma Louise Davis	25-Aug-04	
Payne, Willie Jeanette Byrd	20-Jun-07	
Payton, Avonell	09-Apr-03	
Payton, Jennifer Kay	02-Feb-05	
Payton, Jennifer Kay	09-Feb-05	
Peacock, Clifford Hayden	30-Oct-02	
Peacock, Doris J.	25-Oct-06	
Peacock, Jack M.	11-Nov-09	
Peal, Carrie Elizabeth	04-Oct-06	
Peal, Melvin Henry	24-Sep-03	
Peal, William Henry "Willie"	20-Feb-08	
Pearce, Bertron "Bert", Jr.	22-Jan-03	
Pearce, Rachael Wallace	07-Feb-01	
Pearson, Alton "Jack"	24-Jan-01	
Pearson, Billy Gene	28-Feb-07	
Pearson, Calvin Nathan	23-Feb-05	
Pearson, Carl Wade	07-Oct-09	
Pearson, Doug	14-Jul-04	
Pearson, Gloria	14-Aug-02	
Pearson, Maurice G.	26-Apr-06	
Pearson, Milton E. "Buddy"	27-Jul-05	
Pearson, Shannon Dale	30-Jul-08	
Peek, Betty Battle	12-Jul-06	
Peeples, Eugene	24-Dec-03	
Peete, Benjamin "Ben" Blount, Sr.	23-Dec-09	
Pender, Michael John	08-Dec-04	
Pendleton, Dudley Digges	17-Dec-08	
Pendleton, Timothy Joseph	12-Mar-03	
Penland, Earl Wayne	19-Jul-06	
Penland, Margaret Cordellia	04-Oct-06	
Penn, Luella	26-Jun-02	
Pennington, Aubia Ray, Sr.	26-Apr-00	
Pennington, Carolyn Jean	14-Sep-05	
Pennington, Coleman Brown "Buddy"	07-Sep-05	
Pennington, Helen Pauline	12-Jul-06	
Pennington, Irene Elizabeth	29-Nov-00	
Pennington, James Earl	03-May-00	
Pennington, Larry Joe	11-Jun-08	
Pennington, Louise Virginia Pierce	02-Aug-00	
Pennington, Marion D.	23-Aug-00	
Pennington, Nellie Faye	26-Sep-07	
People, Albert Lee	28-Mar-01	
Peoples, Billy L.	30-Apr-03	
Peoples, Johnnie Mae Nation	08-Aug-01	
Peoples, Lindet Ray, Sr.	02-Feb-00	
Peral, Jose Luis	23-Feb-05	
Perkins, Helen L.	14-Nov-01	
Perrin, James L.	20-Dec-06	
Perrine, Roger Kenneth	20-Dec-06	
Perry, Barbara Ann	11-Jun-08	
Perry, Billy J.	23-Aug-06	
Perry, Helen Frances	12-Jun-02	
Perry, James Harold	26-Dec-01	
Perry, Rex Ovid	27-Nov-02	
Perryman, Clara S.	27-Nov-02	
Perryman, Jean D.	24-Dec-03	
Pesnell, Mardee Foster	11-Oct-00	
Pesseackey, Alexander	24-Apr-02	
Pesseackey, Mildred Pickett "Soupie"	06-Dec-06	
Peters, Dollie Bell	20-Sep-06	
Peters, Grover Cleveland "Bud", Jr.	08-Apr-09	
Peters, Herman Brown, Jr.	05-Jan-00	
Peters, John Walter "Butch"	13-Oct-04	
Peters, Thurman Eugene Headrick	01-Nov-00	
Pfeiffer, Arleen Mankin	02-Feb-00	
Pharr, Arlene F.	13-Dec-00	
Phelps, Joseph R., Jr.	28-Jul-04	
Phillips, David	30-Apr-03	
Phillips, Emelia Dianne	03-Nov-04	
Phillips, Emeua Dianne	27-Oct-04	
Phillips, Emily S. and Abbey C.	19-Jul-00	
Phillips, Fred F.	29-Mar-06	
Phillips, Frederick Funston	22-Mar-06	
Phillips, Harry, Dr.	12-Jan-05	
Phillips, Helen Louise Boothe	13-Dec-00	
Phillips, James C.	23-Nov-05	
Phillips, John David, Sr.	19-Dec-07	
Phillips, Martha Lee	27-Oct-04	
Phillips, Michelle	30-Dec-09	
Phillips, Oscar Lee	28-Jul-04	
Phillips, Peggy Ann	18-Feb-04	
Phillips, Sue	30-Apr-03	
Phillips, Wallace H.	28-Mar-01	
Phipps, Benford Paul	05-Apr-00	
Pickens, Jimmy Roger	04-Jun-08	
Pickens, Stone Franklin "Jack"	12-Apr-06	
Pickens, William E.	17-Jan-01	
Pickett, Carl T.	15-Sep-04	
Pickett, Charlene King	01-Aug-07	
Pickett, Dorothy Ophelia	04-Sep-02	
Pickett, Duncan Eric	24-Oct-07	
Pickett, Hubert	26-Dec-01	
Pickett, James Edward "Jimmy"	02-Mar-05	
Pickett, Juanita Lawley	20-Dec-00	
Pickett, Louie Joe	26-Mar-08	
Pickett, Luther	08-Oct-03	
Pickett, Mable L.	17-Jan-07	
Pickett, Marvin Lee "Bud"	22-Aug-07	
Pickett, Marvin Lee "Charlie, Jr.	09-May-07	
Pickett, Mary Ernestine	27-Nov-02	
Pickett, Mattie	11-Oct-00	
Pickett, Roscoe	30-Nov-05	
Pieniozek, Kellie Ozelle	22-Dec-04	
Pierce, Carl T.	29-May-02	
Pierce, Dwight Paul	17-Jan-07	
Pierce, Eleanor M.	07-Jul-04	
Pierce, Jimmy Lou	15-Aug-01	
Pierce, Lori B.	18-Jun-03	
Pierce, Robert George	15-Oct-03	
Pilkington, Clara "Cat" Kathleen	17-Dec-08	
Pilkington, Jerome	17-May-06	
Pinion, Christopher Dalton	20-Jul-05	
Pinion, Mary Kay	14-Oct-09	
Pinion, Stephen Michael	07-Feb-01	
Pinkerton, John Arthur	11-Jan-06	
Pinkleton, Larry	21-Jan-09	
Piper, Alphues	08-Nov-00	
Piper, Dewey Wayne	20-Jun-07	
Piper, Esther Margaret Thornton	05-May-04	
Pittman, Charles William "Bill"	26-May-04	
Pitts, Alice Irene (Catherine)	31-Jan-01	
Pitts, Dianne W.	25-Apr-01	
Pitts, Jake Roland, Jr.	05-Oct-05	
Pizzitola, Vito William "Bill"	26-Mar-03	
Plant, Norma	12-Dec-01	
Player, Demetrius, Jr.	26-Mar-03	
Pless, Daniel Reed, Sr.	19-Sep-01	
Poe, Billy Wayne	17-Mar-04	
Poe, Clarice L.	25-Mar-09	
Poe, David S.	07-May-08	
Poe, Donald Thomas	14-Nov-01	
Poe, June S.	02-Mar-05	
Poe, Leonard	30-Jan-02	
Poe, Maurice R.	13-Mar-02	
Poe, Norman N., Jr. "Tut"	26-Aug-09	
Pointer, Tommy Ray	24-Sep-03	
Pole, Gloria Klepsig	09-Aug-00	
Polk, Bill R.	24-Jul-02	
Polk, James K.	19-Jan-05	
Pontius, Andrew Leek "Andy", Jr.	09-Jul-03	
Pool, Janet Clarice	04-Apr-07	
Pool, John Douglas	06-Sep-00	
Pool, Mary Alice	15-Oct-03	
Pool, Paul Robbins	24-Dec-03	
Pool, Robert W. "Bob"	25-Jun-03	
Pool, Robert W. "Bob"	02-Jul-03	
Poole, Alonza J., Jr.	05-Sep-01	
Pope, Charles Aldridge	07-Nov-01	
Pope, Johnny Talmadge	06-Nov-02	
Pope, Lillian Ann	28-Nov-07	
Pope, Michael Talmadge	18-Oct-06	
Pope, Pamela Manning	07-Aug-02	
Pope, Robert E. "Oscar"	03-Oct-01	
Popham, Ann Baker	27-Nov-02	
Popwell, James H.	18-Apr-07	
Popwell, Kenneth Arlin	25-Aug-04	
Porter, Donna Lou	24-Jun-09	
Porter, Dorothy Nell	17-Mar-04	
Porter, Faye Harvey	04-Jun-03	
Porter, Kenneth P.	28-Jul-04	
Porter, Nellie Ruth	16-Feb-05	
Portis, Donald Thomas	04-Oct-06	
Posey, Gracie Orene	26-Mar-03	
Poskey, Susan Elaine	09-May-07	
Posten, Margaret Collier	25-Feb-04	
Pounders, Sue	10-Sep-08	
Powell, Elbert "Buck"	24-Mar-04	
Powell, Elizabeth	13-Nov-02	
Powell, Frances L.	16-Aug-00	
Powell, Marylon Gwennette "Nette"	21-May-03	
Powell, Wilma Crews	02-May-01	
Powers, Bobbye Sharon	12-Sep-01	
Powers, Frances Rainey	15-Aug-01	
Powers, Rubye C.	28-Sep-05	
Prado, Rigoberto	07-Jun-00	
Prater, Ramona B.	11-Dec-02	
Prater, Ramona B.	18-Dec-02	
Prater, Ramona B.	28-Apr-04	
Prater, Ruby Jackson	26-Nov-03	
Pratscher, Arline E.	19-May-04	
Pratt, Ruby	28-Jun-06	
Prentice, Gussie	14-Mar-07	
Prentice, Thomas, Jr.	07-Feb-01	
Presley, Kenneth Sidney Corey	15-Sep-04	
Preston, Martha Leona	20-Sep-00	
Price, Benny William	20-Aug-03	
Price, Carolyn Faye	24-Mar-04	
Price, Donna Kaye	15-Sep-04	
Price, Eunice D.	06-Feb-08	
Price, Linda Sue	08-Nov-00	
Price, Timothy Blake	16-Feb-00	
Prichard, Carl	28-Apr-04	
Prichard, Erma Ruth	02-Apr-08	
Prince, James Howard	04-Oct-00	
Prince, Thelma H.	23-Feb-00	
Province, Paula Carol	28-Nov-01	
Prucha, Agnes Vanek	25-Apr-01	
Pruett, Betty Lou Ferguson	18-Nov-09	
Pruitt, Gary Lynn	23-Feb-00	
