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1980 - 1989

Shelby County Alabama

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This OBITUARY INDEX includes all of the obituaries that were found in The Shelby County Reporter for the years 1980-1989. We also maintain the Bolton (a.k.a. Bolton-Walton) Funeral Home Records from 1957 through 1996.


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       NAME OF DECEASED        NEWSPAPER DATE             

Abbott, Frankie, Mrs.	20-Feb-86	
Abbott, Gaines V.	02-Oct-80	
Abbott, Helen Wilma	08-Jan-81	
Abbott, Helen Wilma	15-Jan-81	
Abbott, Leroy Jackson	11-Nov-82	
Abel, Madge Jeanette	21-Mar-85	
Abernathy, Frank	03-May-89	
Acre, James Edward	11-Sep-86	
Acton, Emerson H.	13-Feb-86	
Acton, Jenette Brasher	04-Jun-81	
Adair, William	23-Apr-81	
Adair, William D.	10-Dec-81	
Adair, William D.	17-Dec-81	
Adams, Edward, Mr.	10-Jul-80	
Adams, James, Sr., The Rev.	02-Oct-86	
Adams, Lottie J.	20-Apr-88	
Adams, Mildred Inez	05-Dec-85	
Adams, Pearl Virginia	20-Jul-88	
Adams, Robert Timothy	01-Mar-84	
Adams, Virginia Lois	16-Sep-82	
Adams, William A.	06-Dec-84	
Adams, William Franklin	30-Jan-86	
Adkins, Clara Dickinson	11-Nov-82	
Adkins, Saxon Willadean, Mrs.	31-Jul-80	
Albright, Ferman	17-Feb-88	
Albright, James Franklin, Sr.	19-Apr-84	
Albright, James Franklin, Sr.	26-Apr-84	
Albright, Laura Lee	20-Nov-80	
Aldridge, Edward G.	10-Jun-82	
Aldridge, Jewel	29-Apr-82	
Alexander Irene	17-May-84	
Alexander, Howard Eugene	30-Aug-89	
Alexander, James E. "Smokey"	29-Jan-87	
Alexander, Wilbur	15-Nov-84	
Alfano, Frank Thomas, Sr.	12-Jun-86	
Allen, Annie Mae Galloway	06-Mar-86	
Allen, Cleve E.	10-Dec-81	
Allen, Daisy	07-Oct-82	
Allen, Dorothy Irene	13-Jan-88	
Allen, Elizabeth Bessie	23-Oct-86	
Allen, Guy Cocelle	10-Feb-83	
Allen, James Albert, Rev.	08-Sep-83	
Allen, James Milton	18-Jan-89	
Allen, Jesse	13-Jan-88	
Allen, Jimmie Ruth	15-May-86	
Allen, John Robert	27-May-87	
Allen, John Robert	03-Jun-87	
Allen, Joseph Reid	01-Dec-83	
Allen, Maudine	15-Mar-89	
Allen, Rachel	05-Dec-85	
Allen, Raymond F., Sr.	31-Jan-85	
Allen, Robert Franklin	17-Jun-82	
Allen, Rufus	01-Jun-88	
Allen, Samuel, Sr.	23-Dec-87	
Allen, Sherry Ellen Whatley	04-Sep-86	
Allen, Thomas, Oscar	17-Nov-83	
Allen, Walter Murray	01-Jan-81	
Allen, William C.	26-Aug-82	
Allen, William Carl	16-Apr-81	
Almonrode, Charles Clayton	20-Nov-80	
Almonrode, Richard D.	11-Jul-85	
Alverson, John Bruce	02-Dec-82	
Alverson, Mary Elizabeth	19-Mar-81	
Alverson, Minnie Belle	11-Sep-86	
Ambrose, Willie Mae	01-Dec-83	
Ambrose, Willie Mae	08-Dec-83	
Anderson, Edward	01-Jul-82	
Anderson, Harry G.	07-Mar-85	
Anderson, Henry Terrell	23-Feb-84	
Anderson, J.D., Mr.	24-Jul-80	
Anderson, James C.	25-May-88	
Anderson, James William	10-Apr-86	
Anderson, Mary Lynn Frost	02-Jan-86	
Anderson, Mavis Marie	02-Apr-87	
Anderson, Shirley	21-Jun-84	
Anderson, Shirley Wyonia	02-Feb-84	
Anderson, Tency Cost	03-Apr-80	
Anderson, Thomas Neil	08-Dec-83	
Anderson, Thomas S.	09-Aug-89	
Anderson, Virle M.	10-May-84	
Anderson, William	10-May-89	
Andrews, Heidi Marie	30-Aug-89	
Andrzejczak, Joseph Michael, Sr.	22-Mar-89	
Angelkorte, Georgia Morgan	10-Dec-81	
Angelkorte, Johannes Wolfgang, Dr.	06-May-82	
Anthony, Mary Bottroff	15-Jan-87	
Anthony, Mary Bottroff	22-Jan-87	
Anthony, Mary Bottroff	29-Jan-87	
Anthony, Moman Leroy	24-May-84	
Appleby, William C.	20-Dec-89	
Archer, Clarice Pearson	01-Apr-82	
Archer, Edna Ray	28-Aug-86	
Archer, Nelson Charles	31-Mar-83	
Arden, Kenneth	21-Nov-85	
Argo, Lizzie S.	07-Oct-82	
Argo, Lois Juanita	26-Dec-85	
Argo, Oscar Jady	17-Mar-83	
Argo, Oscar Jady, Jr.	22-May-80	
Arledge, Ernest Grady	13-Dec-84	
Arledge, Willie Thomas	30-Jan-86	
Armstrong, Agnes	29-Mar-89	
Armstrong, J. C., Mr.	03-Jan-85	
Armstrong, Manie N.	15-Jan-87	
Armstrong, Rushen Albert	24-Jul-80	
Armstrong, Tonchie Esther	02-Sep-82	
Armstrong, William Irvin	05-Aug-82	
Arnold, Cecil V.	01-Feb-89	
Arnold, John D. P., Jr.	28-Jun-89	
Arrington, James D.	15-Nov-84	
Arthur, Iva Nora	16-Aug-89	
Arthur, Von L.	01-Sep-83	
Asbury, Jack N.	25-Apr-85	
Asbury, Jessie May	21-Feb-80	
Ashmore, Nellie Mae	20-May-87	
Atchison, Clifford L.	10-Nov-83	
Atchison, Dorothy	09-Sep-87	
Atchison, Emma Elizabeth	31-May-89	
Atchison, Hubert S.	14-Oct-82	
Atchison, Jack	08-Nov-89	
Atchison, John L., Sr.	09-Dec-87	
Atchison, John P.	24-Aug-88	
Atchison, Nathan Gray	10-Jul-86	
Atchison, Ruth Elizabeth	29-Mar-89	
Atkins, Jack Eugene, Sr.	02-Apr-81	
Attaway, Hubert Perry	05-Jul-89	
Atwell, Robert P.	03-Nov-83	
Ausbun, John Mitchell	08-Nov-89	
Austin, Ruby Ester	26-Apr-89	
Averett, Iona M.	19-Jun-86	
Ayers, Bill Lynn	27-Mar-86	
Bailey, Becky	03-Oct-85	
Bailey, Bruce	02-Sep-87	
Bailey, Carl Jackson	18-Apr-85	
Bailey, Fred, Jr.	03-Apr-80	
Bailey, Myrtle Lee	30-Jun-83	
Bailey, Noland D., Jr.	16-Dec-87	
Bailey, Paul A.	25-Sep-86	
Bailey, Pearl H.	02-Aug-84	
Bailey, Robert B.	06-Dec-89	
Bailey, Thomas M.	24-Dec-81	
Bailey, Walter Hayden	29-Mar-89	
Baird, Amanda Kathryn	16-Aug-89	
Bajkowski, Bitha Juanita	13-May-87	
Baker, Charles N.	02-Feb-84	
Baker, Doris, Mrs.	12-Jun-80	
Baker, Henry M., Jr.	26-Jan-84	
Baker, Jesse Garvin	23-Jul-81	
Baker, John Frank	09-Dec-82	
Baker, Johnny Morris	01-Jun-88	
Baker, Leon Clark, Jr.	25-Sep-86	
Baker, Lilly P.	27-Jul-88	
Baker, Marion Smales	20-Jan-88	
Baker, Sarah, Mrs.	29-Jan-81	
Baker, Theresa Foster	10-Dec-81	
Baker, Theresa Foster	17-Dec-81	
Baker, Thomas Boyd	10-Feb-88	
Baker, William H.	24-Oct-85	
Baker, Willie Lee	17-May-89	
Ballentine, Maryalice	12-Nov-81	
Barber, Martha Jane	26-May-83	
Barefield, Mary Ann	15-Jan-87	
Barnes, Angela A.	25-Nov-82	
Barnes, Byron Breckenridge	24-Jan-80	
Barnes, Donald David	02-Sep-87	
Barnes, Jennifer Kay	07-Oct-87	
Barnes, Ralph E.	15-Jun-88	
Barnes, Verna	12-Jul-84	
Barnett, George Maynard	13-Dec-84	
Barnett, Hill	19-Jun-80	
Barnett, Johnny Calvin	20-Apr-88	
Barnett, Madie V.	24-Feb-83	
Barnett, Minnie Lee	26-Feb-81	
Barnett, Ollie Bell	31-Jan-85	
Barnett, Virgil	25-Feb-82	
Barnett, Virgil Leroy	09-Jun-83	
Barnett, Zell Gaston	06-Mar-86	
Barrett, Ada Eloise	01-Jul-87	
Barrett, Elon Brown	23-Dec-82	
Barrett, Mary W.	26-Mar-87	
Barronton, Joseph T.	03-Jul-80	
Bashore, Glen Thomas, Sr.	15-Feb-89	
Bass, Cora Beatrice	02-Aug-89	
Bates, Clara W.	28-Oct-82	
Bates, Dock John, Jr.	10-May-89	
Bates, James Stephen	02-Nov-88	
Bates, Joyce Davis	13-Feb-86	
Bates, Kenneth Ray, Jr.	13-Nov-80	
Bates, Mattie C.	25-Jan-89	
Bates, William M. "Bill"	02-Nov-88	
Batson, James L., Jr.	03-May-89	
Battle, Jack Buford	31-Dec-81	
Battle, Ollie	08-Nov-84	
Battle, Vera Beatrice	19-Jul-84	
Battle, William Cody	28-May-81	
Baumgartner, Albert Edward, Sr.	25-Apr-85	
Baumgartner, Bessie F.	14-Jan-82	
Baxley Jewel Dabbs	22-Mar-89	
Bazemore, William B.	13-May-82	
Beachem, Annie Childs	06-Jul-88	
Beam, Lovia Hayes	28-Jun-84	
Bean, Paul	15-Nov-84	
Beane, Hollis Walter	08-Jul-87	
Beane, Josephine	15-Mar-89	
Beard, Homer C.	10-Aug-88	
Bearden, Allen J.	29-Jul-87	
Bearden, Arnetar L.	05-Nov-81	
Bearden, Eva Roy	20-Sep-89	
Bearden, Henry	25-Feb-82	
Bearden, Homer H.	09-Aug-84	
Bearden, Kevin J.	28-Dec-88	
Bearden, Lois Demovil	08-Jul-87	
Bearden, Paul "Doug"	03-May-89	
Bearden, Robert Earl	30-Aug-84	
Bearden, Steven E.	04-Aug-83	
Beasley, Dora C.	06-Jun-85	
Beasley, Hubert E.	04-Dec-86	
Beasley, Kerry Wayne	09-May-85	
Beatty, Pearl Doss	19-Jan-84	
Beech, Jo Ann	15-Jun-88	
Belcher, Allen	03-Oct-85	
Belcher, Roscoe Cecil	17-Mar-83	
Bell, Annie Evelyn Johnson	03-Jul-80	
Bell, Emily C.	23-Dec-87	
Bell, Gladys May	16-Oct-86	
Bell, Sylvester	09-Mar-88	
Benefield, Mary	14-Oct-87	
Benison, Joseph Louis	06-Jul-88	
Bennett, Beatrice Fern	05-Feb-87	
Bennett, Edward Emerson	06-Mar-80	
Bennett, Ella Margaret	16-Apr-81	
Bennett, Phil	22-Jan-87	
Benson, Agnes	11-Dec-80	
Benson, Clarence Arvel	15-Feb-89	
Benson, Elizabeth	30-Oct-86	
Benson, Ervin Eugene	24-Apr-86	
Benson, Hilery Elton "Pete"	07-Sep-88	
Benson, Lee Brandon	01-May-80	
Benson, Lilla Littlefield	05-Feb-81	
Benson, Oswald, Sr.	01-Nov-84	
Benson, Sammy	11-Jan-89	
Benson, Sammy	18-Jan-89	
Benson, Sammy	25-Jan-89	
Bentley, David Harford	06-Feb-86	
Bentley, George Bruton	16-Apr-87	
Bentley, George Walker	26-Jul-89	
Benton, Elma F.	28-Dec-88	
Benton, James Odom	09-Jun-83	
Benton, James William, Sr.	14-Oct-82	
Berleth, Sara Cheves	25-Dec-86	
Berryhill, Thomas C.	06-Dec-84	
Bice, Carl Junior	26-Feb-81	
Bice, Emerys Eugene	01-Mar-89	
Bice, Harrison C.	03-Dec-81	
Bice, Kenneth Alan	23-Sep-82	
Bick, Ruth Lee	11-Apr-85	
Biddy, Effie Lee	13-Nov-80	
Bierley, Louise Frances	14-Nov-85	
Biggs, Eva Lee	04-Jun-81	
Bigham, Samuel I. "Cy"	08-Jan-87	
Bilberry, Sibyl L.	09-Aug-89	
Billings, Ula, Mrs.	18-Dec-80	
Billingsley, Billy B.	16-Oct-80	
Billingsley, Ethel	17-Oct-85	
Billingsley, Susie	03-Jan-85	
Bird, Amy Mangrum	19-Mar-87	
Bird, Carl E.	19-Feb-81	
Bird, Floyd Phagan	17-Feb-88	
Bird, Kenneth Nelson	29-Aug-85	
Bird, Leona	18-Jun-81	
Birdsong, James Ray	15-May-86	
Bishop, Ethel Mae	04-Nov-82	
Bishop, Lelia Bell	17-Mar-83	
Bishop, Mary Annie	06-May-87	
Bishop, Tommie Austin	08-Feb-89	
Black, Elvie Miles	19-Jun-80	
Black, Glen Allen	23-Aug-89	
Black, Myrtle	15-Jul-82	
Black, Thomas Jefferson	25-Sep-86	
Blackberby, David	29-Sep-83	
Blackburn, Eleanor	17-May-84	
Blackerby, David Franklin	06-Oct-83	
Blackerby, David Herbert	03-Apr-80	
Blackerby, Dovie B.	21-Aug-86	
Blackerby, Elizabeth Agnes	28-May-81	
Blackerby, Essie Eunice	20-May-87	
Blackerby, Lloyd A.	12-Feb-87	
Blackerby, Simon L.	27-Oct-83	
Blackmon, Auda M.	13-Sep-89	
Blackmon, Edward Gordon	20-Jan-83	
Blackmon, Elijah G.	06-Apr-88	
Blackmon, Jewell Ozley	15-Jul-82	
Blackmon, Jewell Ozley	22-Jul-82	
Blackmon, John Wesley	12-Aug-82	
Blackmon, Judy Gay	26-Aug-82	
Blackmon, Vera Lee	30-Jun-83	
Blair, William Edward "Bill"	01-Nov-89	
Blake, Mary Evilene	28-Feb-80	
Blake, Mary Lee	26-Jun-86	
Blalock, Margaret Ann	25-Oct-89	
Blanchard, Lillie Mulkey	20-Jan-83	
Blankenship, Eula Gill	20-Jan-83	
Blankenship, Harold D.	08-Jan-87	
Blankenship, Johnnie Sue	06-Sep-89	
Blankenship, Lula	25-Feb-82	
Blankenship, Mary Frances	15-May-86	
Blankenship, Rene	29-Jan-87	
Blankenship, Stella I.	31-May-89	
Blankenship, Veronica	25-Jan-89	
Blanton, James R.	29-Dec-83	
Blatzer, Bertha Constance	08-Jul-82	
Blevins, Virginia Carol	28-Oct-87	
Blewster, Irma	14-Dec-88	
Blewster, Robert Clinton	19-Oct-88	
Blood, Jeffrey Howard	17-Feb-88	
Blosser, Wendy Holcombe	19-Feb-87	
Boaz, Leta Irene	18-Nov-82	
Boaz, Ruth	03-Oct-85	
Boggess, Martha Louise	27-Sep-89	
Boggess, Martha Louise	04-Oct-89	
Boggs, Edna Mae	20-Oct-83	
Bogie, Margie C.	28-Aug-86	
Bolden, John Ed	10-May-89	
Bolin, Eva Lee	21-Aug-80	
Bolling, Gus Roman, Sr.	13-Apr-88	
Bolling, John	14-Feb-85	
Bolton, Dewey F.	26-Aug-82	
Bolton, James H.	12-Jul-89	
Bolton, Jap O'Neal	10-May-84	
Bolton, Katherine Balzli	19-Apr-89	
Boockholdt, Lena H.	21-Oct-82	
Booker, Estelle Smitherman	29-Jul-87	
Boone, Helen Daisy Zeiger	15-Jul-87	
Booth, Dean Perry	09-Nov-88	
Booth, Lillian B.	24-Jul-86	
Booth, Ludie Gertrude	10-Mar-83	
Booth, Myrtle	25-Apr-85	
Booth, William H.	26-Sep-85	
Booth, William T.	12-Nov-81	
Boothe, Ethel L.	08-Mar-84	
Boothe, Ethel Mae	23-Jan-86	
Boothe, Henry Dewey	28-Aug-86	
Boothe, James Henry	10-Nov-83	
Boothe, Maybelle	30-Jul-81	
Boothe, Robert Roland	23-Aug-84	
Boothe, William Bud	08-Jan-81	
Bothne, James Norman	19-Aug-87	
Boulware, James A., Jr.	25-Apr-85	
Bowden, Robert Elbert, Jr.	08-Jul-87	
Bowen, Clarence B.	25-Oct-89	
Bowen, Leavenia P.	30-Aug-89	
Bowen, Lizzie W.	03-Oct-85	
Bowles, Aaron A.	02-Apr-81	
Bowlin, Jessie Paul	19-Aug-82	
Bozeman, Edith P.	03-May-84	
Bradberry, Luther P.	04-Apr-85	
Bradford, Benesia	15-May-80	
Bradford, Mamie E.	13-Feb-86	
Bradford, Nathan Ralph	17-Apr-86	
Bradley, Donald Richard	22-May-86	
Bradley, Hazel G.	02-Apr-87	
Bradley, Ruby Lee	06-Dec-84	
Bradley, Whitson Leon "Whit"	20-Dec-89	
Bradley, Willard     and                                 McLaughlin, Marvin	15-Jan-81	
Bragg, Ella	18-Mar-82	
Bragg, James A.	26-Apr-89	
Bramblett, Nelda B.	13-Jun-85	
Bramblett, Nelda B.	20-Jun-85	
Branch, Alton	23-Mar-88	
Brantley, Bobby Ray	28-May-81	
Brantley, Bobby Ray	04-Jun-81	
Brantley, Chester Floyd	26-Feb-81	
Brantley, Genoa Pearl	27-Dec-84	
Brantley, Jason Adam	19-Feb-87	
Brantley, Jerry N.	11-Mar-82	
Brantley, Lucile	01-Mar-84	
Brantley, Mabel Johnson	22-Jan-87	
Brantley, Paul Murphy, Sr.	26-Aug-87	
Brantley, Willie Frances, Mrs.	26-Mar-87	
Brasher, Annie Johnson	15-Nov-89	
Brasher, Arlie Willie	14-May-81	
Brasher, Autumn	04-Feb-82	
Brasher, Charity Mae	06-Jan-88	
Brasher, Charles E.	07-Mar-85	
Brasher, Claudia Leona	31-Dec-81	
Brasher, Delia	27-Sep-84	
Brasher, Delia	04-Oct-84	
Brasher, Early	24-Feb-88	
Brasher, Edward Lee "Monk"	10-Sep-81	
Brasher, Eleanor R.	10-Dec-81	
Brasher, Fleecy W.	12-Jul-89	
Brasher, Frank G.	27-Oct-83	
Brasher, Henry A.	30-Oct-86	
Brasher, Hovah A.	12-Nov-81	
Brasher, Inez Isbell	28-Jun-89	
Brasher, Jadie Lee	22-Apr-87	
Brasher, James Reeder	07-Oct-87	
Brasher, James T., Sr.	19-Feb-81	
Brasher, John Henry	19-Jul-89	
Brasher, Lea JoAnn	04-Sep-86	
Brasher, Lessie L.	05-Sep-85	
Brasher, Lester S. "Jack"	26-May-83	
Brasher, Lillie B.	09-Feb-84	
Brasher, Lon	14-Oct-82	
Brasher, Lonnie Joe	30-Nov-88	
Brasher, Lottie Mae	06-Apr-88	
Brasher, Louis	09-May-85	
Brasher, Martha Ann	24-Feb-88	
Brasher, Marvin E., Rev.	05-Jan-84	
Brasher, Noah A.	13-Jan-88	
Brasher, Pearly Lucille	08-May-80	
Brasher, Roy Gene	04-Nov-82	
Brasher, Sears, Mr.	27-Feb-86	
Brasher, Theodore R.	19-Jun-80	
Brasher, Thomas E.	12-Sep-85	
Brasher, Walter	09-Dec-82	
Brasher, Warren G.	06-Nov-86	
Brasher, William Robert	04-Mar-82	
Braswell, Margie	20-Sep-84	
Bray, Lois Blake	24-Jan-85	
Brazier, Lottie Mae	25-Jul-85	
Breedlove, Louise	12-May-83	
Brewer, Lexie B.	09-Jul-81	
Brewer, Terry L.	18-Apr-85	
Bright, Jessie S.	09-May-85	
Brisky, Evelyn P.	18-Jul-85	
Bristow, Estelle H.	04-Sep-86	
Bristow, Harry Lee	29-Jan-87	
Bristow, Henry S., Sr.	22-Jul-82	
Bristow, Preston Abner	14-Jun-89	
Broadhead, Bell White	12-Feb-87	
Broadhead, Donald Hugh	01-Jan-87	
Broadhead, Harold	16-Aug-89	
Broadhead, Mildred	25-Apr-85	
Brogden, Alvin Leon	20-Nov-86	
Brogden, Otis Tucker	22-Jul-87	
Brooks, Edward LaVerne	17-May-89	
Brooks, Virgil E.	02-Apr-87	
Broom, Helen S.	27-Jan-88	
Brothers, Bertie Mae	22-Dec-83	
Brown, A. C., Mr.	02-Dec-82	
Brown, Ann	09-Dec-87	
Brown, Bernie Etta, Mrs.	19-Mar-81	
Brown, Bertha Martin	26-Mar-81	
Brown, Braddy/Bradley Otis	27-May-87	
Brown, Braddy/Bradley Otis	03-Jun-87	
Brown, Claude, Jr. "Rabbit"	25-Sep-86	
