Butler County, Alabama

Sellers Cemetery

Butler County

partial survey provided by Norma King

Directions: Go south from Georgiana on Hwy 31. Just past the railroad tracks is a Phillips 66 station on the left. Take a right onto old highway 31. Turn left on first paved road. Then turn right onto Norrell Ave., left on Dunham Road, then left onto dirt road that is beside a sizable brick house. The cemetery is on this road which resembles a logging road. There are no houses on the road and it dead-ends into locked gates. The cemetery is on the right about 100 yards before the gates.

Persoanl Note: The cemetery is very remote and I would not recommend anyone go to the cemetery alone. I was fortunate enough to have a local family offer to escort me - otherwise, I would not have found this cemetery. To my surprise, the cemetery itself is in good condition and appears to be routinely maintained.

John Wesley Ledlow
1854 - 1931

Estelle Ledlow Ward
(daughter of John Wesley Ledlow and
Margaret Annie Henderson Ledlow)
1890 - 1925

Minnie Edeker Ward Hatcher
(daughter of Estelle Ledlow Ward)
Feb 23, 1867
Mar 9, 1955

Margaret Ann Henderson Ledlow
(wife of John Wesley Ledlow)
1859 - 1938

Lula Henderson Ledlow
(no dates)

Martha Ann Bays
Nov 25, 1835
Dec 26, 1908

John McMichael Henderson
Pvt Co H5 Ala Inf
Confederate States Army
Jan 24, 1829
Mar 20, 1890

Charlotte R. Watts Simmons
(married Benjamin Simmons)
father: Watts, David (b. 1804)
Apr 8, 1845
mother: Watts, Mary (b. 1827)
Apr 3, 1931
(mother and father from 1850 Butler County Census)

Alford Burkett
B. June 20, 1826
D. Sept 6, 1890

of Alford & S. Burkett
(No Dates)

B. Duncan & Elizabeth C.

Margaret N. Baldwin
wife of
Dr. J. A. Baldwin
b. Aug 29, 1846
aged 40 years

b. 1817
d. 1825

Duncan Sellers
Oct 9, 1844
June 10, 1910

Mattie Palmer Sellers
1852 - 1920

Rachel Sellers
1902 - 1902

Tate Sellers
Born Nov 28, 1872
Died Apr 25, 1902

Ennis Sellers
July 16, 1876
June 8, 1930

James Young Sellers
Oct 20, 1907
Feb 5, 1954

Paul Dunkin Sellers
Apr 17, 1913
Jul 3, 1913

Asberry B. Scott
MM3 US Navy
World War II
Jan 18, 1904
Aug 31, 1983

Georgie L. Scott

Jane (Myrick) Scott
May 10, 1880
Dec 27, 1917

Vamon L. Scott

Frances E. Fannie (Crenshaw) Scott

Additional Note: This is only a partial listing - I am sure I missed some due to the limited time I had at the cemetery. There are also unmarked graves. The notes in parentheses I added from information I obtained from other sources. The notes on John Wesley and Margaret Ledlow and Estelle Ledlow Ward are from the obituary of Margaret Ledlow in the Greenville newspaper.

I am researching the Ledlow family and would appreciate correspondence from anyone researching this family or with any information on this family.

Norma King
(descended from 2 original Butler County Burketts and Ledlows)
Covington County, Alabama

Sellers Cemetery

partial survey part 2 provided by Cheryl Sumner

Personal Note: These are some of the other people in Sellers Cemetery. This is a partial listing of only those whom I've found so far to be related to me or connected to relations. The notes in brackets are mine, not on tombstones. I have further info on several of these people. I'm interested in all info on SELLERS, BROOKS, HALL, BEASLEY, PARKER, BURKETT, PRUETT, LEE.

Cheryll Sumner

John J. Hall
[d. 7 Mar 1935; husband of Sarah Angeline "Sallie" BROOKS]

Sarah Brooks Hall
[d. 29 Feb 1923; aged 80 years 29 days; wife of John James Hall, daughter of
Felix BROOKS and Rachel PEAVY]

Sallie B. Stuart Ledlow
[born 14 Feb 1884; d. 5 Nov 1958; daughter of John James HALL and Sarah
Angeline "Sallie" BROOKS]

Mrs. Janie E. Pruett
d. Apr. 1, 1912
[mother of Sarah "Sallie" Pruett who married George Lafayette BROOKS]

Gabe Hall
[George Gabriel HALL, b. Dec 1880; d. 19 Jan 1912; son of John James HALL and
Sallie BROOKS; married to Susan "Mettie" BEASLEY. Mettie's parents were
Susie LEDLOW and James Monroe BEASLEY; her gps were John Beasley and Mary
Elizabeth PARKER, dau. of John PARKER and Charity BURKETT ]

Austin Beesley
1 Aug 1807
1 Feb 1852
aged 45 years 7 mo
[G-gf of Mettie BEASLEY]

Felix Brooks
[husband of Rachel PEAVY]

Rachel Brooks
25 Dec. 1811
2 Feb 1898
aged 86 years 1 mo 7 da
[maiden name PEAVY; wife of Felix BROOKS]

Moses Lee
25 Mar 1836
29 may 1901
[1st husband of Nancy Turkwane BROOKS;
epitaph: "After a long life on earth,
he has gone to receive his reward."]

Carolyn Brooks Binion
24 Apr 1829
7 July 1915

William H. Binion
8 Jan 1818
26 Jan 1866

Joel W. Lee
d. 18 July 1861
aged 47 years
[b. 1814; Epitaph: "Gone, but not forsacon (sic)"]

"Granny Coose"
A Slave
[brought from NC with Benjamin Duncan Sellers]

Benjamin Duncan
Elizabeth Cromartie [wife of Benjamin Duncan Sellers]
[gave a corner on the east side of their plantation for this cemetery]

N. E. Roberson Sellers
8 Dec 1849
13 July 1867

Mattie Palmer Sellers

Duncan T. Sellers
9 Oct 1844
10 June 1919
[T. is for Thomas;
married to Eliza Jane BROOKS, dau. of Felix and Rachel Brooks]

Rachel Sellers
b & d 1902

Tate Sellers
28 Nov 1872
25 Apr 1904

Joseph D. Sellers
22 Nov 1890
2 Oct 1945

Ennis Sellers
16 July 1876
8 June 1930

Paul Dunkin Sellers
17 Apr 1913
31 July 1913

James Young Sellers
20 Oct 1907
5 Feb 1954

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