Pruitt, Jazmine	26-Feb-03	
Pruitt, Rosa M.	23-May-01	
Psonak, Edward	28-Jun-06	
Puckett, Margaret Nell	09-Feb-00	
Purser, Braxton Wayne	25-Feb-04	
Purser, Mary Ann	20-Aug-08	
Queen, John M., Jr.	25-Apr-01	
Quinn, Claudia Marie	28-Mar-01	
Quinn, Gaither, Jr.	12-Apr-00	
Rabren, Wilton W. "Bill"	27-Apr-05	
Ragsdale, Tony	28-Nov-07	
Ragsdale, Tony Lane	05-Dec-07	
Ragsdale, Ulua Mable	01-Aug-01	
Rahl, Roger L.	26-Feb-03	
Raines, Bertha Estelle Walker	27-Nov-02	
Rainey, William "Bill"	07-Jan-04	
Rains, Donald Gene	21-Jan-04	
Rakestraw, Ella "Eloise" Wese	18-Jul-07	
Ralph, Jenne M.	02-Jul-03	
Ramey, Hubert A.	13-Nov-02	
Ramey, Larry Wayne	25-Oct-00	
Ramsey, Dorothy	19-Jan-05	
Randle, Roy Hughes	08-Oct-03	
Raney, Ruth (Pray)	26-Aug-09	
Rape, Harry Dale	21-Nov-07	
Rary, Thomas Richard	24-Oct-07	
Rasco, James Donald	30-Jan-08	
Rasco, Nancy	15-Sep-04	
Rasco, Sarah M.	13-Dec-00	
Rasco, Welby	15-Feb-06	
Ray, Annie L.	09-Aug-00	
Ray, Charles Eldred	18-Nov-09	
Ray, Earnest M.	16-Nov-05	
Ray, Elvin "Jack"	05-Jan-05	
Ray, Jeffrey Lloyd	26-Jan-00	
Ray, Jerry Wayne	08-Dec-04	
Ray, Jimmy L.	24-Dec-03	
Ray, Joel Thomas	02-Apr-03	
Ray, Mildred Faye McAnally	23-Dec-09	
Ray, Norma Jean	23-Aug-00	
Ray, Robert Rudolph	30-Dec-09	
Ray, Rosa Lee	06-Dec-00	
Ray, S.C., Sr.	01-May-02	
Ray, Seale Warner	01-Oct-03	
Ray, Truitt C. 	11-Apr-07	
Ray, Willard Wayne	02-Sep-09	
Raybon, Peggy Thompson	04-Mar-09	
Rayfield, Linnie Pearl Martin Lemley	29-Jul-09	
Reach, Dena	14-Mar-01	
Reach, Enosh Elliott	08-Aug-07	
Reach, Marvin Jackson	25-Jun-03	
Reach, Samuel Edward "Sammy"	27-Jul-05	
Reach, Willard	16-Feb-00	
Rebollar-Perrban, Ezeqiel	27-Aug-08	
Rebollar-Perrban, Ezeqiel	03-Sep-08	
Rebollar-Terevan, Ezeqiel	05-Nov-08	
Rebollar-Terevan, Ezeqiel	18-Feb-09	
Rebollar-Terevan, Ezequiel	19-Aug-09	
Rector, Mary Lane	31-Jul-02	
Redd, Esther M.	20-Jul-05	
Redwine, Laney Walton	15-Aug-07	
Reed, Helen Green	03-Oct-01	
Reed, Luther Tafton	18-Jul-01	
Reed, Teresa Moates	13-Jun-01	
Reeder, Louise H.	22-May-02	
Reeder, Louise H.	29-May-02	
Reeser, Hazel Katherine	17-May-06	
Reeser, Merl W.	09-Feb-00	
Reeser, Onita Massey	06-May-09	
Reeser, Roger M.	15-Jan-03	
Reeves, Ansel "Wayne"	20-Oct-04	
Reeves, James E.	20-Dec-06	
Reeves, Marie	03-Jan-07	
Rehn, Irwin Martin	18-Feb-04	
Reuse, Clayton	27-Sep-06	
Reuse, Clayton	04-Apr-07	
Reuse, Clayton V.	04-Oct-06	
Revis, Larry H.	25-May-05	
Revis, Mary Elizabeth Lokey	02-Aug-06	
Reynolds, Bobbie	02-Aug-06	
Reynolds, David Ray	09-May-07	
Reynolds, David Ray	16-May-07	
Reynolds, James Charlie	25-Jun-08	
Reynolds, John Henry	04-Jul-01	
Reynolds, Shelia D.	04-Dec-02	
Reynolds, Virginia Grace	03-Nov-04	
Reynolds, Winston Bryce	10-Jan-01	
Rheinscheld, Dorothy A. Primmer	02-Aug-00	
Rhoads, Ada Elizabeth "Bubba" Combs Milwood	26-Nov-03	
Rhodes, Dessie Odena Davis	21-Aug-02	
Rhodes, Florence Beaty	14-Jan-04	
Ricci, John N.	04-Apr-01	
Rice, Diane Donahoo	15-Apr-09	
Rice, Diane Donahoo	27-May-09	
Rice, Hazel E.	23-Mar-05	
Rice, Hertha A. Butler	15-Nov-00	
Rice, William Edward "Buddy"	05-Jan-05	
Rice, William Herbert, Jr.	10-Jan-01	
Rich, Dorothy Lou Brasher	05-May-04	
Rich, Edith	21-Feb-07	
Rich, Erika Michelle	19-Dec-07	
Rich, Jerry Wade  	31-Jul-02	
Rich, Jerry Wade, Sr.	24-Jul-02	
Rich, Mattie Laura	01-Aug-01	
Rich, Mattie Laura	08-Aug-01	
Rich, Ruby Southern	16-Apr-03	
Rich, Sherman Thomas	05-Jun-02	
Richards, Fred M.	19-Dec-07	
Richardson, Braxton Brown Holliman	05-Jul-00	
Richardson, Mary Jane Evans	24-Jan-01	
Richey, Larry Olen	01-Aug-07	
Richey, Ola Mae	07-Feb-07	
Rickett, Ronald McClellan	01-Aug-07	
Riffe, Harvey Lee	09-Feb-05	
Riley, Dorothy F.	12-Sep-01	
Riley, Edward M.	29-Nov-00	
Riley, Royce Leon, Jr., "Lennie"	25-Oct-00	
Rimmer, Betty Jean	07-May-08	
Rimmer, Lola E.	20-Jul-05	
Rinehart, Patrick O. "Ricky"	25-Feb-09	
Ring, Kenneth Harold	05-Jan-00	
Ritch, George Benjamin, Jr.	18-Jun-08	
Rivera, Sheila Jones	16-May-07	
Rivers, Lee Andrew	12-Jan-00	
Roach, Bobbie Jean Hughes Woods	29-Sep-04	
Roach, Elsie May Fulgham	07-Feb-07	
Robbins, Timothy Douglas, Sr.	19-Jun-02	
Robbins, Timothy Douglas, Sr.	26-Jun-02	
Robershaw, Brenda Annette	10-Oct-01	
Roberson, Annie Bell Price	16-Feb-00	
Roberson, Brenda	15-Mar-00	
Roberson, George Dewey	11-Feb-04	
Roberson, Houston Edward "Ed"	23-Mar-05	
Roberson, James C.	01-Mar-00	
Roberson, Jeanette S.	21-Nov-07	
Roberson, Marvin E.	22-N0v-06	
Roberson, Mildred C.	17-Sep-03	
Roberson, Ossie Clyde	15-May-02	
Roberson, Paul Martin	11-May-05	
Roberson, Sandra "Sandy" Parker	03-Aug-05	
Roberson, Steven Lamar	10-Jan-06	
Roberson, William Richard	16-Nov-05	
Roberts, Alfred	23-Aug-06	
Roberts, Claudie Francis	13-Feb-02	
Roberts, Edward R. "Ed"	11-Sep-02	
Roberts, Jerry T.	26-Feb-03	
Roberts, Ken	11-Oct-06	
Roberts, Marilyn	23-Aug-06	
Roberts, Mary Gwendolyn Vaughan	20-Dec-06	
Roberts, Mildred	02-May-01	
Roberts, Pauline	22-Mar-00	
Roberts, Thomas K.	21-Nov-07	
Roberts, William, Sr., "Tommy"	05-Jan-00	
Robertson, Clemmie M.	11-Sep-02	
Robertson, Jerry L., Sr.	01-May-02	
Robertson, Judith Carolyn	23-Feb-00	
Robinson, Alma Inez	31-Oct-01	
Robinson, Betty S.	23-Aug-06	
Robinson, Carmen Lynn	16-Aug-06	
Robinson, Clara Smith	13-Jun-01	
Robinson, Dorothy L.	14-Jan-04	
Robinson, Earl Wayne	04-Jul-07	
Robinson, Elliott	01-Mar-06	
Robinson, Lloyd H.	22-Sep-04	
Robinson, Maxine K.	17-Aug-05	
Robinson, Raymond Allen	31-Oct-07	
Robinson, Rebecca "Becky"	18-Jun-08	
Robinson, Toni Diana	02-Feb-00	
Rochester, Jimmie L.	11-Apr-01	
Rochestor, Wylodine Dean	14-Feb-07	
Rogers, Christian R.	27-Sep-06	
Rogers, David R.	07-Sep-05	
Rogers, David W.	14-Sep-05	
Rogers, Hugh S.	28-Sep-05	
Rogers, James Leon, Sr.	20-Jun-01	
Rogers, Jane Caroline	21-Feb-07	
Rogers, Jimmy Wayne	15-Jan-03	
Rogers, Mary Olive	22-Aug-01	
Rogers, Teresa C.	26-Nov-08	
Roland, David Lee	20-Aug-03	
Rolif, Christine Apker	21-Sep-05	
Rollan, Ray	02-Aug-06	
Roman, Mary Nell	23-Feb-05	
Roman, Sara Garcia	18-Feb-04	
Roman, Virginia	30-Mar-05	
Rooks, John W.	27-Mar-02	
Roop, John Sherman, Jr.	05-Jun-02	
Roper, Alan S.	28-May-08	
Roper, Charles O. "Buck"	08-Nov-00	
Roper, Clydean Manes	11-Mar-09	
Roper, Evie Bullard	17-Dec-08	
Roper, James Robert	28-Sep-05	
Roper, Katie Lee	03-Aug-05	
Roper, Kelly E.	29-Mar-00	
Roper, Lois	15-Jun-05	
Roper, Lois	22-Jun-05	
Roper, Sadie Daniel	31-Oct-01	
Roper, Ty Manuel Rivas	02-Nov-05	
Roper, Wayne E.	29-Mar-00	
Roper, Wilburn J.	01-May-02	
Rose, Michael William	13-Dec-00	
Ross, Barbara Charlene	20-Feb-08	
Ross, Nathaniel	07-Mar-01	
Ross, Shirley "Faye"	19-Apr-06	
Rountree, Ada Holcombe	30-May-01	