Brown, Donald Shannon	27-Nov-86	
Brown, Ernest H.	02-Sep-87	
Brown, Leah Marie	27-Mar-86	
Brown, Leah Marie	03-Apr-86	
Brown, Mary Lee Garrett	08-Nov-89	
Brown, Melvin Cecil	03-Feb-88	
Brown, Ola Spoon	11-Dec-86	
Brown, Teresa Rena Bennett	18-Oct-89	
Brumbaugh, Alice	06-Dec-89	
Bryan, Arthur C.	23-Nov-88	
Bryant, Lewis A.	27-Nov-86	
Bryant, Rosetta	12-Apr-84	
Bryant, William Charlie	16-Dec-87	
Buchanon, McCoy	08-Jul-87	
Buck, Murray S.	29-Apr-82	
Buck, Nellie Jean	28-Jul-83	
Buckhanon, Billy	11-Jan-89	
Bulger, Don	01-Mar-84	
Bullard, Johnny Wayne	24-May-89	
Bunch, Richard Clayton	13-Feb-86	
Bunkley, Jesse Frank	20-Jul-88	
Bunn, Virginia L.	08-Jul-82	
Burdett, Herman F.	22-Jul-87	
Burge, Sallie Stokes	20-Nov-86	
Burgess, Charles Elbert	22-Jan-87	
Burgess, Louise Morgan	12-Feb-87	
Burgess, Ray J.	16-Oct-86	
Burgin, Elbert Brown	05-Aug-87	
Burk, Willie C.	13-Aug-81	
Burke, Anna Belle	27-Oct-83	
Burke, Ralph Waldo	22-Sep-83	
Burkett, Christopher Columbus	14-Jun-84	
Burks, Lola Faye	14-Feb-80	
Burnett, Agnes Hamm	09-Nov-88	
Burnett, Frank Estel	18-Nov-82	
Burnett, George	20-Dec-84	
Burnett, Harland Ray	28-Jun-89	
Burnett, Harland Ray	05-Jul-89	
Burnett, Joseph Paul	24-Jan-80	
Burnett, Louis Thomas	10-Jan-85	
Burnett, Nim Hardy	03-May-84	
Burnett, Randy G.	30-Nov-88	
Burnett, Steve	14-Jan-82	
Burnett, Steve	18-Aug-83	
Burnett, Thomas Mack	05-Mar-87	
Burnett, W. L., Jr.	26-Aug-82	
Burns, Ocie Lee	23-Aug-84	
Burns, Robert	27-Apr-88	
Burns, Samuel James "Jim"	11-Nov-87	
Burt, Bill	22-Nov-84	
Burt, Bill	06-Dec-84	
Burton, Edward Earl	31-Dec-81	
Burton, Steven C.	31-May-89	
Busby, Dewey E.	31-Jul-80	
Busby, Eloise Ruddy	15-Feb-89	
Busby, O.C., Mr.	31-Aug-88	
Busby, Samuel Charles	17-Jul-80	
Busby, Wilburn Austin	14-Oct-87	
Butler, Alice Elizabeth	22-Aug-85	
Butler, Catherine Thornton	08-Mar-89	
Butler, Clarsie Louise	05-Jun-86	
Butler, Emma Frances	10-Aug-88	
Butler, Erah	11-Sep-86	
Butler, Jesse M.	28-Jul-83	
Butler, Oma Ray	12-Jun-86	
Butler, Virgil Alfred	24-May-89	
Butterworth, Robert Cason, Jr.	02-Apr-81	
Byers, Lynn	13-Dec-89	
Byrd, Carl Wayne	18-Dec-86	
Byrd, Carl Wayne	18-Dec-86	
Byrd, Felecia Ann	26-Dec-85	
Byrd, Felicia Ann	02-Jan-86	
Cabiness, Jessie Claude, Mr.	03-Apr-80	
Cadle, Burman Howell	26-May-83	
Cagle, Essie S.	30-Aug-84	
Cagle, Wilbur Lee	12-Oct-88	
Cain, John Thomas, Sr.	26-Mar-81	
Cain, Joseph	27-Aug-81	
Cain, Velma Dean	05-Mar-81	
Cairns, Ricky	28-Aug-80	
Caldwell, Gracie Ann	06-Nov-86	
Callaway, Ruby	30-Sep-82	
Callihan, James Mark	 10-Sep-81	
Camp, Ellis, Mrs.	26-Nov-81	
Campbell, Homer Leon	19-Nov-81	
Campbell, James	15-Jan-81	
Campbell, James Lewis	07-Jun-89	
Campbell, Lucile Cross	19-Jun-80	
Campbell, Sadie Iris	09-Feb-84	
Campbell, Vivian Lankford	11-Apr-85	
Candler, Florence Beatrice	19-Sep-85	
Cannady, Gerald Lee	10-Jun-82	
Cannady, Gerald Lee	17-Jun-82	
Cannady, Howard P., Jr.	10-Oct-85	
Cannady, Jimmy Wayne	15-Jul-87	
Capps, Steve J. "Cap Pistle"	26-Jul-84	
Carden Harry C.	19-Aug-82	
Carden, Clifton J., Sr.	24-Jul-86	
Carden, David J., Jr.	20-Aug-81	
Carden, Dewey, Jr. "Goat"	04-May-88	
Carden, Don Earl	26-Dec-85	
Carden, Ermon R.	13-Aug-81	
Carden, Esca Elizabeth	28-Oct-87	
Carden, Gordon,	17-May-84	
Carden, Ida Atchison	14-Jun-84	
Carden, J.W., Mr.	18-Oct-89	
Carden, James E.	09-Dec-82	
Carden, John T.	12-Jun-80	
Carden, John Wesley	13-Aug-81	
Carden, Lois Louise	02-Dec-82	
Carden, Mary Frances	22-May-86	
Carden, Pete	15-Nov-89	
Carden, William V. "Bill"	19-Oct-88	
Carden, Willie Russell	14-Mar-85	
Carden, Zilphiah Anderson	22-Dec-83	
Cardwell, Beulah Grey Webb	20-Jul-88	
Cardwell, James Allen, Sr.	16-Jan-86	
Cardwell, Robert Harland	05-Jul-89	
Cardwell, Willie Mae	05-Oct-88	
Carlee, Clarice Bell	12-Dec-85	
Carlee, John	01-Mar-89	
Carlisle, Agnes I.	25-Apr-85	
Carlisle, Agnes I.	02-May-85	
Carlson, Joan Emily Hoover	08-Jun-88	
Carner, Susan Marie	11-Oct-89	
Carpenter, Lillian Lucille	29-Oct-81	
Carpenter, William Daniel	13-Jul-88	
Carr, Woodrow Wilson	07-Mar-85	
Carrington, Clarence Terry	04-May-88	
Carter, Brenda Mae Posten	17-Apr-80	
Carter, Frank James	30-Aug-89	
Carter, Henry	15-Jan-87	
Carter, Howard Lewis	01-Aug-85	
Carter, James Earl	10-Jan-85	
Carter, John	05-Aug-82	
Carter, Lula T.	28-Aug-80	
Carter, Mary DuBose	13-May-87	
Carter, Myrtie Davis	01-Dec-83	
Carter, Ophelia R.	24-Feb-83	
Carter, Randy	28-Jun-89	
Carter, Randy	05-Jul-89	
Carter, Randy	07-Sep-88	
Carter, Randy	19-Oct-88	
Carter, Randy	26-Oct-88	
Carter, Randy Allen	08-Jul-87	
Carter, Randy Allen	15-Jul-87	
Carter, Thomas H.	19-Dec-85	
Carter, William Thomas	20-Nov-80	
Cash, Lessie Lindsey	10-Nov-83	
Cashion, Deborah Lynn	02-Mar-88	
Casillas, Celita Love	17-Jun-87	
Caswell, James W.	25-Jan-89	
Caton, Lila Irene	21-Aug-80	
Chambers, Lorenzo Ard	11-Dec-80	
Chambliss, William C.	17-May-89	
Champion, Barney Eugene, Sr.	05-Aug-87	
Champion, Ever	31-Jul-80	
Champion, Fred Harrison, Jr.	25-Mar-82	
Champion, Michael Todd	14-Oct-82	
Champion, Robert L.	11-Dec-80	
Champion, Todd	07-Oct-82	
Chandler, Carlon Melvin	12-Jun-86	
Chapman, James Otis	26-Feb-87	
Chapman, John 	28-Oct-82	
Chapple, Linda Faye	15-Jan-87	
Charlton, Phyllis Kay	13-Apr-88	
Cherry, Malcom Fernwood	 21-Feb-80	
Cheshier, Nannie Maude Waldrop	17-May-84	
Chichester, Carolyn Wilson	18-Jul-85	
Christian, Myrtle M.	12-Feb-87	
Churchwell, Alfred "Lefty"	27-May-82	
Clark, Bobby Eugene	03-Aug-88	
Clark, Judith Renee	13-Oct-83	
Clark, Lee Norman	06-May-87	
Clark, Lester B.	22-Jan-81	
Clark, Lois Velma Tate	30-Apr-81	
Clark, Mattie Ophelia, Mrs.	19-Mar-81	
Clark, Rosie Etta	11-Jul-85	
Clay, Freeman Irving	23-Nov-88	
Cleckler, Willie D.	24-May-89	
Cleveland, Arthur J., Sr.	16-Mar-88	
Cline, Lyndal J.	16-Nov-88	
Clinkscales, Norman K.	16-Jan-86	
Clopton, Margie A.	19-Jul-89	
Coats, Okla	01-Jul-87	
Cobb, Alice Lula	20-Oct-83	
Cobb, Bryce Leon	29-Oct-81	
Cobb, Cois	08-Jul-82	
Cobb, Dorothy Martin	23-Dec-82	
Cobb, Earl Robert	26-May-83	
Cobb, Gertrude	23-May-85	
Cobb, Mary E.	06-Jun-85	
Cochran, James Clayton	27-Aug-81	
Cochran, Walter B.	19-Sep-85	
Cohill, Jerry Lewis	20-Apr-88	
Cohill, Paul	02-Aug-89	
Coker, Maude A.	27-Mar-80	
Cole, George	09-Dec-87	
Cole, Janie W.	15-Mar-84	
Cole, Wilbur Floyd	04-Jun-81	
Coleman, Flora Owings	29-Nov-84	
Coleman, Herbert S., Sr.	13-Nov-80	
Coleman, Lena Colea	20-Sep-84	
Colley, Billy Gene	01-Mar-84	
Collins, Alpha Pearl	18-Nov-87	
Collins, Frank A., Jr.	19-Mar-81	
Collins, Frank A., Jr.	26-Mar-81	
Collins, Julius W. "Jack"	04-Mar-82	
Collum, Arvin G.	06-Jan-83	
Collum, Audrey P.	25-Aug-83	
Collum, Byron Matthew	05-Feb-87	
Collum, Johnny Ray	06-Jul-88	
Collum, Ralph Eugene	13-Dec-89	
Collum, Ruby D.	25-Jan-89	
Collum, Virgil	23-Jun-83	
Colvert, Richard B.	30-Aug-89	
Colvin, Myrtle L.	22-Sep-83	
Comer, Hattie Belle	06-Dec-84	
Comer, Jack Paul	29-Nov-84	
Compton, Algie Lane, Sr.	03-Jul-80	
Connell, Alma Jewell	27-Mar-86	
Connell, Carl	24-May-89	
Connell, James Fredrick Lewis, Dr	11-Aug-83	
Connell, Milton Henry	08-Oct-81	
Connell, William O., Sr.	12-Jun-86	
Connell, William Robert	21-Dec-88	
Conwell, Bruce	23-Oct-80	
Conwell, Charlotte	04-Jan-89	
Conwell, Ervin N.	07-Oct-87	
Cook, Charles Lamar	02-Oct-86	
Cook, Howard Carroll	26-Jul-89	
Cook, Irene Mae	08-Jul-82	
Cook, James Barney	30-Apr-81	
Cook, Jerry	26-Aug-82	
Cook, Mabel	23-Mar-88	
Cook, Reuben R.	29-May-86	
Cooley, James C., Sr.	15-Jun-88	
Cooley, Mary Lenora	09-Aug-89	
Coon, Lisa Kaye	02-Jul-81	
Cooper, Georgia	06-Jun-85	
Cooper, Grace B.	12-Apr-89	
Cooper, Johnie H.	14-Nov-85	
Cooper, Lena Freeman	17-Aug-88	
Cooper, Mary Virginia	27-Jul-88	
Cooper, Ralph	29-Oct-81	
Cope, Joseph B. "Buddy"	13-Dec-89	
Copeland, Joanie	07-Jun-89	
Copeland, Kayle Victoria	24-May-89	
Copeland, Rex Bartly	27-Sep-89	
Corbett, Wilson Cratie	18-Sep-86	
Cosby, Lawrence L.	03-Jan-85	
Cosby, Lawrence L.	10-Jan-85	
Cosby, Louie	03-Oct-85	
Cosby, Louis E./B.	03-Oct-85	
Cosper, Harry Clifford	21-Oct-82	
Cosper, Harry Clifford	28-Oct-82	
Cosper, Lila Beatrice	22-Dec-83	
Cost, Allen H.	16-Jul-81	
Cost, Coy M.	06-Jan-83	
Cost, Ethel Jean Martin	13-Jan-88	
Cost, Tommie	28-Aug-80	
Cottingham, Abram	23-Mar-88	
Cottingham, Abram, Jr.	04-Jan-89	
Cottingham, William, Sr.	16-Dec-87	
Covington, Helen Steele	10-Jun-82	
Cowart, Zollie Stephen	13-Feb-86	
Cowlin, Arthur Tracy	22-Mar-89	
Cox, Andrew Eugene	01-Nov-84	
Cox, Chester A.	04-Feb-82	
Cox, Elizabeth Hanby Stracener	11-Mar-82	
Cox, Essie	27-Dec-84	
Cox, Frank Esbon	20-May-82	
Cox, Laurie Ann	30-Jan-86	
Cox, Melvin Crawford	20-Jul-88	
Cox, Minna Lucille	20-Sep-84	
Cox, Nadie Lynn	19-Dec-85	
Cox, William Paul	16-Jan-86	
Crabb, Billy Gene, Sr.	09-Apr-87	
Crader, Betty Jane	09-Nov-88	
Crane, George W.	23-Oct-86	
Cranford, Walter Erle	04-Jun-81	
Crawford, Joe Victor	02-Apr-81	
Creamer, Mary Leis	24-Jul-80	
Creamer, Virgil I.	28-Apr-83	
Creek, Allie	24-Mar-83	
Creek, Woodrow Wilson	17-Jun-87	
Creel, Martha Jane	17-May-89	
Crenshaw, Paul Edward	15-Feb-89	
Crews, Thelma	01-May-86	
Crick, Evelyn K.	10-Jun-82	
Crick, Theron Timothy	26-Aug-87	
Crider, James Marion	02-Oct-80	
Crim, Clara M.	21-Jul-83	
Crim, Claude Lawrence	30-May-85	
Crim, Cora Exie	22-Jul-87	
Crim, Edith Jane	28-Feb-80	
Crim, James Clyde, Rev.	11-May-88	
Crim, Ruby Lee	03-Jul-86	
Crocker, Jack	06-Nov-86	
Crocker, Marvis Marie	23-Mar-88	
Cross, A. W., Mr.	17-May-84	
Cross, Corilla	07-Jun-89	
Crowe, Betty Ruth	11-Mar-82	
Crowe, Charles Wyman	26-Feb-81	
Crowe, John David	02-Dec-87	
Crowe, Robert Edward, Sr.	18-Dec-86	
Crowe, Wyman Wayne	02-Sep-82	
Crowson, Annie M.	23-Aug-84	
Crowson, Cecil F.	16-Aug-89	
Crowson, Cleveland	23-May-85	
Crowson, Ruby Thomas	18-Sep-86	
Crumley, Annie Rebecca	27-Dec-84	
Crumpton, Arthur Leonard	13-Apr-88	
Crumpton, Beulah Elizabeth	17-Apr-86	
Crumpton, Carole Lana Tyler	25-Dec-86	
Crumpton, Katie Estelle	03-Aug-88	
Crumpton, Lemuel	04-Dec-80	
Crumpton, Nalnor Clate	20-Sep-84	
Culberson, Claryle Baxter	18-Apr-85	
Culp, Charles Ferrell	17-Oct-85	
Culpepper, Amy Orr	21-Dec-88	
Culver, Lewis Henry	13-Feb-86	
Culverson, Mary B.	03-Jun-87	
Cumbie, Ruth Davis	18-Nov-87	
Cummings, James Bruce	18-Jul-85	
Cummings, Myrtle Earnestine	11-May-88	
Cunningham, James Kenneth	21-Mar-85	
Cunningham, Mary E.	20-Sep-84	
Cunningham, Nellie W.	19-Nov-81	
Cupp, Arthur G., Jr.	02-Dec-82	
Cupp, William Weldon	04-Jan-89	
Curl, James	03-Jul-86	
Curlee, Velma Elaine	05-Aug-87	
Curren, Barbara Doss	24-Jun-87	
Curry, Bennie Bird	11-Sep-80	
Curry, Deloris Westbrook, Mrs.	03-Jan-80	
Curry, Marie Campbell	13-Mar-80	
Curtis, Infant	19-Jan-84	
Curtis, James Wallace, Jr. "Jimmy"	22-Dec-83	
Curtis, Louise	19-Mar-87	
Cutts, Infant Girl	19-May-83	
Czeskleba, Verna Cotton	21-Aug-80	
Dailey, Amos Nathaniel	12-Jan-84	
Dailey, Billy R.	01-Aug-85	
Dailey, Galeon Sue	02-Apr-81	
Dailey, Milford	11-Feb-82	
Dalton, Albert Mohr	09-Aug-89	
Damsker, Louis	03-Feb-83	
Daniel, Hershell Leon 	10-May-89	
Daniel, Hershell Leonard	03-May-89	
Daniel, Ollie Faye	18-Oct-89	
Daniels, Alvin	06-Jul-88	
Dansker, Helen	18-Mar-82	
Darby, Ralph W., Jr.	06-Jul-88	
Darby, Ralph W., Jr.	27-Jul-88	
Darden, Eugene Edward	19-Aug-87	
Darden, Lela Frances	10-Jul-80	
Darden, Lela Frances	07-Aug-80	
Darden, Willa Dean	14-Sep-88	
Das, Sam	06-Jan-88	
Dates, Willie Gene	02-Dec-82	
Davenport, Barbara	21-Feb-85	
Davenport, Carl Carson A., Sr.	04-Aug-83	
Davenport, Elbert Eugene	13-Nov-80	
Davenport, Marie P.	06-Mar-86	
Davenport, Robert Donald	05-May-83	
Davenport, Virginia O.	26-Jan-84	
Davidson, Charles Joseph	22-Dec-83	
Davidson, Sadie Howell	16-Dec-87	
Davis, Albert Boyd	05-Apr-89	
Davis, Amy Jean	15-Mar-89	
Davis, Cary	30-Apr-81	
Davis, Dewey Roy	16-Dec-87	
Davis, Donald A.	17-Oct-85	
Davis, Douglas W.	24-Jan-85	
Davis, Edgar	11-Dec-86	
Davis, Elford Waylon	02-Jan-86	
Davis, Elmer	12-May-83	
Davis, Elvis Preston	12-Jul-89	
Davis, George Howard	24-Mar-83	
Davis, Huey R.	09-Dec-87	
Davis, Illa Houston	15-Apr-82	
Davis, Infant of Donnie & Ilona Davis	19-Jun-80	
Davis, James B.	18-Feb-82	
Davis, James B.	19-Aug-82	
Davis, James B.	26-Aug-82	
Davis, James B.	07-Apr-83	
Davis, James Edward	06-Mar-80	
Davis, Jeffie Lee	03-Jun-87	
Davis, Jeremy Ray	27-Mar-86	
Davis, Jeremy Ray	03-Apr-86	
Davis, Jillian Ann	14-Jul-83	
Davis, Johnnie R.	03-Dec-81	
Davis, Joseph A.	13-Jan-88	
Davis, Joseph B.	26-Mar-81	
Davis, Leigh Ann	01-Mar-84	
Davis, Leona	05-Jul-84	
Davis, Lloyd W.	31-Jan-85	
Davis, Lucille	29-Jan-81	
Davis, Margaret Lucille	14-Oct-82	
Davis, Maudy Odell	04-Mar-82	
Davis, Mihly B.	26-Aug-82	
Davis, Nancy Ellen	01-Oct-81	
Davis, Obie	14-Sep-88	
Davis, Onnie B.	12-Apr-89	
Davis, Reedy A.	20-Feb-86	
Davis, Robert Leo	13-Mar-86	
Davis, Roscoe	14-Jun-84	
Davis, Ross Agustus, Jr.	21-Mar-85	
Davis, Sarah Kathleen	17-May-89	
Davis, Sidney,	26-Apr-84	
Davis, Stephen	10-Jan-80	
Davis, Terry Gene	18-Jan-89	
Davis, Terry Gene	25-Jan-89	
Davis, William James	06-Dec-89	
Davis, William James	13-Dec-89	
Davis, Willie H.	06-Oct-83	
Davis, Wilma C.	09-Sep-82	
Daviston, Ed M.	04-Nov-82	
Daviston, Mary E.	19-Apr-84	
Dawkins, Augusta Ann	02-Jan-86	
Dawson, Evelyn M.	07-Oct-82	
Dawson, Myrtle F.	17-Oct-85	
Dawson, Myrtle F.	24-Oct-85	
Dawson, Rosie B.	13-Mar-86	
Day, James Gordon	01-Dec-83	
Day, Joe Wilkerson	11-Sep-80	
Day, Mary Virginia	10-Mar-83	
Day, Walter Ellis	30-Jul-81	
Deal, Festus	23-Oct-86	
Deal, Zada Lee Gonce, Mrs.	12-Jun-80	
Dean, Mamie Gertrude	07-Apr-83	
Deason, William Roy	01-Jun-88	
DeGraff, Leta Victoria	29-Nov-84	
DeLaine, Levi	19-Feb-87	
Dement, Jack Wyman	21-Jan-82	
Dement, Nannie Lee	27-May-82	
Dement, William Glenn "Bill"	24-May-84	
Dennis, Abby	29-Mar-84	
Dennis, Dock S.	05-Mar-81	
Dennis, Fred "Fed"	05-Mar-81	
Dennis, Fred, Jr.	24-Apr-86	
Dennis, General Pettis	19-Oct-88	
Dennis, Jack Nola Sidney	22-Nov-89	
Dennis, Mack	02-Apr-81	
Dennis, Shirley W.	07-Jun-84	
Denson, Maude DeShazo, Mrs.	24-Jan-80	
Denty, Ethel Gill	16-Apr-87	
Denty, Homer C.	08-Jul-82	
Denty, Thadis, Mr.	04-Jan-89	
DeSear, Alma	10-Mar-83	
Devolentine, Junior, Mr.	06-Mar-80	
Dewberry, James M.	24-Jul-86	
Dickerson, Eugene Debbs	03-Aug-88	
Dickerson, Michael Curtis	22-Feb-89	
Dickerson, Susan Emma	21-Oct-87	
Dickson, John R.	12-Feb-81	
Dickson, Nena Wells	07-Jun-84	
Dietrich, Billy Joyce	 07-Feb-80	
Dill, Richard Frederick, III	09-Oct-86	
Dison, John Thomas	20-May-87	
Dixon, Christopher Duane	28-Jan-82	
Dobbs, A.C., Mr. "Bozo"	29-Jan-81	
Dobbs, Arwin	26-Dec-85	
Dobbs, Wilbur A.	13-Dec-89	
Dorough, Arlie Alvie	26-Nov-81	
Dorsett, Thomas David	22-Feb-89	
Dorsey, Eunice	16-Dec-82	
Doss, Carl Lester, Jr.	24-May-89	
Doss, Carl Lester, Jr.	31-May-89	
Doss, Carl Lester, Jr.	07-Jun-89	
