Butler County, Alabama

Ebenezer West Cemetery

(formerly Ebenezer West Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery)

Photos taken Jan 18, 2002 & contributed by Ted Urquhart.

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Family legend says that the Mary Black and her husband were traveling from South
Carolina in hopes of reaching Baldwin County, AL. This was about 1835. Mr. Black
became sick while they were in Butler County, and he died. He is said to be
buried in the Ebenezer West Missionary Church Cemetery, currently known as
Ebenezer West. It has been said that he was lain to rest in a grave marked only by a 
wooden plank fence around him. Since Mrs.Black did not wish to leave her husband's
grave alone, the family settled in Butler County not far from the cemetery.

The photo above depicts a frame fence which could be the one around the grave of 

The two photos below show the condition of the cemetery today.

Individual Markers
Amanda Esabela Harrison C. J. Harrison Henry Harrison
Nancy Johnson Womack W. Johnson Robert W. Johnson
Ted Urquhart
Thomas James Mosley James Mosley Old Marker of R. W. Johnson

Ted did an excellent job of recording this cemetery with photos. If you found this interesting as well as rewarding, please drop him an email and let him know how much we appreciate this endeavor of love.

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