Rowe, James Chatfield	30-Nov-05	
Rowe, James W.	05-Oct-05	
Rowe, Joyce Evelyn McCranie	12-Mar-08	
Rowe, Stephen Glover, Jr.	29-Nov-06	
Rowell, Paul Douglas	06-Feb-02	
Rowland, Kathleen	02-Apr-03	
Roy, Betty Jean Jefferson	12-Apr-00	
Roy, Christopher James	30-Nov-05	
Roy, Christopher James	07-Dec-05	
Roy, Christopher James	14-Dec-05	
Roy, Jasper W. "Buddy"	22-May-02	
Roy, Jimmie Lee	01-Oct-98	
Roy, Wilma E. "Billie"	20-Jul-05	
Royster, Henry	03-Dec-03	
Royster, Henry	17-Dec-03	
Royster, Pecola Banks Wiggins	03-Sep-03	
Royster, Willie C.	30-Aug-00	
Ruemmier, Carrie Franks	08-Feb-06	
Ruiz, Maximo Dominduez	15-Dec-04	
Rumble, Eva V.	13-Mar-02	
Runnels, Mattie Elizabeth	27-Oct-04	
Runyan, Tommy Lee	28-Dec-05	
Rush, Jesse Lee	28-Feb-07	
Rushing, Iva Mae Sanford	08-Dec-04	
Rushing, Iva Mae Sanford	15-Dec-04	
Russ, Wilma R.	01-Dec-04	
Russell, Charles Heath	12-Sep-01	
Russell, Henry M., Jr.	06-Jul-05	
Russell, James David, "Jake"	02-Feb-00	
Russell, Rita Faye	16-Nov-05	
Ruston, Jeanette Elizabeth	28-Aug-02	
Rutherford, George "Pat"	29-May-02	
Rutherford, Stacie Mae	14-Aug-02	
Rutledge, Amanda Marie Edmondson (Smith)	01-Jan-03	
Rutledge, Annie Delois (Dee)	28-Feb-01	
Rutledge, Cortney	26-Jan-00	
Rutledge, Frankie Lee	01-Mar-00	
Rutledge, Jasper 	30-Aug-00	
Rutledge, Metresic Ann "Patsy"	13-Dec-00	
Rutledge, Ola Mae	29-Jan-03	
Rutz, Robert "Bob" Max	16-Dec-09	
Rylee, Norman Wayne	27-Oct-04	
Saffold, Gene Alton	25-Sep-02	
Salser, Shela G.	05-Nov-03	
Salster, Kaylee Preston	30-Nov-05	
Salter, Lucy Holcombe	27-Oct-04	
Salter, Naron Lee	04-Apr-01	
Sams, Jessie Oden	15-May-02	
Sanders, Annie Bell	17-Jan-01	
Sanders, Fay Marie	04-Feb-04	
Sanders, John William	18-Oct-06	
Sanders, Norene B.	19-Oct-05	
Sargent, Mary Margaret	08-Oct-03	
Sarris, Georgia Gulas	24-Sep-03	
Satterfield, Ray Lee	20-Feb-08	
Sauers, Eileen Margaret	26-Apr-06	
Saunders, Nellie M., Mother	10-May-00	
Savage, Willis Luther	06-Aug-03	
Sawyer, Stanley Hubert	10-Oct-07	
Saxon, Helen Milam	19-May-04	
Scarbrough, Jasper Dow, Jr. "Jack"	02-Jul-03	
Scharfenstein, Franes G.	26-Nov-03	
Schmidt, Edward Joseph Sr.	03-Mar-04	
Schmidt, Margaret Louise	04-Apr-01	
Schnau, Rita Marie	14-Feb-07	
Schoonover, Raymond Richard	24-Dec-03	
Schrader, James D.	03-Oct-07	
Schrader, Toni Marie	21-May-03	
Schrader, Viola Mae	14-Feb-07	
Schroeder, Margaret Kimbrough	06-Apr-05	
Schroeder, William H. "Billy"	04-Aug-04	
Schrull, Lauren N.	21-Nov-07	
Schrull, Robert	03-Aug-05	
Schu, Joseph Francis	27-Sep-00	
Schuler, Peter	09-Feb-00	
Schultz, Norman	19-Jul-00	
Schuttinga, Cassidy	20-May-09	
Scoggins, Clara Mae Franklin	01-Jun-05	
Scoggins, James J.	09-Jan-02	
Scott, Cecile Leonard	23-Aug-06	
Scott, Donald Lanier	28-Jun-06	
Scott, Harold D.	26-Nov-08	
Scott, Isabell	08-Jan-03	
Scott, Jeffrey Madison	07-Sep-05	
Scott, Joan G.	17-Apr-02	
Scott, Joan G.	24-Apr-02	
Scott, Junior	19-Aug-09	
Scott, Martha M.	16-Feb-05	
Scott, Naoma P.	31-Aug-05	
Scott, Robert E. Lee	05-Nov-03	
Scott, William Stephen	25-Feb-04	
Scott, Willie L., Sr.	29-Mar-00	
Scott, Wilma Gentry	04-Feb-09	
Scurlock, Mary	10-Jul-02	
Scurlock, Willie Edward	01-Dec-04	
Scurlock, Willodean	29-Oct-03	
Seale, Ailene Minor F.	12-Nov-03	
Seale, Ailene Minor F.	19-Nov-03	
Seale, Billy Lee	11-Apr-01	
Seale, Clarence Robert "Bobby", Jr.	15-Oct-03	
Seale, Elizabeth Ann	09-Aug-00	
Seale, James	20-Mar-02	
Seale, Jimmy L.	05-Dec-01	
Seale, Lawrence, "Larry"	29-Mar-00	
Seale, William Val	01-Apr-09	
Seale, William Val	08-Apr-09	
Seales, Willie Webb	05-Jul-00	
Seaman, James "Jim" D.	11-Apr-07	
Searcy, Lee Kyzer	12-Apr-06	
Sears, Joyce Lynn	10-Oct-07	
Segers, Lois G.	18-Apr-01	
Sellers, Clara M.	31-Oct-07	
Sellers, Gladys Faye	05-Jan-05	
Sellers, Nyla Ruth	31-Jul-02	
Sellers, Oliver J.	16-Feb-00	
Sellers, Rex Eugene	19-Jul-00	
Sellers, Roselyn Lee	10-Jan-01	
Sexton, Jerry Nadine	24-Sep-03	
Sexton, Kate Wihelmine Rixen	01-May-02	
Shaner, Geneva	26-Sep-07	
Shaner, Jeffrey Lee	08-Dec-04	
Sharbutt, James Hughston, Judge	14-Jun-00	
Sharp, Joyce Darlene	10-Sep-03	
Sharp, Marvin James	03-Apr-02	
Sharp, Robert Andrew	22-Sep-04	
Sharp, Tamara	17-Jan-07	
Shaver, Abigail Lynn	09-Jul-08	
Shaw,  Cecil H.	01-Aug-01	
Shaw, Agnes Louise	29-Jun-05	
Shaw, Benjamin F.	30-Apr-08	
Shaw, Edith Wright	29-Sep-04	
Shaw, Evelyn Faye	04-Nov-09	
Shaw, John M.	26-Apr-06	
Shaw, Jonathan Tray	21-Feb-07	
Shaw, Mary Louise	30-Nov-05	
Shaw, Mary Nell	03-Jun-09	
Shaw, Mathelle Burns "Mott"	18-Jul-01	
Shaw, Omelia H. "Peggy"	23-Jan-02	
Shaw, Wilma	20-Aug-08	
Shelton, Jennifer Gail Perrine	19-Mar-03	
Shepherd, Jimmy Albert, Jr.	12-Jul-06	
Shepherd, Marilyn S.	10-Apr-02	
Sherman, Kate Walker	10-Jul-02	
Sherman, Savannah Gail	21-Mar-07	
Sherrell, Grace C.	29-Dec-04	
Sherrer, Bobby E., Sr.	01-Sep-04	
Shiffler, Victoria	03-Dec-08	
Shiflett, James H.	31-Jan-01	
Shinpaugh, Roy L. "Leroy"	04-Jul-01	
Shipp, Barbara Jo Baggett	31-Mar-04	
Shirley, Jackie Ray	09-Jul-08	
Shirley, Mary Evelyn Waldrop Chance	21-Mar-01	
Shirley, Robert C. "Bob"	29-Dec-04	
Shoemaker, Jo Ann Terry	04-Apr-01	
Shoemaker, Robert Dean	02-Mar-05	
Shogren, Gerald C., Lt. Col.	16-Feb-05	
Shook, Larry Allen	29-Jan-03	
Shores, Joyce Alberta	17-Jan-07	
Shores, Kaitlyn Paige	24-Mar-04	
Shores, William E., Jr.	28-Jan-04	
Shores, William E., Jr.	04-Feb-04	
Short, Debra G.	05-Feb-03	
Short, Olan E.	17-Sep-03	
Short, Tommie Inzee	20-Sep-00	
Shortnacy, Ross Travis	16-Dec-09	
Shortnancy, Ross Travis	02-Dec-09	
Shugrue, John S. "Johnny"	29-Oct-08	
Sides, Allen Scott	18-Jul-01	
Sides, Allen Walker	19-Jan-00	
Sigler, Aline Farrar	14-Nov-07	
Sillery, Doris Louise	07-Jul-04	
Simmons, Cathy Lynn	29-Apr-09	
Simmons, Clarence Brady	21-Mar-07	
Simmons, Evelyn New	28-May-03	
Simmons, Maude Elizabeth	26-Dec-07	
Simmons, Ruth Delene	19-Oct-05	
Simon, Imogene King	18-Apr-01	
Simon, Vivian Millender	02-Dec-09	
Simpson, Annie Jewel	04-Aug-04	
Sims, Alton D.	02-Apr-03	
Sims, Benjamin "Ben" Stuart	12-Jul-06	
Sims, Benjamin Stuart	05-Jul-06	
Sims, Charles Marion	21-Mar-01	
Sims, Edwin Jack, Jr.	12-Jul-00	
Sims, Effie Gardner	19-Feb-03	
Sims, Hugh M., Jr.	31-Mar-04	
Sims, James F.	11-Apr-01	
Sims, Jewel D.	19-Nov-08	
Sims, John W.	11-Dec-02	
Sims, Michael Gordon	09-May-01	
Sims, William Monette	23-Apr-03	
Singleton, Berneice J.	28-Feb-01	
Singleton, William A.	07-Feb-01	
Sisk, Christine M.	29-Apr-09	
Sisk, Stanley W.	03-May-00	
Sizemore, Hurshel L., Rev.	19-Aug-09	
Skelton, Carolyn	31-Mar-04	
Skelton, James A. "Jimmy"	06-Mar-02	
Skelton, Mary Nell Millstead	19-Sep-07	
Skelton, Phillip Lee	21-Jun-06	