Doss, Joshua David	28-Oct-82	
Dotson, William Ralph	05-Apr-89	
Douglas, Charles M.	09-Feb-84	
Douglas, Louise M.	31-Oct-85	
Dover, Havis L.	05-Dec-85	
Dover, Mary B.	09-Apr-87	
Dowdell, Eva Mae	08-Jun-88	
Downs, Rebecca Nelson	09-Nov-88	
Downs, Sheila Kay Peters	26-Jun-86	
Doyle, Ida Mae	12-Apr-89	
Dozier, Sammie Allen	28-Aug-86	
Drake, Earlene	06-Apr-88	
Draper, James Charleston	31-Jan-85	
Draper, Robert Lee	20-Jan-83	
Driver, Hollins Randel	08-Oct-81	
Driver, Jesse Harrison	09-Jun-83	
Drummond, Doshey L.	20-Feb-86	
Dub, Hildreth	02-Mar-88	
Dub, Walter	12-May-83	
Duck, Hoyt George	14-Feb-85	
Duck, Hoyt George	07-Mar-85	
Duffey, Doris Davis	03-Aug-88	
Dunaway, Bertie Louise	23-Oct-86	
Dunaway, Hoyt	06-Apr-88	
Dunaway, Joel C.	28-Dec-88	
Dunaway, John Taylor	09-Jul-81	
Dunaway, Lena F.	15-Nov-84	
Dunaway, Thomas Lewis	29-May-86	
Dunaway, Thomas William	29-Mar-84	
Duncan, Dalton	07-Jan-82	
Duncan, Dora Mae	08-Jan-87	
Duncan, John T.	11-Apr-85	
Duncan, Minnie, Mrs.	28-Aug-80	
Duncan, Sadie Marie	11-Apr-85	
Duncan, Vivian Conway	10-Feb-88	
Duncar, Anderson Amazon	21-Aug-80	
Dunlap, Drexel Van	16-Dec-87	
Dunlap, Jay B.	29-Sep-83	
Dunn, Bobby Shawood	06-Sep-89	
Dunn, Malissie	21-Feb-80	
Dunnam, Dovie May	11-Jun-81	
Dunnam, Margaret Elizabeth "Aung Lizzie"	07-Mar-85	
Dunnaway, Charlie E.	10-Jun-82	
Dunnaway, Will Bishop, Mr.	17-Jul-80	
Dunnaway, Will Bishop, Mr.	31-Jul-80	
Durbin, Martin R.	28-Nov-85	
Durbin, Sarah Catherine	30-Dec-87	
Durrough, Ruth	29-Sep-83	
Eagler, Polly Adella	07-Aug-80	
Earnest, Phammie C., Mrs.	10-Jan-80	
Eaves, Edith Weldon	19-Jun-86	
Ebrahimi, Reza	23-Dec-82	
Eddings, Madge Roy	23-Feb-84	
Eddings, Ornie A.	22-Sep-83	
Eddings, Ralph Morton	10-Apr-86	
Edfeldt, Carolyn Baker	26-Oct-88	
Edgar, Emma Jane	11-Nov-82	
Edgar, Granville Murel	13-May-87	
Edmondson, Lona Vick	02-Aug-84	
Edmondson, Paul Harless	12-Jun-80	
Edwards, James	14-Aug-80	
Edwards, John Russell	11-Sep-86	
Edwards, Julia Rebecca Gunn	17-Dec-81	
Edwards, Lena Estelle	12-Aug-87	
Edwards, Martha Addeline	30-Apr-81	
Edwards, Peggy, Mrs.	05-Mar-81	
Edwards, Phyllis J.	19-Aug-82	
Edwards, Randy Eugene	14-Feb-85	
Edwards, Walter H.	21-Feb-85	
Eggler, George H.	16-Jan-86	
Elliott, Arnold J. "Bill"	28-Jul-83	
Elliott, Eunice White	10-Feb-88	
Elliott, J. Lawrence	05-Aug-87	
Elliott, Myrtle Irene	31-May-89	
Elliott, Woodrow W., Dr.	17-Jan-80	
Ellison, Alaina Lauren	16-Nov-88	
Ellison, Councel Elwood	22-Sep-83	
Ellison, E.L., Mr.	15-Jun-88	
Ellison, Elias	06-Dec-84	
Ellison, Fate	20-Jan-88	
Ellison, Larence H.	14-Jan-82	
Ellison, Odell E.	17-Jan-80	
Embry, Frances	06-Mar-86	
Embry, Simeon C.	06-Feb-86	
Embry, Ullman C.	25-Jul-85	
Endress, James Frederick	11-Dec-80	
Endress, Thomas F.	01-Oct-81	
England, Martin Jacques "Jack"	11-Sep-80	
Enlow, John W.	18-Jan-89	
Epperson, Annie	11-Feb-82	
Epperson, Bessie	01-Jan-87	
Epperson, Clarence	15-Jan-81	
Epperson, James H., Sr.	28-Jun-84	
Epperson, John Henry	16-Jan-86	
Epperson, Mary Jane	17-Apr-80	
Epperson, Thomas	18-Dec-80	
Erwin, Annie Fern Espey	03-Apr-80	
Erwin, Betty K.	20-Sep-84	
Eskew, Mary Elizabeth	29-Mar-89	
Espey, Flora Faye	03-Dec-81	
Espey, Melford Edward, Sr.	20-Dec-89	
Espey, Virgil	30-Dec-82	
Etheridge, Leslie Lawrence, Sr.	26-Feb-87	
Etress, Homer	15-Jan-81	
Evans, Charles Henry	06-Oct-83	
Evans, Charles Henry	13-Oct-83	
Evans, Clifford J.	19-Mar-81	
Evans, Della Mae	02-Mar-88	
Evans, Eilliam R.	11-Dec-86	
Evans, John Henry	25-Nov-87	
Evans, Lemma M.	22-Jul-87	
Evans, Lowell Woodrow	05-Apr-89	
Evans, Ronald Eugene	10-May-89	
Evans, Sarah M.	28-Feb-80	
Evans, Thelma L.	10-Jan-85	
Evans, Thelma Lois	24-May-89	
Evans, Vera Taylor	26-Mar-87	
Everette, Dorothy R.	28-Oct-87	
Evett, Dora Evelyn	13-Jun-85	
Evett, Joseph Alfred	14-Aug-86	
Ewing, Florence Etta Dee "Poole"	26-Aug-87	
Ezydorski, Aloysius "Albert"	29-Jun-88	
Face, George Adolphus	15-Jan-87	
Falkner, Curtis J.	08-Apr-82	
Falkner, Dallas Jay	01-Feb-89	
Falkner, Donald Wayne	15-Jun-88	
Falkner, Elmer Eugene	05-Apr-84	
Falkner, Kathy Ann	06-Dec-89	
Fancher, Clyde C., Sr.	14-Jun-84	
Fancher, Jasper Ruth	11-May-88	
Fancher, Joe Wheeler	21-Oct-87	
Fancher, John E.	28-Aug-86	
Fancher, Mary Francis	18-Nov-82	
Fancher, Sarah Ione	22-Jan-87	
Fandrich, John Samuel, Sr.	31-Jul-86	
Farmer, Evelyn Louise	13-Apr-88	
Farmer, Gaines Paul	25-Mar-82	
Farmer, Johnie Wheeler	17-Jan-80	
Farr, Clarice Vivian	08-Nov-84	
Farr, Clayton W.	10-May-84	
Farr, Emmett D.	03-Apr-86	
Farr, John H., Sr.	06-Dec-89	
Farr, Leon Fletcher	28-Sep-88	
Farrah, Elvira Katherine	21-Oct-87	
Farrell, L.C., Mr.	20-Jul-88	
Farrington, Eva Cottingham	01-Mar-89	
Farrington, Legrane	04-Oct-89	
Farris, Maude Moore	05-Aug-87	
Farris, Maude Moore	12-Aug-87	
Farris, Truitt A.	29-Nov-89	
Faust, Faustine Peacock	09-Sep-87	
Faust, Mattie Lee	25-Jun-81	
Faust, Richard Charles	29-Jan-81	
Feely, Hilda Elizabeth	06-Feb-86	
Feiock, Edward Gerald	07-Jan-82	
Ferguson, John E.	12-Apr-84	
Fields, James	31-May-89	
Fields, Lola, Mrs.	12-Jun-80	
Findley, Beecher A.	19-Apr-84	
Findley, Warren	09-Feb-84	
Finley, Elzirah/Elirah Pearson	17-Jun-87	
Finley, Whitson C.	25-Apr-85	
Firstbrook, Ruby K.	21-Sep-88	
Fitts, James	04-Nov-82	
Fitts, James Robert	28-Jun-89	
Fitts, Thelma	18-Nov-87	
Fleites, Concepcion, Mrs.	06-Jun-85	
Fleming, James	23-Apr-81	
Fleming, Roy G.	26-Jan-84	
Fletcher, Marvel Franklin	01-Aug-85	
Fletcher, Nellie Marcella	23-Jul-81	
Flippo, Grace C.	30-Dec-87	
Florey, L.L. "Petey"	23-Jul-81	
Florey, William G.	01-Nov-89	
Flournoy, Catheryn	17-Jun-87	
Flournoy, Simon William, Sr	10-Nov-83	
Flowers, George H.	22-Aug-85	
Floyd, Lucious W.	23-Dec-87	
Floyd, Ruth	13-Nov-86	
Fluker, Ruthie Earlene Lewis	05-Aug-87	
Flynn, Able Lois Patty, Mrs.	12-Jun-80	
Flynt, Eric Bernard	03-Feb-88	
Foley, Mary Elizabeth	08-Nov-84	
Folmar, Willie Joe	08-Mar-89	
Folsom, Orie Harrell	13-Nov-80	
Fondren, Charlie Edward	02-Apr-81	
Fondren, James A.	12-May-83	
Fondren, Mary Lee	27-Sep-89	
Ford, Arie R.	12-Jan-84	
Ford, Dewey S.	03-Feb-83	
Ford, Robert Thomas	21-Feb-85	
Fore, Thomas	14-Dec-88	
Forister, Cora Ethel	01-Aug-85	
Foshee, Hugh E.	11-Jul-85	
Foshee, John A.	07-Oct-82	
Foster, Charlie O., Sr.	20-Jan-83	
Foster, Elijah Green	13-Jan-83	
Foster, Henry Lee	04-Sep-86	
Foster, Jack	13-Jul-88	
Foster, Jewell V.	01-Mar-84	
Foster, Lalene M.	16-Nov-88	
Foster, Leo	20-Aug-81	
Foster, Mattie	07-Oct-82	
Foster, Minnie Bell	02-Jan-86	
Foster, Minnie Bell	26-Dec-85	
Foster, O.B., Mr.	30-Jan-86	
Foster, Sadie E.	16-Dec-82	
Foust, Joseph Ralph	01-Jan-87	
Fox, Paul	13-Nov-86	
Franklin, Lessie Mae	07-Mar-85	
Franklin, Wilson Herman, Sr.	03-May-84	
Franks, Anna	15-Nov-89	
Frederick, Beauford "Red"	05-Oct-88	
Frederick, Maudie	24-Oct-85	
Frederick, Ruth Timmerman	21-Mar-85	
Freeman, Mary Mae	10-Mar-83	
Freemon, Jim Edd	21-Jul-83	
French, Gregory L.	02-Nov-88	
Frith, Julias Elmer, Sr.	13-Dec-84	
Frost, Walter	27-Jan-88	
Frye, C.A., Mr.	06-May-87	
Frye, George Pearson, Jr.	20-Dec-89	
Frye, John Louis	28-Jun-89	
Fulgham, Joseph Clifford	17-Jun-87	
Fulgham, Joyce Annette	01-Mar-84	
Fuller, Joyce Thomas	20-Sep-89	
Fuller, Marie C.	21-Oct-87	
Fullman, Daisy H.	22-Dec-83	
Fulmer, George Clemones	24-Aug-88	
Fulmer, Virgil	05-Aug-82	
Fulton, Hattie Overstreet	11-Oct-89	
Fulton, John E.	28-Feb-80	
Fulton, Kimble Edward	22-Dec-83	
Fulton, Lorraine Cox	20-Oct-83	
Fulton, Lynda Sue	30-Aug-89	
Fulton, Lynda Sue	30-Aug-89	
Fulton, Mildred H.	03-Dec-81	
Gable, Brandon W.	10-May-84	
Gable, John Wayne	18-Dec-80	
Gaithers, Willie Benjamin	18-Aug-83	
Gallagher, Olga McCurdy	27-Jan-88	
Galloway, Clarence D.	05-Jun-86	
Galloway, Oliver O.	19-Apr-89	
Gallups, Morris	16-Apr-81	
Game, Robert Clayton	27-Jul-88	
Gandy, Lena Mae	12-Apr-84	
Gann, Ruby	16-Oct-86	
Gardner, Cecil L.	10-Apr-80	
Gardner, Clint E.	08-May-86	
Gardner, Donald E.	06-Nov-86	
Gardner, Elma Lee	07-Sep-88	
Gardner, Hettie Lou Rethie	14-Feb-85	
Gardner, Iris S.	09-Jan-86	
Gardner, James	16-Jan-86	
Gardner, Jessie B.	08-Jul-82	
Gardner, John Edward	01-Aug-85	
Gardner, John Raymond	01-May-86	
Gardner, Martha Merle	22-Sep-83	
Gardner, Mary Grace	10-May-89	
Gardner, Opal, Mrs.	29-Jan-81	
Gardner, Roy Eugene	01-Apr-82	
Garner, Clyde Earl	01-Dec-83	
Garner, James Franklin, Sr.	27-Aug-81	
Garner, Joe David	13-May-87	
Garner, Marvin	26-May-83	
Garner, Robert L.	12-Jul-84	
Garrett, Jack Alexander	10-Nov-83	
Garrett, James R., Sr.	10-Oct-85	
Garrett, John Kidd	27-Nov-86	
Garrett, Katharine	29-Dec-83	
Garrett, Lagran	13-Apr-88	
Garrett, Mary O.	06-Dec-89	
Garrett, Mavis, Mrs.	15-Jan-81	
Garrett, Otis Eugene	20-Feb-86	
Garrett, Ruby Ozley	08-May-86	
Garrett, William Mancle	01-Mar-89	
Garrett, William McCoy "Mac"	12-Aug-87	
Gary, geneva	02-Nov-88	
Gassaway, Alvin	23-Dec-87	
Gates, Edna	04-Dec-80	
Gates, J. C., Mr.	10-Jul-86	
Gates, Jesse T.	19-Jul-84	
Gathings, Lloyd Weaver	19-Aug-87	
Gault, Thomas "Jeff"	16-May-85	
Gay, Addie E.	07-Jan-82	
Gay, Charlie Stewart	14-Dec-88	
Gay, Cora Lee	20-May-82	
Gay, Herman H.	24-Oct-85	
Gay, J.C., Mr.	04-Jun-81	
Gay, Mable Estelle	03-Apr-80	
Gaydon, Vincent B.	18-Nov-82	
Gaylon, Emma Browne	14-Feb-85	
Geeslin, Gertrude C.	02-Feb-84	
Geeters, Harvey	02-Sep-87	
Genry, Bobbie Jean Peters	07-Sep-88	
Genry, Gurley Robert	19-Mar-87	
Genry, John Henry	29-Aug-85	
Gentry, Alfred Hiram	10-Jun-87	
Gentry, Andrew, Jr.	24-Jun-82	
Gentry, Gerald William	06-Sep-89	
Gentry, Hollins Christine	20-Apr-88	
Gentry, John Henry	06-Nov-80	
Gentry, Rosa Archer Delphia	18-Feb-82	
Gibson, Ethridge L.	19-Nov-81	
Gibson, Gene	06-May-87	
Gibson, Hiram B.	03-May-84	
Gibson, Lola Mae	25-Dec-86	
Gibson, Mary Catherine	28-Oct-87	
Gibson, Odie Lewey	21-Dec-88	
Gibson, Thomas Lonzo	13-Sep-89	
Gidden, Leonard Lane	11-Jan-89	
Gilbert, Albert	18-Sep-86	
Gilbert, Dwight Dewayne	03-Jun-87	
Giles, Gordon M.	25-Sep-80	
Gill, James Herbert	18-May-88	
Gillen, Mark W.	26-Jan-84	
Gillen, Willie E.	26-Feb-81	
Gillen, Willie Jack	25-Sep-86	
Gillott, J.D., Mr.	07-Oct-87	
Gilmore, Joella Hudson	18-Jan-89	
Gilmore, Robert L.	21-Oct-87	
Gingo, Michael J.	12-May-83	
Gipson, Robert Kelly	03-Feb-83	
Givhan, Edgar G., Dr.	03-Dec-81	
Givhan, Francis Peterson, Jr.	17-Jan-80	
Givhan, Francis Peterson, Sr. "Pete"	14-Oct-82	
Glasgow, James Byron	28-Jun-84	
Glass, Cecil Calvin	10-Jan-85	
Glass, Charlotte	10-Oct-85	
Glass, Daniel	13-Dec-84	
Glass, Forrest	25-Apr-85	
Glass, Joseph Cecil	09-Dec-87	
Glass, Joyce Marie	30-Sep-87	
Glass, Lela B.	26-Apr-89	
Glass, Levis T.	20-May-82	
Glass, Lewis	08-Aug-85	
Glass, Lottie Jane	03-Oct-85	
Glass, Ollie	23-May-85	
Glass, Peggy	24-Jan-80	
Glass, Perry	17-May-89	
Glass, Shelly Reid	02-Dec-82	
Glass, Tiffany Lynn	05-Aug-82	
Glass, Walter Clifton	17-Jul-80	
Glass, William Edward	03-Nov-83	
Glass, Willie Gertrude	25-Nov-87	
Glass, Willie Lee	16-Feb-84	
Glasscock, Isaac	14-Jun-89	
Glasscock, Leta J.	16-Aug-84	
Glasscock, Senior	24-Feb-88	
Glenn, Charles Olridge	23-Feb-84	
Glenn, Mary, G.	19-Dec-85	
Glenn, Nell Davis	05-Nov-81	
Glosson, William Cecil	17-Jul-86	
Glover, Kenneth Charles	05-May-83	
Goble, Thomas Milton	24-Jun-87	
Godfrey, Lydia	18-Jul-85	
Godwin, Gerald Bain, Jr.	15-Jul-87	
Goff, Eleanor Pearl	29-Jun-88	
Goggins, Albert James	22-Nov-84	
Goggins, Bessie Lee	15-Mar-84	
Goggins, James	05-Jul-89	
Goggins, Lemuel Edward	12-Feb-81	
Goggins, Mollie Mrs.	06-Mar-80	
Goggins, Oza Carl	16-Jun-83	
Goggins, William Edgar, Rev.	23-Jul-81	
Golson, Eva Olivia	11-Apr-85	
Gomany, John Henry	02-Mar-88	
Gomillion, Ingram, Jr.	19-Oct-88	
Goode, Annie	06-Dec-84	
Goode, Daisie Brazzell	17-Feb-88	
Goodson, Lee	08-Jan-87	
Goodwin, Forest Porter	26-Apr-84	
Goodwin, J.C., Mr.	21-Dec-88	
Goodwin, Janie	25-Apr-85	
Goodwin, Lillian S.	31-Dec-81	
Goodwin, Oliver Felton	27-Jan-83	
Goodwin, Pearlie	16-Nov-88	
Goolsby, Barbara Mayo	11-Sep-86	
Gordon, Harris Milton	06-Feb-86	
Gordon, Jimmy M.	22-Jan-87	
Gormley, Charles L./M.	27-Sep-89	
Gothard, Dannie Lee	19-Jul-89	
Gothard, Juanita B.	16-Jan-86	
Gould, James Lane	30-Aug-89	
Gould, James Wayne	23-Aug-89	
Gould, John R.	30-Aug-84	
Gowers, Lou Tera	03-Feb-88	
Graham, Athalena McEwen	21-Feb-80	
Graham, Crystal Nell	01-May-86	
Graham, Elizabeth Chancellor	24-Aug-88	
Graham, Martha Ann	03-May-89	
Graham, Maxine S.	19-Mar-81	
Grammer, Joseph C.	27-Sep-89	
Grammer, Margie Parks	30-Oct-86	
Grant, Terry Lee	01-May-86	
Grantham, Lucy Mae	09-Jan-86	
Grantham, W.J. "Jeff"	02-Apr-87	
Grater, Judith Lee	19-Apr-84	
Gray, Erma H.	23-Jun-83	
Gray, Grace Brymer	20-Apr-88	
Green, Albertine	30-Jun-83	
Green, Alice Kirkland	17-Apr-80	
Green, David Edward	14-Jun-89	
Green, Doris Jean	21-Apr-83	
Green, Elmer Arnold	19-Sep-85	
Green, Grover Thomas	15-Aug-85	
Green, James Francis	09-Apr-87	
Green, Joe Lee	30-Nov-88	
Green, L. B., Jr.	17-May-89	
Green, Lena Mae	29-Nov-84	
Green, Mattie Jane	23-Sep-87	
Green, Rosa	25-Nov-82	
Green, Tommy Wayne	25-May-88	
Green, Virgil B.	21-Apr-83	
Green, Willie	05-Aug-87	
Greene, Dillard	10-Mar-83	
Greene, Robert M., Jr.	04-Jun-81	
Greer, Herman F.	31-Mar-83	
Gresky, Alan Tolstoy	13-Mar-86	
Gresky, Luda Katherine	25-Apr-85	
Griffin, Anne Wills	17-Mar-83	
Griffin, Bertie Augusta	16-Dec-87	
Griffin, Charles, Mr.	03-Jul-80	
Griffin, Minnie Belle	14-May-81	
Griffith, Charles R.	07-Oct-82	
Griffith, Jerral Ralph	28-Sep-88	
Grimes, Garvin H.	16-Mar-88	
Grissom, Jane Estelle	14-Nov-85	
Grosse, Golda Edna	01-Jul-82	
Grosso, Mattie Lee	24-May-89	
Guest, Cheryl	29-Mar-89	
Gunn, George Washington	26-May-83	
Gunnarson, Ernst A., Mr.	13-Mar-86	
Gunter, Phyllis D.	23-Nov-88	
Guthrie, Julian Herbert "Pete"	19-Feb-87	
Guthrie, Michael	22-May-80	
Guy, Clara	16-Jul-81	
Guy, Emma W.	01-Jun-88	
Guy, Zadie B.	18-Oct-84	
Hale, Arthur Lee	18-Jan-89	
Hale, John S., Sr.	08-Nov-89	
Hale, Randall Glenn, Staff Sgt.	31-Oct-85	
Hale, Ulysses M.	22-Oct-81	
Haley, Faith	05-Dec-85	
Hall, Birdie Mae	18-Jul-85	
Hall, Floyd R.	03-Aug-88	
Hall, H., Mr.	24-Mar-83	
Hall, James Edward	 10-Sep-81	
Hall, Stella Pickett	30-Jun-83	
Hall, Stephen Brian	01-Aug-85	
Hall, Stephen Brian	08-Aug-85	
Hallford, Cynthia Kay "Cindy"	16-May-85	
Hallford, Joseph M. "Mike"	16-May-85	
Hamaker, Angel Lynn	17-Sep-81	
Hamby, Henry Lewis	11-Mar-82	
Hamilton, Billie	02-Nov-88	
Hamilton, Billie	23-Nov-88	
Hamilton, Billie Dean	20-Jan-88	
Hamilton, Billie Dean	27-Jan-88	
Hamilton, Johnny Clay	02-Nov-88	
Hamilton, Mable McNabb	23-Mar-88	
Hamm, Cora Etta	11-May-88	
Hamm, James Henry	03-Feb-88	
Hancock, Annie Angent	07-Aug-80	
Hancock, Mamie Delno	16-Jan-86	
Hand, Ercelle Cleek	03-Nov-83	
Hand, Ida Lee	04-Nov-82	
Hand, Lillian	16-Mar-88	
Hand, Quillan	24-Jul-86	
Hand, Reedie M.	22-Jun-88	
