Butler County, Alabama

What's in the Name?

Communities of Butler County

written by: Mildred Stinson Brown

Bear's Store....named for Lewis Bear, a Dutch peddler, 1857; first settler Thomas Burkett 1830

Bolling....named for Judge Samuel J. Bolling; first settlers John T. and B. C. Milner 1865

Butler Springs....named for the area springs when held outcropping of buhr-stone discovered by hunters about 1830; rediscovered by Susan and Ellen Murphy, daughters of John Murphy

Dead Fall....one of oldest communities in county; named by Aaron Butler and William Porterfield 1822; first settler James F. Barganier 1821

Dunham Station....named for Dunham Lumber Company who owned the property; first settler B. B. McKenzie 1882

Forest Home....named for the virgin pine forest found in the area; first settler Henry Powell 1819

Fort Dale....named for fort of same name 1818 by order of Col. Samuel Dale; first settler Col. A. T. Perry 1818

Garland....named Colonel W. P. Garland, chief engineer for the Mobile and Montgomery Railroad 1840; first settler unknown

Georgiana....originally named Pittsville for Rev. Pitt S.Milner; renamed for his home state of Georgia and his daughter, Anna; first settler John Shepherd 1824

Greenville....one of first places settled in state; named by emigrants for the forest of oaks which reminded them of their home area of Greenville, SC 189; first settlers Dunklin, Herbert, Gilbert, Bolling, Graydon, Payne and Coleman

Manningham....named for first settler Elijah Manning 1818

Monterey....originally call Goblersville for bands of wild turkeys in area; renamed by Esq. William H. Traweek after his return from Mexican War at Monterey, Mexico; first settler thomas Hill 1817

McBride's....named for Jesse McBride, first settler 1858

Oakey Streak....named for prodomient growth of oak trees in area; first settler George Wilson. 1826

Pine Flat....originally called Dogwood Flat; later changed to Pine Flat est. 1815; first settler James K. Benson 1817

Ridgeville....originally named The Ridge 1819; renamed Ridgeville; first settler Adam Livingston 1820

Rocky Creek....named for rock bottom creek in area; first settler James Campbell, 1855

Roper Wells....named for three hand dug water wells owned by E. B. Roper; 1875

Sardis...early history unknown

Shackleville.... unknown; named by Rev. Tom Seale, 1870; first settler Rev. Thomas Seale 1826

South Butler....named for the southern part of Butler County; first settlers John Wheeler and Jessie R. Hinson

Starlington....named Starlin Parker, son of Benjamin Parker, who murdered in 1830; first settler Benjamin Parker 1820

Steiner's Store....known by three names: Scatterville, Three Runs and Steiner's Store; Three Runs is proper name; named for Three Runs Creek; first settler John McPherson 1832

Toluka....unknown; first settlers Jackson Thornton and John Thomas 1830

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