Skinner, Ashlyn	20-Jul-05	
Skinner, Ashlyn	23-Nov-05	
Skinner, Bryson	20-Jul-05	
Skinner, Bryson	23-Nov-05	
Skinner, Ella Ruth	16-Jun-04	
Skinner, Hayden Mathew	06-Nov-02	
Skinner, James Harvey	20-Sep-06	
Skinner, Logan Grant	20-Nov-02	
Skinner, Teresa Darlene	13-Oct-04	
Slater, Forrest Kyle	08-Jul-09	
Slaughter, Thomas S., II, Dr.	24-Dec-08	
Sledge, Eugene Bondurant, Dr.	07-Mar-01	
Smart, James Alton	29-Nov-00	
Smiley, Ethel	01-Jan-03	
Smith, Alice Fay	06-Sep-00	
Smith, Allen Scott	06-Apr-05	
Smith, Alvin Cecil	04-Jun-08	
Smith, Barbara Vick	06-Jun-07	
Smith, Basil R.	19-Dec-07	
Smith, Betty Glass	20-Oct-04	
Smith, Billy Eugene, Sr.	22-Dec-04	
Smith, Billy Joe	07-Aug-02	
Smith, Bonnie Jean	14-Nov-07	
Smith, Cecilia Psonak	05-Apr-06	
Smith, Charles Bernard	25-Apr-01	
Smith, Charles E.	08-Jan-03	
Smith, Charles Eason "Bud"	21-Sep-05	
Smith, Charles Leamon	30-Sep-09	
Smith, Charlon W., Mrs.	17-Oct-01	
Smith, Christine	15-Jul-09	
Smith, Christine M.	17-Sep-03	
Smith, Clifton Leon, Jr. "Crypt Keeper"	09-Jun-04	
Smith, Clyde E.	08-Nov-00	
Smith, David Allen	12-Jul-06	
Smith, David Brandon	30-Jan-02	
Smith, David H. "Buddy", Jr.	05-Mar-08	
Smith, Deborah Sue	31-Dec-08	
Smith, Desiree Leighann	28-May-03	
Smith, Dessie M.	10-May-06	
Smith, Donald	15-Sep-04	
Smith, Donald E.	09-May-01	
Smith, Donald Murphy	14-May-03	
Smith, Duane Wiggins	14-Jan-04	
Smith, Earnest T.	15-Nov-06	
Smith, Eddie, Sr.	11-Mar-09	
Smith, Edwin	20-Oct-04	
Smith, Elder W.	20-Mar-02	
Smith, Elsie Claude	07-Jan-04	
Smith, Elsie Clyde	14-Jan-04	
Smith, Ford Edison	16-Jul-03	
Smith, Freda Aleene	28-Apr-04	
Smith, Geneva Stagner	09-May-01	
Smith, Gregg H.	19-Oct-05	
Smith, Herman "Buddy"	02-Apr-08	
Smith, Herman Edward	14-Feb-07	
Smith, Hugh Weldon "Smitty", Sr.	05-Jul-06	
Smith, James Alfred	10-Dec-03	
Smith, James Carl	01-Dec-04	
Smith, James Harold	20-Nov-02	
Smith, James Randall	05-Dec-07	
Smith, James Turner "Jim"	01-May-02	
Smith, Jennifer Faye	04-May-05	
Smith, Jo (Overberger)	10-Oct-01	
Smith, Jo Ann Isabell	24-Aug-05	
Smith, John Earvin "Boo"	12-Oct-05	
Smith, John J.	16-Aug-00	
Smith, John Perry	26-Jul-06	
Smith, Joshua David	25-Oct-00	
Smith, L.Z.	06-Aug-08	
Smith, Learde Sailes	08-Jan-03	
Smith, Leonard Eugene "Bill"	10-Nov-04	
Smith, Lois E.	07-Feb-01	
Smith, Lois Jeannie Salvage	10-Sep-08	
Smith, Lorene Eddy	31-May-06	
Smith, Louise Violet	13-Jun-01	
Smith, Maggie P.	29-Jun-05	
Smith, Mary Brooks Vason	13-Apr-05	
Smith, Mary Evelyn	18-Jun-03	
Smith, Mary Evelyn	25-Jun-03	
Smith, Mary Faye	05-Mar-03	
Smith, Mary Jane	13-Jun-01	
Smith, May Belle Davis Woods	26-Apr-00	
Smith, Michael Scott	18-Apr-07	
Smith, Neal	07-Dec-05	
Smith, Nola	04-Jun-08	
Smith, Norma Joiner	10-Jan-01	
Smith, Odell Harris	19-Nov-03	
Smith, Ola Mae	24-May-06	
Smith, Orpha B.	13-Apr-05	
Smith, Patricia C. "Patti"	03-Jul-02	
Smith, Paul Edward	21-Nov-01	
Smith, Paul Wheeler	18-Jul-07	
Smith, Paul Wheeler	25-Jul-07	
Smith, Raymond Charles	24-Jan-07	
Smith, Raymond, Jr.	11-Jun-08	
Smith, Ressie V.	04-Aug-04	
Smith, Robert Lee	24-Mar-04	
Smith, Robert, Sr.	16-Apr-03	
Smith, Roland, Jr.	02-Jun-04	
Smith, Ruby Gothard	06-Apr-05	
Smith, Rufus Raymond	16-Aug-06	
Smith, Sarah Louise	28-Nov-01	
Smith, Shirley Ann Porter	17-Dec-08	
Smith, Troy	04-May-05	
Smith, Velma Louise Burton	28-Jun-00	
Smith, Verlon Isbell	01-Mar-00	
Smith, W. Wesley	05-Aug-09	
Smith, William G. "Bill"	23-Sep-09	
Smith, William Lewis	13-Nov-02	
Smith, Willie Roy, Jr.	10-Jan-06	
Smith, Young William	28-Apr-04	
Smitherman, Alton W.	09-Aug-00	
Smitherman, Dessie C. "D.C."	31-Oct-07	
Smitherman, Emily West	15-Nov-00	
Smitherman, Grover D.	01-Jun-05	
Smitherman, Jadie Clarence	06-Oct-04	
Smitherman, Jerry Wayne	27-Feb-08	
Smitherman, John	27-Sep-06	
Smitherman, John	04-Apr-07	
Smitherman, Joyce Marie	03-Sep-03	
Smitherman, Landon	27-Sep-06	
Smitherman, Landon	04-Apr-07	
Smitherman, Martha Gertrude	04-Sep-02	
Smitherman, Mary Frances	12-Nov-03	
Smitherman, Oscar	12-Feb-03	
Smitherman, Robin Renee	16-Apr-08	
Smitherman, Sara Inez	24-Dec-08	
Smitherman, Steven Dal	05-Jun-02	
Smitherman, Virgil	10-Oct-01	
Smitherman, Wren Phillip	27-Jun-01	
Smithers, Donald Lee	10-Sep-03	
Smothers, Cynthia Jewell	13-Dec-06	
Smothers, Ruby M.	25-Jun-03	
Snead, Grant Charles	06-Jun-01	
Snell, Everett Wayne	02-Jul-08	
Snell, Roger Dale	11-Aug-04	
Snipes, Brenda Leigh	15-Nov-06	
Snipes, Lillian Irene Glass	22-Jul-09	
Snipes, Sherry Diane Burks	25-Jun-03	
Snipes, William Rufus	25-Feb-09	
Snow, Bobby Ray	14-Sep-05	
Snow, Geraldine Sumner	02-Jan-08	
Snow, Harold Gary	20-Feb-02	
Snow, Jordan Daniel	07-Feb-07	
Snow, Ruth B.	01-Aug-07	
Snow, Sarah Nell	16-May-01	
Snowden, Juanita F.	16-Feb-05	
Snowden, Thomas A., Jr., Probate Judge 	18-Jun-08	
Snyder, Donald "Shorty"	28-Aug-02	
Snyder, Ruby Mae	25-Oct-06	
Snyder, Thomas W.	05-Jan-00	
Sorrell, William Edward	09-Aug-00	
Sorrells, Urel Earl	29-Nov-00	
Sorrow, Ruth Esther	06-Feb-08	
Southerland, Laura P.	15-Dec-04	
Southern, Hulen Hunter	11-Dec-02	
Sowell, Bettie James	13-Aug-03	
Space Shuttle Columbia - Death of 7 Astronauts	05-Feb-03	
Spain, Martha Ann	12-Mar-03	
Spain, Minnie L. Pate	03-Jan-01	
Spain, Ruth M.	05-Jan-05	
Sparks, Billy Joe	06-Aug-08	
Sparks, Charles Edward	29-Mar-06	
Sparks, Rosemary C.	15-Nov-00	
Sparks, Sandra Elizabeth Curry	27-Sep-00	
Spates, James S.	17-Jan-07	
Spates, Mary Louise	18-Aug-04	
Spates, Nora	21-Feb-07	
Spates, Samuel Maxwell	23-Oct-02	
Spears, Steven C.	13-Dec-06	
Spears, Steven Carlyle	22-Dec-04	
Spears, Steven Carlyle	29-Dec-04	
Speer, Deborah Kay Peterson	08-Feb-06	
Speer, Mark Christopher	19-Jul-00	
Speer, Mary W.	25-Feb-04	
Speigner, Carrie	21-Mar-07	
Speigner, James, Jr.	26-May-04	
Spence, Carrie Bell	13-Apr-05	
Spencer, Laura Dominique	20-Aug-03	
Spicer, Shirley Ann	25-Dec-02	
Spires, Doris Brannon	19-Feb-03	
Spires, Wilmot Jefferson "Hank"	29-Nov-00	
Spradin, James Wayne	17-Jun-09	
Spradley, Gertrude Davis	05-Jan-05	
Spradley, Horace C.	04-Apr-07	
Spradlin, Janice	19-Jan-05	
Spradlin, Sara I.	01-Jan-03	
Sprayberry, John E.	12-Dec-01	
Sproul, Matthew, Jr.	12-Jan-00	
Spruel, Ruby Williams	29-Jan-03	
Spruell, Steve	23-Oct-02	
Spry, Marvin O., Rev.	17-Nov-04	
Stacy, Will	08-Mar-00	
Stagner, Sue Culberson 	28-Mar-07	
Stagner, Tracy Lynn	04-Jun-03	
Stallings, Evelyn Christie Boyce	22-Jan-03	
Stallings, Ezma Irene	16-Nov-05	
Stalls, Sonya Ellen Sloan	29-Apr-09	
Stamps, Billie Morrison	09-Feb-05	
Stamps, Della M.	20-Sep-06	
Stamps, Frances Ozell Kirby	26-Mar-03	
Stamps, Thomas Ross, "Pee Wee"	16-Aug-00	