Hand, Ruby Stone	15-Sep-83	
Hand, Vonnie O.	14-Jun-89	
Handley, Alva Ruth	16-Apr-87	
Hansford, Elizabeth Ellen	16-Aug-89	
Hanson, Carrie C.	15-Mar-89	
Hanson, Carrie C.	22-Mar-89	
Harden, Lillie Pearl C.	27-Nov-86	
Hardin, Lila	07-Sep-88	
Hardin, Stephen T.	21-Feb-80	
Hardy, Robert A.	11-Oct-84	
Hargrove, Sidney Leftwich	09-Mar-88	
Hargrove, Sue Lorene	17-Jun-87	
Harkins, Dovie Velma	02-Apr-81	
Harlan, Julies Elmo, Sr.	06-Oct-83	
Harless, Burl Lewis	17-Dec-81	
Harless, Elwood L.	19-Apr-84	
Harlin, Melville Mossbarger	15-Jul-82	
Harman, Tipton W.	16-Sep-87	
Harper, Carol Gann	02-Jan-86	
Harper, Durwood Waddell	25-May-88	
Harper, Herbert Lee	11-Jan-89	
Harper, Lavada, Miss	20-May-87	
Harper, Randy	01-Jun-88	
Harper, Willie H.	16-Apr-81	
Harrell, Emma Dean	07-Jun-89	
Harrell, James Earl	29-Jul-87	
Harrington, Oran, Mr.	05-Feb-81	
Harris, Charles "Chuck"	17-Apr-86	
Harris, Clara	23-Nov-88	
Harris, Clement M.	20-Oct-83	
Harris, Etoile Leonard	09-Mar-88	
Harris, Eugene T., Sr., "Bud"	01-Jul-87	
Harris, Harvey Samuel	24-Apr-80	
Harris, Jeffery Joe	02-May-85	
Harris, Lois	11-Aug-83	
Harris, Louis	01-Apr-82	
Harris, Margie Ann Lee	05-Sep-85	
Harris, Martha Louise	21-Feb-85	
Harris, Maymond	05-Apr-89	
Harris, Millard Otis	22-Nov-89	
Harris, Oscar	16-Dec-82	
Harris, Ruth Joyner	01-Aug-85	
Harris, Shirley	10-Dec-81	
Harris, Tenikka Sheri	27-May-87	
Harris, Walter Cecil	04-Oct-89	
Harris, Walter Cecil	11-Oct-89	
Harris, William L.	10-Jun-87	
Harrison, Benjamin Carley	21-Oct-87	
Harrison, Benjamin Carley	28-Oct-87	
Harrison, Claire Chapman	12-Feb-81	
Harrison, David Miles	17-Feb-83	
Harrison, Donald Lindy	11-Oct-84	
Harrison, Dovie Lee	05-Apr-84	
Harrison, James I., Jr.	20-Jul-88	
Harrison, Renie Freeman	17-Jan-80	
Hartley, Edythe	13-Jan-88	
Hartsfield, Audra S.	01-Jul-87	
Hartsfield, Audra S.	08-Jul-87	
Harwell, Eva Sweeney	02-Dec-87	
Harwell, William McKinley "Mack"	21-Mar-85	
Hassett, Fred	19-Nov-81	
Hatcher, Floyd E.	30-Dec-87	
Hatcher, Henry James	12-Jan-84	
Hatcher, Jessie Calvin	06-Jan-88	
Hatcher, John D.	03-Jul-86	
Hatcher, Lela Morrell	17-Feb-88	
Hatcher, Minerva	16-Dec-82	
Hatcher, Odie Inez	22-Dec-83	
Hatcher, Ora Dell	18-Jan-89	
Hatcher, Willie H.	08-Feb-89	
Hatfield, William Clarence, Jr.	04-Apr-85	
Hatter, Henry Harold	26-Apr-89	
Hawkins, Lillie	27-Apr-88	
Hayes, Edward, Dr.	04-Sep-80	
Hayes, Flossie Marie	20-Feb-86	
Hayes, Lola M.	03-Jan-80	
Haynes, Hugh Osborn	17-Sep-81	
Haynes, James David "Jim"	08-Jul-87	
Haynes, Martin Griffin	26-Mar-87	
Haynie, Willie Glenn	09-Jan-86	
Haywood, Joe	02-Sep-87	
Headley, John D.	26-Apr-84	
Headley, John Daniel "Rabbit"	19-Apr-84	
Heatherly, Gail	27-May-82	
Heatherly, Gale (Mrs.)	03-Jul-80	
Hebb, Clarence	29-Oct-81	
Helm, Nocholas Theodore	25-Dec-80	
Helms, Alta	31-May-84	
Helms, Lois C.	09-Mar-88	
Henderson, Gladness Lallage	30-Nov-88	
Henderson, Ralph Clifford	18-Jul-85	
Henderson, Troy Lee, Sr.	03-Dec-81	
Hendrick, Hazel Swisshelm	05-Aug-82	
Hendrix, Leroy	30-Oct-86	
Hendrix, Thomas A.	03-Jul-86	
Henke, W. A., Mr.	08-Nov-84	
Henry, Inez M.	14-Dec-88	
Henry, Mancy Lee	07-Feb-80	
Henry, Mary Sessie	14-Mar-85	
Hensley, Mary L.	04-Aug-83	
Hensley, Patrick Pardue	25-Sep-80	
Henson, Bertha Mae	02-Dec-82	
Henson, Doris Rebecca	15-Oct-81	
Henson, Walter Emmett	27-Sep-89	
Herndon, Forest, Sr. "Kid"	22-Mar-89	
Herron, Clyde	06-Apr-88	
Hethcox, Ezra Robert	18-Apr-85	
Hethcox, Leedie Evie	29-Mar-89	
Hewlett, William Ed	13-Sep-89	
Hicks, John William, Jr.	27-May-82	
Hicks, Juanita Davis	05-Oct-88	
Hicks, Leroy	20-Jul-88	
Higginbotham, Dale	16-Jul-81	
Higginbotham, Dale	18-Mar-82	
Higgins, Arter J.	22-Jul-87	
Higgins, Clyde W.	14-Sep-88	
Higgins, Jarod	02-Jan-86	
Higgins, Leo	28-Jun-84	
Higgins, Mae Bell	27-May-87	
Higgins, William Hewitt, III	16-May-85	
Hildreth, Billy	03-May-89	
Hill, Annie Lucille	27-Oct-83	
Hill, Charlie D.	24-Jun-82	
Hill, Fannie	20-Sep-89	
Hill, Fannie Farrior	08-Oct-81	
Hill, Fannie Farrior	15-Oct-81	
Hill, George Corley	22-Mar-89	
Hill, Johnny Goldman	06-Mar-80	
Hill, Joubert L. "Pete"	07-Feb-85	
Hill, Mamie A.	15-Mar-84	
Hill, Mattie Lou	01-Jun-88	
Hill, Olive Jackson	25-Jan-89	
Hill, Reese T.	28-Dec-88	
Hill, Theron Samuel	01-Mar-84	
Hill, Thomas F.	19-Oct-88	
Hill, Thomas Lee	30-Nov-88	
Hill, William Rene, Sr.	23-Feb-84	
Hill, Willie Culver	08-Nov-89	
Hinds, Lorene V.	03-Feb-88	
Hinds, Robert Lee, Jr.	25-Dec-86	
Hines, Cindy	08-Nov-89	
Hines, Peggy Johnston	18-Nov-82	
Hinson, Roy Lee	16-Apr-87	
Hinton, Jessie	24-Mar-83	
Hinton, Melissa Faye	25-Aug-83	
Hitt, Era Mae	23-Aug-84	
Hitt, Iva Mae	06-Feb-86	
Hitt, Lewis	10-Oct-85	
Hoagland, Clemey E.	07-Oct-82	
Hobbs, Rushie R.	21-Oct-82	
Hobbs, Samuel P.	03-Feb-88	
Hodges, Robert Acton	20-Feb-86	
Hodges, Robert Acton	27-Feb-86	
Hoffman, Laura Pauline	10-Jan-80	
Hoggle, George Washington	12-Apr-89	
Hoggle, William C., Sr.	20-Sep-84	
Holbrooks, Mary Huddleston	14-May-81	
Holcomb, Bessie Denson	01-May-86	
Holcombe, Arthur Hoyt, Jr.	24-May-84	
Holcombe, Carl Glen	28-Nov-85	
Holcombe, Charles E.	27-Mar-80	
Holcombe, David Hampton, Jr.	22-May-86	
Holcombe, Emma Pitts	10-Aug-88	
Holcombe, George	29-Mar-84	
Holcombe, Harvey B.	27-Sep-89	
Holcombe, Sybil A.	08-Mar-84	
Holcombe, Wanda	28-Aug-86	
Holcombe, Wanda Faye	04-Sep-86	
Holcombe, Willard Edwin	18-Dec-86	
Holladay, Michael Edward	06-Feb-86	
Holland, David, Jr.	26-Aug-82	
Hollaway, Eunice	04-Oct-84	
Holley, Grover C.	17-Feb-83	
Holley, Grover Cleveland	24-Feb-83	
Holliman, Teresa Todd	14-Apr-83	
Holman, Euel R.	21-Jan-82	
Holman, Olive N.	09-Apr-81	
Holman, Pearl, Mrs.	03-Jul-80	
Holmes, Benjamin	18-Jun-81	
Holmes, Fay F.	13-Mar-80	
Holmes, Jeffie A.	17-May-89	
Holsomback, Annie P.	23-May-85	
Holsomback, Carl	09-Oct-86	
Holsomback, Donnie Ray	19-Feb-81	
Holsomback, Kathleen	30-Jan-86	
Holsomback, Lillie Marie	04-Sep-86	
Holsomback, Maude	05-Jan-84	
Holsomback, Paul	04-Jun-81	
Holsomback, Robert Lee	30-Jan-86	
Holsombeck, Billy Joe	28-Jul-83	
Holston, Henrietta S.	27-Nov-86	
Holt, Alice C.	17-May-89	
Hone, William Cody	03-Feb-83	
Honeycutt, Jessie May	30-Aug-84	
Honeycutt, Virgie Lee	05-Apr-84	
Hood, Amanda Elizabeth	06-Feb-86	
Hood, Dillie Estell Burnett	31-Mar-83	
Hood, Katty Mae	06-Feb-86	
Hood, Nannie Grace	05-Jul-84	
Hood, Robert	22-Apr-87	
Hooks, Iris June	03-Jul-86	
Hooper, Maudine Kelley	17-May-89	
Hooper, Ocie Sullivan	06-Feb-86	
Hooper, Sudie Estelle	30-Sep-87	
Hope, Luther J.	17-Jul-86	
Hope, Rosie Lee	30-Nov-88	
Horn, George M.	20-May-82	
Horn, Ione Kimbell	09-Apr-87	
Horn, Newton Yeager	02-Sep-82	
Horne, Margarett H.	03-Apr-86	
Hornsby, Ada DeSear	13-Jul-88	
Horst, Anne B.	05-Mar-87	
Horton, Agnes B.	19-Mar-87	
Horton, Alvin	13-Apr-88	
Horton, Arlin Earl	08-May-86	
Horton, Beatrice Loraine	08-Apr-82	
Horton, Dorothy Marie	27-Nov-86	
Horton, Grady L.	19-Jan-84	
Horton, Grady Rodgers	20-Dec-89	
Horton, Grover Cleveland	23-May-85	
Horton, Horace	14-Apr-83	
Horton, James A.	06-Oct-83	
Horton, James H.	02-Dec-82	
Horton, Katherine K.	13-Oct-83	
Horton, Lillie Seale	19-Sep-85	
Horton, Mary Louise	28-Nov-85	
Horton, Michael Steven	17-May-89	
Horton, Myrtle V.	29-Nov-89	
Horton, Percy Lee, Jr.	07-Feb-85	
Horton, Steven Michael	10-May-89	
Horton, Tony Wayne	13-Dec-89	
Horton, William E.	07-Sep-88	
Horton, William E.	14-Sep-88	
Hosford, Cathy Faye	04-Oct-84	
Hotchkiss, Addie B.	08-Mar-89	
Hotchkiss, Harry Paul	13-Oct-83	
House, Barjamine B.	27-May-87	
House, Lowell P.	02-Aug-89	
House, Phoebe	18-Mar-82	
Houston, Rosamond	14-Oct-87	
Houston, William Alvin	08-Dec-83	
Houth, Ruth M.	26-Aug-87	
Howard, Bill	14-Oct-87	
Howard, Clara Ethel	08-Mar-84	
Howard, Elijah	11-Dec-80	
Howard, Frances	16-Jul-81	
Howard, J. C.	15-Mar-84	
Howard, Jasper Willie "Bill"	05-Feb-87	
Howard, Mary Myrtle	25-Jan-89	
Howard, Tracy Neal	26-Feb-81	
Howard, William Floyd	27-Nov-86	
Howell, Billy Joe	04-Oct-89	
Howell, Dewey Wilburn	25-Oct-89	
Howell, Leroy	11-Apr-85	
Howell, Lonnie	29-Mar-89	
Howell, Martha Ellen	20-Mar-86	
Howell, Thomas Roy	07-Feb-80	
Howton, Jackie Forest	02-Dec-87	
Howton, James Marvin	 17-Dec-81	
Huckabee, Willie R.	02-Oct-86	
Huddleston, Lonnie Irene	09-Aug-84	
Hudgins, Euna Faye	14-Apr-83	
Hudgins, James Perry	03-Feb-88	
Hudson, Clyde	13-Apr-88	
Hudson, Gordon Stanley	19-Feb-87	
Hudson, Ollie Frankie	08-Nov-89	
Hudson, Roscoe	01-Nov-89	
Hughes, Alton B.	10-Feb-83	
Hughes, Coy F.	16-Sep-87	
Hughes, Daisy Vick	08-Dec-83	
Hughes, Earnest Oliver	21-Jun-84	
Hughes, Eason	22-Jan-87	
Hughes, Elizabeth	18-Aug-83	
Hughes, Elizabeth G.	19-Oct-88	
Hughes, Emmett O'Neal	14-Mar-85	
Hughes, Floyd G.	22-Feb-89	
Hughes, Lorene C.	02-Aug-89	
Hughes, Lorene C.	16-Aug-89	
Hughes, Margie Elaie Sull	16-Apr-81	
Hughes, Mary Irene	23-Dec-87	
Hughes, Mattie B.	11-May-88	
Hughes, Michael Shane	03-May-89	
Hughes, Ocie J.	08-Jan-81	
Hughes, Parish O.	08-Sep-83	
Hughes, Robert F.	28-Aug-80	
Hughes, Ruth Cosper	21-Mar-85	
Hughes, Ruth Nell	26-Jul-89	
Hughes, Thomas Charles	07-Feb-80	
Hughes, Virgie Lee	11-Feb-82	
Hughes, Wesley	18-Mar-82	
Hughes, William C.	11-Aug-83	
Hull, Charles	30-Nov-88	
Hulsey, Josie	20-Jan-83	
Humble, Chris	14-Sep-88	
Humphrey, Brad Allen	15-Mar-84	
Humphrey, Ricky J.	15-Mar-84	
Hunnicutt, Bessie Mae Rimmer	20-Dec-89	
Hunter, Christopher Richard	02-Nov-88	
Huppert, Herman Earl	17-Feb-83	
Husband, Roberta	07-Sep-88	
Hutchison, Houston Henry	21-Aug-80	
Hutchison, James F., Sr.	24-May-84	
Hutchison, Mildred Dewey	25-Sep-86	
Hutchison, Naomi Johnson	08-Nov-84	
Hutchison, William Samuel	20-Jan-88	
Hutto, Jeffrey Dean	19-Oct-88	
Hyde, Annie B.	31-May-84	
Hyde, Charlie, Rev.	19-Feb-81	
Hyde, Franklin Delano, Jr.	11-Aug-83	
Hyde, John T.	11-Jun-81	
Hyde, Peggy Lawley, Mrs.	27-Mar-80	
Hylton, Carl Amos	13-Jan-83	
Ingram Lummie	19-Aug-82	
Ingram Sally	18-Feb-82	
Ingram, Alice M.	28-Aug-80	
Ingram, Dollie H.	25-Dec-86	
Ingram, Dorothy Dean	17-Apr-86	
Ingram, Martin	22-Jan-87	
Ingram, Mary E.	24-Oct-85	
Ingram, Norman Lee	29-Apr-87	
Ingram, Porter Clark	12-Mar-87	
Ingram, Robert M.	22-Jan-87	
Ingram, Roy B.	04-Sep-86	
Ingram, Samuel	02-Jan-86	
Isbell, Amos Melvin	28-Aug-86	
Isbell, Arlin claude "Red"	15-Mar-89	
Isbell, Buster J.	27-Jun-85	
Isbell, Earl E., Rev.	22-Dec-83	
Isbell, Elizabeth G.	13-Dec-84	
Isbell, Gladys Magdalene	01-Jan-87	
Isbell, Grady Thomas	21-Dec-88	
Isbell, Guy	01-Jun-88	
Isbell, Jack C.	16-Sep-82	
Isbell, Lilla M.	17-Feb-88	
Isbell, Margaret Elizabeth	05-Aug-82	
Isbell, Marvin	11-Feb-82	
Isbell, Paul Lee	02-Oct-86	
Isbell, Thelma Mae	18-Nov-82	
Isbelle, William Roy, Rev.	03-Oct-85	
Israel, Alice Duncan	29-Aug-85	
Jackson, Bobby Lee	30-Dec-82	
Jackson, Clovis F.	06-Jul-88	
Jackson, Fonzo	08-Jul-87	
Jackson, Harvey L.	06-Sep-84	
Jackson, Harvey L.	20-Sep-84	
Jackson, Hubert Eugene	28-Jul-83	
Jackson, Sheila Faye	16-Oct-86	
Jackson, Walter Frank	12-Aug-82	
James, Anita Joyce	06-Feb-86	
James, Eddie	05-Aug-87	
James, Marvin	18-Jun-81	
James, Mary Bell	07-Dec-88	
Jarvis, Bessie Mae	27-May-87	
Jarvis, George Thomas	28-Oct-87	
Jarvis, Jerald Thomas	19-Apr-84	
Jarvis, Robert E. Lee, Rev.	24-Jun-87	
Jeffcoat, Gene A.	05-Sep-85	
Jeffries, Annie	10-Aug-88	
Jenkins, Jennie	25-Oct-84	
Jenkins, John Wesley	05-May-83	
Jenkins, Johnny	31-May-89	
Jennings, Arthur Wood "Buddy"	23-Aug-84	
Jennings, Lela Frances	20-Feb-86	
Jessie, Mary Helenclare	26-Aug-87	
Jeter, Ashley Collins, Sr.	19-Jul-89	
Jeter, Doris Logan	06-Sep-84	
Jewell, Orrin W.	26-Jul-89	
Jewell, Orrin W.	02-Aug-89	
Johnson, Artie Marie	14-Dec-88	
Johnson, Bertha E.	23-Feb-84	
Johnson, Betty	18-Dec-86	
Johnson, Carlton	17-Apr-80	
Johnson, Elwood	20-Jan-88	
Johnson, Flossie Mae	05-Oct-88	
Johnson, Frank, Sr.	22-Oct-81	
Johnson, Freeman	31-Mar-83	
Johnson, Geneva	09-Oct-86	
Johnson, Georgia Christine	10-Dec-81	
Johnson, Henry Hillman	30-Sep-82	
Johnson, James Almon	02-Jun-83	
Johnson, James Charles	11-Oct-89	
Johnson, Jimmy Lee, Sr.	15-Jul-87	
Johnson, Jonathan Lee	22-Mar-89	
Johnson, Kermit Alonzo	11-Dec-86	
Johnson, Lee Roy	01-Jan-87	
Johnson, Lee Roy	25-Dec-86	
Johnson, Lena G.	11-Mar-82	
Johnson, Lillian Betty	18-Dec-86	
Johnson, Louise W.	25-Feb-82	
Johnson, Mary	12-Jul-89	
Johnson, Mary Jessie	21-Sep-88	
Johnson, Mary Lee	19-Jul-89	
Johnson, Mildred Faye	26-Apr-84	
Johnson, Mollie	06-Apr-88	
Johnson, Nell C.	23-Feb-84	
Johnson, Pearl Woods	08-Apr-82	
Johnson, Rance	11-Aug-83	
Johnson, Rhonda Jill	13-Dec-89	
Johnson, Robert	26-Aug-87	
Johnson, Rollin L., Sr.	02-Dec-87	
Johnson, Ruth Lida	23-Aug-84	
Johnson, Tiffany	17-Apr-86	
Johnson, Tonya	17-Apr-86	
Johnson, Vernon D.	21-Mar-85	
Johnson, William Coker	30-Mar-88	
Johnson, William Otis	09-Jan-86	
Johnson, William T.	05-Apr-84	
Johnson, William T.	13-May-87	
Johnston, Frank B.	22-Nov-84	
Johnston, James	23-Aug-84	
Johnston, Leila Davidson	18-Jul-85	
Johnston, Peggy	22-Nov-89	
Johnston, William Lee Davidson	20-Jul-88	
Joiner, Dewey Larry	14-Apr-83	
Joiner, Estelle	30-Mar-88	
Joiner, Georgia B.	20-Apr-88	
Joiner, Hattie S.	12-Mar-81	
Joiner, Henry	26-May-83	
Joiner, Larry	14-Apr-83	
Joiner, Stephen J.	02-Jun-83	
Jones, Ada Lou	29-Jun-88	
Jones, Ammye	05-Jul-89	
Jones, B.L., Mrs.	05-Nov-81	
Jones, Barbara K.	04-Sep-86	
Jones, Carl A.	03-Feb-88	
Jones, Cecil M.	17-Feb-88	
Jones, Cliff	10-Aug-88	
Jones, Dixon Blanchard, Jr.	24-Apr-86	
Jones, Doc	08-Mar-84	
Jones, Ed	03-Oct-85	
Jones, Elma Moore	08-Mar-84	
Jones, Elsie Lee	07-Aug-86	
Jones, Eva Peal	17-Jul-86	
Jones, Frances, Mrs.	07-Aug-80	
Jones, Frank Daryl, Rev.	27-Jun-85	
Jones, Freeman Jack, Sr.	17-Jan-85	
Jones, George Pelham	02-Oct-86	
Jones, Ida Mae	12-Jul-84	
Jones, Jeremy Scott	20-Nov-80	
Jones, Jessie	15-Feb-89	
Jones, Jessie	22-Feb-89	
Jones, Kevin Gene	05-Aug-82	
Jones, Laura L.	16-Apr-81	
Jones, Leonard	07-Jul-83	
Jones, Madge	01-Jun-88	
Jones, Maurine Strong	05-Jul-84	
Jones, Medie Morrison	17-Dec-81	
Jones, Sara Ethel	26-Jul-89	
Jones, Stanford	20-Nov-86	
Jones, Stephen C., Jr.	25-May-88	
Jones, Teresa	25-Feb-82	
Jones, Tollie Eugene	11-Jul-85	
Jones, Virgie	12-Jul-84	
Jones, W.E., Rev.	20-Mar-80	
Jones, William	29-Apr-82	
Jones, William Archie	11-Aug-83	
Jones, Willie Lee, Mrs.	02-Aug-89	
Jordan, Clarice C.	24-Apr-86	
Joseph, Louis D.	21-Oct-82	
Junkins, William Judson "Bill"	10-Aug-88	
Junkins, William Judson "Bill"	27-Feb-86	
Junkins, William Judson "Bill"	06-Mar-86	
Junkins, William Judson "Bill"	20-Mar-86	
Justice, Herbert Russell	12-Feb-81	
Karr, Elizabeth Ann	23-Sep-82	
Karrasch, Ada McCabe	24-Apr-86	
Karrasch, Richard J.	22-Nov-89	
Kelley, Delma Eugene	27-Mar-86	
Kelley, Gofford Eugene	16-May-85	
Kelley, Kenneth Keith	15-Nov-89	
Kelley, M.B., Mr.	29-Jan-81	