Standifer, Irene Robertson	16-Feb-05	
Standifer, Kenneth Lamar	31-May-00	
Standifer, Nuna M.	13-Sep-00	
Stanfill, Azlee White	19-Feb-03	
Stanford, Howard	11-Nov-09	
Stano, Daisy Ann	13-Feb-02	
Stano, Sam	08-Mar-06	
Stansberry, Sara Elizabeth Bailey Barnes "Libby"	23-Jan-02	
Staples, James Ladd	14-Jan-04	
Starcher, Montez S.	13-Oct-04	
Starnes, Linda	12-Dec-01	
Starnes, Wendy Lawley	18-Mar-09	
Starnes, Wendy Louise	25-Mar-09	
Start, Stella Sloan Roberts	26-Jun-02	
Startley, Charles Clinton "Bobby"	08-Nov-06	
Staten, Branda Ann	30-Nov-05	
Staten, Paul Rudolph, II	28-Feb-01	
Steading, Eleanor N.	14-May-03	
Steading, Robert	28-Jan-04	
Steffler, Daniel Paul	15-May-02	
Stennis, Christine McCully	02-Nov-05	
Stephens, Betty Sue	20-Dec-06	
Stephens, Gregory Joe "Benny"	15-Dec-04	
Stephens, Lester, Jr.	07-Mar-07	
Stephens, Lula Mae	18-Apr-07	
Stephenson, Daisy Faye	03-Aug-05	
Stephenson, James E. "Pete"	10-May-06	
Stephenson, Sibyl	08-Jun-05	
Stevens, Walter Eugene	15-Nov-00	
Stewart, Bobbie Louise Jacobs	29-Dec-04	
Stewart, Wesley F.	24-Aug-05	
Stewart, William "Andy"	13-May-09	
Stidimire, Eugene	26-Apr-06	
Stiff, Russell Ferman "Rusty"	15-Nov-06	
Stinson, Helena Dolores Fancher	21-Sep-05	
Stivers, Ray J.	08-Aug-07	
Stivers, Ray J.	15-Aug-07	
Stivers, Thelma M.	03-Jul-02	
Stokes, Carl Wayne	15-Mar-06	
Stokes, Irene Branch	02-Jul-03	
Stokes, Martha Osburn	11-Apr-01	
Stone, Clarence Lee, Jr.	15-Nov-00	
Stone, Clarence Lee, Jr.	06-Dec-00	
Stone, Dorothy Mae	25-Oct-00	
Stone, Jasper L.	20-Dec-00	
Stone, Joshua Paul	17-Nov-04	
Stone, Kelly E.	24-Aug-05	
Stone, Lopheleigh B.	14-Jun-06	
Stone, Louise Lucas	18-Dec-02	
Stone, Louise Virginia	26-Jul-06	
Stone, Mamie	11-Apr-01	
Stone, Margaret Louvee	28-Feb-07	
Stone, Minnie	28-Feb-07	
Stoudmire, Takino Renea	14-Jun-00	
Stout, Susan K.	31-Jan-01	
Stracner, Willie M.	28-Dec-05	
Street, Margaret Aleese	05-Nov-08	
Streeter, Jacory	08-Sep-04	
Strehle, Eleanor Gunter	02-Dec-09	
Strickland, Frederick Paul	27-Apr-05	
Strickland, James Hugh	09-Jul-03	
Strickland, Mancil Douglas	03-Apr-02	
Stricklin, Maburn E.	27-Sep-00	
Stricklin, Margaret Bates	25-Oct-00	
Stricklin, Opal Elizabeth	07-Mar-07	
Stripling, Lloyd Eugene	19-May-04	
Stripling, Rhonda Goodwin	23-Jan-08	
Strohl, John	04-Oct-00	
Strohm, Effie Salena	07-Dec-05	
Strong, Larkin Booth	17-Mar-04	
Strong, O.J., "Bud"	12-Jan-00	
Strong, Pearl Fromm	03-May-06	
Strother, E.C.	17-Jan-01	
Stroud, Sarah E.	30-Jun-04	
Strozier, Dean Motes	09-Sep-09	
Strozier, Kerry Randall, Jr.	07-Nov-07	
Stubbs, Earl, Rev.	24-Dec-03	
Stubbs, Gene T. "Papa Gene"	13-Feb-02	
Stubbs, Thomas W., Jr.	09-May-07	
Studdard, Bobby Clay "Bob"	06-Nov-02	
Styles, Gary A.	06-Jul-05	
Sudderth, Graham Barber	15-May-02	
Suell, Lattrelle Reid	16-Aug-06	
Suiter, Roxie Ann	06-Nov-02	
Sullivan, Betty Jane	15-Sep-04	
Sullivan, Bobby	01-May-02	
Sullivan, Helen Faye	13-Sep-06	
Sullivan, Minnie Evelyn	03-Dec-03	
Sullivan, Minnie Evelyn	17-Dec-03	
Sullivan, Phillip Patrick	24-Dec-03	
Sullivan, Theodore Philip	05-Jan-05	
Summerfield, Levonia Coleman	26-Jan-00	
Summers, Ida May	26-Feb-03	
Summers, Paul	23-Aug-06	
Sundie, Billie Ozley	05-Jan-05	
Suttle, Frank Allan	21-Aug-02	
Suttle, John Frank	21-Jun-06	
Sutton, Lillie	07-Mar-01	
Sutton, Willie	09-Jul-03	
Sutton, Willie Ree	16-Jul-03	
Svensson, Arthur Carl "Bud"	05-Mar-03	
Swaggard, Eugene Oliver	06-Dec-00	
Swain, Charles	18-Feb-04	
Swain, James	16-Oct-02	
Swanger, Mark Steven	20-Jun-01	
Swanger, Mark Steven	11-Jul-01	
Swauger, John Albert, Jr.	14-Mar-01	
Sweat, Kim Lamar	05-Dec-01	
Sweeney, John R., Jr.	09-May-01	
Swindle, Mary Frances Nalley	19-Apr-06	
Swinney, Randy	20-Sep-06	
Swint, Eva Estelle	21-Dec-05	
Swords, Cecelia Ann	06-Jul-05	
Sykes, Joe E.	31-Oct-07	
Sylestine, Lloyd "Jimmy"	29-Oct-03	
Tackett, Agnes Dorrita Leeper	07-Mar-01	
Taff, Everett Earl, Sr.	26-Oct-05	
Taft, Buel, Jr.	12-Apr-06	
Taggart, Ralph James	09-Feb-05	
Taggart, Ralph James	16-Feb-05	
Talley, Francis Virginia	31-May-06	
Talley, Harold Wallace "Hoe"	01-Nov-00	
Talley, Jeffrey Allen	16-Feb-05	
Tanner, Jack H.	28-Mar-07	
Tarter, Wayne A.	05-Aug-09	
Tarwater, Clinton Brian	02-Jun-04	
Tate, Amber Nichole	13-Aug-08	
Tate, James R.	14-Nov-07	
Tate, Melba Denise	24-Jul-02	
Tate, Novis C.	09-Feb-00	
Tate, Ozell Gill	29-Jan-03	
Tate, Ray	12-Jun-02	
Tate, Ray	19-Jun-02	
Tatum, Walter Albert, Sr.	31-Jan-01	
Taylor, Albert Maxon	21-May-08	
Taylor, Alex	11-May-05	
Taylor, Arthur	28-Mar-07	
Taylor, Brenda Ann	05-Sep-01	
Taylor, Brenda Ann	12-Sep-01	
Taylor, Glenn Albert "Screwdriver"	01-Jul-09	
Taylor, James C.	23-Apr-03	
Taylor, James J.	23-Apr-03	
Taylor, James W.	11-Jul-01	
Taylor, Jan Bodine	19-Dec-01	
Taylor, Jewel Blackerby	26-Jun-02	
Taylor, Keith Lorrie	15-Oct-03	
Taylor, Keith Lorrie	29-Oct-03	
Taylor, Kourtney Brooke	02-Feb-00	
Taylor, Lestina Kay	05-Sep-07	
Taylor, Mable Edwards	08-Dec-04	
Taylor, Martha H.	13-Sep-06	
Taylor, Monica Ethel	29-Jan-03	
Taylor, Nora	02-May-01	
Taylor, Ruth E.	02-May-07	
Taylor, Sybil M.	23-Jul-03	
Taylor, Valerie Lea Pritchett	27-Jun-07	
Taylor, Victor Dean	20-Sep-06	
Taylor, Virginia	11-Dec-02	
Taylor, William Richard	22-Dec-04	
Teele, Aubrey A., Jr.	06-Jun-01	
Teele, Mildred Irene	11-Aug-04	
Templin, Charles Earl	27-Aug-08	
Templin, Chester Edwin	19-May-04	
Tena, Gustavo Flores	06-Sep-00	
Tennyson, Lillie Bell Gentry	19-Dec-07	
Tennyson, Mavis G.	20-Dec-06	
Terrell, Deirdre LaFaye Kidd	29-Sep-04	
Terrell, Eloise	12-Sep-01	
Terrell, George Ellis, Sr.	10-Apr-02	
Terrell, James "Vick"	07-Feb-01	
Terrell, Milton Franklin	26-Feb-03	
Terrell, Ruth Davis	20-Dec-06	
Terry, Gertrude Elizabeth	09-Feb-05	
Terry, Gertrude Elizabeth	23-Feb-05	
Terry, Thomas Richard	18-Aug-04	
Thacker, Goldie Marie	18-May-05	
Thames, Raymond Carl	26-Oct-05	
Thelma I. Wilson	05-Dec-07	
Thomas, Adrian L.	09-May-07	
Thomas, Betty Lou	05-Sep-07	
Thomas, Billy Franklin "Buddy"	18-Nov-09	
Thomas, Chrispean Audra	21-Jul-04	
Thomas, Dorothy Jean	12-Dec-01	
Thomas, Earl "Pete"	09-Jun-04	
Thomas, Emma Katherine	23-Apr-03	
Thomas, Emma Katherine	30-Apr-03	
Thomas, Frank	07-Jan-04	
Thomas, George Edwin	30-Oct-02	
Thomas, Georgianna Dale	19-Apr-00	
Thomas, Harold	26-Mar-03	
Thomas, Henry "Sears"	06-Mar-02	
Thomas, James Robert	28-May-03	
Thomas, Marion Russell "Rus"	28-Dec-05	
Thomas, Martha G.	08-Mar-06	
Thomas, Minnie Lee	12-Sep-01	
Thomas, Olis Lee "Billy", The Rev.	08-Aug-01	
Thomas, Olis Lee "Billy", The Rev.	22-Aug-01	
Thomas, Onzell W.	31-May-00	
Thomas, Rhonda Danette Cain	13-Feb-08	
Thomas, Robert	02-Apr-03	