Kelley, Ollis	04-Dec-86	
Kelley, Ruby Mae	02-Nov-88	
Kelly, Clarence Oliver	01-Jul-82	
Kelly, George W., The Rev.	11-Dec-86	
Kelly, John J.	06-Jul-88	
Kelly, Libby Sheree	20-Jul-88	
Kelly, Vera Mae	05-Apr-84	
Keltner, Zona B., Mrs.	04-Dec-80	
Kemp, Martin Upton	21-Aug-80	
Kendrick, Arthur E., "Red"	04-Nov-87	
Kendrick, Bert Curvin	08-Jun-88	
Kendrick, Cecil S.	11-Aug-83	
Kendrick, Donna Mae	10-Feb-88	
Kendrick, Elna G.	30-Dec-82	
Kendrick, Jessie Franklin	12-Mar-81	
Kendrick, Lexie M.	04-May-88	
Kendrick, Minnie Lee	02-Aug-89	
Kendrick, Robret Harris, Sr.	30-Mar-88	
Kendrick, Ted B.	17-Apr-80	
Kennedy, Emily Jane	25-Nov-87	
Kennedy, John Henry	30-Dec-82	
Kennedy, Otto B.	27-Jul-88	
Kent, Gladys Maybelle	30-Sep-82	
Kershaw, Almedia C.	23-Jul-81	
Kidd, Sam E., Rev.	18-Feb-82	
Killingsworth, Aubrey John	14-Jun-89	
Killingsworth, Ernest Samuel	30-Apr-81	
Killingsworth, John D.	16-Mar-88	
Killingsworth, Johnnie Viola	14-Aug-86	
Killingsworth, Krystal Leigh	20-Aug-81	
Killingsworth, Myrtle Juanita	26-Jun-86	
Killingsworth, Rosa	29-Nov-84	
Killingsworth, Travis Olin	20-Dec-89	
Kimbrell, Florence Nancy	07-Oct-87	
Kimbrell, Pauline	17-Mar-83	
King, Alta Josephine	10-Jul-86	
King, Grady Hines	03-Jan-80	
King, Henry "Sugar Boy"	21-Oct-87	
King, Henry "Sugar Boy"	28-Oct-87	
King, Hollen L.	10-Mar-83	
King, Horace V.	17-Dec-81	
King, Jewel Dean Harris	08-Mar-89	
King, Joseph Randall "Randy"	18-Dec-86	
King, Mozelle	01-Nov-89	
Kirby, Brewer O.	05-Jan-84	
Kirby, Ilean, Mrs.	19-Oct-88	
Kirk, John Robert	03-Feb-88	
Kirkland, Alvin Mixon	22-Jul-87	
Kirkland, Bonnie Mae Isbell	08-Aug-85	
Kirkland, Robert	04-Dec-80	
Kirkley, Gertrude Lorene	23-Sep-87	
Kirkpatrick, Justie Y.	03-Nov-83	
Kite, Auburn Law	04-Dec-86	
Kitson, Keith Lewis	05-Dec-85	
Kitts, John S.	05-Apr-84	
Kivette, John, Jr.	13-Sep-84	
Kline, Joseph P.	30-Nov-88	
Knight, Hilda	08-Jan-87	
Knowles, Bertie Alma	05-Feb-81	
Knowles, Christopher Thomas	02-Jul-81	
Knowles, Lewis O.	18-Feb-82	
Knowles, Tom	24-Jun-82	
Knox, James C.	10-Mar-83	
Koonce, Polk, Jr. "Sonny"	13-Apr-88	
Kramer, Bernice P.	13-Jan-83	
Kramp, Wilhelmina J.	13-Jan-83	
Krasinski, Loretta Mary	10-May-84	
Krcek, Charlotte	13-May-87	
Kromer, Ruby A.	02-Mar-88	
Kromer, Thomas Frederick	24-Mar-83	
Kunstler, Robert Herman	02-Aug-89	
Kuzmicki, Allan	09-Jul-81	
Kyser, Phillip Jefferson	06-Apr-88	
Kyser, Vera Mae Dyas	13-Nov-80	
LaCasse, Ruth Ann	29-Mar-89	
Lacey, Harry Cunningham	22-Aug-85	
Lacey, John Garnett	13-May-82	
Lacey, Lillian Inez Scholze	18-May-88	
Lacey, Margaret	29-Nov-89	
Lacey, Mary Williams	07-Dec-88	
Lacey, William Fred	26-Apr-89	
Lackey, James William	10-Oct-85	
Lackey, James, W.	23-Feb-84	
LaJoux, Agnes Gwendolyn	19-Jul-89	
Lamar, Margaret R.	12-Jul-89	
Lamb, Rosie E.	24-Mar-83	
Lambert, Annie Lou	13-Nov-86	
Lancaster, Betty Gail	29-Mar-89	
Landers, Justin M.	27-Sep-89	
Langley, Annie Brown	15-Dec-83	
Langstn, Christopher C.	08-Mar-84	
Langston, Jennifer	17-Feb-83	
Lanningham, James Clay	21-Jul-83	
Lansford, Bennett O. H.	04-Sep-86	
Lantrip, Charles E.	16-Mar-88	
Laposka, Bertha P.	22-Sep-83	
Laposka, Robert D.	20-Mar-80	
Larimer, Norman C.	02-Nov-88	
Larimer, Virginia Faye	07-Dec-88	
Lasley, Rissie Bell	01-Nov-89	
Latham, Addie Belle	09-Apr-87	
Latham, Charlie	12-Aug-87	
Lauderdale, Arthur Aaron	05-Aug-82	
Lawler, William Lister, Sr.	29-Apr-82	
Lawley, Ada	08-Apr-82	
Lawley, Allie Lee	31-May-84	
Lawley, Arlie Eugene	21-Feb-85	
Lawley, Bessie K.	10-Jul-80	
Lawley, Bobby Gene	29-Aug-85	
Lawley, Cecil William	12-Jan-84	
Lawley, Dolly Faye	19-Apr-84	
Lawley, Eva Mae	22-Mar-84	
Lawley, Eva Mae	29-Mar-84	
Lawley, Evelyn	03-Feb-83	
Lawley, Fred Edward	04-Nov-82	
Lawley, Gail Remona	26-Aug-87	
Lawley, Gladys M.	17-Mar-83	
Lawley, Horace Edward, Sr.	09-Nov-88	
Lawley, Howard Andrew	17-Jul-86	
Lawley, Hubert H.	11-Feb-82	
Lawley, James F.	02-Sep-87	
Lawley, James L.	13-Nov-86	
Lawley, John Sylvester	04-Feb-82	
Lawley, Kenneth Ray	02-Feb-84	
Lawley, Kenneth Ray	16-Feb-84	
Lawley, Lavada Clark	22-Dec-83	
Lawley, Lillie B.	15-Jan-87	
Lawley, Lillie B.	22-Jan-87	
Lawley, Lota Viola	11-Aug-83	
Lawley, Mamie Booth	02-Oct-86	
Lawley, Mary Ethel Underwood	06-Apr-88	
Lawley, Mary Evelyn	01-Oct-81	
Lawley, Mildred L.	22-Jan-81	
Lawley, Phoebe	30-Oct-86	
Lawley, William T.	01-Feb-89	
Lawrence, Pauline Jones	29-Jul-87	
Lawrence, Tommy W.	17-Jan-85	
Layton, Emanuel	05-Nov-81	
Leach, A. Z.	21-Jan-82	
Leach, Zora Mae	09-Nov-88	
Ledbetter, Elbert Mose	09-Feb-84	
Ledbetter, George	25-Mar-82	
Ledbetter, Leonard Rufus	02-Dec-87	
Ledford, Mark S.	09-Jun-83	
Lee, Beatrice McAllister	29-Jan-87	
Lee, Betty B.	13-Jan-88	
Lee, Cecil Gavin	12-Mar-81	
Lee, Charles Howard	14-Mar-85	
Lee, Ella Mae	20-Jul-88	
Lee, George William	21-Jun-84	
Lee, Gertrude C.	02-Dec-82	
Lee, Harold C.	30-Aug-89	
Lee, Hub	26-Jan-84	
Lee, James Marshall, Jr.	16-Apr-87	
Lee, James Mitchell	17-Mar-83	
Lee, John A.	27-Jan-88	
Lee, John Arthur	03-Feb-88	
Lee, John E., III	09-Oct-86	
Lee, Mary Bell	26-Oct-88	
Lee, Mary Gena	13-Dec-89	
Lee, Nathan B.	05-Jun-86	
Lee, Nell T.	02-Dec-82	
Lee, Paul Byron	12-Apr-84	
Lee, Perry N., Jr.	08-Feb-89	
Lee, Ronald James	01-Mar-84	
Lee, Tom	10-Mar-83	
Legg, Linda, Mrs.	04-Dec-80	
Lehtonen, Annaliese	29-Mar-89	
Leighton, Thomas Ellsworth	22-Jun-88	
Lemley, Ethel L.	26-Jan-84	
Lemley, Ethel P.	21-Jun-84	
Lemley, Ethel P.	28-Jun-84	
Lenderman, Margaret Ann	29-May-86	
Lentz, Herman Oscar Calvin	24-Apr-80	
Leonard, Edward R. "Jeep"	04-Oct-89	
Leopard, Shelley Louise	15-Mar-89	
Lesley, Frank	20-Nov-80	
Leslie, Harry H.	16-Oct-86	
Lester, Clayton Jessie	29-Apr-87	
Lester, Pauline Davis Reeves	09-Mar-88	
Lewey, Leonard Clyde	29-Apr-82	
Lewis, Johnnie Matt	29-Apr-87	
Lhotak, Edith Allyson	18-Dec-86	
Liddell, Henry Gladstone	13-Dec-84	
Liddell, Viola Agnes	07-Dec-88	
Lightsey, Juanita G.	20-Nov-86	
Lightsey, Sarah Frances	28-Oct-87	
Lilly, Jim, Sr.	03-Aug-88	
Linch, Joshua Allen	03-May-89	
Lindell, Gertrude T.	26-Feb-87	
Lindsey, Bertie Rhoda	09-Feb-84	
Linholm, Mae Yessick	18-Dec-86	
Link, Charles Gordon	24-Feb-88	
Lint, Howard Raymond	10-Oct-85	
Lint, Sara Aileen	16-Jun-83	
Lippeatt, Edward H.	18-Nov-82	
Little, Joseph M., Sr.	17-Apr-86	
Little, Velma	06-Jun-85	
Littlefield, Wesley	10-May-89	
Livingston, Thomas Jefferson	25-May-88	
Lodge, J.W., Mr.	22-May-86	
Loebler, Robert Michael	07-Dec-88	
Logan, Elmo G.	08-Apr-82	
Logan, Jack William	27-Feb-86	
Logan, Ladd	02-Nov-88	
Logan, Ladd	11-Nov-87	
Logan, Lennie James	24-Apr-86	
Logan, Mamie Broadhead, Mrs.	10-Jul-80	
Logan, Nina	02-Mar-88	
Logan, Walter Frank	25-Apr-85	
Lokey, Mary Davis	03-Mar-83	
Lokey, Willie S.	24-May-89	
London, Billy "Larry"	10-Apr-80	
Long, Frank	02-Dec-87	
Long, L.Q. "Cueball", Mr.	11-Oct-89	
Long, Sallie Mae	24-Mar-83	
Looman, Chester F.	15-Sep-83	
Looney, Arthur C.	18-Nov-82	
Looney, Arthur L.	30-Nov-88	
Looney, William Lawrence	11-Mar-82	
Louden, Frances Moore	07-Feb-85	
Love, Jessie Billings	19-Apr-89	
Lovejoy, Felicia Ann	17-Apr-86	
Lovejoy, John Morgan	29-Aug-85	
Lovejoy, Lonnie Edward	08-Aug-85	
Lovejoy, Myrtle Anna	17-May-84	
Lovelace, Beatrice, Mrs.	03-Jul-80	
Lovelady, John H.	25-Nov-82	
Lovelady, Johnny William	14-Mar-85	
Lovelady, Marjorie L.	20-May-87	
Lovelady, Milton Charles, Sr.	15-Nov-89	
Lovelady, Ruth Reid	01-Jun-88	
Lovelady, William Reese	03-Oct-85	
Lovett, Leroy P.	02-Jun-83	
Lowe, John L.	04-Jan-89	
Lowe, Lawrence Alvin, Jr.	14-Jul-83	
Lowery, Clayton	16-Oct-86	
Lowery, Elsie Lou	19-Mar-87	
Lowery, Karen D.	01-Mar-84	
Lowery, Lawson Henry	23-Aug-84	
Lowery, Lera Inez	24-Feb-88	
Lowery, Norma L.	19-Dec-85	
Lowery, Russell B.	30-Dec-87	
Lowery, W.E. "James"	21-Aug-80	
Lowery, William D., Sr.	06-Dec-84	
Loyd, Coy Kenneth	31-Jul-80	
Lucas, Albert	18-Sep-86	
Lucas, Bama Celeste	09-Jan-86	
Lucas, Benny	23-Feb-84	
Lucas, Bertha Rosa	05-May-83	
Lucas, Bradley Carl	31-Mar-83	
Lucas, Charlie	01-May-80	
Lucas, Clara Kathleen, Miss	13-Mar-80	
Lucas, Claudus Russell	07-Feb-85	
Lucas, Clay M.	11-Dec-80	
Lucas, Clyde B.	20-Jan-83	
Lucas, Clyde B.	27-Jan-83	
Lucas, Daisy Lou	16-Feb-84	
Lucas, Dewitt	09-Dec-87	
Lucas, Earnest Lee	17-Jul-86	
Lucas, Ellie Blanch	22-Nov-84	
Lucas, Elmore	04-Oct-84	
Lucas, Ernest Lee	24-Jul-86	
Lucas, Eugene Wilson	09-Sep-82	
Lucas, Faye Carol	26-Apr-89	
Lucas, Glen Edward	07-Oct-82	
Lucas, Grace	04-Nov-82	
Lucas, James Lewis, Sr.	12-May-83	
Lucas, Jerry Wayne	18-Oct-89	
Lucas, Mary Velma	10-Jan-85	
Lucas, Michael Wayne	29-May-80	
Lucas, Nancy Holbrooks	23-Nov-88	
Lucas, Rose Jeanette	13-Apr-88	
Lucas, Ross Elmer	21-Sep-88	
Lucas, Stella A.	15-May-86	
Lucas, Thelma Inez	06-Jun-85	
Ludwig, Arthur S., Sr.	02-Sep-87	
Luellen, Francis Wilson	04-Sep-86	
Luker, Norse D., Jr.	08-Mar-84	
Lunceford, David G.	15-Mar-84	
Lunsford, Mamie Maudillie	16-Feb-84	
Lunsford, Willie King	29-Mar-84	
Lupardus, Doyle	20-Sep-89	
Lupardus, Doyle Paul	04-Oct-89	
Lupardus, Mary Helen	02-Jan-86	
Lutz, Emma Garner	22-Mar-84	
Lutz, Joey	27-Sep-84	
Lybrand, Billy Roy	05-Sep-85	
Lybrand, Dorothy Bell	26-Aug-82	
Lybrand, Lyman M., Jr.	20-Apr-88	
Lykes, Willie James	10-Jan-85	
Lyle, F.R. "Bill"	22-Jun-88	
Lyles, Joseph	11-Oct-84	
Lyles, Joseph	08-Nov-84	
Lyles, Joseph	14-Nov-85	
Lyman, Robert Edward	23-Dec-87	
Lyon, Elizabeth Brasher	23-Mar-88	
Lyon, Lena Ray	14-Feb-80	
Lyon, Tony K.	10-Jul-86	
Lyon, Wilbur B.	12-Apr-84	
Lyons, Charles James	07-Apr-83	
Lyons, James Edward	16-Dec-82	
Lyons, Ruth	22-Jan-81	
Mabry, Myrtice Bristow	07-Oct-87	
Maddox, Myrt, Mrs.	27-Feb-86	
Madison, Inell	02-Aug-89	
Mahaffey, Edward Garvin	22-May-80	
Mahan, Stanley Michael, Sr.	19-Sep-85	
Mahler, Elizabeth D.	06-Feb-86	
Mahler, John	01-Nov-84	
Majors, Edward Eugene	22-Apr-87	
Majors, Wayne A., Sgt.	06-Oct-83	
Malcom, Thomas F.	19-May-83	
Mallory, James E., Jr.	03-Apr-86	
Mallory, James Evan	04-Jan-89	
Malone, Earl C.	27-Mar-86	
Malone, Jesse Beatrice	10-Apr-80	
Maness, Joe E.	13-Sep-89	
Mann, Charles Darryl	13-Dec-89	
Marcus, Mary Frances	27-Apr-88	
Marler, Elva Christine	15-Jun-88	
Marler, Richard Mae	28-Apr-83	
Marquess, Goldie Lee Allen	22-Apr-82	
Marston, Nettie Belle	23-Oct-86	
Martin, Aline Jones	05-Mar-87	
Martin, Alma, Mrs.	01-May-80	
Martin, Bertha H.	09-Aug-84	
Martin, Bertha H.	16-Aug-84	
Martin, Burl O.	05-Apr-89	
Martin, Charles D.	12-Nov-81	
Martin, Charles Wiseman	14-Aug-86	
Martin, Chester A.	12-Sep-85	
Martin, Clarence C.	02-Sep-82	
Martin, Dorothy Elizabeth	15-Dec-83	
Martin, Grace K.	30-Aug-84	
Martin, Hazel Neoma	25-Jun-81	
Martin, Hubert "Boyd"	24-Nov-83	
Martin, Jacqueline Morgan	05-Mar-81	
Martin, Janie	18-Apr-85	
Martin, Landon Delano	12-Sep-85	
Martin, Leona C.	17-Feb-83	
Martin, Leonard Lee	21-Apr-83	
Martin, Linnie H.	01-Jun-88	
Martin, Luther H.	29-May-80	
Martin, Minnie T.	21-Feb-85	
Martin, Ralland Edward	12-May-83	
Martin, Roland Edward	05-May-83	
Martin, William Homer	02-Jul-81	
Martin, Willodean	14-Nov-85	
Mashburn, Edie Stiles	04-Mar-82	
Maske, Frances Leona	15-Jul-87	
Mason, Mary Elizabeth	28-Aug-80	
Massenburg, Fletcher	05-Jul-84	
Massenburg, Nellie C.	15-Feb-89	
Massey, Grace L.	06-Jan-83	
Massey, Mary V.	01-Sep-83	
Masters, Charlotte Zola Dottie	13-Apr-88	
Mathis, William J., Sr.	12-Oct-88	
Mathison, Kermit	28-Jun-84	
Matthews, Buell E.	16-Feb-84	
Mauldin, Ira B.	12-Sep-85	
Maxey, William Arthur	15-Mar-84	
Maxwell, June Irene	09-Apr-87	
Maxwell, Lucille	07-Jul-83	
Maxwell, Malcolm C.	18-Feb-82	
Maxwell, William Thomas	12-Apr-84	
Maxwell, William Thomas	19-Apr-84	
May, Lomie Daniel	07-Feb-85	
Mayhew, Flossie B.	29-Oct-81	
Maynard, Lettie Pearl	12-Jun-86	
Mayweather, Anna Mae	18-Dec-80	
Mazer, Robyn Ellen	02-Aug-84	
McAliley, James Rhody	28-Sep-88	
McAllister, Robert Neil	09-Jul-81	
McAnally, Linda Cole	27-May-82	
McAndrews, Viola 	13-Sep-84	
McAnnally, Kenneth E.	15-Jun-88	
McCall, Bernard	20-Dec-84	
McCall, John Richard M.	19-Dec-85	
McCall, Mack E.	13-Aug-81	
McCartney, Bertha Mae	11-Nov-82	
McCartney, Carroll R.	13-Sep-89	
McCartney, Douglas Leon	04-Jan-89	
McCary, Roland Douglas	11-Oct-89	
McCay, Fannie Lee	17-Jan-80	
McClain, Edward	22-Oct-81	
McClain, William Archie	22-Mar-84	
McClellan, George E.	13-Oct-83	
McClellan, Robert Lynn, Jr.	28-Sep-88	
McClendon, Frred R.	05-Apr-84	
McClendon, Jennie A.	22-Nov-89	
McClendon, John C.	05-Apr-84	
McClendon, Lois O.	26-May-83	
McClendon, Mary Ann	02-Oct-80	
McClendon, Vista Carol, Ms.	10-Jan-80	
McClinton, Carrie E.	08-Mar-89	
McClinton, Dudley	19-Jul-84	
McCloud, Elizabeth	28-Oct-87	
McCollum, Olin Daniel	07-Dec-88	
McCombs, Earskin	02-Feb-84	
McCool, Kerisa Mandy	21-Jul-83	
McCool, Riley H.	06-Sep-84	
McCormack, Pat	03-Jul-86	
McCormick, John Andrew	13-Jun-85	
McCormick, Joseph Patrick	10-Jul-86	
McCranie, Icie L.	22-Feb-89	
McCray, Arthur Lee	26-Mar-87	
McCray, Charlie Louise, Mrs.	21-Dec-88	
McCrea, Michael Keith	26-Mar-87	
McCue, Charles	17-Oct-85	
McCullers, Velma E.	17-May-89	
McCulley, Annie Lue	27-Nov-86	
McCune, Addie Alice	05-Sep-85	
McCutchen, Ann Gusten	18-Jan-89	
McCutchen, Obie J.	09-Dec-87	
McDade, Frances Elliott	21-Sep-88	
McDanal, H. C., Jr. "Buddy"	28-Jun-89	
McDanal, Hugh C.	03-Jul-86	
McDaniel, Don	29-Apr-82	
McDaniel, James Chapman	03-Jan-80	
McDaniel, Rosa Stone	06-Nov-86	
McDonald, Charles B.	19-Apr-84	
McDonald, John Edward	30-Oct-80	
McDonald, Lewis Allan	02-Aug-89	
McDonald, Rosie Elizabeth	15-Jul-87	
McDonough, Edward Dewey	22-Mar-84	
McDow, Helen M.	16-Nov-88	
McDow, Robert Harvey	23-Aug-84	
McEntee, Philip Jerome, Jr.	13-Aug-81	
McEwen, Henry "Grady"	26-Jan-84	
McGaughy, Earl Wilkerson	24-Oct-85	
McGaughy, Earline Smitherman	19-Mar-87	
McGaughy, George Washington	07-Apr-83	
McGaughy, Herbert N.	04-Nov-87	
McGaughy, Ninverree "Vee"	13-Apr-88	
McGaughy, Nora Lucas	29-Mar-84	
McGiboney, Mattie T.	17-Feb-88	
McGinnis, Palmer Alvin	16-Dec-87	
McGraw, Oliver, Mr. "Hollie"	17-Apr-86	
McGraw, Signa Wright	23-Dec-87	
McGraw, Solon E., Jr.	03-Apr-80	
McGuffie, Fred D.	15-Sep-83	
McGuire, Annie Alma	22-Feb-89	
McGuire, Earnest	17-May-89	
McGuire, Elna	20-Jan-88	
McGuire, Nancy R.	27-Jul-88	
McKenzie, Flora B.	18-Mar-82	
McLaughlin, Lorraine	05-Jan-84	
McLean, Fay L.	17-Jul-80	
McLendon, Frances Meade	04-Nov-87	
McMath, Dillard, Mr.	26-Jun-80	
McMillan, Clarence E.	05-Apr-84	
McMillian, Mildred H., Mrs.	16-Jan-86	
McNeel, Gabriel Mack	07-May-81	
McRae, Bayliss	24-Jun-82	
McRae, Lucy S.	19-Apr-84	
McRae, Malcolm	12-Apr-84	
McRae, Malcom	21-Apr-83	
McRae, Malcom	05-May-83	
McRae, Malcom	28-Jul-83	
McRae, Malcom	04-Aug-83	
McRae, Malcom	04-Aug-83	
McRae, Malcom	15-Sep-83	
McWhorter, Jessie P., Mr.	24-Jul-80	
Mealer, Wesley Alexander	04-Jul-85	