Thomas, Scotty Lynn	25-Jul-01	
Thomas, Scotty Lynn	01-Aug-01	
Thomaston, James G., Jr.	16-Oct-02	
Thompson, Betty Fleming	28-Oct-09	
Thompson, Billy C. (County Commissioner)	02-Aug-06	
Thompson, Billy C. (Highway Renamed)	28-Mar-07	
Thompson, Buster	13-Dec-00	
Thompson, Charles Edward	03-Jan-07	
Thompson, Daniel Benjamin	29-Sep-04	
Thompson, Danny Odell	19-May-04	
Thompson, Debra Jean	12-Jan-05	
Thompson, E.G., "Bud"	03-May-00	
Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson	10-Jul-02	
Thompson, Joe A.	26-Jul-06	
Thompson, Johnnie William	23-Mar-05	
Thompson, Louise Bell Nelson	13-Apr-05	
Thompson, Norman Owen	02-Aug-00	
Thompson, Odie Spencer	21-Jul-04	
Thompson, Ruth	19-Jan-05	
Thompson, Thelma Elizabeth	30-Jul-08	
Thompson, Vestula V.	30-May-07	
Thompson, Wilner Louise Lawley	03-Jan-01	
Thornburg, Johnny Eugene, Sr.	17-Aug-05	
Thornburg, Raymond E.	02-Jan-08	
Thornburg, William Dale	21-Dec-05	
Thornton, Charles Arlie	25-Oct-00	
Thornton, Joseph Benjamin	18-Oct-00	
Thornton, Mabel Wilcoxson	16-Sep-09	
Thornton, Mark Odell	20-Jul-05	
Thornton, Pauline Grace	19-Feb-03	
Thornton, Ruby Brannon	17-Jul-02	
Thrash, Alberta	21-Mar-01	
Thrash, Kenneth Lowery	29-Dec-04	
Thrasher, Arthur	09-Oct-02	
Thrasher, Fred Sanders	29-May-02	
Thrasher, Josie	13-Mar-02	
Thrasher, Lea Thelma	11-Jun-08	
Thrasher, Mary "Ellen"	06-May-09	
Threatt, Homer Lee	24-Apr-02	
Thurman, Ada Marie	07-Dec-05	
Thurman, Paul A.	24-Aug-05	
Thurmond, Andrew Jackson, IV	01-Oct-98	
Thurston, Elizabeth Regenia	05-Dec-01	
Tickle, Howard Lynn	02-Jul-08	
Tidmore, Blanche Deline	06-May-09	
Tidmore, Blanche Deline	13-May-09	
Tidmore, Odell E.	16-Nov-05	
Tidmore, Rudolph Falkner	06-Feb-02	
Tidwell, Michael Ladon	16-Jun-04	
Tillery, Thomas Clyde	22-Jan-03	
Tilley, Billy Bowden	29-Aug-01	
Tillman, Janet   	16-Dec-09	
Tillman, Janet Lorita	02-Nov-05	
Tillman, Janet Lorita	09-Nov-05	
Tillman, Janet Lorita	29-Jul-09	
Tillman, Janet Lorita	21-Oct-09	
Tillman, Janet Lorita	28-Oct-09	
Timbrel, Dolores Strong	13-Nov-02	
Tingle, Chelsie Tumey  "C.T."	05-Aug-09	
Tinsdale, Betty Jane	05-Jan-05	
Tinsley, Minnie Inez	25-Jul-01	
Tjeerdsma, Gertrude	20-Mar-02	
Tobin, Jewell W.	23-Apr-03	
Todd, Alice	21-Jan-04	
Todd, Rmendia Jane	12-May-04	
Tolbert, Charles Michael	21-Dec-05	
Tompkins, Douglas	08-Oct-03	
Tompkins, Juwaun Antonio	18-Oct-06	
Torres, Hernan R.	14-Aug-02	
Torres, Hernan R.	21-Aug-02	
Torres, Hernan R.	11-Sep-02	
Torres, Hernan R.	25-Sep-02	
Trapp, Carl, Sr. "Midnight"	14-Jan-04	
Travis, Betty Mae	03-Dec-03	
Travis, Betty Mae	17-Dec-03	
Traywick, Gladys	21-Feb-01	
Traywick, James Earl	28-Feb-07	
Treadwell, Robert E.	16-Oct-02	
Trenholm, Horace Freeman, Sr. "Brother"	18-May-05	
Trice, Evelyn M.	11-Jan-06	
Trice, Evelyn M.	18-Jan-06	
Trice, Verlyn	24-Jan-07	
Trimble, Taylor Elizabeth	19-Nov-03	
Tripp, Willie Lee	27-Nov-02	
Trott, Willie B.	16-May-01	
Troutt, Edward Cordell	12-Jul-00	
Truett, Elsie	19-Feb-03	
Trussell, Ruby Lee	15-Mar-00	
Tucker, Charles Edward	19-Aug-09	
Tucker, Christina Joy	01-Jan-03	
Tucker, Donald Ray	09-Oct-02	
Tucker, Edna C.	09-Jul-08	
Tucker, Elena Hope	01-Jan-03	
Tucker, Harold "Topaz"	10-Mar-04	
Tucker, J.D.	12-Apr-00	
Tucker, James Burton, Jr.	14-Mar-07	
Tucker, Linda	31-Jan-07	
Tucker, Marie Gothard	19-Mar-08	
Tumlin, Betty Horn	13-Dec-00	
Tumlin, Lola Faye	15-Sep-04	
Tumlin, William Lamar	10-Dec-03	
Turkington, James Harold	23-Mar-05	
Turley, Howard Mitchell	15-Mar-06	
Turnbloom, Bobby Jay	22-Sep-04	
Turner, Addie L.	20-May-09	
Turner, Donald Ray, Rev.	19-Dec-01	
Turner, Harold L.	05-Nov-08	
Turner, Ida L.	17-Sep-03	
Turner, Jerry Dean	28-Mar-07	
Turner, Justin Lynn	15-Aug-07	
Turner, Marie	17-Jun-09	
Turner, Russell	02-Feb-05	
Turner, Shelby Jean	31-Dec-03	
Turner, Timothy	31-Oct-07	
Turner, Verdia M.	04-Nov-09	
Turner, William Frank	04-Oct-06	
Turnlund, Nathan Lynn	14-Feb-01	
Turnlund, Nathan Lynn	14-Mar-01	
Turnlund, Nathan Lynn	30-May-01	
Turnlund, Nathan Lynn	19-Dec-01	
Tuten, W.C., Rev.	26-Jan-05	
Underwood, Jackie	21-Apr-04	
Underwood, Ronald Wayne	25-Jan-06	
Underwood, William Chad	24-Jul-02	
Unidentified, Alabaster Male	04-Jul-01	
Unknown, Child Accidentally Hanged	04-Apr-07	
Uptagrafft, Jackson, IV	04-Jun-08	
Uption, Bobby Andrew, Jr.	28-Feb-01	
Upton, Merle Eugene	01-Jan-03	
Upton, Merle Eugene	08-Jan-03	
Valadez, Maria Del Pilar Rodriguez	09-May-01	
Valenzuela, Sheree Gail	25-Apr-07	
Valenzuela, Sheree Gail	02-May-07	
Vance, Charles Wesley	02-Feb-00	
Vance, Robert William	18-Feb-09	
Vandeevender, Frankie Regina Holsomback	23-Jun-04	
Vanderslice, Eula Mae	26-Mar-08	
Vanorden, Betty Armstrong "Blondie"	03-Apr-02	
Vanorden, Betty Armstrong "Blondie"	10-Apr-02	
Vansant, Horace	01-Feb-06	
Vansant, Julia Mae	17-Oct-01	
Vanzant, Bessie Louise	09-Apr-03	
Vardaman, Lela Mae	05-Aug-09	
Varden, Bobbye Catren	03-Oct-01	
Vardman, Mary Magdalene	31-May-06	
Vasquez, Sue Ellen	28-Apr-04	
Vaughn, Earnestine	04-May-05	
Vaughn, Michael H.	12-Nov-03	
Vaught, Randall Mark	26-Aug-09	
Vaught, Susan A.	05-Oct-05	
Veal, Casper Ernest	28-Nov-01	
Veal, Casper Ernest	05-Dec-01	
Vega-Gonzalez, Angel Horacio	27-Aug-08	
Vega-Gonzalez, Angel Horacio	03-Sep-08	
Vega-Gonzalez, Angel Horacio	18-Feb-09	
Vega-Gonzalez, Angel Horacio	19-Aug-09	
Vega-Gonzalez, Gustavo 	05-Nov-08	
Vega-Gonzalez, Gustavo 	18-Feb-09	
Vega-Gonzalez, Gustavo 	19-Aug-09	
Vega-Gonzalez, Horacio 	05-Nov-08	
Velarde, Frances B. "Dude"	05-Sep-01	
Vella, Vincent "Vic"	25-Oct-06	
Venz, Mildred	10-May-06	
Vernon, Clarence Lee	21-Jan-04	
Vernon, Gladys Glass	03-Nov-04	
Vernon, Gladys Glass	03-Nov-04	
Vernon, Hazel Lee Littlefield	08-Aug-01	
Vernon, Linnie M. "Lynn"	08-Nov-00	
Vernon, Luther, Sr.	04-Nov-09	
Vernon, Marguerite (Mooney)	23-Oct-02	
Vernon, Minnie F.	05-Mar-08	
Vernon, Willie D.	16-Apr-03	
Vick, Amanda	03-Jun-09	
Vick, Chris Coolidge	24-May-06	
Vick, Clarence "Charlie" Thomas	18-Jan-06	
Vick, Dorothy Jean	25-Jun-03	
Vick, Jeanette Wallace	07-Jun-06	
Vick, Madge R.	24-Sep-03	
Vick, Ollie	30-Apr-03	
Vick, Reppard Holcombe	18-Jan-06	
Vick, Ruth S.	23-Sep-09	
Vick, Vivian Bleaker Miller	01-May-02	
Vickers, James Donald	14-Jun-00	
Vickery, Christine Tyree	26-Nov-08	
Vickery, Jimmie Earl	16-Oct-02	
Vincent, Johnny Wayne, "Sheetrock"	25-Oct-00	
Vincent, Lowell Gene	30-Jan-02	
Vincent, Oakley Glynn	06-May-09	
Vincent, Thelma V.	19-Dec-01	
Vines, Laura Jean	10-May-00	
Vining, Alta Mae	16-Mar-05	
Vining, Henry Hewitt, Jr.	06-Mar-02	
Vinson, Audree	22-Aug-01	
Vinson, Sue Mills	21-Feb-01	
Vinson, Virginia P.	29-Oct-03	
Volker, Alvin S., Sr. "Al"	19-Feb-03	
Wade, Doris Milligan	23-May-01	
Wade, Elizabeth C.	15-Dec-04	
Wade, John L., Sr.	21-Oct-09	
Waits, Margaret Allene Joyce	21-Apr-04	
Waits, Margaret Allene Joyce	28-Apr-04	
Wakefield, Bertha M.	18-Sep-02	
Walden, Margaret E.	25-Mar-09	
Walden, Willis	25-Jan-06	
Waldrop, Carey Keith	14-Mar-01	
Waldrop, Frank	08-Aug-01	
Waldrop, Laura Edna	19-Jul-06	
Waldrop, Mary Lou	27-Mar-02	
Waldrup, Edna S.	03-May-00	
Walker, Bettye Jeane	16-Dec-09	
Walker, Billy Joe	04-Feb-04	
Walker, Bryan J.	28-Mar-07	
Walker, Claude, Jr.  "Mr. Fat"	09-Jun-04	
Walker, Douglas Glenn	04-Feb-04	
Walker, Faith Claudette Green	18-Aug-04	
Walker, Frances Lillian	01-May-02	
Walker, Kathy Michele Beech	03-Aug-05	
Walker, Martha R.	18-Nov-09	
Walker, Nellie Mae	09-Apr-08	
Walker, Otis Wayne	28-Nov-07	
Walker, Pauline Gail	18-Sep-02	
Walker, Pauline Gail	25-Sep-02	
Walker, Pearl M.	31-Jul-02	
Walker, Rosalie Franklin Oliver	14-Feb-01	
Wall, William	26-Nov-08	
Wallace, Charles Thomas, Jr.	19-Jan-00	
Wallace, Dan	28-Feb-01	
Wallace, Fearl	28-Dec-05	
Wallace, Hershel Steve	25-Dec-02	
Wallace, Laura Leah	16-Feb-05	
Wallace, William Erskine	31-May-00	
Wallace, Yvonne Moore	20-Feb-02	
Walser, Eunice Ann	06-Dec-06	
Walsh, Patricia James	22-Jun-05	
Walsh, Robert Keith	03-Nov-04	
Walters, Eugene D.	23-Apr-08	
Walters, Maryann	07-Aug-02	
Walton, Frank Ray	15-Apr-09	
Walton, Hilda	13-Sep-06	
Walton, Johnny Wilson "Buddy"	24-Oct-01	
Walton, Lexie Mae	14-Jun-00	
Walton, Lois Catherine	07-Sep-05	
Walton, Lola E.	24-Oct-01	
Walton, Ronald "Cary", Jr.	06-Feb-08	
Walton, Stephen Shane	19-Aug-09	
Walton, Thomas H.	08-Dec-04	
Walton, Walter Harding	24-Mar-04	
Walts, Rena Ball	22-Dec-04	
Wambeke, Doris Lucas	13-May-09	
Warbington, Arlene Annie	28-Apr-04	
Ward, Brenda	16-Dec-09	
Ward, Elouise	10-Aug-05	
Ward, James	17-Jul-02	
Ward, Johnnie Beatrice	21-Jun-06	
Ward, Jonnie Elna	17-Jul-02	
Ward, Lynn Henry	13-Dec-06	
Ward, Mary Ford	10-Jan-01	
Ware, Billie R.	26-Jun-02	
Ware, Mary Earline	25-May-05	
Warner, Joseph Scott	12-Mar-03	
Warren, Cab Callaway	06-Jun-01	
Warren, Cecil Vester, Sr.	11-Dec-02	
Warren, Claude "Buddy" Petty	23-May-07	
Warren, Claudie A.	12-Sep-01	
Warren, Frazier "Babe"	02-Jun-04	
Warren, Helena Susan	05-Nov-03	
Warren, James B.	29-May-02	
Warren, James David	17-Oct-01	
Warren, James David	24-Oct-01	
Warren, Mary Kathryn	14-Aug-02	
Warren, Myrtle D.	02-Mar-05	
Warren, Pauline M.	19-Jan-05	
Warren, Robert E.	12-May-04	
Warren, Sally Ann	02-Aug-06	
Warren, Trennie Ray, Sr.	05-Dec-01	
Warren, Victor E.	28-May-08	
Waruszewski, Beth	05-Dec-01	
Waruszewski, Kimberly	05-Dec-01	
Washburn, Alberta Mae	09-Oct-02	
Washington, Amy Hope	21-Mar-07	
Washington, Jimmy	21-Jun-06	
Washington, John	05-Jan-00	
Washington, Micahel Lewis	12-Nov-03	
Washington, Tracy Eugene	04-Oct-00	
Washington, Vergie Louise	07-Sep-05	
Watkins, Albert R.	11-May-05	
Watkins, Elaine Rich	17-Mar-04	
Watkins, Harry C.	03-May-06	
Watkins, Naomi	27-Dec-00	
Watkins, Powell Bradley	16-Jun-04	
Watson, Charles W. "Clarles"	13-Mar-02	
Watson, Christina	20-May-09	
Watson, Christina 	08-Oct-08	
Watson, Christina "Tina" Thomas	10-Jun-09	
Watson, Christina "Tina" Thomas	22-Jul-09	
Watson, Christina Mae Thomas "Tina"	12-Nov-03	
Watson, Christina Thomas	10-Dec-08	
Watson, Daniel Reed, Sr.	15-Oct-03	
Watson, Ella Mae	11-Jun-08	
Watson, Helyn D.	21-Mar-01	
Watson, Robert William	24-Apr-02	
Watson, Tina Thomas	25-Jun-08	
Watson, Tina Thomas	23-Sep-09	
Watts, Gary Lee	20-Aug-08	
Watts, Pauline	21-Jun-06	
Waugh, Alice G.	24-Dec-03	
Weathers, Emory Hylan	04-Jan-06	
Weaver, Carl P.	07-Jun-00	
Weaver, Jane Witman	15-Oct-03	
Weaver, Louise Seale	03-Mar-04	
Webb, Anna Mildred	09-May-01	
Webb, Barbara Jean	29-Apr-09	
Webb, Bernice	12-Jun-02	
Webb, Howard Seavey "Buck"	21-Feb-07	
Webb, Howard Seavey "Buck"	28-Feb-07	
Webb, Richard "Ricky"	14-Aug-02	
Webb, Richard "Ricky"	11-Sep-02	
Weir, Mildred Idell Currier	29-Jan-03	
Weldon, Charles Oliver	18-Apr-01	
Weldon, Claudine	31-Mar-04	
Weldon, Marrise	01-Aug-01	
Weldon, Rosa Overstreet	09-Feb-00	
Wells, Annie Marie	22-Aug-01	
Wells, Barbara Jean	07-Jan-04	
Wells, Jim, Lt. (Pelham Fire Dept.)	02-Aug-06	
Wells, Mary T.	24-Oct-01	
Wells, Roger E.	25-Nov-09	
Wells, Ruehannah	26-Jan-00	
Wentworth, Sheila Diane	20-Nov-02	
West, Francis Edwin, Sr.	28-Jun-00	
Westover, Matt	14-Mar-01	
Wetzig, Paul Eugene, "P.J.", Jr.	18-Oct-00	
Whatley, Jack	28-Apr-04	
Whatley, Nora Carlee	02-Jun-04	
Wheat, Amy Ruth Tolbert	30-Sep-09	
Wheeler, Charles Phillip "Cowboy" 	04-Jun-08	
Wheeler, Christine	07-Mar-07	
Wheeler, Ellen Ruth	15-Aug-01	
Wheeler, Ethel Faye	13-Mar-02	
Wheeler, Evelyn	31-May-06	
Wheeler, Frank Wayne	10-Sep-08	
Wheeler, Herman E.	10-Dec-08	
Wheeler, James Roland	02-Aug-06	
Wheless, Linda Chambers	28-Oct-09	
Whisenhunt, Letty	07-Dec-05	
Whitaker, Brandee Leigh	28-May-08	
Whitaker, Dorothy E.	30-Jan-02	
Whitaker, Mary Nell	04-Oct-06	
Whitaker, Robert Manly, Jr. "Pee Wee"	06-Sep-00	
Whitaker, William Howard, Sr.	16-Oct-02	
White, Aggie	25-Apr-01	
White, Angela Renee	26-Sep-01	
White, Barbara Dessel	25-Oct-00	
White, Betty Jo	28-Jan-09	
White, Betty Z.	24-Jun-09	
White, Calvin Dean	06-Jul-05	
White, Channon O'Neal	16-Jan-08	
White, Charles Edward	01-May-02	
White, Cleveland B.	01-Aug-07	
White, Dessie Champion	23-May-01	
White, Enna C.	30-Aug-00	
White, Eugene "Mackie"	03-Jan-07	
White, Evelyn Cy.	20-Feb-02	
White, Goldie	03-Sep-03	
White, James Howard	08-Mar-06	
White, James Larkyn	07-Jun-00	
White, Marion E., Sr.	26-Jul-06	
White, Martha Jean	01-Dec-04	
White, Maxine Campbell	23-Jun-04	
White, Melissa Darnell	30-Oct-02	
White, Milton, Jr., Dr. "Luke"	03-Jun-09	
White, Norman Terry	07-Jun-00	
White, Robert Lewis	18-Feb-09	
White, Wanda Loritta	12-Jan-05	
Whitehead, Barbara Jo Pennington	10-Jan-06	
Whitener, Isaac, Jr.	30-Apr-03	
Whitener, Margaret Leona	02-Jul-08	
Whitfield, Bryan Keith	25-Sep-02	
Whitfield, Buster "Buck"	04-Feb-04	
Whitfield, Chris	19-Sep-07	
Whitfield, Donald Allen, Sr.	22-Sep-04	
Whitfield, Elizabeth Owens	11-Jun-08	
Whitfield, James W. "Dub"	14-Sep-05	
Whitfield, Johnnie Faye	26-Sep-07	
Whitfield, Nealie Robinson	23-May-01	
Whitfield, Nora Evelyn	11-Oct-06	
Whitfield, Peggy Jean	21-Aug-02	
Whitfield, Phillip Thomas	03-Jan-01	
Whitfield, Ronald Jackson	27-Aug-03	
Whitfield, Tolbert	05-Mar-03	
Whitfield, Virgie	12-Jul-00	
Whitfield, William M.	16-Feb-00	
Whitlock, Edna Quinn	27-Mar-02	
Whitner, Dean Cobb	16-Oct-02	
Whitner, Virgil	23-Jul-03	
Whitson, Sawana	09-Feb-00	