Meeks, Minnie Ethel	10-Jul-86	
Meherg, Claudia Mae	22-Jul-87	
Melsoni, Dorothy	18-Mar-82	
Melton, Tom	01-Nov-84	
Mercer, Horace R., Major	02-Oct-86	
Merchant, Mary Helen	26-Apr-84	
Merchant, Ward	18-Aug-83	
Merrell, Emma	18-Sep-86	
Merrell, Ernest Clayborne	08-Jun-88	
Merrell, Lillie C.	09-Nov-88	
Merrell, Myrtle Rylant	03-Jan-80	
Merrell, Ollen Charles	14-Apr-83	
Merrell, Thomas Everett, Sr.	10-Nov-83	
Merritt, Curtis Terry	25-Mar-82	
Metcalf, Grover H.	12-Aug-87	
Metcalf, Mildred Agnes	27-May-87	
Meyer, Mark	02-Nov-88	
Meyer, Mark Louis	11-Nov-87	
Milam, Justin P.	28-Aug-80	
Milam, Justin P.	04-Sep-80	
Milam, Sybil Bozeman	22-Sep-83	
Milburn, Audrey Comer	13-Jan-88	
Miles, John Purser	01-Mar-84	
Miles, Rosanna Wells	27-Mar-80	
Miles, Thomas Edward	21-Jul-83	
Miles, Thomas Floyd	17-Aug-88	
Milewski, Eugene Mark	13-Dec-89	
Milford, Nancy A.	15-Jul-87	
Millar, Richard	07-Oct-82	
Miller, Allie Tinney	24-Feb-88	
Miller, Alma Virginia	21-Sep-88	
Miller, Bertha Louise Hethcox	13-May-87	
Miller, Charles Barney	16-Mar-88	
Miller, David, Jr.	04-Dec-86	
Miller, Fannie, Mrs.	 24-Jan-80	
Miller, Howard	17-Feb-88	
Miller, Hugh A.	05-Apr-89	
Miller, Jack Andrew	22-Feb-89	
Miller, James Harley	01-Dec-83	
Miller, Jerry Wilson	15-Jul-87	
Miller, Lecta W.	10-Feb-88	
Miller, Lena G.	24-May-89	
Miller, Leonard D.	01-Aug-85	
Miller, Letha	08-Apr-82	
Miller, Onnie Daniel	17-May-84	
Miller, Oscar L.	17-Apr-80	
Miller, Steven Glenn	20-Aug-81	
Miller, Tessie	11-Oct-89	
Mills, James Clark	01-Mar-89	
Milstead, Florence Elizabeth	23-Oct-86	
Milstead, Victor G.	06-Jan-83	
Milstead, William H.	20-Nov-80	
Mims, Brenda	05-Dec-85	
Mims, Jim	24-Jul-86	
Mims, Mable Elder	16-Mar-88	
Minas, Albert George, Jr.	02-Aug-89	
Minas, Ava Margene	03-Apr-86	
Minshew, John Stephen	02-Jul-81	
Miranda, Michael Francis	25-Apr-85	
Mires, Helen Hicks	09-Apr-87	
Mitchell, Almeda Lucas	12-Apr-89	
Mitchell, Cora Beatrice Breland	24-Feb-88	
Mitchell, Dorothy Beaty	05-Aug-87	
Mitchell, Elma Davis	13-Nov-80	
Mitchell, Elma Davis	20-Nov-80	
Mitchell, James Douglas, Jr.	16-May-85	
Mitchell, Wanda Nichols	20-Jan-88	
Mitchell, William George	23-Sep-82	
Mitchell, William Jackson, Dr.	19-Jun-80	
Mitchum, Bonnie Mae	12-Jul-89	
Mize, Charlie Lee	23-Jan-86	
Mize, William Manley	28-Aug-80	
Mizzell, Eula	17-Sep-81	
Mizzell, Johnny Oliver "Red"	06-Jan-88	
Mobley, Frances Roe	18-Jan-89	
Mobley, Mary Odell	04-Jan-89	
Molton, George V.	11-Oct-89	
Monroe, Lawrence Allen	26-Apr-89	
Monroe, Margie Lorraine	02-Mar-88	
Montgomery, Helia Yeager	19-Aug-82	
Montgomery, Roy Francis	22-Nov-89	
Montsdeoca, Bessie R.	21-Jan-82	
Moody, Leon	18-Mar-82	
Moody, Lottie McGaughy	20-Sep-84	
Moon, Barney M.	22-Jun-88	
Mooney, Charlie Mack	29-May-86	
Mooney, Eunice T.	18-Dec-86	
Mooney, Helen Louise	15-Jul-87	
Mooney, Nathan L.	09-Sep-87	
Mooney, Ollie Ray	12-Jun-80	
Mooney, Wales W.	29-Aug-85	
Mooney, William Medder	18-Nov-82	
Moor, Earnest Leroy	24-Jul-80	
Moore, Arthur Hofford	10-Jun-87	
Moore, Bertha S.	25-Sep-86	
Moore, Bill B.	01-Jun-88	
Moore, Blanton W.	14-Sep-88	
Moore, Charles Herman	14-Dec-88	
Moore, Curtis L.	18-Feb-82	
Moore, Effie Fay	09-Oct-86	
Moore, Forrest O.	24-Mar-83	
Moore, George Franklin, Jr.	13-May-87	
Moore, George W.	20-Jan-83	
Moore, Grady Lee	20-Mar-80	
Moore, Hutsie H.	12-May-83	
Moore, Irene Frances Dupree	07-Dec-88	
Moore, Irene W.	14-Feb-80	
Moore, James Allen	17-Jul-86	
Moore, Julia	29-Dec-83	
Moore, Leon	08-Jan-81	
Moore, Lillian Ruth	14-Mar-85	
Moore, Lillie Ruth	07-Mar-85	
Moore, Marlin H.	10-Feb-83	
Moore, Michael Roach	06-Jul-88	
Moore, Minnie Mae	01-Dec-83	
Moore, Odrie C., Sr.	08-Jul-82	
Moore, Pearl Esther	06-Jan-83	
Moore, Russell B.	27-Jul-88	
Moore, Sophia N.	30-Aug-84	
Moore, Suzanne Joy	24-Oct-85	
Moore, Thomas Payne	16-Mar-88	
Moore, William Edward	11-Apr-85	
Moore, William Howard	10-Jun-82	
Moorer, Carlos W.	30-Sep-87	
Moreland, James Givhan, Sr.	17-Feb-88	
Moreland, Sybil Dorroh	12-Jul-84	
Morgan, Frank McConaughy	22-Jan-81	
Morgan, Jerry Wade	25-Dec-86	
Morgan, Mary Ruth	31-Jul-86	
Morgan, Michael C. "Muke"	22-Sep-83	
Morgan, Sallie Elizabeth	24-Feb-88	
Morgan, Willie Chandler	01-Jan-87	
Morris, Elsie Annie	22-Apr-87	
Morris, George W., Jr.	12-Apr-84	
Morris, Lillian	12-Mar-81	
Morris, Thomas	21-Oct-82	
Morrison, Euba Davis	29-Nov-89	
Morrison, Retha B.	13-Jan-88	
Morrow, Ethel J.	06-May-82	
Morse, Daniel McKinley	18-Oct-89	
Morse, Maggie	10-Aug-88	
Moses, Barbara Willis	20-Jun-85	
Mote, Fulmer Steven	01-Mar-84	
Motes, Cecil D.	07-Oct-82	
Motes, Dakota Dale	18-Oct-89	
Motes, William J.	25-Oct-89	
Mott, Ernest, Mr.	02-Apr-81	
Mowery, Effie Estell	13-Oct-83	
Mulkins, Joseph Anthony "Tony"	04-Aug-83	
Mullins, Ethel	18-Mar-82	
Murdock, John Clarence, Sr.	17-Dec-81	
Murdock, Lillia C.	20-Dec-84	
Murdock, Lillie C.	27-Dec-84	
Murphree, Asa Roosevelt, Sr.	09-Feb-84	
Murphy, Samuel K.	16-Jan-86	
Murray, William Baxter	24-Dec-81	
Myers, Steven Harry	12-Aug-82	
Nabors, Essie Scott	07-Oct-87	
Nabors, William Bronson	26-Mar-87	
Nabors, William Henry	03-Jan-80	
Nadler, Jennifer	02-Nov-88	
Nadler, Jennifer Sue	11-Nov-87	
Nagle, George John	12-Jul-89	
Naish, Iva	04-Dec-80	
Naish, Kathryn Morris	06-Nov-86	
Nall, Salena Suzette	02-Jan-86	
Nall, Selena	26-Dec-85	
Nalley, John C.	02-Sep-87	
Nalley, Mary Kate	19-Jul-84	
Nardone, Anthony F.	28-Mar-85	
Nation, Mertis J.	08-Jun-88	
Naugher, Emerson Edward	11-Nov-87	
Naylor, Lera Dorsey	27-Jan-88	
Neal, Myra Jean	27-Mar-80	
Nederkorn, Overton P.	02-Sep-87	
Neely, Patrick S.	03-Dec-81	
Neely, William	15-Nov-89	
Nelson, Alvin George	04-Nov-87	
Nelson, James Lee	20-May-82	
Nelson, Raymond	12-Dec-85	
Nelson, William Aaron, Sr.	18-Jun-81	
Nichols, Emily Lauren	14-Oct-87	
Nichols, Fred	04-Nov-87	
Nichols, Fred Mayhew	25-Sep-86	
Nichols, Henry L.	08-Jul-82	
Nichols, James Bethea	16-Apr-87	
Nichols, Lucille Baker	11-Sep-86	
Nichols, Myrtice Elwyn	02-Dec-82	
Nipper, Harvey Daniel, Jr.	10-Jan-85	
Nittinger, L. Howell	25-Feb-82	
Niven, Albert P.	19-Nov-81	
Niven, Ellen Irene	08-Dec-83	
Niven, John Walter	05-Feb-87	
Nivens, Bertha	30-Dec-82	
Nivens, Horace Ezra	26-Nov-81	
Nivens, Murray F.	24-Aug-88	
Nivens, Willodean	25-Jun-81	
Nix, Adam Thomas	19-Jun-80	
Nix, Earnest	03-Jun-87	
Nix, Eddie Lee, Jr.	02-Mar-88	
Nix, Faye P.	12-Oct-88	
Nix, Iona W.	19-Mar-87	
Nix, John Harrison	05-Mar-87	
Nix, Kristie Lynn	31-May-89	
Nix, Mack Aron, Jr.	28-May-81	
Nix, Phillip Austin	19-Jun-80	
Nix, Roberthar L.	14-Feb-85	
Nix, Sally Lucille	09-Jul-81	
Noble, Okla Kathryn	30-Sep-87	
Noe, Carrie F.	16-Aug-89	
Nolen, Bill	17-Dec-81	
Nolen, James Hugh	08-Jul-82	
Nolen, Percy, Dr.	12-Dec-85	
Nordan, Clayton Oscar	03-Jul-86	
Northcutt, Claude E.	18-Dec-86	
Northcutt, James Arthur	09-Aug-89	
Northcutt, Leslie J.	05-Apr-84	
Northcutt, William Arthur, Jr.	09-Jun-83	
Northcutt, William Arthur, Sr.	22-Jan-81	
Norwood, Billy Ray	08-Jul-82	
Norwood, Billy Ray	23-Sep-82	
Norwood, Ellen Clarice	09-Sep-87	
Norwood, Nathan Earl	30-Aug-89	
Noss, Clarence O.	04-Apr-85	
Noss, Jewell Delane	17-Apr-86	
Notario, Loreto	10-Aug-88	
Nunn, Zaliah Bell	04-Jan-89	
Nybeck, Glynnie/Glennie	21-Dec-88	
Oaks, Effie M.	10-Jan-85	
O'Conner, Matel Emmerett	20-Sep-84	
Oden, Morris	17-Jul-86	
Odishoo, Shalim	25-May-88	
Oglesby, Carl Vergle	28-Feb-85	
Oglesby, Frank	10-Mar-83	
Oliver, Carlton E.	19-Jun-80	
Oliver, Henry Odis	08-Sep-83	
Oliver, Mae	06-Nov-80	
Oliver, Russell Scott	20-Mar-86	
Oliver, Sidney E.	01-Feb-89	
Orange, Emily	09-Aug-89	
Orr, Annie Laurie	25-Feb-82	
Orr, Annie Laurie	04-Mar-82	
Orr, Annie Laurie	18-Mar-82	
Orr, Annie Laurie	01-Apr-82	
Orr, Annie Laurie	03-Jun-82	
Orr, Annie Laurie	10-Jun-82	
Orr, Annie Laurie	01-Jul-82	
Orr, M. L., Mrs	11-Feb-82	
Orr, M.L., Sr., Mrs.	01-Jan-81	
Osborn, W. D. "Bill"	10-Nov-83	
Osborne, Louis Brasher	16-May-85	
Ost, John W.P., Dr.	20-Apr-88	
Oswald, Ronald Wayne	27-Jan-88	
Otts, Mary Elizabeth	10-Oct-85	
Ousley, Calvin	01-May-80	
Overton, Lottie Pearl	11-Oct-89	
Owen, Brinton Leegar	29-Sep-83	
Owen, James Perry	17-Aug-88	
Owen, Lydia Holmes	19-Jan-84	
Owens, Charles Hueston	09-Aug-84	
Owens, David G.	03-Dec-81	
Owens, John E.	20-Sep-84	
Owens, Lettie Ivan	04-Nov-87	
Owens, Louise B.	17-Jul-86	
Owens, Thomas M.	09-Aug-84	
Owens, Tishie J.	19-Jul-89	
Ozley, Kathleen	23-Mar-88	
Ozley, Leona Wooten	25-Mar-82	
Ozley, Leona Wooten	01-Apr-82	
Ozley, Nell	04-Jan-89	
Ozley, Richard Julius	19-Feb-81	
Pace, Allie N. Haywood	27-Aug-81	
Pace, Doris	08-Jan-87	
Pacifico, Dominick Vincent	18-May-88	
Palmer, John C.	18-Sep-80	
Pardue, David, Jr.	 10-Sep-81	
Pardue, Emma N.	12-Oct-88	
Pardue, Etta Hazel	03-Nov-83	
Pardue, Etta Hazel	10-Nov-83	
Pardue, George A.	14-Feb-80	
Pardue, Leroy	18-Sep-80	
Parker, Adam Keith	03-May-84	
Parker, Adam Keith	10-May-84	
Parker, Anthony L.	06-Aug-81	
Parker, Anthony Leo	20-Aug-81	
Parker, Audrey Allen	03-May-84	
Parker, Audrey Allen	10-May-84	
Parker, Dorothy	28-Oct-87	
Parker, Dovie	06-Jan-83	
Parker, Elbert Leroy	07-Mar-85	
Parker, Irene Riggins	26-Mar-81	
Parker, Jenny, Mrs.	30-Dec-87	
Parker, Jess Willard	03-Feb-88	
Parker, Juanita	27-Sep-84	
Parker, Kevin D.	06-Aug-81	
Parker, Kevin Doyle	20-Aug-81	
Parker, Mary Irene	03-Apr-80	
Parker, Mildred George	07-Mar-85	
Parks, Annie Lee	10-Jan-85	
Parmer, Merline Cash	08-Sep-83	
Parmer, Wilma Paul Stewart	24-Jun-87	
Parrish, Mallye Coleman	30-Mar-88	
Parsons, James S.	19-Sep-85	
Partington, Jennie	08-Jun-88	
Partridge, Claude L.	14-Feb-85	
Partridge, George D.	01-Nov-84	
Partridge, George Fletcher, Jr.	14-Aug-86	
Partridge, Henry Jerome	22-Apr-87	
Partridge, Jimmie Lee	23-Jan-86	
Partridge, Minnie H.	06-Jan-83	
Partridge, Polly	02-Mar-88	
Pastore, Mary	01-Feb-89	
Pate, Bonnie Sue	08-Mar-84	
Pate, Darren Lynn	21-Sep-88	
Pate, John Howard	09-Mar-88	
Pate, Lester M.	04-Aug-83	
Pate, Ronald Lynn	16-Dec-87	
Pate, Thomas E.	02-Sep-82	
Pate, Virgil Wilton	22-Sep-83	
Patrick, J.T. "Tom"	24-Dec-81	
Patterson, Bessie	06-Feb-86	
Patterson, Clarence C.	03-Jul-86	
Patterson, James Monroe	11-Jan-89	
Patterson, Mary L.	24-Jan-85	
Patterson, Sammy	27-Aug-81	
Patterson, Sonia Ann	06-Nov-86	
Patterson, Thelma J.	31-May-84	
Patton, Lee	06-Jan-83	
Payne, Alvie, Jr.	04-Apr-85	
Payne, Clifford	02-Apr-87	
Payne, Dosia	16-Dec-82	
Payne, Ethleen M.	12-Mar-81	
Payne, Forrest A.	28-Jul-83	
Payne, Frank, Sr.	01-Oct-81	
Payne, Freeman Stapp	03-Jan-80	
Payne, Jesse	23-Dec-82	
Payne, Lloyd C.	08-Jul-87	
Payne, Lloyd Curt, Judge	01-Apr-82	
Payne, Mary Doris	19-Feb-81	
Payne, Max Edward "Buddy"	16-Dec-87	
Payne, Ruby Weldon	02-Mar-88	
Payne, William F., Sr.	02-Aug-84	
Payton, Herman E.	12-Oct-88	
Payton, Lela Frances	15-May-86	
Payton, Sarah Ellen	25-Jun-81	
Peace, Freeman, W.	26-Feb-87	
Pearce, Georgia	08-Mar-89	
Pearce, Robert David	26-Aug-87	
Pearson, Mary Bertha	03-Apr-80	
Pearson, Orin	22-Jan-87	
Peel, Bertha	05-Jan-84	
Peeples, Alice Corine Walton	17-Aug-88	
Peeples, Flossie Brasher	29-Apr-87	
Peeples, Kenneth Lee	27-Jan-88	
Peeples, Margaret J.	17-May-84	
Peeples, Olin Cllifton	13-Dec-89	
Peeples, Shana Michelle	22-Jan-87	
Peeples, Shana Michelle	29-Jan-87	
Peeples, Wilburn Mathew	25-Jul-85	
Peete, Henry W.	09-Dec-87	
Peete, Louise L.	06-Apr-88	
Peete, Lunice Alean	09-Apr-87	
Peete, T. V., Mr.	07-Jun-89	
Pendleton, Eldice Adele Hooker	17-Aug-88	
Penix, Clyde	15-Mar-84	
Pennington, Dollie Mae	19-Feb-81	
Pennington, William Robert	26-Sep-85	
Peoples, Glen	03-Feb-83	
Peoples, Sailor, Jr.	29-Apr-87	
Perdue, Peggy Ann	16-Mar-88	
Perrin, Annie	04-Mar-82	
Perry, Inez, Miss	06-Nov-80	
Perry, Margaret	22-Jan-87	
Perry, Mary Louise	27-Sep-84	
Perry, William Russell	16-Sep-87	
Perry, William Russell	23-Sep-87	
Perry, Wynemiah R.	25-May-88	
Perryman, Jeffrey Wheeler	07-Oct-87	
Pertain, Corene	01-Jul-82	
Pesnell, Paul Frank	20-Mar-80	
Peters, Adalene B.	23-Dec-82	
Peters, Arthur Grove	17-May-89	
Peters, Ethel Goggins	05-Apr-84	
Peters, Geraldine W.	31-Jul-86	
Peters, Mabel L.	27-Sep-84	
Peters, Prince Edward	02-Dec-82	
Peterson, Charlotte W.	21-Dec-88	
Pharr, Mary	30-Mar-88	
Phelps, Clarence	29-Jan-81	
Phillips, Bonnie	18-Mar-82	
Phillips, Elsie Mae	01-Nov-84	
Phillips, Floyd Hubert	13-Dec-84	
Phillips, Jonas A.	26-Jul-84	
Phillips, Lillie	29-Aug-85	
Phillips, Mary	02-Jan-86	
Phillips, Nellie S.	01-Dec-83	
Phillips, Ruby D.	20-Sep-84	
Phillips, Tommy F.	10-May-84	
Phillips, Warner L., Jr.	30-Aug-89	
Pickens, Minnie Ruth	06-Nov-80	
Picketrt, Azlee	25-Oct-84	
Pickett, Alpha Mae	09-Dec-87	
Pickett, Edgar	12-Apr-89	
Pickett, Howard Thomas	20-Sep-84	
Pickett, Jesse	17-Jul-86	
Pickett, Lillie Mae	01-Nov-84	
Pickett, Mary Elizabeth	10-Jun-87	
Pickett, Ola Mae	20-Jul-88	
Pickett, Raymond	19-Jul-84	
Pickett, Rosa	22-Apr-82	
Pickett, Venita Carroll, Mrs.	29-May-86	
Pickett, Virgil Jackson	17-Oct-85	
Pierce, Bobby Wayne	05-Mar-87	
Pierce, Ruth Agallel	27-Aug-81	
Pierce, Vernon Edwards	05-Aug-82	
Pierson, Lorraine, Dr.	20-Apr-88	
Pilgreen LaBelle	27-Jan-83	
Pilgreen, Lois I.	27-Jan-88	
Pilkington, Richard Earl	27-May-87	
Pilkington, Roger Dale	06-Mar-86	
Pilkington, Roger Dale	13-Mar-86	
Pirickett, Margaret Rich	09-Aug-84	
Pitiman, George	05-Aug-82	
Pitts, Dorothy Louise	28-Mar-85	
Pitts, Floyd F.	27-Jan-88	
Pitts, James Paul	08-Feb-89	
Pitts, Jerry D.	25-May-88	
Pitts, Jerry D.	01-Jun-88	
Pitts, Sarah Elizabeth	30-Jul-81	
Poe, A. C., Mr.	31-Jan-85	
Poe, George Henry	01-Mar-89	
Poe, Thomas Albert	12-Jun-80	
Pool, Betty J.	06-May-87	
Pool, Ernestine Bowen	07-Jun-84	
Pool, Lottie Cobb	25-Apr-85	
Poole, Louis Lorain	21-Feb-80	
Pope, Thomas L.	10-Apr-86	
Porter, Brul Freeman	19-Sep-85	
Porter, William Pervie	07-Feb-80	
Portera, Anthony John, Sr.	23-Dec-87	
Postell, Mack	12-Aug-82	
Poston, Johnny M.	04-Mar-82	
Potts, James Samuel	09-Dec-87	
Potts, Thomas E.	20-Dec-84	
Powell, Clara Nolen	08-Dec-83	
Powell, Lillie D.	10-May-84	
Powers, Eula B.	26-Feb-87	
Pratt, James Ray, Jr.	21-Jan-82	
Presley, James Richard	31-Dec-81	
Presley, Nalter Gertrude	31-Jan-85	
Presley, Shelia Jackson	09-Oct-86	
Prestridge, Billy Morris	18-Sep-80	
Prestridge, John H.	06-Apr-88	
Price, Georgia Mae	22-Nov-84	
Price, Huey L.	07-Feb-80	
Price, Lora Inez	14-Dec-88	
Price, Mary Eileen	10-Jan-80	
Price, W. C., Mr.	19-Aug-82	
Pritchett, Willie Mae	29-Mar-89	
Profitt, Milton E.	11-Nov-87	
Prosser, Richard	08-Oct-81	
Pruitt, Buford Lee, Jr.	16-Oct-86	
Pruitt, Flora Lee	26-Jan-84	
Prusinski, Frank Joseph, Sr.	04-Nov-87	
Ptuyac, James Hugh "Jim"	24-Jun-87	
Puckett, Ruth Willodean	04-Oct-84	
Pugh, Eula Vivian	15-Jul-82	
Purdy, Margery	12-Oct-88	
Purnell, Samuel, Sr. "Bud"	20-May-87	
Purser, Mertie Bell	31-Dec-81	
Rachels, Carmon Patrick	19-Nov-81	