Whitten, Billy A., Sr.	13-Sep-06	
Whitten, Robert	05-Nov-08	
Whitten, Vearl "Nanny"	26-Mar-08	
Whitten, Vearl "Nanny"	02-Apr-08	
Whorton, Robert J.	21-Jun-06	
Wiatt, Helen Dunkle	13-Mar-02	
Wideman, Alfred E.	01-Nov-00	
Wideman, Karen Dianne	10-Dec-03	
Wideman, Lorene	06-Feb-02	
Wilbanks, Peggy Louise Middleton	27-Oct-04	
Wilbourn, Alice Lucille	01-May-02	
Wilcox, Floyd, Jr.	06-Jul-05	
Wilder, Opal	23-Sep-09	
Wiley, Maxine Kelso "Mickey"	30-Jul-03	
Wilkerson, Wilma M.	25-Dec-02	
Wilkes, Robert B. "Bob", III	12-Mar-03	
Wilks, Maybell	24-Jul-02	
William, Mary Gail	09-Aug-00	
Williams, Anthony Maurice	22-Jan-03	
Williams, Autancie S.	30-Jun-04	
Williams, Caroll Crim	26-Mar-08	
Williams, Charlie Lee	26-Feb-03	
Williams, Clarence Leon "Buddy"	20-Apr-05	
Williams, Dimples Butler	05-Feb-03	
Williams, Grace Jeanette	13-Feb-02	
Williams, James R., "Jimmy"	27-Sep-00	
Williams, James Wesley	14-Jun-00	
Williams, Janice R.	10-Nov-04	
Williams, John D.	05-Dec-01	
Williams, Joseph Erskin	18-Apr-07	
Williams, Julius Lomer	31-Oct-07	
Williams, Kenneth David	06-Oct-04	
Williams, Marie Mackey	11-Apr-01	
Williams, Randall R.	09-May-07	
Williams, Raymond (Zimmerman)	10-Mar-04	
Williams, Raymond Y.	03-Jul-02	
Williams, Raymond Y.	10-Jul-02	
Williams, Ruby Fadry Samuels	02-Feb-00	
Williams, Sandra Crocker	20-Feb-02	
Williams, Stephan Jay	03-Jan-07	
Williamson, Jaunita Dodd	14-Mar-07	
Williamson, Raymond Lawrence	06-Aug-03	
Willingham, H.B. "Box"	31-Jan-07	
Willis, Billy F.	10-Dec-08	
Willis, Brendan	06-Apr-05	
Willis, Charles Raymond	21-May-08	
Willis, George Allen "Tom"	11-Feb-04	
Willis, James E.	29-Jun-05	
Willis, Kristie Lynn	06-Feb-02	
Willis, L.S. "Buddy"	04-Jul-01	
Willis, Shirley Ann	19-Feb-03	
Wills, Catherine Frances	28-Jan-09	
Wills, Gary Lee	23-Nov-05	
Wilmot, Edgar Clifton	31-Oct-01	
Wilmoth, Ellis J., Jr.	30-Jul-03	
Wilson, Allen Edward	03-Jan-07	
Wilson, Bonnie O. Crenshaw	20-Sep-06	
Wilson, Christine "Chris"	11-Mar-09	
Wilson, Curtis H.	17-May-06	
Wilson, Curtis H.	24-May-06	
Wilson, Donald "Don" Edward	18-Jun-08	
Wilson, Donald Edward	06-Aug-08	
Wilson, Earl B.	08-Oct-03	
Wilson, Earnest Russell "Buddy"	12-Nov-03	
Wilson, Glenn Evart	18-Apr-01	
Wilson, Jim L.	24-Sep-03	
Wilson, Jimmy	09-Jul-03	
Wilson, Kendall Paige	07-Nov-07	
Wilson, Lucy Blakely	01-Aug-01	
Wilson, Mary Evelyn	10-Jun-09	
Wilson, Myrta Rollyson "Sissy"	30-Jan-02	
Wilson, O'Neal	03-Sep-03	
Wilson, Rachel Coward	22-Aug-01	
Wilson, Ronnie Mac	26-Nov-03	
Wilson, Rosemary	09-Mar-05	
Wilson, Ruby A.	23-May-01	
Wilson, Rufus Pruitt	06-Dec-00	
Wilson, Sue Lucas	12-Sep-07	
Wilson, Tommy Lee	14-Mar-07	
Wilson, William	16-Oct-02	
Wilson, Winnie	17-May-06	
Wilson, Winnie	31-May-06	
Wilson, Winnie	07-Jun-06	
Windle, Empress E.	26-Apr-00	
Winfrey, John Clifton, Jr.	03-Jan-01	
Winslett, Edna Verna	29-Aug-01	
Winslett, Ethel Lena	19-Jul-06	
Winslett, Gary O.	29-Jul-09	
Winslett, Howard Milton, Jr.	31-Jul-02	
Winslett, James "Jimmy" Howard, Sr.	12-Sep-07	
Winslett, John D.	11-Jul-01	
Wintter, Archie Herman	19-Jan-05	
Wise, Raymond, Clayton	09-Oct-02	
Wisener, John Percy	27-Aug-03	
Wisham, Martha	02-Dec-09	
Wishma, Ken	02-Dec-09	
Wisor, Matthew James	06-Dec-06	
Wolf, John Frederick "Rick"	18-Oct-06	
Wolfe, Guy Herbert	26-Dec-07	
Wolfe, Malcolm Ardell, Sr.	17-May-06	
Womack, William Carey, Sr.	05-Mar-03	
Wood, Billie Ruth Fant	27-Dec-00	
Wood, Billy H.	21-Feb-07	
Wood, Carl Jackson, Jr.	17-Sep-08	
Wood, Clayton Louie "Jack"	01-Oct-98	
Wood, Joel Ray	13-Dec-06	
Wood, John  	11-Dec-02	
Wood, John Wesley	02-Oct-02	
Wood, Lanice Hicks	17-Dec-08	
Wood, Maggie Earline	08-Oct-03	
Wood, Mary Ann	07-May-08	
Wood, Patricia Ann Carden	04-Jul-07	
Wood, Patricia Ann Carden 	25-Jul-07	
Wood, Patricia Ann Carden 	20-Jun-07	
Wood, Roy L.	20-May-09	
Woodall, Dora Faye "Honey"	28-Aug-02	
Woodall, John Holland, Jr.	24-Jan-01	
Woodall, Johnny Wesley "Spider"	09-Apr-08	
Woodall, Johnny Wesley "Spider"	16-Apr-08	
Woodall, Josephine Drake	29-Mar-06	
Woodall, Laura Lucille	15-Nov-00	
Woodall, Mary Frances Crim	19-Jun-02	
Woodall, Rodger Dale	02-Jul-03	
Woodard, Ray	22-Jul-09	
Woodman, Billi M.	27-Sep-06	
Woodruff, Frankie	03-Dec-03	
Woodruff, Frankie	17-Dec-03	
Woods, David Wilks	08-Aug-01	
Woods, Frances Geneva Jones	03-Jul-02	
Woods, Glenda Dale	21-Nov-07	
Woods, James C.	12-Jan-05	
Woods, John Russell	15-Sep-04	
Woods, Nancy C.	08-Nov-06	
Woodward, Paul R., Sr.	31-Jan-01	
Woody, Clarence W., Jr.	06-Apr-05	
Wooley, Helen Nathelia	08-Sep-04	
Woolley, Elinor Peters	19-Jan-00	
Woolley, Ruby Whorton	10-May-00	
Wooten, George Earl	22-Aug-07	
Wooten, Glenda Gertrude	19-Sep-01	
Wooten, Mildred L.	29-Jan-03	
Works, Gloice Dean, Sr.	09-May-01	
Wortham, Eva Mae	24-Jan-07	
Worthy, Raymond Bert, Jr.	16-Sep-09	
Wray, Izer Malen	05-Nov-03	
Wrenn, Martha	15-Jan-03	
Wright, Betty Jo	01-Oct-03	
Wright, Christine Hay	01-Oct-03	
Wright, Harold Wilbur	09-Feb-00	
Wright, James Alfred	15-Jul-09	
Wright, Malcolm Ray	22-Sep-04	
Wright, Martha Ann	14-Sep-05	
Wright, Rayburn E.	30-Jul-03	
Wright, Tiyawn Catrell "Trell"	26-Sep-01	
Wright, Tiyawn Catrell "Trell"	03-Oct-01	
Wright, William Clyde	01-Nov-00	
Wright, William E. "Billy"	21-May-03	
Wyatt, Anthony Eugene "Gene"	21-Aug-02	
Wyatt, Betty Shadix	16-Dec-09	
Wyatt, Brenda G.	03-Oct-01	
Wyatt, Gloria B.	31-Dec-03	
Wyatt, Grace Pilgreen	08-Nov-00	
Wyatt, James Alexander	23-Feb-00	
Wyatt, Julius D., Jr., "Buddy"	05-Jan-00	
Wyatt, Thomas Eugene	09-Mar-05	
Wyatt, Vergil Beatrice Lybrand	23-Jan-08	
Wydemon, Ada Olene	28-Apr-04	
Wydermon, Pearl	12-Mar-08	
Wyffels, Annie G.	03-Jul-02	
Wynn, Ted R., Jr.	08-Mar-00	
Yacko, Vince L.	02-Jul-03	
Yancey, Christopher Scott	29-Mar-00	
Yancey, Christopher Scott	21-Jun-00	
Yancey, Christopher Scott	01-Aug-01	
Yates, Beth Wallace	01-Apr-09	
Yawn, Robert Hollis	21-Mar-01	
Yeager, Hannah	29-Nov-06	
Yeilding, Kendall Morgan	25-Jul-07	
Yelder, Lula B.	17-Jan-01	
Yessick, Essie B.	09-Jan-02	
Yessick, Harold "Wade"	15-Aug-01	
Yessick, Willie Pearl "Bill"	20-Feb-02	
York, Alisa Massey	27-Sep-06	
Young, Clarence D.	19-Nov-03	
Young, Festine Dickerson	30-May-07	
Young, James	28-Nov-07	
Young, Jesse W.	21-Mar-01	
Young, Lucy Zimmerman	16-Apr-03	
Young, Lucy Zimmerman	23-Apr-03	
Young, Ola Fulgham	12-Nov-03	
Young, Ronald E. "Tookie"	05-Jul-00	
Young, Thomas C.	26-Feb-03	
Youngblood, Ellis Ray Carter	12-Nov-03	
Youngblood, Margaret Burton	26-Jan-05	
Zahumensky, Edward Joseph	31-May-00	
Zahumensky, Emily	03-Apr-02	
Zales, Deanna Lynn	04-Apr-07	
Zaslofsky, Steven	27-May-09	
Zucco, Angeline Mary	19-Jun-02