Rachels, Eresell G.	18-Sep-86	
Raia, Betty	08-Feb-89	
Raia, Jeffrey Lynn	13-Sep-84	
Raines, Morgan Albert "Butch"	29-Jan-87	
Rainey, Billie Lou	20-Nov-86	
Rainey, Billie Lou	27-Nov-86	
Rainey, Jackie Lamar	20-Nov-86	
Rainey, Jackie Lamar, Sr.	27-Nov-86	
Rainey, Nola L.	25-Mar-82	
Rainey, Russell James	07-Nov-85	
Raley, Ivie C.	24-Apr-80	
Ransom, Elbert	19-May-83	
Ranson, Jones Marie	12-Jul-89	
Rasberry, Arnold Jackson "Sam"	14-Dec-88	
Rasco, Clyde	23-Aug-84	
Rasco, Lillian Esque	05-Jun-86	
Rasp, Larry F.	10-Oct-85	
Ray, Abbie Inez	28-Dec-88	
Ray, Alvin, Mr.	28-Feb-80	
Ray, Arlin	11-Feb-82	
Ray, Benny Joe	26-Aug-82	
Ray, E. L. "Bill"	30-May-85	
Ray, Eugene, Rev.	30-Oct-86	
Ray, Ina M.	07-Feb-85	
Ray, Lodema W., Mrs.	11-Dec-80	
Ray, Maye	04-Mar-82	
Ray, Melba Alice Streetman	09-Mar-88	
Ray, Olcie Dean	23-Aug-89	
Ray, Sudie	08-Mar-89	
Ray, Willie Earl	13-Mar-86	
Raybon, Ben	13-Dec-89	
Rayfield, Icy Bee	05-Apr-89	
Reach, Lula Amanda	19-Mar-81	
Redfield, Sarah Fulton	25-Jan-89	
Redic, Lula Smith	18-Nov-87	
Reed, Anna	17-Feb-83	
Reed, Clifford E., Sr.	21-Jun-84	
Reed, Martin J.	20-Oct-83	
Reeser, Harvey	12-Dec-85	
Reeves, Bessie	29-Nov-84	
Reeves, Dorothy F.	30-Oct-86	
Reeves, Hubert B., Sr.	02-Dec-82	
Reeves, Terry H.	14-Jan-82	
Refke, Dorothy Dean	27-Apr-88	
Register, Harold	01-Jun-88	
Reid, Arlyn	12-Mar-87	
Reid, Howard Lester	03-May-84	
Reid, Hubert M.	10-Feb-88	
Reid, Robert Eugene, Jr.	15-Nov-84	
Reid, Robert Eugene, Sr.	19-Mar-81	
Reliford, Rejeanna S.	31-Oct-85	
Reno, James Walter	24-Mar-83	
Reynolds, Brant Douglas "Tinker"	29-Nov-89	
Reynolds, David R.	24-Apr-80	
Reynolds, Eunice Junior "Babe"	27-Aug-81	
Reynolds, Horace Cilnton	13-Jan-88	
Reynolds, John B.	21-Nov-85	
Reynolds, John Wayne	05-Apr-84	
Reynolds, Lalah Capps	20-Nov-86	
Reynolds, Lu Era	20-May-87	
Reynolds, Robert W., Sr.	06-Apr-88	
Rhodes, Timothy R.	05-Apr-84	
Rice, Charles Terry	24-Apr-86	
Rice, Louise Waller	23-Jan-86	
Rice, Sherry Ann	17-May-89	
Rich, Billie W.	10-Jan-85	
Rich, Edward	07-Jun-89	
Rich, Elmos Franklin "Dub"	20-Apr-88	
Rich, Robert	12-Jul-84	
Rich, Robert A.	19-Jul-84	
Richards, Don Clarence, Sr.	03-Feb-88	
Richards, Gearlene V.	17-Jan-85	
Richards, Joe Blanton	21-Dec-88	
Richards, Pauline Bagley	08-Nov-89	
Richards, Scott T., Sr.	08-May-86	
Richardson, Ada Bell	13-May-87	
Richardson, Arnold C.	06-Jan-88	
Richardson, John	17-May-89	
Richey, Ferman Paul, Rev.	19-Feb-87	
Riggins, Roland R., The Rev.	05-Jul-89	
Riley, Coleen S.	23-Dec-87	
Roach, Annie D.	31-May-84	
Roach, Charles Keener	05-May-83	
Robershaw, J. E., Mr.	26-Jul-84	
Roberson, David Bristow	17-Oct-85	
Roberson, Edward	29-Nov-84	
Roberson, Gordon Ray	10-Jun-87	
Roberson, Grady	08-Mar-89	
Roberson, Henry Edward	19-Jul-89	
Roberson, Lessie Mae	18-Oct-84	
Roberson, Marvin	11-Jun-81	
Roberts, Harry Mims, Jr.	05-May-83	
Roberts, J.D. "Jack"	24-Jan-80	
Roberts, Patricia Johnson	08-Nov-84	
Robertshaw, Dovie	12-Oct-88	
Robertson, Darson C.	30-Jan-86	
Robertson, James Madison	15-Jul-82	
Robertson, Jim Anderson	30-Sep-82	
Robertson, Margaret Bowden	05-Sep-85	
Robertson, Marvin W.	27-May-82	
Robertson, Mary F.	06-Sep-84	
Robertson, Ruth Naomi	10-Feb-83	
Robertson, William Donald	15-Apr-82	
Robinson, Burlie Lee/Lea	05-May-83	
Robinson, Ernest Samuel	14-Feb-80	
Robinson, Frederick	09-Mar-88	
Robinson, Huey M.	05-Sep-85	
Robinson, Jessie Arona	23-May-85	
Robinson, John Henry	07-Aug-80	
Robinson, Mary Cunningham	01-Jun-88	
Robinson, Robert "R.B."	21-Dec-88	
Robinson, Samuel Joseph	03-Apr-80	
Robinson, Sharron	12-Apr-84	
Rochester, Kenneth	13-Jan-88	
Roden, Gloria Jean	06-Mar-86	
Roden, Gloria Jean	13-Mar-86	
Roden, Joe, Sr.	27-Feb-86	
Rogers, Alice H.	18-Nov-82	
Rogers, Harold Ray	19-Sep-85	
Rogers, Henry	26-May-83	
Rogers, Hubert "Bum"	15-Nov-84	
Rogers, Josephine	15-Apr-82	
Roland, Thelma Espey	22-Mar-89	
Roman, Otto Herman	01-Jul-87	
Romine, James Ervine	17-Jul-86	
Roper, Calvin C.	16-Apr-87	
Roper, Hazel Baker	23-Jul-81	
Roper, John Henry	28-Nov-85	
Roper, T. J., Mr.	18-Sep-86	
Roper, Wilton Aubrey	28-Jun-89	
Ross, James	04-May-88	
Rotenberry, Howard C.	26-May-83	
Rowe, Eunice	26-Mar-87	
Rowe, George E.	21-Dec-88	
Rowe, Martha Beck	12-Jul-84	
Rowell, Benny J.	17-Jul-80	
Rowell, Selmer Franklin	01-Mar-84	
Rowland, Dora E.	11-Jul-85	
Roy, Bessie Bennett	17-Apr-80	
Roy, Minnie Lee	11-Jun-81	
Roy, William Perry	14-Apr-83	
Ruddy, Nannie Roberta	27-May-87	
Ruddy, Pat K.	25-Sep-80	
Rush, Thomas C., Jr.	02-Nov-88	
Russell, June	19-Feb-81	
Russell, L. M., Mr.	17-May-89	
Russell, Lonnie	20-Jan-83	
Russell, Myrtle N.	13-Apr-88	
Russell, Raymond Ray, Jr.	28-Sep-88	
Rutherford, Shirley Faye	16-Mar-88	
Rutherford, Waymon Sanders	20-Feb-86	
Rutledge, Della Annette	28-Jun-89	
Rutledge, Jasmine	12-Jul-89	
Rutledge, Willie Irie	06-Aug-81	
Ryan, Lois Ida	26-Aug-87	
Ryczywot, Henry	05-Aug-87	
Sadberry, Mary Wells	03-Sep-81	
Sailes, Harold	30-Dec-87	
Salster, Bobby	11-Aug-83	
Salster, Ira Dallas	10-Jul-86	
Salster, Manuel E.	10-Apr-80	
Salyers, Jimmy Dewayne	29-Apr-82	
Sammons, Ermon Hollaway	21-Mar-85	
Samons, Veryl Osmond	12-Jan-84	
Sample, Edgar Givghan/Givgham	10-Apr-86	
Sanders, Bobbie Sue	06-Oct-83	
Sanders, Isaac Albert	30-Jun-83	
Sanders, Johnnie Frances, Miss	13-Nov-80	
Sanders, Luther Rayford	01-Jul-87	
Sanders, Robert Franklin	17-Jul-86	
Sanders, Samuel	08-Jun-88	
Sandlin, Cora M., Mrs.	08-Jan-81	
Sanford, Kay Nell	22-Sep-83	
Sanford, Kay Nell	29-Sep-83	
Satterfield, Alvin Daniel	01-May-86	
Satterwhite, Sarah Clyde	05-Feb-81	
Satterwhite, Thomas Voil	16-Aug-89	
Savage, Robert Eugene	24-May-89	
Sawyer, Janet Warren	25-Nov-87	
Scarborough, Mary Agnes	02-May-85	
Schmidt, Harold Joseph	13-Feb-86	
Schofield, Robert Smith	28-Jul-83	
Schrader, Lilla L.	25-Jan-89	
Schrader, Robert H.	09-Dec-82	
Schrader, Thelma Lee	03-Sep-81	
Schullo, Barbara	05-Apr-84	
Schultze, Ottilie Gorge, Mrs.	12-Mar-87	
Scoggin, Johnny Vester	08-Jan-81	
Scoggins, Beulah B.	12-Feb-87	
Scoggins, George Hubbard	21-Feb-85	
Scoggins, Gordon Meston	29-May-80	
Scoggins, Ida	25-Dec-80	
Scoggins, John Boy	20-Oct-83	
Scoggins, John Edward, Jr. "John Boy"	27-Oct-83	
Scoggins, Lois B.	06-Jul-88	
Scott, Burl	09-Dec-82	
Scott, Chester L.	29-Jan-81	
Scott, Grady Floyd	19-Oct-88	
Scott, Grady Oneal	15-May-80	
Scott, Hoyt Mitchell	07-Sep-88	
Scott, Isaac Moody	05-Feb-87	
Scott, James G.	06-Aug-81	
Scott, Joe V.	10-Dec-81	
Scott, Robert 	27-Oct-83	
Scott, Roxie Creamer	31-Aug-88	
Scott, Roxie Creamer	07-Sep-88	
Scott, Susie Ann	05-Oct-88	
Scott, Victor	03-Apr-86	
Scurlock, Jimmy Wayne	05-Oct-88	
Scurlock, Jimmy Wayne	12-Oct-88	
Seagle, Amy Denise	20-Jan-83	
Seagle, John William	08-May-80	
Seagle, Mary Kathleen	13-Sep-89	
Seale, Bessie Lee	22-Sep-83	
Seale, Harry Tracy	20-Mar-80	
Seale, Josephine Lawley	18-Sep-86	
Seale, Owen Mason	26-Jul-89	
Seales, Charles A.	27-Feb-86	
Seales, Naomi	21-Mar-85	
Seals, Annie Pearl	01-Dec-83	
Seaman, George Robert "Buddy"	27-Nov-86	
Sears, John E.	16-Jun-83	
Seavy, Mary K.	15-Jan-87	
Seay, Molly, Mrs.	03-Apr-80	
Seifert, John Frederick	22-Jun-88	
Self, Green O.	04-Jan-89	
Self, William Eugene, Sr.	31-Jul-86	
Sellers, Robert Harold	12-Feb-87	
Sellers, Sybil Imogene	14-Mar-85	
Selman, Essie Mae	05-Sep-85	
Selman, Joe, Jr.	22-May-86	
Selman, Rhonda Louise	28-Jun-84	
Sewell, Talmadge I.	23-Jan-86	
Sewell, Thelma Dovie	27-Sep-89	
Shaner, Mary E.	12-Sep-85	
Shanks, Eddie Lee	01-May-80	
Shanks, Geneva	28-Oct-87	
Shannon, Dallas R.	25-Jan-89	
Sharbutt, Virginia Lee Stallworth	08-Jan-81	
Sharp, Patricia Ann	19-Feb-87	
Shaw, Charles Cecil, Sr.	09-Nov-88	
Shaw, Clifford Cooper	31-Jan-85	
Shaw, George McLane	05-Aug-87	
Shaw, L.P., Mr.	22-Apr-87	
Shaw, Lane	21-Aug-80	
Shaw, Minnie J.	28-Dec-88	
Shaw, Ruby	13-Oct-83	
Shaw, Samuel Homer	28-Oct-87	
Shaw, Velma	06-Jan-88	
Shaw, Wayne James	28-Nov-85	
Shaw, William F. "Bill"	25-Aug-83	
Shealy, Dixie B.	16-Dec-82	
Sheffield, Billy D.	07-May-81	
Sheffield, Hubert Clay, Sr.	25-Nov-87	
Shelley, Lilly Mae	22-May-86	
Shelton, James T.	15-Jan-81	
Shelton, Nell Newton	26-Apr-89	
Sherer, Thomas H.	28-Jul-83	
Sherrell, Annie Mildred	28-Feb-80	
Sherrell, James "Cotton"	14-Feb-85	
Sherrer, Clifford D.	11-Dec-80	
Sherrer, Nancy Irene	24-Jul-80	
Shew, Edna B.	27-May-82	
Shew, Roy, Mr.	20-Mar-80	
Shields, Ronnie	22-Mar-84	
Shiflett, Harold	29-Oct-81	
Shirley, Bobby Lynn	24-Apr-86	
Shirley, Patricia Faye  (Unidentified)	30-May-85	
Shirley, Patricia Faye  (Unidentified)	20-Jun-85	
Shirley, Robert F.	25-Jan-89	
Shoemaker, Stella	18-Jun-81	
Shogren, Marie Brown	26-Feb-81	
Short, Robert Fred	18-Jul-85	
Shorter, Laura	08-Feb-89	
Siddons, George	11-Apr-85	
Sides, Floyd Gay	28-Jul-83	
Sides, James Oscar	29-Jun-88	
Sidwell, Al C.	28-Jun-89	
Sigle, Alan	05-Aug-82	
Sikes, Jean Hall	19-Apr-84	
Simmons, Charles C.	09-Nov-88	
Simmons, Ellen	05-Aug-82	
Simmons, Ellen	12-Aug-82	
Simmons, Essie	25-Oct-84	
Simmons, John F., Jr.	14-Jan-82	
Simmons, Levada Lula	14-Jan-82	
Simmons, Matthew	21-Jul-83	
Simmons, Vura Beatrice	02-Aug-84	
Simpson, Charles S.	14-Oct-87	
Simpson, Eula S.	24-May-89	
Simpson, Susie Melissa	21-Mar-85	
Sims, Dorothy Vivian	29-Apr-82	
Sims, Lallage	29-Oct-81	
Sims, Mary Louise	02-Apr-81	
Sims, Stephanie, Miss	15-May-80	
Singletary, Arthur, Sr.	03-Feb-88	
Sisco, William K.	24-Jan-85	
Skelton, Ben	25-Oct-84	
Skinner, John Phillip	17-Jul-80	
Sloan, Helen, Mrs.	29-May-80	
Smelley, Jesse, Mr.	16-Jul-81	
Smelley, Mary Frances	19-Dec-85	
Smith Paula J.	23-Jun-83	
Smith, Albert Neal	19-Feb-81	
Smith, Annie Mae	30-Jan-86	
Smith, Christina M.	12-Jul-84	
Smith, Christina Marie	26-Jul-84	
Smith, Christina Marie	02-Aug-84	
Smith, Cletus Davis, Mrs.	02-Feb-84	
Smith, D. B.	07-Oct-82	
Smith, David Thomas	05-Mar-81	
Smith, Dewey	22-May-86	
Smith, Don	20-May-82	
Smith, Ethel Denise	06-Feb-86	
Smith, Franklin Stephen, Jr.	27-May-82	
Smith, Fred Milton	20-Jan-88	
Smith, H. Ralph, Jr., Dr.	29-Jun-88	
Smith, Hazel Francis	28-Mar-85	
Smith, Helen Marie	09-Aug-89	
Smith, Ida Bell	25-Mar-82	
Smith, J.D., Mr.	20-Apr-88	
Smith, Jack	16-Feb-84	
Smith, James Allen	17-May-89	
Smith, James Lonzie	01-Nov-84	
Smith, Jasper Bailey	03-Apr-80	
Smith, Jerry Wayne	06-Mar-80	
Smith, Joe Clark	01-Jan-81	
Smith, Joseph D. Calvin	08-Aug-85	
Smith, Kenneth Wayne	27-Nov-86	
Smith, Lawrence A.	09-Apr-87	
Smith, Lona Alice	19-Sep-85	
Smith, Lucile W.	31-Oct-85	
Smith, Lucille Carlee	12-May-83	
Smith, Lula P.	17-May-84	
Smith, Lurinia	20-Dec-84	
Smith, Malgrom Mae	08-Jul-87	
Smith, Mary Ann	01-Nov-89	
Smith, Michael Joseph	26-May-83	
Smith, Minnie M.	27-Jan-88	
Smith, Mittie Gertrude	17-Sep-81	
Smith, Nick	11-Oct-89	
Smith, Oscar Thomas	17-Jul-80	
Smith, Oscar Thomas	31-Jul-80	
Smith, Porter L.	29-Sep-83	
Smith, Robert Lee	16-Jun-83	
Smith, Shelton Hilty	03-Jun-87	
Smith, Stevie Charles	20-Feb-86	
Smith, Troy K.	17-May-84	
Smith, Varina Shelton	08-Feb-89	
Smith, Walter Eugene	30-Sep-87	
Smith, William Herman	10-Feb-83	
Smith, William L.	21-Mar-85	
Smith, Willie B.	17-Sep-81	
Smith, Willie D.	01-Dec-83	
Smith, Willie J.	05-Feb-87	
Smitherman, Archie Roland, Sr.	14-May-81	
Smitherman, Bessie Lee	06-Sep-89	
Smitherman, Charity	19-Mar-87	
Smitherman, Elmon Theodore	01-Jul-82	
Smitherman, Harold Huey	30-Jul-81	
Smitherman, Houston Ed	22-May-86	
Smitherman, Johnnie Agnes	07-Oct-87	
Smitherman, Lottie	04-Jan-89	
Smitherman, Marjorie	28-May-81	
Smitherman, Robert Luther, Sr.	30-Oct-86	
Smitherman, Rosemarie S.	21-Jan-82	
Smitherman, Sanford Monroe	20-Mar-80	
Smitherman, Tressie Horton	24-May-84	
Smitherman, Willian Nathaniel	16-May-85	
Snell, Mary Virginia	28-May-81	
Snell, William Thomas	03-Jul-86	
Snider, Mary Frances	31-May-89	
Snipes, Justin Aaron	12-Apr-89	
Snipes, Justin Arron	19-Apr-89	
Snow, Betty Ann	16-Dec-87	
Snow, Francis Asberry	07-Aug-86	
Snow, John A.	22-Sep-83	
Snow, Luther M.	27-Oct-83	
Snowden, Bessie Varner	26-Jun-86	
Snyder, Jesse	03-Jul-86	
Snyder, Ollie Bell	08-Feb-89	
Sorrell, Jessie Frost	25-Aug-83	
Southern, Frank Albert	06-Nov-80	
Sparks, Laurie F.	19-Jun-86	
Spates, Frances Elliott	19-Jun-86	
Spates, J.T., Mr.	29-Jul-87	
Spates, J.T., Mr.	05-Aug-87	
Spates, Violet Morrell	01-May-80	
Speakman, Ruben Preston, Rev.	22-Apr-87	
Spearman, John Thurston	02-Dec-87	
Spears, Denver Dale	03-Aug-88	
Spears, Plumer L., Mrs.	28-Dec-88	
Speer, Ocie W., Sr.	06-Jan-83	
Spencer, James G.	01-May-80	
Spicer, Richard Lee	09-May-85	
Spivey, William Clarence	11-Jul-85	
Splawn, Floyd Albert	09-Apr-81	
Splawn, Margaret Eleanor	14-May-81	
Springer, Virginia Ann	04-Oct-89	
Stagner, Lige F.	29-Oct-81	
Stakes, Benjamin Frederick	05-Aug-87	
Stamps, John E.	08-Jan-87	
Standifer, Earl Jessup	08-May-86	
Stanford, Loneda Ann Mason	07-Dec-88	
Stano, Jerry Wayne	30-Apr-81	
Stano, Steve, Jr.	18-Feb-82	
Stansell, Nell C.	10-May-89	
Stanton, Ryann Danielle	20-Sep-84	
Starnes, Charlie G.	15-Jan-87	
Starnes, Inez B.	25-Sep-80	
Steaphens, Josh	22-Oct-81	
Steele, Charlie Loren	01-Aug-85	
Steele, William G.	30-Jan-86	
Stephens, Eunice Johnson	27-Jul-88	
Stephens, John Henry	29-Nov-89	
Stephens, Shane	02-Nov-88	
Stephens, Shane	11-Nov-87	
Stephens, William Bradford	02-Feb-84	
Stephens, William W.	12-Mar-81	
Stephens, Willie Gladys	06-Jan-83	
Stephenson, Robert G.	24-Feb-88	
Stewart, A.U., Jr. "Red"	07-May-81	
Stewart, Aucie U., Sr.	23-Apr-81	
Stewart, Garland Delmus	29-Aug-85	
Stewart, Hattie Tolbert, Mrs.	15-May-86	
Stewart, Mary Lee	07-Dec-88	
Stewart, Mecie Lexie	11-Sep-86	
Stewart, Richard Thomas	09-Mar-88	
Stinson, Bertha E.	21-Nov-85	
Stinson, Bertie Lee	28-Sep-88	
Stinson, Frances R.	17-Aug-88	
Stinson, John Thomas	18-Dec-86	
Stinson, Ruby Jackson	17-Jun-82	
Stinson, Sam P.	05-Jun-86	
Stinson, William W.	23-Feb-84	
Stockton, Elizabeth Martin	01-Jul-87	
Stone, Arthur	30-Apr-81	
Stone, Arthur	07-May-81	
Stone, Daisy Eunice	05-Jul-89	
Stone, Dorothy Jeanette	27-Nov-86	
Stone, Ervin	06-May-82	
Stone, Hazel Mae	20-Jan-83	
Stone, Herbert Buford	20-Jul-88	
Stone, I. D., Mr.	14-Jul-83	
Stone, I. D., Mr.	07-Jul-83	
Stone, Irene	06-May-87	
Stone, John H.	21-Jul-83	
Stone, Kate B.	30-Dec-82	
Stone, Maggie H.	13-Mar-86	
Stone, Newman Lee	03-Apr-86	
Stone, Onnie William	22-Nov-89	
Stone, Roy B.	31-Oct-85	
Stone, Ruby	10-Apr-86	
Stone, William Lester	17-Feb-83	
Stoner, William E.	01-Aug-85	
Storey, Luther Howard, Sr.	18-Apr-85	
Storey, Robert Francis, Rev.	29-Jun-88	
Story, Minnie Weldon	10-May-89	
Stoves, George A.	04-Jan-89	
Stowe, James	18-Jun-81	
Stracener, Herbert Arthur	24-Jul-86	
Stracener, Myrtle Pauline	10-Jul-86	
Stracner, Lavella A.	15-Feb-89	
Stracner, Louella 	01-Mar-89	
Street, Benjamin	04-Nov-87	
Street, Carl Wilson	15-Jan-87	
Streetman, Emma Nell	19-Jul-89	
Strickland, David Earl	30-Mar-88	
Strickland, Jerry Joe	16-Apr-87	
Strickland, Wilmer Gerald	07-Oct-87	
Stricklin, Avery E.	08-Mar-84	
Stricklin, Frances L.	02-Dec-82	
Stricklin, Loyal Ellis	19-Mar-87	
Stricklin, Robert, Mr.	12-Jun-80	
Strother, Miriam Doris	29-Mar-89	
Stroud, Carl	03-Oct-85	
Stubbs, Lula Mae	28-Jan-82	
Stubbs, William B.	17-Mar-83	
Stucker, Mary Irene	29-Nov-89	
Suggs, Audrey O.	10-Jan-85	
Suggs, Lovie L.	19-Apr-89	
Suggs, Willie Bell	04-May-88	
Sullivan, Edith Bessie	26-Jan-84	
Sullivan, Lila Esther	02-Sep-87	
Summers, Clara Janet	28-Sep-88	
Sumners, Evie	27-Sep-84	
Sweeney, John R.	15-Apr-82	
Swindle, Edward Pinkard	03-Feb-88	
Swiney, Betty Snow	07-Jun-89	
Swiney, Betty Snow	14-Jun-89	
Swiney, Robert Leland	11-Sep-86	
Swinford, Icie Mexa	04-Jun-81	
Swinhart, Lillian Starcher	19-Apr-89	
Syphrus, Elma	16-Apr-87	
Taff, John Earl	23-Aug-84	
Talley, Valerie	03-Feb-83	
Talton, Alfred E.	22-Sep-83	
Talton, Ann d.	01-Mar-89	
Talton, Billy Jay	30-Aug-84	
Talton, Billy Joe	06-Sep-84	
Talton, Homer S.	15-Jan-81	
Talton, Leonard Ruford	11-Feb-82	
Talton, Lois Evelyn	19-Aug-87	
Talton, Louise B.	03-Nov-83	
Tames, James Nole	07-Jan-82	
Tanksley, Travis	14-Nov-85	
Tate, Sameul Luther, Jr.	26-Jul-84	
Tatenhurst, Mary C.	13-Apr-88	
Taylor, Berney W.	16-Mar-88	
Taylor, Billy Joe	15-Nov-89	
Taylor, Cecil Edward	06-Jan-88	
Taylor, Ellis Edwin	06-Jan-83	
Taylor, Henry M.	25-Sep-80	
Taylor, James Woodrow	12-Jul-89	
Taylor, James Woodrow	19-Jul-89	
Taylor, Johnny Lee	13-Nov-86	
Taylor, Mollie D.	31-Jan-85	
Teal, Andrew H.	16-Nov-88	
Teer, William Elton	09-Aug-84	
Templin, Annie M.	23-Sep-82	
Templin, Bernice Lee	31-Jul-86	
Templin, George Lampkin	25-Jun-81	
Templin, Onzell Faust	17-May-84	
Tennent, John Lindsay, III	20-Aug-81	
Tennyson, Martha Viola	19-Jul-89	
Terrell, Carolyn	01-Mar-84	
Terrell, Carolyn	05-Apr-84	
Terry, Edna Conell	28-May-81	
Terry, George D.	20-Jan-88	
Terry, James F.	14-May-81	
Thatenhurst, King, Sr.	10-Nov-83	
Thomas, Beatrice	14-Oct-87	
Thomas, Beatrice	21-Oct-87	
Thomas, Frances Marie	03-May-84	
Thomas, John Leon	19-Oct-88	
Thomas, Joyce Ann	19-Aug-87	
Thomas, Lillie Bell	27-May-87	
Thomas, Myrtie May	02-Sep-82	
Thomas, Phillip Andrew	15-Mar-89	
Thomas, Robert Lincoln	16-Jul-81	
Thompson, Arella	09-Aug-89	
Thompson, Barbara Cannon	10-May-89	
Thompson, Clyde C., Sr.	05-Aug-82	
Thompson, Dorothy	07-Mar-85	
Thompson, Dorthy	14-Feb-85	
Thompson, Irene Gandy	14-Feb-85	
Thompson, John F.	17-Apr-80	
Thompson, Luther Edward	08-Mar-89	
Thompson, Newton L.	30-Sep-87	
Thompson, Nona Faye Fancher	09-Mar-88	
Thompson, Odie Wilson	08-Jan-81	
Thompson, Pearl Pickett	18-Aug-83	
Thornburg, Clara Estelle	05-May-83	
Thornburg, Gertrude J.	25-Feb-82	
Thornburg, John Wesley	03-Nov-83	
Thrash, Emma Lee	29-Sep-83	
Thurman, Ian Mark Christian	28-Jan-82	
Tidmore, L. B. Brack	07-Apr-83	
Tidmore, Randall	27-Aug-81	
Tidwell, Jack Hoover	27-Jul-88	
Tindall, Helen Sanders	10-Apr-80	
Tingle, Sarah F.	03-May-84	
Tingle, Virginia Ann	16-Sep-87	
Tinker, Geraldine	26-Mar-87	
Tinney, Dixie A.	16-Aug-89	
Tinney, Ethel L.	31-May-84	
Tinsley, George	05-Dec-85	
Todd, Floyd Carmen	26-Aug-87	
Todd, Ruth A.	07-Jul-83	
Tolbert, Jannie Leola	08-Jun-88	
Tolbert, Richard	23-Dec-87	
Tomberlin, Mary D.	19-Apr-89	
Toole, Russell Kenneth	28-Oct-87	
Tozzi, Lillie Mae	30-Sep-87	
Trammell, Nellie Mae	16-Feb-84	
Traylor, Mary Elizabeth	09-Nov-88	
Traywick, Hubert	06-Sep-89	
Trice, Calvin Curtis	23-Jul-81	
Trice, Edgar Lee	08-Jul-87	
Trice, Tishie Barnett	08-Jun-88	
Trimarco, Lillian H.	15-Jul-87	
Trotter, Judy Nordan	05-Aug-87	
True, Alonzo	04-Apr-85	
Truitt, Pearl Mary	07-Aug-86	
Trussell, Curtis Reva	20-Dec-84	
Tucker, Anthony Jacob "Tony"	30-Nov-88	
Tucker, Bessie I.	23-Nov-88	
Tucker, Claude Milton	04-Nov-82	
Tucker, Eddie Lucille	09-Sep-82	
Tucker, Edward Irvin "Beaver"	22-Jul-87	
Tucker, Neal Wallace	07-Aug-86	
Tucker, Robert Clarence	05-Nov-81	
Tucker, Robert W., III	05-Aug-82	
Tucker, Thomas Rudolph	18-Dec-80	
Turnbloom, Dorothy Louise	20-May-82	
Turner, E.B., Mr.	01-Jan-87	
Turner, Eunice	18-Nov-87	
Turner, Howard	21-Jun-89	
Turner, Jodi	13-May-87	
Turner, Marvin	06-Sep-89	
Turner, Robert L.	29-Mar-89	
Turner, Savannah Shaw	22-Mar-89	
Turquitt, Paul E.	15-Jun-88	
Tuten, Imogene Davis	08-Nov-89	
Underwood, Eloise	29-Jan-87	
Underwood, Faye B.	27-Nov-86	
Underwood, Fred	25-Jan-89	
Underwood, Jeanette J.	02-Aug-89	
Underwood, Roy J.	26-Jul-84	
Underwood, Sallie Alberta	21-Jan-82	
Unidentified, Female	23-May-85	
Unknown, Infant 	18-Nov-82	
Upshaw, Bertha Mae	03-Feb-88	
Upshaw, James Paul	23-Sep-87	
Upson, Rose Wilson	20-Oct-83	
Vance, Alice M.	18-Nov-82	
Vance, Ashley Cherise	03-Dec-81	
Vance, Barbara Allen	29-Sep-83	
Vanderburg, Mary Ethel	11-Jun-81	
Vanderslice, Alvie Mae, Mrs.	19-Mar-81	
Vanderslice, Charlie	09-Aug-84	
Vanderslice, Colla	24-May-84	
Vanderslice, Edna L.	30-Aug-89	
Vanderslice, J. V., Mr.	17-Jan-85	
Vanderslice, Johnson	29-Dec-83	
Vanderslice, Leonard F.	15-Sep-83	
Vanderslice, Lillie A.	17-May-84	
Vanderslice, Oce	08-Dec-83	
Vanderslice, Vassar A., Sr.	25-Sep-86	
Vaninwegen, John	15-Mar-89	
Vann, Lisa Marie	02-Apr-87	
Vansant, Earnest	08-Jan-87	
Vansant, George W.	25-Sep-80	
Vansant, Weaver	09-Jan-86	
Vanzant, Alma	25-Jun-81	
Varden, Jewel L.	28-Jun-84	
Vasser, Nellie	03-Mar-83	
Vernon, Cassie Reed	14-Apr-83	
Vernon, Essie Delene	01-Nov-84	
Vernon, John Curtis	25-Nov-87	
Vernon, Pat Edward, Jr.	12-Jan-84	
Vernon, Willie Barge, Mr.	26-Mar-87	
Verson, James M.	24-Jul-86	
Vick, Billy	26-May-83	
Vick, Charlie M.	04-Nov-82	
Vick, Dewey M.	21-Jan-82	
Vick, Ella Maurine	09-Sep-82	
Vick, Howard Taft	23-May-85	
Vick, John Deck	21-Apr-83	
Vick, John Dextel	14-Apr-83	
Vick, Joseph Carson "Doc"	16-Aug-84	
Vick, Leslie Leon	16-Sep-82	
Vick, Letha M.	26-Oct-88	
Vick, Minnie G.	07-Feb-85	
Vick, Roy D.	07-Dec-88	
Vick, Ruth Lee	18-Apr-85	
Vick, Thomas M.	16-Mar-88	
Vickery, Norman Eddie, Sr.	03-Jul-80	
Vickery, Patricia Jo	12-May-83	
Vickrey, Patricia	05-May-83	
Vincent, Earl Lee	11-Jun-81	
Vincent, Oakley	15-Mar-84	
Vines, Gertrude K.	24-Oct-85	
Vines, Hugh, Sr.	23-Oct-86	
Vining, Tammy D.	19-Apr-89	
Vinzant, Baxcom Lee	09-Apr-87	
Vinzant, Mollie Belle	03-Feb-88	
Vogala, Fred	04-Mar-82	
Voggess, Gordon Downie	20-Nov-80	
Voigt, George Frank	16-May-85	
Waddell, Verna Jackson	06-Sep-89	
Wade, Clarence Monroe	19-Jun-80	
Wade, Loraine Cox	05-Aug-87	
Wadsworth, William W.	14-Dec-88	
Waites, Norris Kenneth	05-Nov-81	
Wakefield, Bruce	12-Jan-84	
Wakefield, Robert Kenneth	17-Feb-83	
Waldron, Constance Renee	11-May-88	
Waldrop, Albert Houston	16-Aug-89	
Waldrop, Jennifer Lanette	12-May-83	
Waldrop, Marlin E. L.	18-Dec-86	
Walker, Isaac Lemuel	01-Mar-84	
Walker, James	22-Mar-89	
Walker, Leta Lorene	28-Jun-84	
Walker, Robert, Jr.	30-Aug-89	
Walker, Willie Lee	05-Oct-88	
Wall, Zella, Mrs.	21-Feb-80	
Wallace, Albert	31-Jul-86	
Wallace, Aristotle Nathan	16-Jan-86	
Wallace, Charles V.	28-Feb-85	
Wallace, Cora Jane	17-Apr-80	
Wallace, Ernest Givhan	02-May-85	
Wallace, Esther B.	12-Mar-87	
Wallace, Ever Inez	09-Sep-87	
Wallace, F. C.	24-Oct-85	
Wallace, Lawton Early	10-Feb-83	
Wallace, Leon	22-Mar-89	
Wallace, Mary Jean	22-Mar-89	
Wallace, Mildred White	16-Jul-81	
Wallace, Thurman Cragi	11-Sep-80	
Wallace, Wilbur A.	16-Apr-81	
Wallis, Edward D.	20-Sep-89	
Wallis, Kenneth Dale	13-Jan-83	
Walters, Alberta	22-Jan-87	
Walters, Lillian Small Plyer	14-Jun-89	
Walton, Dennis Ray	29-May-86	
Walton, Elbert E., Jr.	13-Jun-85	
Walton, J.C., Mr.	12-Oct-88	
Walton, James Woodrow	26-Mar-87	
Walton, Madie Elizabeth	24-May-89	
Walton, Mattie C.	18-Dec-86	
Walton, Mattie C.	25-Dec-86	
Walton, Ollie Mae Hartsfield	24-Nov-83	
Walton, Robert L., Sr.	18-Sep-86	
Warbington, Willis Edward	12-Apr-84	
Ward, Curry Rhodes	04-Sep-86	
Ward, Jay W.	03-Sep-81	
Ward, Lara Mae	17-Feb-83	
Ward, Lillian Kiber	28-Oct-87	
Warren, Alta Slusher	27-Nov-86	
Warren, Carlos Cilfton	16-Dec-87	
Warren, John P.	23-Sep-82	
Warren, Leler Nichols	06-Aug-81	
Warren, Lillian	02-Nov-88	
Warren, Lillian Coley	05-Jun-86	
Warren, Lillie B.	12-Mar-87	
Warren, Murta L.	19-Mar-87	
Warren, Murtha L.	26-Mar-87	
Warren, Virginia A.	31-Jul-86	
Warren, Willie M.	18-Nov-82	
Washburn, Bobby Gene	31-Oct-85	
Washington, Horace Webster	16-May-85	
Watkins, Albert R.	24-Apr-80	
Watkins, Cleve	26-Sep-85	
Watkins, Daniel Webster	07-Sep-88	
Watson, Bob Milford	26-Jun-86	
Watson, Morris F.	02-Dec-82	
Watson, Onabe	26-Jun-86	
Watson, Pearl Ann	15-Mar-89	
Watson, Peggy Jean	10-Nov-83	
Watts, Alex Eugene	24-Feb-83	
Watts, Gertrude Lee	22-Mar-89	
Watts, Jack F.	26-Oct-88	
Watts, Jerry Lee, The Rev.	05-Jul-89	
Watts, John W., III	05-Apr-84	
Watts, Larry Earl	10-May-89	
Waugh, Julia Ann	10-Jul-80	
Weaver, Cora O.	09-Nov-88	
Weaver, Edith Mae	07-Feb-85	
Weaver, Ethelstine	13-Apr-88	
Weaver, Johnnie	10-Apr-86	
Weaver, Maude V.	13-Jun-85	
Weaver, William Howard	26-Jan-84	
Webb, Carl Kelly	13-Feb-86	
Webb, James H.	30-Jun-83	
Weeks, James Edward	04-Dec-86	
Weeks, Ruby Falkner	07-Apr-83	
Weichler, Eva Rita	03-May-84	
Welborn, Thomas Allen, Jr.	06-Jul-88	
Weldon, Alice Mae	21-Feb-85	
Weldon, Claudia A.	06-Feb-86	
Weldon, Ed	20-Jul-88	
Weldon, Ida Elizabeth	10-Feb-88	
Weldon, Leona M.	16-Nov-88	
Weldon, Lillian	01-May-86	
Weldon, Marcella Dean	01-May-86	
Weldon, Marella Dean	08-May-86	
Weldon, Martha Mary Leola	12-Sep-85	
Weldon, Reginald K.	18-Jan-89	
Weldon, Velarie	09-Oct-80	
Weldon, William Coy	02-Apr-81	
Wells, Milton Joe	31-Dec-81	
West, Lesta Sanders	15-Nov-89	
West, William Frank	12-Feb-87	
Weston, Jack D., Sr.	16-Nov-88	
Wheeler, Charles Wilson	02-Apr-87	
Wheeler, John Perkins	08-Nov-89	
Wheeler, Spurgeon David	15-Mar-89	
Whetstone, Virginia	13-Aug-81	
Whetstone, Willie D.	12-Oct-88	
White, Asley T.	02-Aug-89	
White, Doyt David	27-Oct-83	
White, Eugenia J. "Jean"	01-Jun-88	
White, Gena Burke, Miss	02-Oct-80	
White, Grover	10-Nov-83	
White, Isiah E.	01-Jul-87	
White, Lula Pearl	27-Jan-83	
White, Lydia Bridges	04-May-88	
White, Minnie B.	22-Feb-89	
White, Nellie Carolyn	20-May-87	
White, Oliver Loyd	06-Aug-81	
White, Roy Roscoe	02-Mar-88	
White, Tatothilus John Winston	10-Oct-85	
White, Theophilus John Winston	17-Oct-85	
Whitehead, Tony Darrell	04-Nov-82	
Whitener, Frank Isaac	06-Sep-84	
Whitfield, Albert	22-Jul-82	
Whitfield, Earl W.	19-Apr-84	
Whitfield, Edward	17-May-84	
Whitfield, Ellen Viola	17-May-89	
Whitfield, Herman Thomas	20-Jul-88	
Whitfield, Lynn	29-Dec-83	
Whitfield, Margaret Ann	19-Dec-85	
Whitfield, Noah Eldon	02-Nov-88	
Whitfield, Noah Eldon	02-Nov-88	
Whitlock, Perry Hallet	03-Jul-86	
Whitman, Thelma E.	01-Apr-82	
Whitney, Charles W.	30-Aug-84	
Whitten, James Lafayette	26-Sep-85	
Whitten, Wilburn Eugene	01-Jan-81	
Whittman, William, Jr.	22-Jan-87	
Whorton, Esther R., Mr.	17-Dec-81	
Wilbanks, James Earl	06-Dec-89	
Wilbanks, Kerry	03-Jul-86	
Wilbur, Margaret L.	07-Feb-85	
Wilcox, Floyd, Sr.	02-Aug-84	
Wilder, Ellie	01-Nov-89	
Wilder, Frank	26-Feb-87	
Wilder, Mark Read	23-Sep-87	
Wilkins, Paulette Chamblee	20-Dec-89	
Wilkowski, Gertrude, Mrs.	23-Apr-81	
Willard, Joseph Francis, Sr.	30-Sep-82	
Williams, Calvin Ford	09-Jul-81	
Williams, Claudie Columbus	20-May-87	
Williams, Edward, Rev.	25-Feb-82	
Williams, James Donald	07-Apr-83	
Williams, Marguerite Alice	26-Oct-88	
Williams, Mary Sherrer	03-Aug-88	
Williams, Morris Eugene	06-Sep-89	
Williams, Ozelle Walker "Brunner"	22-Dec-83	
Williams, Robert Orville	06-Feb-86	
Willingham, Mary Lee	20-Dec-89	
Willis, Charlie	27-Aug-81	
Willis, Donald Ray	10-Mar-83	
Willis, Edgar M.	22-Feb-89	
Willis, Effie	29-Nov-89	
Willis, Huey Matthew	23-Jan-86	
Willis, Louellen	28-Dec-88	
Willis, Marie M.	22-May-86	
Willis, Randy Ray	11-Sep-86	
Willis, Roy A. "Pete"	 10-Sep-81	
Willliams, Deborah Dianne	21-Oct-87	
Willmon, Jesse Conrad, Dr.	16-May-85	
Wills, Edward Houston, Mrs. "Phebe"	31-Dec-81	
Wilson, Clara G.	10-May-84	
Wilson, Clarence Anthony	16-Sep-87	
Wilson, Claude "Pete"	04-Dec-80	
Wilson, Dessie Bell	26-Mar-87	
Wilson, Eddie	22-Mar-89	
Wilson, Evelyn L.	19-Mar-81	
Wilson, Fred Marlin, Jr.	20-Dec-84	
Wilson, Geneva Louise	23-Feb-84	
Wilson, Hildred A., Mrs.	17-Apr-80	
Wilson, Howell C. "Buck"	27-Jan-88	
Wilson, Jack C.	09-Aug-89	
Wilson, Jesse Alexander	22-Jan-87	
Wilson, John Roland	06-Jun-85	
Wilson, Junior	13-Nov-86	
Wilson, Louie P.	28-Oct-87	
Wilson, Mayo Merrell	12-Jul-84	
Wilson, Mayo Merrell	02-Aug-84	
Wilson, Peyton Calvin	26-Jul-89	
Wilson, Sarah Fannie	10-Jul-80	
Wilson, Sarah Frances	29-Nov-89	
Wilson, Sarah Margaret	14-Mar-85	
Wilson, Thelma	23-Apr-81	
Wilson, Ula Talley, Mrs.	10-Jul-80	
Winslett, Amanda Ola	27-May-82	
Winslett, Carey	29-Nov-84	
Winslett, Charles Leroy	09-Aug-89	
Winslett, Clarence M.	12-Feb-87	
Winslett, Herbert Franklin	23-Nov-88	
Winterbottom, Myrtle Elizabeth Ann	10-Jun-87	
Witcher, John Henry	27-Mar-80	
Witcher, Vera S.	30-Jul-81	
Wood, Ellis M.	15-Nov-89	
Wood, Fred James	23-Aug-84	
Wood, John Albert	25-Oct-89	
Wood, Kendy Ara	25-Mar-82	
Wood, Laura Mae Mercer	03-Aug-88	
Wood, Lois Kathryn	12-Feb-87	
Wood, Mildred E.	12-Feb-87	
Wood, Oliver Ollie	14-Nov-85	
Wood, William "Bill"	22-Oct-81	
Wood, William Franklin	06-Nov-80	
Wood, Willie Anderson	07-May-81	
Woodruff, Billy Cobb	04-Oct-89	
Woods, Bill	11-May-88	
Woods, Fred J.	30-Aug-84	
Woods, Horace Ray, Sr.	04-Feb-82	
Woods, Raymond Horace	29-Jul-87	
Woods, Thomas, Jr.	29-Mar-84	
Woodson, Thomas James	17-May-89	
Woodson, Virgil, Sr.	03-Aug-88	
Wooley, Brenda Lee	09-Apr-87	
Wooley, Emmett	06-Jul-88	
Wooley, Ida Mae	30-Jul-81	
Wooley, Paul Hayward, Sr.	25-Nov-87	
Woolley, Kermit Gayle	11-Feb-82	
Woolley, Reese Lewis, Sr.	06-Aug-81	
Woolley, Rosa Gist	19-Feb-87	
Wooten, Farris James	31-Mar-83	
Wooten, Sibyl	14-Aug-86	
Wooten, Sidney, Mr.	11-Jul-85	
Worthman, Frank	31-Dec-81	
Wright, Cheryl D.	20-Sep-89	
Wright, Christopher S.	28-Feb-85	
Wright, Johnny Lee	29-Nov-89	
Wright, Mitchell Keith	24-Jun-82	
Wright, Thomas "Wick"	08-Jul-87	
Wyatt, Ida B.	12-Jul-84	
Wyatt, James Robert	03-Apr-86	
Wyatt, John Paul	30-Oct-80	
Wyatt, Leonard Newton, Jr.	11-Nov-82	
Wyatt, Myrtle Beatrice	26-Feb-87	
Yancey, Robert Michael	13-Dec-89	
Yarchak, David Everett	14-Dec-88	
Yaws, Elberta Evans	03-Mar-83	
Yeager, Paul Lloyd	10-Jul-80	
Yeager, Willie Lavera	28-Jan-82	
Yessick, Effie Lee Poole	25-Sep-80	
Young, Climons Kytie	03-Jan-85	
Young, David B.	08-Aug-85	
Young, Emma Sue	17-May-84	
Young, George Houston	06-May-82	
Young, Lester "Puggie"	12-Aug-87	
Zadrozny, Helen Pauline	06-Jun-85	
Zuiderhoek, Cecil Brown	18-Nov-87	
Zuiderhoek, Lena Grace	03-May-84